December 2006 Monthly Newsletter by ppe16615


									December 2006                                                                                     Monthly Newsletter

       Board of Directors
Commodore               Paul Ballett
                                                           From The Commodore By Paul Ballett
Im. Past Commodore      Danny Lien
Vice Commodore          Eric Nelson
                                                                Thank you to all, for   date and building our sail training pro-
Secretary            Bob Goldsmith
                                                                allowing me the         grams up to a level that can really con-
Treasurer             John Howard
                                                                honor of being AYC      tribute to the club. Distractions have
Race Commander          Larry Ratliff
                                                                 Commodore         in   been manifest, low water, a full calen-
Buildings & Grounds    David Lewis
                                                                2006. I look for-       dar, second guessers and our first
Harbor Master           Bob Gallant
                                                               ward to another suc-     Leukemia Cup. However, I’m proud of
Sail Training Commander Johannes
                                                               cessful year ahead       what we achieved and thankful to my
                                                         under our new Commo-           fellow Board members.
             AYC Staff                       dore Eric Nelson. This year as com-
Sailing Director &                           modore has been interesting to say         I look forward to seeing our club’s
Social Coordinator Laura Leigh Barry         the least! The highlight for me will be    Long Range Plan which should be
Office Administrator      Josh Yates         the deeper relationships I have formed     unveiled in early 2007 and the propos-
                                             with many of the members of the club.      als for future work to improve the AYC
Groundskeepers       Tom Cunningham
                                                                                        facility. I banged the table pretty hard
                           Matt Elliott
                                             Last week saw the official end to our      from day one to get a five year plan
        Austin Yacht Club                    season with both our Annual Member-        and I commend everyone involved for
          5906 Beacon Drive                  ship Meeting and Awards Banquet.           their hard work and commitment to the
      Austin, Texas 78734-1428               Both were very well attended. Corey        club.
       Office: (512) 266-1336                Block did a great job of putting to-
     Office FAX: (512) 266-9804              gether the banquet; anyone who             Good Luck in 2007 and let’s keep
     Clubhouse: (512) 266-1897               missed Mr. Thrill missed some spec-        competitive sailing for all ages at the
                                             tacular outfits worn by both Mr. Thrill    heart of our club.
      E-Mail & Web Site
                                             and Mr. & Mrs. Bartlett. There is                                                         I would like to thank the following peo-
                                             something special about a sailmaker                                                         ple for their help in 2006:
                                             in sequins!
            Newsletter                                                                  The Board members:
                                             Over the last few years the club has
    Yolanda Cortés Mares, Editor
                                             made some great strides in moving to       Eric Nelson, Vice Commodore
    E-mail submissions by 5th of
                                             a more efficient and lasting structure.    Danny Lien, Immediate Past Commodore
   month to:
                                             Past Commodores have created a             Larry Ratliff, Race Commander
      AYC Business Hours                     legal structure to protect the clubs as-   Bob Goldsmith, Secretary
Tuesday-Saturday:      noon—5:00 p.m.        sets, put in place a group to think long   John Howard, Treasurer
Sunday:         11:00 a.m. —12:30 p.m.       term and created a new employee            David Lewis, Building & Grounds Comm.
            Closed Mondays
                                             template to better serve the goals of      Bob Gallant, Fleet Commander
          Closed Club Holidays:              the club. I think this year’s Board has    Johannes Brinkman, Sail Training Com-
New Year’s Day                  1 January    moved us forward again, in focusing        mander
Easter Sunday                     16 April   our efforts at bringing our office up to
Independence Day                    4 July                                                                   (Continued on Page 7)
Thanksgiving Day            23 November
Shopping Day                24 November
Christmas Day               25 December                                                                           Page 1
                                                                                      2007 Racing Schedule
                                                            January 1           Red Eye Regatta (1:30 FWS)
                                                            January 13          Frostbite Series #1 (12:00)
                                                            January 20          Frostbite Series #2 (1:30 FWS)
                                                            January 27          Frostbite Series #3 (1:30 FWS)
                                                            January 27, 28      UT Sailing Team “Qualifier One” Regatta
                                                            February 3          Frostbite Series #4 (1:30 FWS)
  The Austin Yacht Club Keel                                February 10         Frostbite Series #5 (1:30 FWS)
                                                                                EOS Buffet & Trophy Presentation
       Handicap Fleet                                       February 25         Spring Series #1 (1:30 FWS)
                                                            March 11            Spring Series #2 (1:30 FWS)
 Invites all Keel and Multihull Yachts to the 31st annual   March 18            Spring Series #3 (1:30 FWS)
                                                            March 25            Spring Series #4 (1:30 FWS)

