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                     Saving Ryan – and others                  much blame on the series' front                                                           Schu’s on the other foot
                     So Ryan Hunter-Reay doesn’t have a
                     full ride for 2010 yet? What does it
                     take for a quick, proven winner
                                                               office and overlooked a large part of
                                                               IndyCar's ongoing marketing woes:
                                                               the sponsors they already have.
                                                                                                            write now
                                                                                                             If you grab the “most entertaining”
                                                                                                                                                         I can’t deny it: the first time I heard
                                                                                                                                                         that Michael Schumacher might
                                                                                                                                                         return to Formula 1, I was skeptical.
                     from these shores with a ride in,             How many times have you seen a            letter slot in the March 2010 issue         As a man who always seemed to
                                                                                                             of RACER, we’ll
                     let’s say, the third best IndyCar         commercial featuring an IndyCar                                                           make the right decision in his career
                                                                                                             send you the
                     Series team, to get sponsorship to        driver on TV, besides Danica or the                                                       (and to hell with the consequences),
                     stretch beyond the Indy 500?              occasional Marco Andretti Gillette ad?        Motorsports                                 a return to open-wheel racing’s top
                        There seems to be an inexplicable      Now, think how many times you've              HERO Wide                                   class after a three-year hiatus
                     lethargy among companies to back          seen Tony Stewart talk about the              camera with a                               seemed unlikely. How would he blow
                     our own drivers. A Brit like Dan          swagger he’s got because he uses Old          170- degree                                 the rust off to get up to the status of
                     Wheldon gets a good full-time ride,       Spice, Dale Jr. tell you that he prefers      wide-angle lens                             when he left – that is to say, the very
                     apparently because he’s a former          Wrangler jeans, or Carl Edwards tell          and 5-megapixel sensor. For more            peak of his profession, and therefore
                     Indy 500 winner. But why didn’t           viewers about his favorite Subway             information, visit                          able to take on the Alonsos,
                     that help ’04 Indy winner Buddy           sandwich. What IndyCar needs to                                                           Hamiltons, Kubicas and (maybe
                     Rice? Someone please explain!             increase exposure, besides a title                                                        again some day) Raikkonens?
                        Please explain also why Graham         sponsor, is have existing team               MAIL TO RACER LETTERS                            But now I’m genuinely excited,
                     Rahal has nothing confirmed yet,          sponsors assist in presenting their          16842 Von Karman Ave., Ste. 125,             because if Michael himself is
                                                                                                            Irvine, CA 92606, or e-mail to
                     and neither does J.R. Hildebrand –        driver(s) to the public.                     letters@racer.com                            confident that he can do it – and
                     the Indy Lights champion, dammit!             Honestly, would it kill 7-Eleven to                                                   self-belief was never one of his
                     I don’t blame teams taking drivers        put more cardboard cutouts of Tony                                                        weak points! – then I guess we
                     with sponsorship, especially in this      Kanaan holding a Slurpee in their                                                         should be. But it raises a bunch of
                     economic situation, but I am fed up       stores, with a simple slogan like                                                         questions such as, (1) how will a 41-
                     that U.S. drivers can’t get funding.      “Catch Tony and the 7-Eleven car in          MOST ENTERTAINING                            year-old find the motivation to race
                        I’d love to put my money where         the IZOD IndyCar Series all season           LETTER...                                    for three years if he’s not in the best
                     my mouth is, but sadly I don’t have       long!” Or think about Target for a                                                        car? (2) Will the extremely restricted
                     any (money, that is).                     moment. Their IndyCar pilots, Scott          NASCAR, finish the job!                      test schedule prevent him from

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