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The 2010 NAMM SHOW: Rebounding Numbers, New Exhibitors, and an Overall Upbeat Vibe in Anaheim


Gon Bops instruments are a perfect blend of vintage craftsmanship and innovative thinking. Since its founding in 1954, the company has pioneered several features and improvements that have forever changed Latin instruments.

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									The 2010
Rebounding Numbers, New Exhibitors,
and an Overall Upbeat Vibe in Anaheim
…Nearly 1,400 exhibitors, attendance over 87,500

“W         hile no one is predicting
           a quick turnaround, our
Members who attended NAMM
                                        MXL Microphones’ Mary Ann Giorgio.
                                        “But four days later, we walked out of the
                                        show feeling better about the future. Our
                                        booth was consistently busy and attend-
                                                                                        But there were less new dealer inqui-
                                                                                        ries this year. It was good to see our old
                                                                                        friends and dealers ordering up, though,
                                                                                        for sure.”
seized the high ground of the highly    ees seemed more optimistic and inquisi-             For the most part, numbers back up
                                        tive about new product than the previous        these cuatiously optimistic sentiments
anticipated recovery,” notes NAMM       year. It’s naïve to say that we’re out of the   with NAMM reporting 87,569 registrants
CEO Joe Lamond, and his thoughts        woods but if this year’s NAMM is any in-        (up two percent from 2009) and 1,373
                                        dication, we may all be breathing just a        exhibitors at this year’s winter gathering
are echoed by many of the exhibitors    little easier in 2010.”                         (including just under 250 first-time ex-
whom we spoke with in Anaheim.              Marc Boomer of Dana B Goods adds,           hibitors — a NAMM show record).
                                        “I agree that the vibe was more upbeat              While most seemed to be in agree-
   “Many of us walked into NAMM still   and positive. There was more interest in        ment as to the overall “tone” in Anaheim
nervous about the economy,” observes    our pedal and mic lines than in the past.       (“positive” and “upbeat” were already

46 MMR                                                                                                                MARCH 2010
the most overused words by dinnertime,     international Distributors in China/Ma-     did seem to be down, we felt that what we
Thursday), many did note that actual       layasia. Our product was seen in more       might have missed in quantity, we gained
dealer presence on the convention floor     booths than ever before and our future      in quality as visitors were committed,
seemed lacking. Peter Choi of Kahler       looks bright. However, buyers and retail-   positive and purchasing. Optimism ap-
International says, “The only reason       ers were pretty much non-existent. The      peared to reign supreme, and were able
our company attended Winter NAMM           traffic at our booth was very slow and no    to generate significant interest around
2010 was to show the industry that we      one placed any orders within the USA.       our programs and new products. 2010
were still alive and that we had made it   This is the first time at a NAMM show        is already off to a pretty good start and
through the Economic Recession of 2009.    that this has happened for us.”             we’re hearing the same for many of our
We were expecting a very low turn out
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