         RED EYE
                                                            April 1             Spring Series #5 (1:30 FWS)
                                                            April 7, 8          Easter Laser Regatta
                                                            April 15            Spring Series #6 (1:30 FWS)
                                                                                EOS Buffet & Trophy Presentation

                                                            April 21            Spring Long Distance Race (11:00 a.m.)
                                                            April 29            AYC Turnback Warm-up Series #1 (1:30 FWS)
                                                            May 5               South Coast 21 Intergalactics Regatta
                                                            May 6               AYC Turnback Warm-up Series #2 (1:30 FWS)
                                                            May 13              AYC Turnback Warm-up Series #3 (1:30 FWS)
                                                                                EOS Buffet & Trophy Presentation
             January 1, 2007                                May 19, 20          J24 Texas State Championships
                                                                                ( Part of the USJCA District 14 J24 Circuit Series)
                                                            May 26, 27          Turnback Canyon Regatta
                                                            June 1- 3           Laser Masters Regatta
                                                            June 9, 10          J80 Circuit Stop
In Memory of “Hap” McCollum who instituted and              June 30—July 1      AYC Centerboard Regatta
nearly always prepared the Red Eye Bloody Mary
Breakfast a new Annual Red Eye Award,
“McCollum Cup”, will be awarded to the overall                   AYC Upcoming Non-Racing Events
PHRF Spinnaker Fleet winner.                                December 2          AYC Annual Banquet
                                                                                (6:00 p.m., Hills of Lakeway Country Club)
Schedule:        Red Eye Bloody Mary Breakfast              December 9          Jr. Roadrunners Work Party (9 a.m.)
                                                            December 9          Annual AYC Children’s Holiday Party (10-2)
                 10:30AM                                    December 9          Catalina 22 Fleet Christmas Party
                                                                                (6:00 p.m.)
                 Registration, Skippers Meeting             December 16         J-24 Fleet Annual Meeting and Holiday Party
                 and Race asap following breakfast                              (5:00 p.m.)
                                                            January 13          2007 Race Season Icebreaker Social (4:30 p.m.)
                 Awards, beer and food following            January 20          After Series Social
                                                            January 25          AYC Board meeting
                 the race at AYC                            January 27          After Series Social
                                                            February 3          After Series Social
Cost:            A little bit of Sanity and $15/boat        February 22         AYC Board meeting
                                                            March 22            AYC Board meeting
                 ($10 AYC KHF)                              April 6             Gary Jobson Seminar
                                                            April 26            AYC Board meeting
Classes:         PHRF Spin, PHRF Non-Spin and               April 29            Founder’s Day Social
                                                            May 24              AYC Board meeting
                 Portsmouth Multihull                       June 28             AYC Board meeting

More Information available on AYC website: (http:// or from event coordinator Steve                   AYC Wishes You a Happy and Safe Holiday Season
Vaughan (                                                                and a
                                                                                     Fantastic New Year!

  Page 2
                                                                   The Red Eye Regatta History
                                                                                 By Steve Vaughan

                                                                                        The Red Eye Regatta was
                                                                                        conceived of by Pete
                                                                                        Reinhart and fellow par-
                                                                                        tiers at a 1975 News Years
       2007 AYC Race Season                                                             Eve party held at Arak
                                                                                        Bozyan’s home. There are
         Icebreaker Social                                                              unsubstantiated      rumors
                                                                                        liquor was involved, but the
                                                                                        “rationale” now remem-
                                                              bered for racing on new Years Day is an alternative to
            January 13, 2007                                  watching football.

