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NAMM 2010 Best Communities for Music Education by ProQuest


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We Want the Airwaves! – FCC To Clear The 700 Mhz Frequency
On Jan. 15, the Federal Communications                              erate in this band as they may cause harm-                       Through the Commission’s Web site,
Commission (FCC) adopted an Order                                   ful interference to public safety entities                    customers who have purchased wireless
and Further Notice of Proposed Rule-                                and next generation consumers                                             mic systems and other re-
making prohibiting the further opera-                               devices that will be utilizing the                                         lated devices that utilize the
tion, distribution and sale of devices that                         700 MHz frequency. Current                                                 700 MHz band can learn
operate in the 700 MHz frequency band.                              users of equipment that use                                                whether their equipment
    As previously reported in MMR, this                             the 700 MHz frequency                                                       is currently operating in
area of frequencies, once used by televi-                           have until June 12, 2010, one                                               the prohibited band and
sion channels in the UHF band of trans-                             year from the DTV transition,                                              whether their devices may be
mission, has been widely used by wire-                              to change to complying equipment.                                   retuned to operate on another band.
less microphones and other wireless data                                The 700 MHz band is to be used for                        You can also call 1-888-CALL-FCC to ask
transmission devices.                                               communications services for public safe-                      questions regarding this transition.
    The FCC decision clearly dictates that                          ty and the deployment of next generation                         MMR will be following up on these
unlicensed devices cannot continue to op-                           4G wireless devices for consumers.                            developments in the coming months.

Eight New NAMM Board Members Elected
NAMM held its Annual Meeting of Mem-                                •      Dana Messina is the chief executive                    •    Peter Hix is co-owner of Hix Broth-
bers on January 16th during the 2010                                       officer of Steinway Musical Instru-                          ers Music, a combo store with loca-
NAMM Show. After introducing past                                          ments, Inc., one of the world’s pre-                        tions in Aurora and Batavia, Ill.
presidents in attendance, reviewing the                                    mier music products manufacturers,                     •    Steve Judge is the owner and presi-
new annual report and recapping high-                                      located in Waltham, Mass.                                   dent of Griggs Music Inc. in Daven-
lights of the year, chairman Tom Schm
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