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                                       Trade Regrets:
                                       Paul Specht
                                       MMR joins in mourning the loss of longtime industry
                                       heavyweight, Paul Specht of Hoshino on February 9th.
                                          Paul’s Leukemia, from which he had seemingly bounced
                                       back quite successfully, had recently reemerged and he had
                                       been forced to undergo further treatment.
                                          Paul is survived by his son Stephan and longtime com-
                                       panion Kay Brockwell.

                                       Ramona P. Lewis
                                       Ramona Lewis was a beloved figure in the MI world, having spent the last 36 years
                                       manufacturing and distributing George L’s Music Products. Ramona is survived by
                                       her daughters, Kimberly Lewis (Charles Williams), and Leesa Lewis Gifford, and

          We Do                        grandsons, Kahler and Karrington Williams.

                                       Ed Thigpen
                                       Ed Thigpen, also known as “Mr. Taste” for his remarkable touch as an innovative
                                       drummer, was not only a renowned jazz performer, but also a staunch advocate for
                                       music education. Thigpen wrote method books and provided countless clinics in
                                       the hope of inspiring others to make music. Ed Thigpen passed away on January

                                       James “Hutch” Hutchins
                                       One of Gibson Guitar’s most accomplished and dedicated luthiers, James “Hutch”
                                       Hutchins, who spent 45 years at Gibson, passed away from an und
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