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Optional Payment Protection Insurance
Disability & Unemployment
Monthly Premium
Terms and Conditions
Understanding the Policy
In order to ensure that this product provides You with the cover You require We would recommend that You carefully read this
policy wording. Please make sure You understand and fully comply with its terms and conditions. Should You require clarification on
any aspect of the policy wording please seek guidance either from the person arranging Your insurance, or directly from Hitachi
Capital Insurance Europe Ltd. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions may jeopardise the payment of any claim and could
lead to the policy becoming void.

If there is any difference between the information in this policy or Your policy schedule and what You understood to be the terms of
the insurance when You chose the cover contact Us immediately.

The Policy                                          Your business has failed, or in               include You, Your spouse or Your
We will provide the insurance as stated in          liquidation  (other   than    solvent         cohabitees or any of Your relatives.
this policy. Any information disclosed to           liquidation) or bankruptcy or the
Us and any other statement made by You              business of which You are a              7.   End Date means the date on which
or on Your behalf and the undertaking to            controlling director has failed and           this insurance cover will end, which
pay the Monthly Premium, is the basis of            You have provided accounts to                 will be the earliest of the following
the contract and forms part of the policy.          cessation and Your last tax return            dates:
This policy contains details of the                 has been placed with Your local tax
insurance cover You have bought, what is            office. This does not include                 •   The date on which all amounts
excluded from the cover and the                     temporary cessation.                              due under the Loan Agreement
conditions of this insurance.                                                                         are paid to the Lender, or.
                                               3.   Claims Office means Hitachi Capital           •   The date on which You become
Eligibility                                         Insurance Europe Ltd, 2 Apex View,                more than 3 months behind with
You are eligible for this cover if, at the          Leeds LS11 9BH. Telephone No:                     Your monthly repayments under
Start Date, You                                     0844 463 2233.                                    Your Loan Agreement, or
                                                                                                  •   If Your Monthly Premium has
•    have a Loan Agreement in Your             4.   Consultant    means   a  medical                  not been paid within 14 days of
     name, and                                      specialist who is a member of an                  its due date, or
                                                    appropriate Royal College which               •   Your 65 birthday or when You
•    are aged 18 or over, and
                                                    recognises that person to be a                    reach Your normal retirement
•    are under the age of 65, and
                                                    specialist.                                       age at Your place of Work or
•    are in Permanent Employment, and
•    are a Permanent Resident of the                                                                  Permanently Retire, or
                                               5.   Disability/Disabled means being               •   Your death.
     United Kingdom.                                unable to carry out Work of any kind
                                                    because of an accident occurring or      8.   Gross Monthly Income means
Definitions                                         illness starting during a period when         monthly salary (PAYE) received on a
Any word or expression to which a specific          You are in Work and which prevents            regular basis before any deductions
meaning has been attached will bear the             You from continuing Your Work or              and if applicable, inclusive of an
same meaning throughout this insurance              any     other    Work     that   Your         average     of   Your    commission
and will appear with a capital letter and in        experience, education or training             received for the 3 months prior to the
bold.                                               would allow You to do. Such                   date of claim. Dividend and annual
                                                    Disability shall be deemed to start           bonus payments are specifically
1.   Balloon Payment means a large,                 on the day You first consult, or              excluded.
     lump sum payment made by You at                receive treatment from a Doctor and,
     either specific intervals or at the end        as a result, the Doctor has certified    9.   Gross Yearly Income means if You
     of a long term balloon loan, in                You as unfit for Work. If You are Self        are Self Employed, Your gross
     exchange      for    smaller    monthly        Employed a Disability must stop               income is calculated as Your yearly
     payments, a lower interest rate and a          You from managing, or carrying or             income declared on Your self-
     smaller amount of cash initially put           helping out with any part of the day-         assessment tax return for the year
     down than under a standard loan                to-day running of the business.               prior to the incident date less any
     agreement, even if included within
                                                                                                  expenses which must be confirmed
     the monthly instalment.                   6.   Doctor means a medical practitioner           by the Inland Revenue. Dividend
                                                    practicing in United Kingdom and              payments are specifically excluded.
