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SLM Partners with Alvarez, Schreiber, Keilwerth


St. Louis Music (a division of U.S. Band and Orchestra Supplies Inc.) has announced a strategic alliance with LOUD Technologies Inc. Under the terms of agreement, St. Louis Music ("SLM") will serve as the exclusive sales, marketing and post-sales support agent for LOUD's Alvarez brand of guitars in the United States starting February 1, 2010.

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Spitzer, Others Aid Haiti
“Larry Thomas (formerly of Guitar Center)       this seemed like a way to
and I are partners in a side business that      help people instead of giv-
rents out helicopters,” explains Eric Spitzer   ing meaningless stuff to
of Sam Ash Music. “We have 14 around the        each “When the Haitian
country and our friends, Barry and Patri-       earthquake happened, it
cia Horowitz, who have done disaster relief     just seemed like an oppor-
and humanitarian work before said, ‘Why         tunity to help even though Eric Spitzer and Barry Horowitz                  Patricia Horowitz
don’t you get involved with us?’ and it was     the reality was that we could
just a natural progression.”                    only help a small group of people, so we de-          with thanks. One of the members of this
    “Getting involved” meant, in this case,     cided to identify and ‘adopt’ some families.          family is the police chief in Jacmel and he
arranging for one of those 14 helicopters       Our intention was limited and small, based            is helping to identify more people with the
to bring aid to the remote Haitian village      on the reality that we are not philanthro-            greatest needs.”
of Jacmel.                                      pists or wealthy people – just regular people
    “There’s no way to get food from Port       who wanted to help in our small way. I’ve
Au Prince to the village of Jacmel,” says       been in crisis management for years and
Spitzer. “The bridges are all out because       was head of victims services at ground zero
of the earthquake, the roads are down, et       during the terrorist attacks in Argentina in
cetera. I contacted Brian Parker, the pilot     the ‘80s. I identified some families in an             Musiquip to
who was flying the helicopter closest to
the area, and Larry and I decided that we
                                                area about 45 minutes outside of the capital
                                                that was hard to get supplies to. Eric found
                                                                                                      Distribute T-Rex
were going to donate enough money so            out that he had a contact, Brian Parker, al-               Musiquip, Inc. has been appointed the
that this helicopter could                                       ready in Haiti flying relief               new exclusive U.S. distributor for T-
be diverted and take these                                       missions and contacted                    Rex Engineering.
supplies to Jacmel.                                              him. Eric arranged and                       T-Rex is a Danish manufacturer
    “It’s amazing what has                                       donated flight time and                    of effects pedals for guitar and bass.
happened so far,” says Pa-                                       Brian donated his person-                 The company blends hi-tech innova-
tricia Horowitz. “This kind                                      al
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