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									  SANTEE SCHOOL’S
      2005 to 2007
        The Facilities Committee is a Board Advisory Committee currently chaired by
Christina Becker, the Director of Facilities and Modernization. The Committee is composed of
community members, the District's architect, key facilities coordinator from the San Diego
County Office of Education, two Board members, Principals, technology staff, Director of
Maintenance and Operations, representatives from CSEA, SAA, and STA, and the Assistant
Superintendent of Business Services. The Committee meets monthly from November through
June of each year. The Board of Education's Charge to the Facilities Committee is:
(1) Advise on the development of facilities planning application processes and timelines;
(2) Recommend project funding priorities;
(3) Receive and review facilities proposals from departments, program areas, and/or
        maintenance and operations;
(4) Recommend representatives as consultants or advisors to serve on the District’s Facilities
(5) Recommend procedures and policies;
(6) Review State reports and short / long-term facilities planning documents for compliance
        and make recommendations to ensure compliance; and
(7) Work to develop and modernize District facilities to the fullest extent possible.
        A specific outcome of this committee is to develop an application to the State for the
purpose of securing State modernization 60% matching funds totaling $19.7 million.

       Since 2005, with the forming of the Committee, the specific outcomes have been met
and exceeded. As of June, 2007, the Santee School District qualifies for $26 million in State
Modernization Grants and passed a $60 million bond program with its voters in addition to se-
curing $7 million in Joint-Use funds. The Facilities Committee will continue to follow the
progress the modernization planning.

             Facilities Committee Membership List as of July, 2007:
 Daryl Asprion                       Bryan Elm                      Stephanie Pierce
 Dan Bartholomew                     Allwyn Gazi                    Phil Richardson
 Christina Becker                    Rosemary Hutzley               Michele Rose
 Dustin Burns                        Dr. Lis Johnson                Barbara Ryan
 Allen Carlisle                      Maria Lenhoff                  Patty Sprotte
 Bill Clark                          Michael Lowery                 Russell Watson
 Ted Doughty                         Minnie Malin
 Dianne El-Hajj                      Ernie Nevares                                              2
        On June 10, 2005, the Board of Education provided administration with direction to
proceed with the District’s Facilities Modernization Implementation Plan and develop a
Facilities Steering Committee to review proposals and recommendations in the planning
process and bring them to the Board for approval. The initial Committee Members included
Allen Carlisle, Board Member, Santee School District; Ted Doughty, Director of Maintenance,
Operations & Facilities, Santee School District; Bryan Ehm, San Diego County Office of
Education; Christina Becker, Director of Long-Term Planning, Cajon Valley Union School
District; and Bill Clark, Assistant Superintendent, Santee School District.

       As can be seen from the table below, Santee schools had not been modernized for many
years. Discussion at the August, 2005, meeting was to review the State Modernization
Application Process and Status of the District’s Application, Architect selection, design guide
standards, summer project progress and performance contracting.

                       Yrs Old                                                        Yrs Old
CFH 1965                             40              CO     1971                         34
    2 Ports            1996           9                     Rnd Bldg       1974          31
    5 Ports            1997           8                     Prj Safe (2)   1996           9
                                                            Port P1        1997           8
CP    1961                           44
      P1 & 2           1996           9              PD     1960 Modernized in ‘93       45
      Annex            1969          36                     Bldg 1        1957           48
      Jr High (9)      1991          14                     Kinder        1958           47
      Prj Safe         1996           9                     Port P1       1991           14
      Rnd Bldg         1974          31                     Prj Safe (2)  1992           13
                                                            Port P6       1996            9
RS    1972                           33                     Ports P7-11   1997            8
      Rnd Bldg         1974          31
      State Relo (1)   1991          14              PA     1960                         45
      Prj Safe (1)     1995          10                     Annex          1964          41
      Prj Safe (1)     1996           9                     Prj Safe (1)   1991          14
                                                            Prj Safe (1)   1996           9
SC    1961                           44                     Port P3&4      1998           7
      Prj Safe (2)     1996           9
                                                     CH     1959                         46
HC    1973                           32                     Rnd Bldg       1974          31
      Rnd Bldg         1974          31                     Prj Safe (2)   1996           9
      Ports (4)        1991          14                     Port P3        1997           8
      Port (1)         1996           9
      Prj Safe (2)     1997           8

        In November, 2005, architectural firms were interviewed and Sprotte Watson was
selected for the Santee Schools Modernization program. Sprotte Watson architects presented
design options with architectural renderings for SC, PD, CH,, RS and CP. Items were identified
for modernization, including science rooms, Middle School buildings, expanded kitchens, new
shower and locker rooms, expanded parking, joint-use gymnasiums, conversion of Round
Buildings to Tech/Libraries as well as discussion regarding ADA and other code-compliance
issues. Many designs could be utilized at several sites. Capitol Finance also
presented a status report on the District’s Qualified Zone Academy Bonds (QZAB). These
concepts were used to develop a Capital Improvement Program for a future Bond program if

        In December, 2005, the Board authorized administration to take advantage of available
state modernization funding estimated at $20 million and to address the need to modernize
existing school facilities. Sprotte Watson developed a study to renovated existing schools.