2.   Ceased to Trade means that You                 fully registered with the General
     are entirely out of paid Work because          Medical Council. This does not
Reviewed: 12/12/2008                                      Page 1 of 6                                          HCIE (HCCF) LPPI T & C

10. Lender means Hitachi Capital                     symptoms, whether diagnosed by a               policy. The operating centre of
    Consumer Finance, 2 Apex View,                   Doctor or not, which You knew about            Hitachi Capital Insurance Europe
    Leeds LS11 9BH. Telephone No:                    or should reasonably have known                Limited is 2 Apex View, Leeds, LS11
    0844 375 5500.                                   about at the Start Date or for which           9BH.
                                                     You have seen or arranged to see a
11. Loan Agreement means the credit                  Doctor about in the 12 months              27. Work/Working means being             in
    arrangement between You and the                  immediately prior to the Start Date.           Permanent Employment.
    Lender which is covered by this
    insurance and does not exceed                21. Qualifying Period means the first 30       28. You/Your/Yourself    means   the
    £50,000.                                         consecutive days of any period of              person  named     in  the  Loan
                                                     Unemployment or Disability after               Agreement.
12. Maximum Benefit Period means a                   which a claim for Unemployment or
    maximum of 12 Monthly Benefits                   Disability benefit can be made.            What is covered
    payable under this insurance.                                                               If, during the Period of Insurance You
                                                 22. Self Employed/Self Employment              cannot Work for one of the reasons
13. Monthly Benefit means an amount                  means actively working for profit in a     shown in the sections headed “Disability”
    equal to the monthly instalment You              profession or business as a sole           or ‘Unemployment’’, We will, subject to
    pay the Lender under the terms of                trader inclusive of those registered on    the Maximum Benefit Period, pay You
    Your Loan Agreement up to a                      the Construction Industry Scheme           the Monthly Benefit until the earlier of
    maximum of £2,000. The Monthly                   (CIS); or in partnership with others; or   You being able return to Work or the End
    Benefit    excludes    any   default             assisting with, managing or carrying       Date.
    charges, early termination charges,              on a business in the United
    Balloon      Payments,      residual             Kingdom and paying Class 2                 We will only pay You one type of Monthly
    payment, capital sum payment, or                 National        Insurance       Benefit    Benefit (Disability or Unemployment) at
    other balancing items due to the                 Contributions and being assessable         a time in any claim period.
    Lender      under     Your     Loan              to income tax under Schedule D
    Agreement.                                       Case I or II; or being a director,         If the reason for Your claim changes from
                                                     controlling director or an employee of     Disability to Unemployment or from
14. Monthly Premium means the                        a company in which You have a              Unemployment to Disability, You can
    premium,    including  insurance                 shareholding of 51% or more of a           continue to claim without having to wait a
    premium tax, You must pay every                  private limited company with an            further 30 days, which would otherwise be
    month.                                           issued and fully paid share capital of     required.
                                                     less than £1,000.
15. Notification means the date You are                                                         PLEASE NOTE: You should be aware
    notified, either by Your employer or a       23. Start Date means the date shown on         that any benefit under policy may be
    trade union official, orally or in writing       Your policy schedule when cover            considered     by      the     appropriate
    that You are becoming or at risk of              starts.                                    Government Agency as income and may
    becoming Unemployed.                                                                        affect the amount of any state benefit You
                                                 24. United Kingdom means Great                 receive.
16. Permanent Employment means that                  Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of
    You are Working in a paid job under              Man and the Channel Islands.               Payment of Benefit
    a permanent contract of employment           25. Unemployment/Unemployed
    for not less than 16 hours per week              means a period during which You are        Disability and Unemployment benefits
    for an employer based in the United              no longer in Work, and if You are          are paid monthly in arrears directly to the
    Kingdom and paying Class 1                       Self Employed have Ceased To               Lender, following the Qualifying Period.