   (after the First Frostbite Series Race)                    Regardless of the true rationale, the hard evidence is
                                                              that on January 1st 1976 the first RED EYE Regatta was
                                                              held, and was run by Pete from the comfort of his car
 All AYC members are encouraged to come                       positioned on the AYC point using his horn as the start-
 out to the club to celebrate the beginning of                ing gun. That first race was a long distance race held in
                                                              great weather conditions, scored under the MORC handi-
 AYC's organized racing season at this spe-                   cap rule and included about 20 boats. The complete par-
 cial social. If you are racing Frostbite Se-                 ticipant list has not been found but the trophy evidence
 ries #1, you and your crew should plan on                    clearly shows Dennis Awbrey was the first winner. In
 sticking around after the races. Members                     addition to thinking it up and running the first race, he
 that end up not racing should still plan on                  also donated the race trophy which included his artful
                                                              attempt at engraving with a 10 penny nail. This trophy
 joining in...with the club providing compli-                 survives to this date and continues to be the smallest
 mentary food and drinks in the clubhouse,                    award ever made at the Austin Yacht Club (pictured
 this will be more than just an after race                    above, yup that’s a ruler and the cup is ~2” tall).
                                                              Within a few short years following the inaugural race the
                                                              format was greatly enhanced by Hap McCollum through
                                                              the addition of Bloody Mary’s (courage extenders) and
                                                              breakfast. For nearly 30 years Hap was the RED EYE
          Racing Tips          By Scott Young                 guru, chief bar tender and chef for now traditional Bloody
                                                              Mary Breakfast. Hap was also always on the starting line
                                                              for the race regardless of his sobriety or alertness, evi-
                      STARTING TIPS II.                       dence of this is given by Trenton Wann who relates that
                      I had originally planned that this      during one RED EYE race he looked back at skipper
                      month’s racing tips would be fo-        Hap on the helm and found him fast asleep while driving
                      cused on the first weather leg of       to weather.
                      the race. As I started writing , I      The RED EYE regatta has been held every year since
                      realized that there was still a lot     1976 and has been sailed in weather ranging from beau-
                      of cool and interesting (at least to    tiful spring like days to freezing rain to dense fog. How-
me) tips related to the start that I failed to fully elabo-   ever with very few exceptions the weather has not
rate on in last months article. So, since I don’t really      stopped the race. Sailing RED EYE gives skippers and
have an editor or anyone looking over my shoulder on          crew the bragging rights that their racing season starts
this, I am going to spend a little more time discussing       on January 1.
the start. Again, remember from last month???
…..the START IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART                       Don’t miss out on your braggin rights this year and join
OF THE RACE!!!!                                               other braggarts on January 1, 2007 at AYC for the RED
                                                              EYE Regatta which this year introduces in Memory of
What is my mantra???….”What do I have to do to get            Hap the “McCollum Cup” to be awarded to the overall
                                   (Continued on Page 11)
                                                              PHRF Spinnaker fleet winner.

