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 Funerals - continued.....                                             to a Catholic, provided that the non-Catholic was not
                                                                       publicly adverse to the Catholic Church in their lifetime. If
 A few weeks ago I submitted an article (that was to be                the person is not baptized, the funeral can still take place in
 continued) on Funerals and the many issues they raise for             the Church since the Funeral Mass itself is for the Catholic
 Catholics discerning what is the right and proper way of              faithful and all those who gather to celebrate our hope of
 planning for funerals. I have even had some parishioners              Resurrection. Of course, the reception of communion is
 tell me that they are going to make some changes to their             always only for those who are baptized Catholics who have
 funeral plans because of information they didn't previously           already celebrated and received their First Communion in
 know when they made their wills. I would like to continue             the Catholic Church. In the case where most of the people
 on this theme and address a few more concerns and supply              attending the funeral would not be Catholic, perhaps it
 you with information that may be helpful to your planning             would be more suitable to have a funeral liturgy without
 on this subject. In the last article, I wrote about several           Mass, but this is highly dependent on the individual
 issues: cremation, disposition of cremated remains, and               situation. It is customary at St. John Vianney Parish to
 Memorial Masses. Here I would like to look at Catholic                announce prior to Communion that those who are not
 Cemeteries vs. public cemeteries.                                     Catholic are invited to come forward at Communion time to
 Q: Why be buried in a Catholic Cemetery?                              receive a blessing instead of the Eucharist.
 A: These days, more and more public cemeteries (which is a            Q: In Barrie, is one funeral home more 'Catholic' than
 big business) are trying to attract people from every religious       the others?
 affiliation to have their loved ones buried in their cemeteries.      A:      No. Sometimes, in some small communities, one
  Even though they are not "Catholic" cemeteries, they strive          particular funeral home will have a reputation as "the one all
 to appeal to Catholic sensibilities and offer burial places near      the Catholics go to", perhaps because the owner is a
 statues of Christ, the saints, etc., which would make the             member of the Catholic Church and the local Catholic
 cemetery shopper think that this is the same thing as a               parish. However, in Barrie all of the funeral homes offer
 Catholic cemetery. It's not.                                          services and can assist families with plans for a Catholic
 Catholic cemeteries are places of worship, and in the major           funeral. Our funeral homes are accustomed to the practices,
 Catholic cemeteries of the Archdiocese of Toronto, (St.               preferences and planning of a funeral in a Catholic church
 Mary's in Barrie being one of them), there are annual Masses          and usually are the principal contact for the parish in the
 for the Faithful Departed celebrated with large gatherings of         planning of a Catholic Funeral Mass. In Barrie, most
 Catholic faithful who remember a loved one buried in that             Catholic families tend to choose one funeral home or
 place. Of course, anyone can pray in any place in the world           another because of family history with a particular funeral
 - for God is outside of time and space - and a Catholic               home. Priests usually refrain from recommending one
 cemetery is not exclusive to prayer. Yet it must be said that         funeral home over another. (Fr. Charles)
 our Catholic faith is visible in Catholic cemeteries as the
 dead are buried with a multitude of Catholic faithful who             50th Anniversary Celebration
 have died and been commended to God at some previous                  As our parish turns fifty this year we are planning to hold a
 time. Catholic cemeteries are consecrated ground, that is,            special Mass to mark this milestone in our community's life.
 the entire cemetery land is made holy by the Church as a               The Mass will likely be held in June, the month our parish
 fitting place for its deceased members' bodies to rest until          was founded in 1957, and we are currently underway with
 the Day of Resurrection. Priests do bless burial plots in             potential plans to this end. There are a few other ideas
 non-Catholic cemeteries, but Catholic cemeteries are more             being considered for this year that will serve as long-term
 than just lands designated for burial; they are holy ground           ways of marking this golden jubilee that will bear witness to
 made so for the dignified presence of the baptized. The               the years that are to come, not to mention our plans to
 body is reverenced at death because it was the place where            tackle the roof replacements on the church, hall, rectory and
 the Holy Spirit dwelt from the time of the individuals                office of the parish, as unglamorous as these projects may
 baptism. That is why we reverence the body (in a casket) at           be. Stay tuned. (Fr. C.)
 a Catholic Funeral, and incense it - because it was the temple
 of the Holy Spirit while the person was living.                       Our Parish Does Well!