    National       Insurance       benefit           Trade,       and      registered     as
    contributions or are Self Employed.              Unemployed with the Department of          You must be unable to Work due to
                                                     Work and Pensions (or other                Disability or Unemployment for 30
17. Permanently Retire means when                    appropriate Government agency) and         consecutive days, the Qualifying Period,
    You stop Working and You have no                 available for and actively seeking and     at which stage We will pay one Monthly
    intention of returning to Work in the            applying for alternative Work or Self      Benefit. Thereafter You will receive an
    future.                                          Employment and in receipt of the           amount equal to one thirtieth of Your
                                                     appropriate      National     Insurance    Monthly Benefit for each consecutive day
18. Permanent Resident means having                  Contributions credits. If You are a        You are unable to Work, payable monthly
    a permanent United Kingdom                       woman who has reached statutory            in arrears, subject to the Maximum
    address where You live and are                   pensionable age You will be                Benefit Period.
    registered with a Doctor and being               considered as Unemployed if You
    able to claim job seekers allowance              provide enough evidence throughout         The maximum Monthly Benefit payable
    or National Insurance Credits in the             the period of Your claim that You are      is £2,000 per month.
    United Kingdom.                                  actively looking for Work. If You are
                                                     not entitled to any benefit, this may      If You also submit a claim under any other
19. Period of Insurance means the                    affect the assessment of Your claim.       mortgage, loan or income payment
    period stated on the policy schedule                                                        protection policy, either with Us or with
    during which cover is granted under          26. We/Us/Our means Hitachi Capital            another insurer, We will adjust Your
    this policy.                                     Insurance Europe Limited Registered        Monthly Benefit so that it does not
                                                     in Republic of Ireland no. 156701.         exceed Your monthly repayments under
20. Pre-Existing Condition means any                 Registered Office: 4th Floor, 25-28        Your Loan Agreement when added to
    medical condition, injury, illness,              Adelaide Road Dublin 2 Republic of         the benefit received under such other
    disease or any related medical                   Ireland. Hitachi Capital Insurance         mortgage, income or payment protection
    condition    and/or     associated               Europe Limited is the Insurer of this      policies.
Reviewed: 12/12/2008                                        Page 2 of 6                                          HCIE (HCCF) LPPI T & C

Disability Cover                                                                                         investigated, diagnosed and
                                               c)   If there are less than 6 consecutive                 under continuous supervision by
When You can make a claim for                       months of Permanent Employment                       a Consultant Psychiatrist, or
Disability benefit.                                 between       two       periods     of
                                                    Unemployment, We will treat these               c)   any cosmetic or any elective
a)   You may make a Disability claim if             two periods as one continuous claim                  treatment, unless it is deemed
     You are Working and during the                 subject to confirmation of the reason                necessary by a Consultant
     Period of Insurance You become                 for the Unemployment. We will not                    Psychiatrist    or   if    it is
     unable to Work due to Disability and           pay any benefit for the time You were                reconstructive     surgery    or
     Your Doctor has certified You as               in Permanent Employment between                      treatment following a disease or
     unfit for Work.                                the two periods of Unemployment.                     an injury caused by an accident,
                                                    Monthly Benefit will only be paid for                or
b)   Once You have been paid the                    the Maximum Benefit Period.
     maximum number of Monthly                                                                      d)   backache and related conditions
     Benefits for any Disability claim,        d)   Where the Maximum Benefit Period                     unless     there is additional
     You will not be able to make another           has been reached for any one claim                   medical evidence (for example
     Disability claim until You have been           You must have returned to Work for                   x-rays or MRI scans) of medical
     in continuous Work, or where You               at least 180 days before You are able                abnormality which We will
     are on statutory maternity leave Your          to claim again for Unemployment.                     require to validate Your claim, or
     Doctor certifies that You would be
     continuously fit for Work if You were     e)   If You are Self Employed Your                   e)   a refusal to accept appropriate
     not on statutory maternity leave, for;         business must have Ceased to                         treatment for Your Disability
                                                    Trade and You must be registered as                  prescribed by Your Doctor.