Options consisted of:
       •Reconfiguring or converting existing building spaces.
       •Building additions or ‘in-fill” buildings at each site.
       •Enhancing the exterior appearance of each campus.
       •Improving use of exterior spaces at each site.
Current School Entry Design Concepts 2007:

        CAJON PARK                                    RIO SECO CANOPY ENTRANCE

                                                    RIO SECO SCHOOL

      In January, 2006, Sprotte Watson presented architectural renderings for PA, CO, CFH
and HC.

        The Facilities Committee expanded, which now consisted of additional members: Dan
Bartholomew, SSD Board Member; Maria Lenhoff, PTA member; Daryl Asprion, SSD
Technology; Rosemary Hutzley, Santee Teacher’s Assoc.; Ernie Nevares, SSD Principal; and
Minnie Malin, SSD Principal. The Facilities Committee discussed the next steps proposing
options and their associated costs. A prioritized 2006 list was presented to the Board at the
Facility Workshop at the end of January 2006.

        Alternative Financing / Energy savings were presented by Larry Baebler from
Chevron’s Energy Solutions Company (CES). His approach offered an alternative to the
typical design-bid-build process through an Energy Savings Contract.

        Safety & Deferred Maintenance projects which were completed and that need to be done
over the breaks were noted. Deferred Maintenance presented a 5-year plan and identified
project options for the coming year.
Estimated Fiscal Year Date

       Aerial photos were made available of PD and RS schools and their parking lots.
Parking lots and other new construction do not qualify for DM funding.
        In February, 2006, discussion continued regarding priorities and Facility Assessment
needs. It was agreed that the Board members would visit other districts’ schools that had
recently been modernized. Parking modifications at PD, RS and CO school could enhance
safety during busy arrival and departure times was reviewed.

       In March, 2006, Board members returned after visiting various schools in Cajon Valley
School District. The Board approved to proceed with the Facilities Committee Modernization

        Priority #1 refers to Compliance and Modernization, which includes Building and Tech-
nology and Facilities Assessment Document under the headings of “Health and Safety and
“ADA Compliance”; and Energy Conservation which explores grant funding that may be avail-
able through State, federal or local utility companies or private sources.

      Priority #2 includes Upgrading Round Buildings, Permanent Instructional Buildings,
New Classroom Building; Administration Offices at sites, upgrades or New Construction; New
Kindergarten Buildings; New Library/Classroom Buildings; and Partial Site Upgrades.

       Priority #3 lists New Shower/Locker Buildings; Instructional Joint-Use Centers; New
Library Buildings; Additions at Administration Buildings; and remainder of Site upgrades.

      Priority #4 includes Instructional Joint-Use Center; New Kindergarten Building; and
remainder of Site Upgrades.

       In June, 2006, a list was provided for review which prioritized items for modernization
work at SC, CO, CP, PD and CH schools. Sprotte Watson directed to develop new site
schematics for presentation. Bob McAmis discussed the advantages of roofing projects
incorporating solar panels and presented samples, identified cost savings and guarantees. The
committee recommended that the modernization of SC results in its ability to house K-8 rather
than K-6 as is currently the case.

Current and Proposed Round Building Modernization:

        In August, 2006, the Santee School Board Approved Resolution No 0607-05 to
establish a School Bond Election to occur on the November ballot. The Bond measure would
help to construct, acquire, renovate and upgrade school facilities and provide major repairs and
upgrades of existing school facilities. It would increase safety and educational effectiveness of
classrooms for students and include the furnishing and equipping of school facilities.

       In November, 2006, the voters within the Santee School District approved a $60
million dollar General Obligation Bond. Additional members joined the Facilities Committee,
including: Dustin Burns, Board member; Allwyn Gazi, Teacher; Phil Richardson, San Diego
Wild Animal Park Fleet Manager; Stephanie Pierce, Principal; Michael Lowery, Santana High
School Employee; and Michele Rose, SSD employee.

        Cathy Dominico, from Capital Public Finance Group, provided a Preliminary Issuance
Schedule for the General Obligation Bonds. She also provided an Overview of the Lease
Leaseback Construction Delivery Method. Cathy reported information regarding past and
future projections within the school district boundaries.