                                                                                                            Page 3
                                                             Grooner, Paradox,
     C-22 Fleet News             By John Grzinich            and Lone Star. How-
                                                             ever, with great crew
                                                             teamwork     on    the
                                                             rounding, Bebop-a-
                                                             Lula managed to sail
                                                             up inside the other
                                                             boats, got a great lift
                                                             and wind line enabling
                                                             it to pass the other
                                                             boats and finish 3rd in
Johannes gets                                                the race.
from crew Tom                                                                          Cathy and Wade celebrating a 2nd
Peel for the                                                                           place trophy. (Photo Above)
series win.
                                                                                                        Ryan, Griz, Joe, and
It’s hard to believe, another year of great Catalina 22                                                 Celeste happy
sailing is over, except for the fact that it is 33 degrees                                              about a 3rd place
                                                                                                        trophy. (Photo left)
with a 22 mph wind outside as I write this article. The
Fall Series is completed, and we are working on plans                                                George Robi-
for the annual Christmas party. The fleet is deciding                                                son did a super
some of our traditional end of the year recognitions.                                                job sailing
The Fall Series had a great turnout, close racing, and                                               Dumbo and
competitive position changes. Fun stuff! It was a great                                              became the
way to finish the season.                                                                            spoiler finishing
                                                             4th ( and he sailed the race non-spinnaker! ). This put in
Here is the C22 Fall Series story. 10 C22’s overall
                                                             enough of a point spread to enable me and my crew to
sailed in the series, with 6-7 boats racing per race,
                                                             get the 3rd place trophy.
good participation. After the 5th race day (8 actual
races), Johannes Brinkman sailing Strings Attached
had a 3 point lead over Wade Bingaman in Dry Heave.
The tight competition for 3rd place was Roy Crouse in        C22 Fleet
Lone Star who had a one point lead over me sailing           the end of
Bebop-a-Lula, plus Peter Broberg was only 3 points           series
behind me. Fortunately, the lake level stabilized at a       buffet and
height just good enough to enable our C22 dry sailors        music.
to launch for race day 6. In the first race, in very light
wind, Jordon Owens sailing his refurbished Grooner
became the spoiler with a bullet, while Peter Broberg        The fleet hung out with family and friends at the end of
in Paradox came in 2nd. Peter was now tied with me for       series party enjoying the great BBQ buffet while swap-
4th. Roy Crouse hung on to his one point lead in 3rd         ping sailing stories explaining why results happened the
place. Bingaman and Brinkman were now tied for 1st           way they did. I need to send a big “Thank You” to Wade
place. So, the situation boiled down to all the trophies     Bingaman for arranging the excellent music from leg-
being decided in the “last” Fall Series race. The pres-      endary guitar player Van Wilks. This made the end
sure was on. While waiting for the 2nd race start, the       series party a very enjoyable evening for all the fleets.
sailing teams were psyching each other up. Trash talk
was occurring between boats. Sail trim adjustments           As I reflect on the season, I want to especially thank
were being made. The wind picked up. The race course         Roy Crouse for coordinating the marg’s, chips, and
was only a W1, so that meant very little room to recover     salsa delivery by a fleet member after every race day all
from any mistakes.                                           season. This was key to keeping one of fleet traditions
                                                             intact. Also, I want to thank the fleet and crew for terrific
Johannes Brinkman pulled out small lead and was              participation and support for the two race committee
able to cover Wade Bingaman to hold on to a 1st place        days we did this year. We are all looking forward to our
race finish and secure the 1st place “Fall Series” trophy.   traditional C22 year end party to complete an excellent
Wade Bingaman had a good lead over the other boats           sailing year.
and nailed down 2nd place in the race, as well as the
series 2nd place trophy. In the tight race for 3rd place,    John Grzinich, Catalina 22 Fleet Captain
Bebop-a-Lulu rounded the leeward mark close behind

  Page 4
                                                                  Though they had already locked it up before this re-
     J-24 Fleet News                     By Tom Lappin            gatta, mr.happy has once again won the Texas J/24
                                                                  Circuit for the 6th year in a row. This is a great feat, and
                                                                  I want to say congratulations to all who sail on her.
              Well, its been a great year of sailing de-          Congratulations to driver Bob Harden, trimmer Mike
              spite the low lake levels. We had some of           Lefebvre, middle man Tom Lappin, mast man Eric
              the best fleet turn out this year that I can        Nelson, and foredeck Jay Sacco.
              remember in several years. I have been
              truly proud to lead this fleet. I hope we can       Christmas Party:
              keep it going next year despite lake levels.
                                                                  Just a reminder that we will be holding our annual
              Wurstfest Regatta                                   Christmas Party in the club house on December 16th. If
                                                                  you plan to attend, please let me or Robbie Nelson
As usual, if there has been sailing in the area, the J/24s        know.
are showing up. There was a fleet of 4 J/24s that trav-
eled down to San Antonio for the Wurstfest Regatta.               Red Eye Regatta/Frostbite:
Charlie Singstad and crew made it down there for the
regatta. After the 1st day of sailing they were in 2nd            As I said above, lets keep this momentum going into
place, but unfortunately couldn’t hang on to it on Sun-           next year. While I don’t anticipate being able to get the
day. They ended up 3rd overall, but given the level of            dry sailed boats in and out of the water, I think there are
the other boats, that is still a very respectable place to        enough boats in the water that we can keep this going.
end up. Congratulations to all.                                   If you have a wet sailed boat, lets use this as an oppor-
                                                                  tunity to work on spreading out our crew base and get-
                                                                  ting you up to speed. I look forward to seeing you all
                                                                  out there.