     •   30 consecutive days if the                 Unemployed with the Department of
         Disability is different, or                Work and Pensions and registered                f)   where We believe that You are
     •   180 consecutive days if the                for Jobseekers Allowance. You must                   fit to return to any alternative
         Disability is the same.                    provide documentary evidence of the                  Work that Your experience,
                                                    cessation.                                           education or training allow You
c)   If there are less than 6 consecutive                                                                to do.
     months of Permanent Employment            What is not covered
     between two periods of Disability,        1)   Any Disability or Unemployment as          3)   Any Unemployment
     We will treat these two periods as             a result of;
     one continuous claim if the Disability                                                         a)   which is in any way voluntary or
     is the same. We will not pay any               a)   any self-inflicted bodily injury or             results directly or indirectly from
     benefit for the time You were in                    conditions, or                                  You     refusing      any     other
     Permanent Employment between                                                                        reasonable employment that
     the two periods of Disability.                 b)   drinking alcohol or taking drugs                Your employer offers You, or
     Monthly Benefit will only be paid for               unless Your Doctor tells You to,
     the Maximum Benefit Period.                         provided Your Doctor's advice              b)   if You have not been in
                                                         is not part of a treatment for                  Permanent Employment for six
d)   We will not consider the Disability as              alcoholism or drug addiction, or                consecutive months prior to
     having commenced until the day on                                                                   Your Unemployment. However,
     which You first consult a Doctor for           c)   if You are Working outside the                  if You were out of Work for 2
     the Disability giving rise to the claim             United Kingdom for more than                    weeks or less, We will not count
     (other than the statutory self-                     30 days in a row, unless You are                this as a break in Your
     certification period).                              Working for the British Armed                   Permanent Employment, or
                                                         Forces or as a Civil Servant in a
Unemployment Cover                                       British Embassy or Consulate or            c)   if it happens prior to or within 90
                                                         unless You are Working for an                   days of the Start Date or
When You can make a claim for                            employer that is a United                       Notification of Unemployment
Unemployment benefit                                     Kingdom registered company                      was given to You (or if, in Our
                                                         who assigns You to Work in a                    opinion, You were aware of a
a)   You may make a claim if You have                    member country of the European                  forthcoming Notification or had
     been Working or Self Employed for                   Union on the same terms and                     reason to believe it was likely to
     at least 6 months prior to becoming                 conditions, or                                  happen) prior to or within 90
     Unemployed.                                                                                         days of the Start Date, or
                                                    d)   HIV (Human Immunodeficiency
b)   If during the period of a claim, You                Virus) and/or any other HIV                d)   if You are on a casual,
     take temporary Work, You will not                   related illness including AIDS                  temporary, seasonal, occasional
     receive any payments of benefit                     (Acquired Immune Deficiency                     or project contract and loss of
     under this policy for the time You are              Syndrome).                                      Permanent Employment is due
     Working. If the period of temporary                                                                 to the natural expiry of the
     Work lasts less than 180 days, the        2)   Any Disability as a result of:                       contract, or
     periods of Unemployment before
     and after the temporary Work will be           a)   a Pre-Existing Condition, or               e)   if it results from a fixed-term
     treated as one continuous claim                                                                     contract of employment ending,
     subject to the Maximum Benefit                 b)   psychiatric illness, mental or                  however,          If        Your
     Period. You must notify the Claims                  nervous      disorder   including               Unemployment is due to the
     Office before You take any                          anxiety, depression, stress or                  expiry of or occurs during a fixed
     temporary Work.                                     stress-related conditions unless                term contract where Your
Reviewed: 12/12/2008                                      Page 3 of 6                                            HCIE (HCCF) LPPI T & C

          Permanent Employment has                       the combustion of nuclear fuel,              decision to give up Work; You
          been renewed at least once                     or                                           Permanently Retire, You change
