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									                                          Marking Period 1: USII Presentation List
Chapter   9/15/2009   What were some of the hardships that frontier farmers faced in the mid- to late 1800s?
13                    Think About:
                      • weather conditions
                      • availability of land and housing
                      • working conditions
                      • dangers of living on the frontier
                      • economic concerns
          9/15/2009   What are some of the main reasons that the federal government’s policy of assimilation failed?
                      Think About:
                      • Native Americans’ way of life
                      • cultural differences
                      • attitude of whites toward Native Americans
                      • government promises
          9/15/2009   Do you think that the government’s treatment of Native Americans in the mid to late 1800s was justified?
                      Explain your answer.
                      Think About:
                      • designated boundaries for reservations
                      • use of military force
                      • treaties and compensation
                      • gold rushes
                      • policy of assimilation
          9/17/2009   Why is “frontier” a good description of the Great Plains region during a period in which cattle ranchers and
                      farmers settled there?
                      Think About:
                      • various groups of people who lived there
                      • comparison to other areas of the country
                      • quality of life available there
                      • type of person who would settle there
          9/17/2009   What are some reasons that the Populist Party appealed to so many people in the late 1800s?
                      Think About:
                      • the state of the economy
                      • responsiveness of the government
                      • actions of the railroad owners
                      • development of the Grange and Farmers’ Alliances
          9/17/2009   Do you think that the history of the American frontier has had a positive or negative influence on American
                      attitudes today? Explain your answer.
                      Think About:
                      • spirit of adventure and ingenuity
                      • reaction to hardships
                      • violence in society
                      • treatment of minorities
                      • use of natural resources
Chapter   9/24/2009   What factors allowed the United States to industrialize very rapidly during the last half of the 19th century?
14                    Think About:
                      • the abundance of natural resources
                      • new inventions and their effects
                      • growing urban populations
                      • government policies toward business and industry
          9/24/2009   Do you think that the actions of the industrialists were more beneficial to the United States than they were
                      harmful? Explain your opinion.
                      Think About:
                      • business growth and its effect on the United States
                      • the effects of industry on the individual
                      • the effects of consolidation on the economy
          9/24/2009   The Granger laws, the decision in Munn v. Illinois, the Sherman Antitrust Act, and the Interstate Commerce
                      Act helped establish the principle that the federal government has the right to regulate business to protect
                      the public interest. What happened in the late 1800s to make such regulation seem necessary? What are
                      some ways that private business is regulated today that were unheard of in the late 1800s?
                      Think About:
                      • how the actions of one industry can affect other parts of the economy
                      • the effects of monopolies
                      • current laws that protect workers and consumers
          9/29/2009    How did 19th-century industrialists encourage competition? How did they discourage competition?
                       Think About:
                       • employee management techniques
                       • monopolies
                       • trusts
          9/29/2009    Consider the major inventions of the late 19th and early 20th century. List at least two inventions and discuss
                       their effects on life at the time.
                       Think About:
                       • the inventors Sholes, Bell, Bessemer, and Edison
                       • the long-term, wide-range effects of inventions
          9/29/2009    Choose one of the early labor unions to analyze. Explain its origins, its purposes, and its results.
                       Think About:
                       • the reasons behind forming the union
                       • the short- and long-term results of the work of the union
Chapter   10/2/2009    During the late 1800s and early 1900s, millions of people immigrated to the United States. Identify and
15                     explain several reasons people left their homelands to move to the United States.
                       Think About:
                       • conditions in homelands
                       • opportunities in the United States
          10/2/2009    Note and explain the factors that led to a rise in urbanization during the last half of the 19th century.
                       Think About:
                       • the needs of new immigrants
                       • inventions and their effects
                       • conveniences offered by cities
          10/2/2009    Identify some of the results of the rapid urbanization of the late 1800s and discuss some attempts made to
                       ease urban problems.
                       Think About:
                       • housing and other everyday necessities
                       • problems and challenges facing immigrants
                       • social reformers and the Social Gospel movement
          10/12/2009   Identify and explain one reason political machines were so successful in the late 1800s.
                       Think About:
                       • relationship between immigrants and members of political machines
                       • services that political machines provided to people and cities
          10/12/2009   Do you think that the relationship between political machines and their constituents was equally beneficial
                       to both? Explain your opinion.
                       Think About:
                       • how political machines helped citizens
                       • the power and influence of political machine members
          10/12/2009   Explain the main differences between the reformers and the Stalwarts and tell how these two groups
                       influenced presidential politics in the latter half of the 1800s.
                       Think About:
                       • patronage versus civil service
                       • Presidents Hayes, Garfield, and Arthur
                       • the Pendleton Civil Service Act of 1883
Chapter   10/16/2009   Describe some of the turn-of-the-century innovations and inventions that affected city life, and explain how
16                     they did so.
                        Think About:
                       • crowding and urban space
                       • transportation
                       • recreation and access to natural areas
          10/16/2009   By 1900, a mass culture was emerging in the United States. Describe the elements that contributed to this
                       mass culture, and describe the main impact of this mass culture on American society.
                       Think About:
                       • leisure activities
                       • forms of entertainment
                       • advertising and shopping
10/16/2009   What role did new technology play in the spread of mass culture at the turn of the 20th century? Discuss
             specific inventions or developments related to this trend. Do you believe this trend was a positive one for the
             people in the United States?
             Think About:
             • developments in printing
             • the field of journalism
             • selling and buying goods
10/23/2009   At the turn of the century, what policies and practices kept African Americans in the South from realizing
             their full political and social rights?
             Think About:
             • voting rights
             • segregation
             • the role of the federal government
10/23/2009   Describe the chief characteristics of the educational system at the turn of the 20th century, including
             important changes that were taking place.
             Think About:
             • elementary and high schools
             • higher education
             • the education of African Americans
10/23/2009   How would you describe the situation of African Americans and other minorities around the turn of the 20th
             century? What types of segregation and discrimination did they experience? Were there any signs of
             progress at this time?
             Think About:
             • forms of legal discrimination
             • attempts by blacks to achieve social progress
             • signs of racial tension
Presentation Instructions

