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									Product Section
M86                                           Purewire                                                 l
Good policy                                   Web security                                             nt
                                                                                                Excellent set
management                                    through                                                  yption
                                                                                                of encryption
P45                                           SaaS P39                                          features P49

                                                                                How we test and score the products
A mish-mash of interesting                                                      Our testing team includes SC Magazine Labs staff, as well as exter-

(and useful) information                                                        nal experts who are respected industry-wide. In our Group Tests, we
                                                                                look at several products around a common theme based on a pre-
                                                                                determined set of SC Labs standards (Performance, Ease of use,

                                  his month is extraordinary. First we have     Features, Documentation, Support, and Value for money). There
                                  the results of the first Security Innovators   are roughly 50 individual criteria in the general test process. These
                                  Throwdown, a competition held in Octo-        criteria were developed by the lab in cooperation with the Center
                          ber during the second annual SC World Congress.       for Regional and National Security at Eastern Michigan University.
                          Leading young companies presented their goals           We developed the second set of standards specifically for the
                          for newly developed technologies or services          group under test and use the Common Criteria (ISO 1548) as a
                          before a judging panel of experts in the field. The    basis for the test plan. Group Test reviews focus on operational
                          panel truly enjoyed listening to the companies give   characteristics and are considered at evaluation assurance level
                                                                                (EAL) 1 (functionally tested) or, in some cases, EAL 2 (structurally
                          their pitches. These were interesting products that
                                                                                tested) in Common Criteria-speak.
                          are likely to break new ground in our industry.
                                                                                  Our final conclusions and ratings are subject to the judgment
  To accommodate the Throwdown, we had to re-think our two Group
                                                                                and interpretation of the tester and are validated by the technol-
Test product categories for this month: email security and email con-
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