          since the Start Date with the                                                               the nature of Your Work, You move
          same employer on fixed term               b)   caused by or contributed to by or            or the Loan Agreement has been
          contracts, provided there is no                arising from the radioactive toxic           repaid. Failure to disclose any
          period between the contracts                   explosive or other hazardous                 material facts may invalidate the
          when      You    were    without               properties of any explosive                  insurance, or may result in the
          Permanent Employment and                       nuclear assembly or of its                   insurance not operating fully. A
          You have been in Permanent                     nuclear component, or                        material fact is one that is likely to
          Employment       for   a    total                                                           influence   the    acceptance     and
          unbroken period of at least 2             c)   occasioned by or happening                   assessment of Your application to Us
          years, this exclusion will not                 through war, invasion, act of                and if You have any doubts whether
          apply, or                                      foreign      enemy      hostilities          certain facts are material then for
                                                         (whether war is declared or not)             Your own protection, You should
     f)   if You were, at the date of Your               civil war, rebellion, revolution,            disclose those facts irrespective of
          Unemployment, employed by a                    insurrection    or  military or              such doubts. We will then advise You
          company of which You or Your                   usurped power, or                            of any changes to the terms of Your
          spouse, partner, parent, child,                                                             policy.
          brother or sister were a director         d)   arising directly or indirectly from
          and/or shareholder (other than                 pollution or contamination, or          2.   Premium Payment
          by way of a bona fide investment
          in a company quoted on a                  e)   directly or indirectly caused or             You must pay Your Monthly
          recognised stock exchange), or                 occasioned by or happening                   Premium each month by direct debit.
          by someone who is Self                         through or in consequence of                 Each Monthly Premium covers You
          Employed or by a partnership,                  terrorism or any action taken in             for one month. If Your Monthly
          where the person who is Self                   controlling       preventing       or        Premium has not been paid within 14
          Employed, or any of the                        suppressing        any     acts    of        days of its due date, the policy will
          partners, is Your spouse,                      terrorism or in any way relating             lapse and cover will cease from the
          partner, parent, child, brother or             thereto. For the purpose of this             date Your Monthly Premium was
          sister, or                                     exclusion “terrorism” means the              due and all Monthly Benefit
                                                         use of biological, chemical                  payments will stop automatically.
     g)   if You are not actively seeking                and/or      nuclear      force     or
          and applying for Work, or                      contamination       and/or     threat        If You have made a claim under this
                                                         there of by any person or group              policy You must continue to pay
     h)   if You are Self Employed You                   of persons whether acting alone              Your Monthly Premium for this
          and Your business temporarily                  or on behalf of or in connection             insurance.
          ceases or You cannot provide                   with any organisation (s) or
          proof of Unemployment from                     government (s) committed for            3.   Adjustments to the terms of this
          Your accountant and HM                         political, religious, ideological or         policy
          Revenue and Customs, or                        similar purposes including the
                                                         intention to influence any                   We reserve the right to amend the
     i)   resulting directly or indirectly               government and/or to put the                 terms of this insurance by giving You
          from a strike, labour dispute or               public or any section of the                 notice of Our intention to do so as
          lock-out, or                                   public in fear. However, losses              follows:
                                                         caused by or resulting from riot,
     j)   resulting from the loss or                     riot attending a strike, civil               •   To vary the cover provided - 60
          suspension of Your driving                     commotion         and      malicious             days notice.
          licence due to criminal offences               damage are not excluded                      •   To alter the rates of premium
          including but not limited to                   hereunder.                                       (other than any statutory tax
          speeding and drink driving, or                                                                  changes) charged during the
                                               General Conditions                                         Period of Insurance - 60 days
     k)   resulting directly or indirectly     You must comply with the following                         notice.
