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[...] my introduction to Solo was with the Texas Region for those long-time Texas Region autocrossers, you might remember me. Interestingly, it's a proposal that shares several similarities to a decision the Board of Directors just approved for the crowning of champions at Club Racing's National Championship Runoffs - all classes are welcome to compete, but only cars hitting a certain entry count will be able to crown a champion that year. [...] when you're reading the Solo story, be sure to remember the most important aspect of the Club:

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             Contact Patch                                                  The feature that follows Ghost
                                                                         Tracks will prove interesting to
                                                                         nearly every competitor in the Club.
                                                                                                                    THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE
                                                                                                                    SPORTS CAR CLUB OF AMERICA
                                                                         This feature walks you through the         PRODUCED FOR THE SCCA BY:
                                   Philip Royle                          dos and don’ts of buying a used
                                                                                                                    HAYMARKET WORLDWIDE LLC
                                   Editor                                racecar. It’s another feature I also       EDITOR Philip Royle
                                   SportsCar Magazine                    read with quite some interest, mostly      EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Laurence Foster
                                                                         because I’ve never purchased a
                                                                         used racecar. However, I think I’ve        MANAGING EDITOR Dyanne Gilliam

                                                                         learned my lesson from building            ASSOCIATE EDITOR Jason Isley
                                        I WAS THE ONE                    my current IT racecar, and the             ART DIRECTOR Ree Tucker
                                        PATHETICALLY                     next Club Racing car that calls my
                                   DRIVING A FADED RED                   garage home will more than likely
                                                                                                                    NATIONAL EDITORIAL COORDINATOR Eric Prill
                                   PONTIAC FIERO
                                                          ’’             be one that someone else built and         CONTRIBUTING EDITORS
                                                                                                                      Jane Anderson, Dee Duncan, Rocky Entriken,
                                                                         developed. It’s not that I don’t like        James Heine, Peter Hylton, Richard S. James,
                                                                         developing racecars, it’s just that it’s     Jim Kearney, Don Knowles, Randy Pobst,
                                Hey, I’ve                                a lot of work to get it right – and, to      Tom Schultz

                                been there!                              be honest, my racecar development          CORRESPONDENTS
                                                                                                                       NEDiv, G.W. Henderson; SEDiv, Susan H. Young;

                                                                         skills are defi nitely lacking some.
                                                                                                                       GLDiv, Sam Karp; CENDiv, Nancy Schillace;
                                       ast month, I teased the fact         For the Solo folks, the feature            SWDiv, Sydney Davis; MWDiv, Rocky Entriken;
                                       that another installment of the   that starts on page 44 should hold            RMDiv, David Muramoto; NPDiv,Sherri Masterson;
                                       popular Ghost Tracks series       your attention. There has recently            Club Racing, Bob Dowie; National Solo, Paul Brown;
                                would appear in this issue (the story    been chatter on the Web about                 RallyCross, Lucas Laeser; RoadRally, James Heine;
                                                                                                                       Pro Racing, Jim Bourn
                                starts on page 28). What I didn’t        Solo’s Rule 4.9. In a nutshell, this
                                know at the time was the precise         rule is what determines which              CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS
                                                                                                                       D.E. Baer, Doug Berger, Rupert Berrington, Ken
                                area of the United States that SCCA      classes will remain in existence              Brown, Rick Corwine, George Dwinell, Mako Koiwai,
                                historian Pete Hylton would be           at the Tire Rack Solo National                Brian Konoske, J.C. Meitzler, Dennis Murray, Barbara
                                covering. As it turns out, Pete spent    Championships. One interesting                Protos, Steve Schnabel, Mark Weber, Dennis Wood
                                time wondering around my 
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