                                                                         SC 21 Fleet News                By Ray Shull

                                                                                                   New South Coast 21
                                                                                                   Rudder Replacement

                                                                                                    We now have available
                                                                                                    the ability to make new
                                                                                                    rudders for the South
                                                                                                    Coast 21. King & As-
                                                                                                    sociates,      in   New
    Charlie Singstad on Code Blue leading the fleet down wind .   Braunfels, has manufactured a mold and cast the first
                                                                  rudder for Carl Morris. Pictures of that rudder are
                                                                  attached. The rudder can be made in two ver-
                                                                  sions. The first version is the one pictured attached
Texas Circus                                                      and is as it comes out of the mold. There is a small
                                                                  (approximately 1/4 ") edge all around the rudder that
The weekend right after Wurstfest Regatta was the San
                                                                  will need to be sanded/ground down to improve the
Antonio J/24 Circuit Stop. This was the last one of the
                                                                  smoothness of the shape of the rudder. This edge is
year. 14 boats participated. Of them 5 were from AYC.
                                                                  a result of the molding process so that enough of the
It was a very light and fluky regatta, yes even more so
                                                                  glass will be used to insure an strong mold joint. Re-
than sailing on Lake Travis. As usual, mr.happy came,
                                                                  moving this edge will not significantly effect the
was able to stay more consistent than the rest of the
                                                                  strength of the rudder after it is shaped.
fleet, and was able to win the regatta without getting a
first place in a single race. Coming in second was Pat-           The rudder as pictured will cost $550. If this edge is
rick Reynolds and crew on Red Stripe, which was bor-              removed and sanded smooth, the cost increases to
rowed from Doug Weekly out of Corpus Christi, who                 $850. The cost of the labor for the additional shaping
was unable to attend. 3rd was Good Bull 2 with several            is the difference. The shape of the rudder is a copy of
Austin crew members on board. Man, we have some                   the existing latest version of the SC 21 rudder. We
great sailors around here.                                                                           (Continued on Page 9)

                                                                                                                  Page 5
                                                              exhibited good sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and partici-
  2006 Annual Awards                  By Paul Ballett         pation, thereby making an overall contribution to the
                                                              enhancement of the sport of competitive sailing.
 Thanks to Doug Laws (Nominating), Steve Vaughn                       Missy Gallant
 and Walter Allen (Refurbishment).
                                                              Missy regularly skippers the family Santana 20, sailing
        Jimmy B. Card Memorial Trophy
                                                              both spinnaker and non-spinnaker. Not only when Bob
          To the Club Senior Sailor new to the sport…         is too drunk to drive!!!!!
          This trophy is to recognize the beginning sailor,
who enthusiastically, bravely, and with a real zest and                 Liz Bauman Memorial Trophy
enjoyment for life, becomes a reasonably competitive
sailor in their first or second year of sailing.
                                                                       Awarded to the most improved female junior
                                                                       sailor. This trophy is to be given annually to a
        Chris Bataille
                                                              young woman who, though not necessarily the most
                                                              accomplished, demonstrates those traits of coopera-
Has met these requirements and been an active volun-
                                                              tion, discipline, willingness to learn, and good sports-
teer in the club.
                                                              manship, that are the goals of the junior sailing pro-
        Max White Memorial Trophy                             gram.
                                                                       Erin & Tracy Hawk
         To the Club Senior Member for outstanding
         service to AYC this year. This trophy is             Both girls have been active in the junior program, have
awarded to the individual who has given freely and un-        become good sailors and worked hard all summer to
selfishly of their time and/or talents over and above         make the camps a success.
what might otherwise have been necessary or expected
of them.                                                                Ron W Harden Memorial Trophy
        Mike Kilpatrick
                                                                        Awarded to the most improved male junior
Simply said – Mike is always there. Leukemia Cup,             sailor.
Turnback Canyon, Race Committee, circuit events,                        Will Hawk
photographs. You name it! Personally, I’m very proud
        to call Mike a friend.                                Will won 1st place in Junior Windsurfing class at Wurst-
                                                              fest. He is the captain of the Junior Board and also
        Jessie Mcllroy Smith Bowl                             worked hard to help out during the summer camps.