          from     dismissal    due     to     General Conditions to have the full
          misconduct,      not   following     protection of Your policy. If You do not          4.   Cancellation
          company procedure, dishonesty,       comply with them We may at Our
          fraud or any act You carried out,    discretion cancel the policy or refuse to              We reserve the right to withdraw
          or                                   deal with Your claim or reduce the                     cover should any Monthly Premium
                                               amount of any claim payment.                           not be met within 14 days of its due
     l)   for any periods where You have                                                              date.
          received pay in lieu of notice of    1.   Duty of Disclosure
          Your Permanent Employment                                                                   You may write to Hitachi Capital
          ending.                                   This policy has been issued based                 Consumer Finance, 2 Apex View,
                                                    upon information, which You have                  Leeds LS11 9BH, or telephone 0844
4)   Any claim                                      given to Us about Yourself and Your               375 5500 requesting the policy is
                                                    circumstances. You have a duty to                 cancelled and Your cover will end on
     a)   caused by or contributed to by or         tell Us immediately of any material               the date We receive Your request.
          arising from ionising radiations          facts or changes which We would
          or contamination by radioactivity         take into account in Our assessment               If You cancel the policy within 30
          from any irradiated nuclear fuel          or acceptance of this insurance                   days of the Start Date We will refund
          or from any nuclear waste from            including but not limited to Your                 any premium You have paid provided
Reviewed: 12/12/2008                                      Page 4 of 6                                              HCIE (HCCF) LPPI T & C

     You have not made a claim. We will              Hitachi may keep Your information          9.   The Law Applicable to this Policy
     not refund any premium if You cancel            for a reasonable period of time and
     the policy more than 30 days after the          disclose it to other members of the             Unless You and We have agreed
     Start Date.                                     Hitachi Capital group of companies              otherwise the laws of England and
                                                     for marketing purposes. You may be              Wales will govern this contract and
     We can withdraw, terminate or cancel            contacted by mail, telephone, fax,              the courts of England and Wales will
     the policy by giving You 60 days                email or other reasonable method                have jurisdiction to hear any disputes
     written notice. This will not affect            with details of other products,                 regarding Your policy.
     Your right to receive Monthly                   services and promotions, which may
     Benefit for any Unemployment or                 be of interest to You. If You do not       Claims Conditions
     Disability which occurred before the            want Your data to be used for              You must comply with the following Claim
     cancellation date.                              marketing purposes Your request to         Conditions to have the full protection of
                                                     that effect should be made in writing      Your policy. If You do not comply with
5.   Other Loan Payment Protection                   to Hitachi Capital Insurance Europe        them We may at Our discretion cancel the
     Insurance                                       Ltd, 2 Apex View, Leeds LS11 9BH.          policy or refuse to deal with Your claim or
                                                     For a small fee (up to the statutory       reduce the amount of any claim payment.
     If You have any other loan payment              maximum, currently £10) You may
     protection policy with another insurer          also receive a copy of the information     1.   Making a claim
     covering the same risk as this policy           Hitachi hold about You if you request           All claims MUST be notified to Us
     You cannot receive payment of a                 this in writing.                                immediately but no later than 120
     claim in full under both policies. If We                                                        days after the first day of any
     are aware of such circumstances We              Sensitive information under the Data            Disability or Unemployment. If You
     will inform the other insurer                   Protection Act 1998 includes health             fail to notify Us within 120 days Your
     concerned and seek a contribution               records. If You make a claim under              claim will be declined.
     under the other policy. Each insurer            this policy it will become necessary
     will pay the proportionate share of the         for You to give Hitachi permission to      2.   How to make a claim
     claim in relation to the maximum                collect and use such sensitive                  a) Immediately call the Claims
     benefits payable.                               information. Without this sensitive                Office at 0844 463 2233 and
                                                     information Hitachi will not be able to            request a claim form.
