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                                                            NEWS IN BRIEF
            Air Transport                                    A new position statement from the NAEMT urges sustainable federal funding
            Groups: Lower                                  for EMS terrorism preparedness and EMS inclusion in preparedness planning
                                                           and the development of operational security measures … Spurred by the
            the Pressure                                   NTSB following a 2008 bus accident in rural Utah that killed nine, the Federal
                                                           Interagency Committee on EMS will work to help states get funds to upgrade
              Several top air medical transport groups     emergency wireless communications coverage … A record 1,082 reports,
                                                           including those from EMS calls, were submitted to the National Fire Fighter
            have joined forces in a campaign to help
                                                           Near-Miss Reporting System in 2009 … Stanford researchers testing a drive-
            reduce pressures on air medical crews to       through influenza clinic found moderately ill patients could be evaluated
            fly when conditions are risky.                  and treated in an average of 26 minutes … A Clearwater, FL, man who had a
              As part of the “No-Pressure Initiative”      heart attack on New Year’s Eve survived through 45 minutes of CPR and was
            sponsored by the National EMS Pilots           discharged alive following a double bypass … Fast administration of morphine
            Association (NEMSPA), a working group          to wounded troops cut their chances of developing PTSD in half, researchers
            representing the organizations met on          at the U.S. Naval Health Research Center found … Immobilizing the spines of
            January 11 to consider ways to identify        shooting and stabbing victims before taking them to the hospital appears to
            and mitigate the pressures that can be         double their risk of death, Johns Hopkins researchers found … The National
            placed on crews to accept or continue          EMS Memorial Bike Ride’s board of directors announced the routes for this year’s
            flights at times of elevated danger, such       May 15–23 event; see … The FDNY removed the city’s
                                                           volunteer ambulance companies from its emergency 9-1-1 system … A new
            as at night and in inclement weather.
                                                           9-1-1 system in Columbus, OH, will improve mapping for responders and let
            The effort is partially funded by a Vision
                                                           dispatchers receive text and video messages … St. Joseph’s Regional Medical
            Zero award, sponsored by American Euro-        Center in Paterson, NJ, opened a dedicated geriatric emergency department
            copter, given to NEMSPA at last year’s Air     for patients 65 and older … Forthcoming legislation in Utah would move the
            Medical Transport Conference.                  state’s EMS bureau from the Department of Health to the Department of Public
              Involved groups include the Associa-         Safety … England’s North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) issued 90 team
            tion of Air Medical Services (AAMS), Air       leaders iPods for training purposes … A Bay County, MI, man who responded to
            Medical Operators Association (AMOA),          a call heard over a personal scanner with flashing lights on his personal vehicle
            Association of Critical Care Transport         pled gu
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