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Sam Ash Donates $25G Les Paul to Auction by ProQuest


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Follow-Up: Daddy’s Junky Music’s Mall Store
In December, MMR ran a story on Fred                  While they haven’t decided if a sea-
Bramante’s unique idea to open up a               sonal store is going to become a holiday
seasonal store to catch the holiday mall          tradition, the Bramante’s are optimis-
crowd. Bramante was inspired by the Hal-          tic. “If it’s something that we feel would
loween novelty & costume stores which             work for us again in the future, I can’t
seem to pop up each year around Septem-           see why we wouldn’t do it,” says Candi.
ber and thought that a temporary holiday          This particular space in the Burlington
store just might be what Daddy’s Junky            mall store was a former Ritz Camera so
Music needed to cash in on the December           it had all of the wall slats and everything
rush. Fred’s daughter Candi Bramante              we needed. We didn’t need to go in and
was excited to test out the concept. “This        build anything in there. I think that
is definitely a test run for us. The exposure      that may have affected our decision on
alone — obviously, with that many shop-           whether or not to go in there. But, we
pers — is quite extraordinary for us and it       didn’t have to do anything but fi ll it with
will certainly give a lot of visibility to our    gear. So we’ll have to see next year if an-
company and the store down the street as          other space like that becomes available,”
well,” said Candi. “We’ll see how it goes         explains Candi.
and I’ll tell you at the end of December              Although Fred does recommend that
whether it worked or not,” said Fred. So,         other retailers take a look at his approach
as promised, here’s the follow-up and the         to holiday sales, he told MMR that, “it’s not
good word on temporary holiday digs.              a snap of the fingers”. Bramante informed
    First things first: was the store a success?
“It was interesting,” says Bramante. “We
                                                  us that staffing could be difficult because
                                                  mall stores must adhere to mall hours.
                                                                                                  Sam Ash Donates
just did it for two months — November and         “The amount of traffic going through —           $25G Les Paul
December. November was disappointing              including a lot of ‘lookers’ is high. So it’s
but December was better than we thought.          fairly labor intensive but for the month of     to Auction
If you look at the season, I would have to        December, it absolutely worked. It was not      Sam Ash Music donated a $25,000
say that that was one of our highlights. So       a typical Daddy’s store in the sense that we    Gibson Jeff Beck Les Paul to the silent
overall, it was worth it.” Candi agrees. “We      didn’t have a lot of used gear in the store,”   auction benefiting Musicares at the
kind of went in there with blinders on not        says Fred. “It was pretty much a holiday        2010 Person of the Ye
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