6.   Transfer of rights                              process Your claim.
                                                                                                     b)   Complete      the    claim form
     You may not transfer or assign Your        8.   Fraud                                                carefully,      following    the
     rights or interest in this insurance to                                                              instructions.      Return,   the
     any     other    person      or   credit        If any information provided to Us by                 completed claim form with all
     arrangement. This insurance does                You or anyone acting on Your behalf                  requested documentation to:
     not have any value at the End Date              is inaccurate or if You fail to disclose
     nor does it acquire any surrender               any material fact or information which               Claims Manager
     value     during    the    Period    of         might reasonably affect Our decision                 Hitachi Capital Insurance Europe
     Insurance.                                      to provide insurance to You, Your                    Ltd
                                                     right to any benefit under this                      2 Apex View
7.   Data Protection Act 1998                        insurance shall end with no refund of                Leeds LS11 9BH
                                                     premium being available.
     The data supplied by You will be                                                                     If You have any queries or if
     treated in confidence and for the               If any claim under this policy is                    You need any advice in making
     purposes of the Data Protection Act             fraudulent or is intended to mislead                 Your claim please contact Us
     1998, the data controller in relation to        Us or if fraudulent or misleading                    and We will be happy to assist.
     the information You supply will be              means are used by You or anyone
     Hitachi Capital Insurance Europe Ltd.           acting on Your behalf to obtain                      If You need to claim for a
     (Hitachi). The data You supply will be          benefit under this policy, Your right to             Disability make sure You
     used by Hitachi for the purposes                any benefit under this policy shall end              complete the section relating to
     insurance administration (including             and We shall be entitled to recover                  the Access to Medical Reports
     underwriting,    processing,     claims         any benefit paid and costs incurred. It              Act. This will avoid delays when
     handling and fraud prevention),                 may also result in Us cancelling this                We deal with Your claim. You
     research and statistical analysis.              insurance immediately with no refund                 will also need to arrange for
                                                     of premium being available.                          Your Doctor to complete the
     In assessing any claims made or for                                                                  relevant section of the claim
     the purpose of fraud prevention,                To prevent fraud, insurers and their                 form.
     Hitachi may disclose Your data to               agents may share information about
     other insurers, doctors, hospitals,             Your claim via a register of claims. A               If You need to claim for
     consultants, job centres, employers,            list of participants is available on                 Unemployment, please ensure
     the police etc. Hitachi may also                request. Any information You supply                  that You claim any benefit You
     undertake checks against publicly               on a claim, together with information                are entitled to from the
     available    information    such    as          You have supplied on any application                 Department for Work and
     electoral roll, court judgements,               form and other information relating to               Pensions. You should have the
     bankruptcy or repossessions or                  a claim will be provided to the register             relevant section of the claim
     disclose Your data to regulatory                participants.                                        form stamped by the local
     bodies of which Hitachi is a member                                                                  department office. You may
     or by which Hitachi is regulated if             We may inform the police of any                      need to send Us a copy of Your
     required or permitted to do so by law.          fraudulent circumstances.                            Jobseeker’s Agreement, and
                                                                                                          details   of   Your   previous
Reviewed: 12/12/2008                                         Page 5 of 6                                          HCIE (HCCF) LPPI T & C

          employer, so that We can make                 Payments, residual payment,        event that Our service does not meet with
          any enquiries that We feel are                capital sum payment, or other      Your expectations You should contact:
          necessary.            Photocopied             balancing items under the Loan
          documents are not acceptable,                 Agreement. We will pay all         The Customer Satisfaction Manager
          so please send the originals to               benefits directly to the Lender.   Hitachi Capital Insurance Europe Ltd
          Us by recorded delivery (We will                                                 2 Apex View
          return the originals to You).            b)   You are not entitled to have       Leeds LS11 9BH
                                                        Your premium reduced or            Tel: 0844 463 2233
          You must provide Us with all                  refunded if We have paid any
          supporting        documentation,              benefits.                          A full review of Your complaint will be
          certificates, evidence or any                                                    promptly undertaken by an appropriate
          additional information We may            c)   You should be aware that any       person.
