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                                 Making History

                                 Scott Dixon is starting to appreciate
                                 the magnitude of Indy car heritage, but
                                 not his place within its latest chapter.
                                 By David Malsher
                                 Main Image Steve Swope Photography

                                       urrounded by the awe-inspiring memorabilia that drips off

                                 S     the walls and bows the shelves of The Mail Room on West
                                       16th Street, barely half a mile from Indianapolis Motor
                                 Speedway, Scott Dixon initially looks out of place. He’s making
                                 Indy car history at about the same rate as the shop’s owners, Frank
                                 and Jennell Gilbert, are acquiring it, but modesty has made him
                                 oblivious to that. Yet, over the course of our photo shoot, Frank’s
                                 answers to Scott’s questions cause curiosity to blossom into genuine
                                 interest, and eventually he lays down $150 in cash for a couple of
                                 Lotus Indy 500 press packs, containing an abundance of Jim Clark
                                 material. These are, he says, “to wind up Dario” – or to sell on to
                                 his Clark-worshipping teammate Franchitti for a profit, perhaps.
                                    Despite becoming the most successful driver in IndyCar Series
                                 history last year, with 21 victories to his name, Dixon certainly
                                 doesn’t appreciate – probably hasn’t even considered – how desirable
                                 his associated ephemera could be in Indy car memorabilia stores
                                 in years to come. So suggest to him that he’s the series driver of the
                                 last decade, and he shies away like a horse from a snake.
                                    “Whoah! Er...,” he stumbles. “That’s something that would be
                                 nice to hear, but not something I’d say to myself or to anyone on
                                 the street. That’s not the sort of person I am. A lot of credit goes to
                                 the Ganassi team, which I’ve been with since I came to IndyCar
                                 and this team’s record speaks for itself – not just for winning
                                 races, but also consistency: just look at the last four years.
                                    “I’m just really thankful to be in that situation. There are so

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