        To the Club junior or senior sailor who has                     Men’s Single Handed Winners 2006
made an outstanding contribution or achievement in
yachting beyond the club level or normal club activities.
                                                                        Dave Maguire       Laser (2nd year in a row)
This award is intended to recognize a club member for
outstanding service to yachting or racing achievement                   Kevin Reynolds     Sunfish
beyond the club level, or an individual accomplish-
ment…                                                         These two awards are given to the winner of the five
                                                              summer months of Wednesday night racing for Lasers
        Scott Young, Doug Kern & John Morran                  and Sunfish.

For winning the US Men’s Championship and bringing                      Woman’s Single Handed Winner 2005
the beautiful Mallory Cup back to Austin Yacht Club.
Scott now becomes the only person ever to win it 5                      Kimberly Scheberle
times. When was the last time this crew won it?? Don’t
leave it so long next time! Parents: these are your           This award is given to the female winner of the
coaches for PB&J! Sign-up early!                              Wednesday night Sunfish racing season.

        Corinthian Woman Sailor                                         Scott Young Trophy: UT Sailor of the Year
                                                                        (Presented by Scott Young)
         To the woman sailor exhibiting traditional Co-
rinthian Traits. This trophy is to be given annually to a
                                                                        Barrett Fontenot      (Continued on Page 7)
woman, who, as an individual or family member, has

  Page 6
      Commodore... (Continued from Page 1)             2006 Annual Awards               (Continued from Page 6)

Long Range Planning Committee:                                 Series Race Excellence Award

         Tom Groll                                             Awarded to the sailor who trophied in every
         Lanelle Montgomery                                    AYC series during the past year.
         Bob Goldsmith
                                                               Dave Broadway J24 – (2nd year in a row)
For helping with Social Activities this year:
                                                              AYC 2006 Regatta Champion
         Kathryn Ballett
         Corey Block (Banquet)
                                                               In lieu of the AYC Team Championships and
         Robbie Nelson
                                                       as we did in 2005….we have scored a skipper among
         Nancy Boulmay
                                                       all AYC Regatta participants, for the AYC open Regat-
         Barbara Prashner
                                                       tas this year– The winner:
         Renee Ruais
         Norma Lien
                                                               Johannes Brinkman
Telltale Editor Yolanda Mares
                                                             Ol’Salt of the Austin Yacht Club - To the club
                                                             senior sailor who has exhibited enthusiasm,
Thanks to AYC Staff of 2006:
                                                             sportsmanship and a competitive zeal over a
                                                             period of time, and has a quality of life that can
         Tom Cunningham                                be admired by all.
         Matt Elliott
         Josh Yates – Office Administrator                     Dave Gamble
         Laura Leigh Barry-Sailing Director
                                                       Very active J24 sailor. Dave has become very com-
Thanks to 2006 Regatta Chairs:                         petitive at AYC. Winning the J24 fleet at Leukemia
                                                       Cup. Beating yours truly into second, I might add.
         Bill & Kelly Hawk – Roadrunner                Dave is a past board member and participates actively
         Augusto Villalon and Mike Kilpatrick -        in club activities.
                 Turnback Canyon
         Bruce & Denise Foster – Centerboard Regatta           BLUE DUCK TROPHY
         Claudia Bartlett and Mike Kilpatrick –
                 Leukemia Cup                                  Most Outstanding Blooper 2006

Gail Bernstein & Tom Lappin – Adams                            The Young Lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Ballett

AYC Children’s Christmas Party Photos

All the children enjoyed the arts & crafts, the
yummy treats, the magician and, of course,
Santa’s visit to AYC at this year’s Children’s
Christmas Party. Kathryn Ballett’s Chocolate
fountain was a huge success! There were
sightings of gooey mud pies, pink Christmas
trees made of candy and sprinkles, hot choco-
late moustaches, and mythical reindeer ant-
lers…Thank you, Kathryn, for organizing a
great party for the kids! (Continued on Page 13)