   1. You are required to complete a 7-10 minute presentation fully answering the question asked.
   2. Use of PowerPoint is suggested, however not required. The requirements that must be met follow
      the rubric provided.
   3. You must prepare and email a copy of a works cited page to receive credit for the presentation.
      Please use MLA format to complete your Works Cited page.
   4. The Works Cited page must include references from at least three (3) different sources. Your
      textbook and Wikipedia do not count for sources. Three pages of the same source also do not
   5. Please only use legitimate sources for your research. In general terms, legitimate sources either
      have a publication/copyright date, or an author’s name.
   6. If you are working within a group clearly explain the different parts of the presentation that each
      member is responsible for on the rubric. Each member of the presentation must email a separate
      Works Cited page to me.
   7. You must hand in a completed copy of the rubric before your presentation, if you do not have a
      completed copy you cannot present
   8. All topics must be covered so do not expect to try and “work with someone”. If topics can not be
      decided through choice they will be assigned. All topics will be chosen first, then any extra people
      can be given an option to double up ONLY on the presentations marked with a
                                                                                                           9. Presentation
Name:                                                                       Class:

Topic:                                                                               Due Date:

                                                         Criteria                                            Points
                             1                    2                     3                    4
                    Lacks an              Fails to address     Addresses all          Addresses all
          Task      understanding of      all aspects of the   aspects of the task    aspects of the         _____
                    the task.             task.                in a limited           task in a detailed
                                                               manner.                and complete
                    Many mistakes         Some, but not        Few, if any,          No mistakes,
 Content/Accuracy   made. Does not        many, mistakes       mistakes and are      scholarly and
                    show an adequate      made. Good           minor in nature.      accurate. Excellent    _____
                    knowledge of the      knowledge            Very good             knowledge of the
                    topic.                shown.               knowledge of the      topic shown.
                                                               topic shown.
                    Includes few facts,   Includes some        Includes relevant     Richly supports the
     Support        examples, and         facts, examples,     facts, examples,      answer with
                    details, and may      and details.         and details, but      relevant and
                    include                                    may not support all   historical facts,      _____
                    information that                           answers evenly.       examples and
                    contains                                                         details.
                                          Satisfactorily       Well-developed        Well-developed
   Organization     Poorly organized,     developed            speech,               speech,
                    lacking focus.        speech,              demonstrating a       consistently           _____
                                          demonstrating a      logical and clear     demonstrating a
                                          general plan of      plan of               logical and clear
                                          organization.        organization most     plan of
                                                               of the time.          organization
    Eye Contact     No eye contact        Displayed            Consistent use of     Holds attention of
                    with audience.        minimal eye          direct eye contact    entire audience
                                          contact with         with audience         with the use of        _____
                                          audience                                   direct eye contact.
   Use of Visuals   Poor, distracts       Adds nothing to      Thoughts              Visual aid
                    audience and is       presentation         articulated clearly   enhances
                    hard to read                               but not engaging      presentation, all      _____
                                                                                     articulated and
                                                                                     keeps interest
     Elocution      Student mumbles,      Student’s voice      Student’s voice is    Student uses a
                    incorrectly           is low. Student      clear. Student        clear voice and
                    pronounces terms,     incorrectly          pronounces most       correct, precise
                    and speaks too        pronounces           words correctly.      pronunciation of       _____
                    quietly for           terms. Audience      Most audience         terms so that all
                    students in the       members have         members can hear      audience members
                    back of class to      difficulty hearing   presentation.         can hear
                    hear.                 presentation.                              presentation.
                                                                                     Total ---   →          _____

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