        Ted Doughty indicated that an Independent Oversight Committee would be formed and
that the Facilities Steering Committee should be prepared to give a presentation to the
Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee.

       Architects shared with the Committee the scope of work for facility modernization and
expansion developed to date. See next page.

       In December, 2006, Dr. Lisbeth Johnson provided a handout from CSBA containing
general information on School Board Policies regarding General Obligation Bonds. Discussion
addressed DSA, OPSC and CDE roles and State Matching Fund criteria.

       Cathy Dominico provided a copy of the Lease Leaseback RFQ. She addressed the Pre-
submittal Job Walk, provided handouts & timeframes for selection for the Lease-Leaseback
firm and recommendations to the Board of Education for the February meeting.

       Sprotte Watson provided a sample of a New Construction and Modernization Site/Staff
Survey. Staff meetings have been scheduled at all school sites which would be completed by
mid January, 2007.

       The Committee stated that a Web page devoted to modernization information needed to
be developed to include a Schedule of Modernization, Planning Activities, Facilities Committee
Agendas and Facilities Committee Minutes.

        In January, 2007, Santee School Board authorized a new position to head up the Mod-
ernization process.

       Selection process was underway to form an Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee
and reviewed for the March deadline.

      Capitol Public Finance fielded questions concerning the Bond, State Matching Funds
and Mello-Roos funding from developers from future new construction.

      CPF received 8 responses in the RFP lease/leaseback applications. After District
Review, three firms were selected as finalists: Sundt, Barnhart, and Erickson Hall. Committee
members scheduled visit each of the firm’s projects.

       Sprotte Watson completed site meetings and were in the process of collecting site/staff
surveys and conducting field surveys to verify existing as built conditions. Sprotte Watson will
soon meet with the PTA, Pre-School, Project Safe & Special Ed. They will go back to each
school for a final presentation. They also planned on taking into consideration Healthy Kids
Act, PE Equipment and lunch courts.

       In April, 2007, Bill Clark reported on the status of the Board’s approval of the
Construction Management Lease/Leaseback firm ranking and the negotiations with Barnhart.
The ICOC has been formed and the kick-off meeting will be May 2, 2007.

      Christina Becker was hired on March 1, 2007, as the Director of Facilities &
Modernization and was designated as Facilities Committee Chair.

       SDREO Energy Savings recommendations were explained with potential savings of
$233,000 annually. Performance Contracts: HVAC and electrical upgrade needs were
expanded on. Approximately $15-$20 million dollars in facility upgrades can be funded to
address the District’s needs and implement energy savings. Architects meeting with HVAC
and electrical consultants to determine best solution /systems to meet District’s needs.

       State funding status, Joint-Use & Modernization Grant funding were discussed and how
CHPS energy efficiency and green school design standards can also increase the District’s

       Introduction of the Colbi Account Ability software by Bryan Ehm and how it can be
acquired at a reduced cost through the county facilities consortia.

       Bill Clark discussed the outcomes of the March 24th Facilities Workshop with the
Board. The following schools will be modernized in 2 groups: CP, CO, PD, RS & SC in group
#1. Group #2 will be CH, CFH, PA and HC.

        Sprotte Watson presented the latest Library and Classroom prototype plans with a few
of the school site plans. A unanimous vote approved the support of the re-use of plans from
CVUSD for the Cajon Park 2-Story classroom building addition. A unanimous vote approved
support for the plans proposed as presented. A unanimous vote for the support of purchasing
Colbi Account Ability software.

       In May, 2007, the first $18 million in bonds were sold to fund planning and
improvements. Architectural modernization plans were started by Sprotte Watson in the Spring
of 2007. The bond funding is only a portion of a much larger Capital Improvement Program
amounting to an estimated $165 million.

            Our Funding Model Includes

       Quick Start Projects are identified, Construction management firms selected and ranked,
Foundation Bricks & Tiles implemented, Joint-Use funding applied for, Modernization grants
increased, Colbi Account Ability / SDCOE agreement established. Geological investigation
proposals received, Modernization update scheduled. Dr. Johnson visited all schools sites with
a May Modernization update.

       Ted addressed door intruder security hardware with construction to follow through
2007/2008. Discussion of Playground Equipment and adopting State contracts so we would can
complete projects this summer. Construction this summer to include Pepper parking lot.
SDREO will look at our schools to review performance contracts regarding lighting, air
conditioning, water, etc.

       Ninyo & Moore received the recommendation and will be brought to the Board for
approval for the geotechnical services needed for completion of the project designs.

       CHPS board resolution will present supporting Energy Star rated equipment and green
material usage and energy efficient design.                                               14

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