                                                                                                    Page 7
 Ensign Fleet News               By Randolph Bertin                         Keel Fleet News
                                                                     By Steve Vaughan and Jim Tillinghast
                         Wild Turkey
                                                             Yup you’re right, it is about time that after many years
                         It wasn't fleet racing, but one     of absence the Keel Fleet (KF), the largest fleet in the
                         Ensign did compete in the           Austin Yacht Club, has an article in the Telltale.
                         AYC annual Wild Turkey Re-          Hopefully this will be the beginning of a perpetual
                         gatta. Randolph Bertin, as-         trend but hopefully with a capable (or budding) writer
                         sisted by his brother Michael       grabbing the pen from our hands and producing some
                         as crew, signed in as a non-        worthy reading material. Until then we plan to provide
                         spinnaker entry, and was            a monthly Keel Fleet commentary in these pages.
                         classed in with the boats hav-
ing PHRF 198 and above. In the six boat group, it was        ANNUAL MEETING
a tight finish on the water, as four crossed within about    November was an active month for the KF. We held
a one and a half minute span (after an hour and a half       our obligatory annual membership meeting to elect/
of racing over a 5+ nautical mile course). Festina           conscript officers but were rudely awoken when not
Lente made it across the line in third, but being the        one but two members not only volunteered but also
"slowest" boat in the fleet, everyone else had to give       sought out prestigious officers’ position in the Fleet. It
the Ensign a bit of time, enabling them to just edge out     was a tight campaign race but the electorate spoke
Steve Gay sailing his classic Triton by five seconds.        and our fleet officers for 2007 are:
Although they didn't finish near the top of their group,
fleet members James and Carolyn Wilsford came                        Jim Tillinghast, Past Fleet Captain
out to crew on Larry Ratliff's Fastbreak in the spinna-              Steve Vaughan, Keel Fleet Captain
ker group. Finish order aside, it was truly a beautiful              Michael Wellman, A Fleet Captain
day on the water, with winds variously out of the North
                                                                     Doug Laws, B Fleet Captain
and East and points in between, usually blowing in the
8-12 knot range. It was a great way to conclude sail-                Damon Galloway, NS Fleet Captain
boat racing for the year.                                            Hector Lujan, Secretary
                                                                     Joe Mancuso, Treasurer
On the Hard

Lots of Ensigns in the work area in various states of        At the meeting, PHRF, was once again selected as
progress: the Bené's Hedonist is looking pretty sharp        the handicap rule for the fleet. In addition, our fleet
with a nice new paint job in dark green, and the Lien’s      splits will remain the same as 2006 for 2007 (i.e. A, 0-
(well, Danny anyway), can be seen undertaking a ma-          138, B, 139 and up, and Non Spinnaker), even though
jor restoration project on an Ensign that recently came      our participation in 2006 was iffy for 3 fleets. We aver-
into the fleet. Bill Hawk might eventually get around to     aged about 3 boats in A and B fleet and about 7 in
putting a bottom on Prickly Pair, and Ken Jolly hopes        Non Spinnaker.
to eventually undertake some deferred maintenance
on his Electra. With lake levels still very low, nobody is   It was this low fleet participation level that got some of
in much of a rush to get back on the water.                  us wondering why. After compiling the last few years
                                                             of racing statistics, the participation trend is clear, --
Up and Coming                                                dropping about 20% per year. But why?? As I
                                                             (Steve) casually discussed this data with others I
The younger members of the Hawk family made quite            found many had opinions about why; we’re getting
a showing at the AYC annual banquet, as Erin and             older, life has accelerated and people do not have
Tracy jointly won the Liz Bauman Trophy, while their         enough time to race; other hobbies are more attrac-
brother Will took home the Ron Harden Trophy. Con-           tive, lake level and so on. All these are plausible
gratulations to these fine junior sailors!                   ideas, but none were so convincing as to clearly be
                                                             the real reason. To better understand the reasons, all
Yes, this is perhaps one of the shortest renditions of
                                                             of the high participators in ’06 AYC KF racing were
the Ensign fleet news in many a month. But right now,
                                                             interviewed. It turns out that only 15 skippers com-
there just isn't a whole lot going on. So, enjoy the time
                                                             prised over 50% of all KF racing at AYC in 2006. A
off, enjoy the holidays, and get ready for the Red Eye
                                                             pleasant result of this survey was that nearly everyone
regatta, January 1.
                                                             surveyed wanted to talk about participation. Two of
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Randolph Bertin

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