          ask for within 120 days of Us                 benefit under policy may be
          asking     for  it (except    in              considered by the appropriate      If We are unable to resolve Your
          exceptional circumstances). You               Government Agency as income        complaint to Your satisfaction, You have
          must pay any costs involved in                and may affect the amount of       the right to ask the Financial Ombudsman
          doing this. If You are late                   any state benefit You receive.     Service to review Your case. Any referral
          providing Us with the requested                                                  to the Ombudsman must take place within
          information We will not be able     5.   Transfer of Claim                       6 months from the date of Our final
          to pay Your claim.                       If the reason for Your claim changes    decision.
                                                   from Unemployment to Disability,
     c)   During the course of Your claim,         or vice versa, you must notify the      Further     details are available  at
          We will request You to complete          Claims Office immediately and a         www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk, or by
          a Continuing Claim Form on a             new claim form will need to be          writing to;
          monthly basis for additional             completed. If We agree that the
          evidence that You are still              change in reason for Your claim is      The Financial Ombudsman Service
          unable to Work due to                    valid, no additional Qualifying         South Quay Plaza
          Disability or actively seeking           Period will apply, However, We will     183 Marsh Wall
          and applying for Work if You are         not pay more than the Maximum           London
          Unemployed. The Continuing               Benefit Period for any one              E14 9SR
          Claim Form together with any             continuous period of Unemployment
          supporting documentation must            and/or Disability.                      We can also provide You with a leaflet
          be returned to the Claims Office                                                 detailing the services offered by the
          within 60 days of the date We       Charges                                      Ombudsman.
          last paid Your Monthly Benefit.     The charge for Our services is the
          We may delay or suspend the         premium (including applicable Insurance      Compensation
          payment of Your Monthly             Premium Tax). This premium is specified      Hitachi Capital Insurance Europe Limited
          Benefit if We do not receive all    in the policy schedule.                      is covered by the Financial Services
          of the documents We need (for                                                    Compensation Scheme (FSCS). You may
          example monthly declarations        Conflicts of Interest                        be entitled to compensation from the
          and medical questionnaires and      It is Our policy to maintain appropriate     scheme if Hitachi Capital Insurance
          documentary evidence of a job       administration structures to ensure that     Europe     Limited   cannot    meet    its
          search) or if We find these         the potential for any conflict of interest   obligations. This depends on the type of
          documents unsatisfactory.           between You and Us is avoided as far as      business and the circumstances of the
                                              possible. This would include ensuring that   claim. Insurance advising and arranging is
3.   Medical Examination                      separate claims handlers are employed        covered for 100% of the first £2,000 and
     You must agree to be examined by a       where We are the underwriters of both the    90% of the remainder of the claim without
     Doctor We have chosen if We ask.         claimant and respondent policy and a         any upper limit.
     We will pay for the cost of the          conflict on liability exists.
     examination, but if You fail to attend                                                Further    information    about      the
     Your entitlement to receive benefit                                                   compensation scheme is available from
     under this policy will end.
                                              The policy and all communications with       the Financial Services Compensation
                                              You or by You to Us will be in English.      Scheme at 7th floor, Lloyds Chambers,
4.   Settlement of a claim                                                                 Portsoken Street, London E1 8BN.
     a) Benefits will only be paid if there                                                Telephone Number: 020 7892 7300 or
          are sums to be repaid by You to     Complaints                                   Fax 020 7892 7301 or at www.fscs.org.uk.
          the Lender excluding any            With Hitachi Capital, You can expect the
          default     charges,        early   highest level of customer service. In the
          termination charges, Balloon

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