 Q: Can a non-Catholic be buried in a Catholic
 Cemetery?                                                             ShareLife Contributions
 A: Yes. Often a Catholic is married to a non-Catholic and             Recently I received a mailing from the Archdiocese's
 the couple, in their plans for their eventual deaths, of course       ShareLife Office and inside the letter was an attached graph
 desire to be buried together. If the spouse of a Catholic,            which showed the financial contributions progress our
 who may not be of the Catholic Faith, desires to be buried            parish has made in giving to ShareLife since 2001. The
 in a Catholic cemetery, it is possible and the Church allows          chart shows the following for our annual contributions:
 not only burial in a Catholic cemetery but also a funeral             2001 $62,059.
 Mass in the Catholic Church, since the deceased was married           2002 $65,365.
169                                                              DATE

 2003 $61,884.                                                          are inviting young men and women in grades 9 – 12 to
 2004 $82,214.                                                          meet separately for 6 weeks from 7 – 9 pm. In those
 2005 $85,501.                                                          meetings we’ll be developing new friendships, have some
 2006 $96,501.                                                          good food, and share about what God had in mind when
 While their statistics show that the moneys collected for              He decided to create us as men and women. We will be
 ShareLife in 2006 represent the giving of only 7.06 % of our           meeting in various locations so call ahead to find out
 parish's population, it also shows that the total for the last         where we will meet next. If you are interested or have any
 year was given by 276 parishioners in all. Some of our                 questions call Jesse or Tara at the NET office.
 parishioners have given sizable amounts to the annual
 campaign and have given so generously to ShareLife in years                    WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS
 past.                                                                          FOR SUNDAY MORNING COFFEE please call
 This year our parish has set a goal for itself which we can                    Karen, parish secretary at 726-8007 Ext. 101
 easily achieve, and that is to break the $100,000. mark for
 the first time. I would challenge all of our parish families,                    2007 Missals are still available at the
 especially those who have not made a ShareLife contribution                      Welcome Table in the hall after Mass at
 before, to consider giving what you can this year to support                     a cost of $3.00.
 the many charities of the Archdiocese.
 The theme for the 2007 ShareLife Campaign is "Recognize.
                                                                                       Rite of Sending / Rite of Election
                                                                                       At the 9:30 Mass this weekend, we
 Reflect. Respond." Let us recognize the needs in our own
                                                                                       celebrated the Rite of Sending with our
 community that ShareLife reaches out to assist in our name.
                                                                                       catechumens in preparation for Rite of
  Let us reflect on our own and many blessings and take
                                                                                       Election, which will be celebrated on
 stock of how good God has and continues to be to us. Let
                                                                                       Sunday Feb. 25th @ 3:00 pm.             Our
 us respond by giving what we know we can in the midst of
                                                                        catechumens, who seek baptism, have been called
 so many other demands on our time, talent and treasure, to
                                                                        to live in Christ’s light and to continue to grow in His
 this most worthy charity drive that truly makes a difference
 in the lives of so many.
                                                                        Tracy Erb        Azire Pacheco           Terri Kalischnig
 Peace, Fr. Charles
                                                                        Ian Rampadarat            Allyson Krudzo    Kim Ledat
 A NEW PROCESSIONAL CROSS                                               Sean Rampadarat           Daniele Tollady
 Our processional cross, which matches the candle stands at             With the support and testimony of their sponsors and
 the altar, is in need of replacement, as the cross itself (which       discernment of their readiness, Bishop Peter Hundt will
 is made out of white metal) is cracked and has been for                declare them elect, chosen by God for the
 many years now. I have ordered a new, more gothic style                sacraments of initiation this Easter. Please pray for
 processional cross, another item that could mark our 50th              our chatechumens as they journey towards the
 anniversary, and would ask that if any of our parishioners             Easter sacraments.
 would be willing and interested in purchasing the cross as a                              LAST CHANCE TO JOIN IN ON THE
 donation to the parish, I would be happy to discuss this with                          FUN AS THE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS
 them. Please call me, Fr. Charles, at 726-8007 ext. 101.                               HOST THEIR ANNUAL SLEIGH RIDE
                                                                                        TODAY (Sunday Feb. 18th) FROM 2 pm
                               NET NEWS                                 to 4 pm at Leone Morris’ Farm Hwy 90 (Dunlop St. W.)
                                                                        The cost for this snow filled event is $10 per family or
               We would like to give a big THANK YOU to the             $4 per person.
               staff and students at St. Francis of Assisi, Holy
               Cross, St. Michael the Archangel, Pope John Paul         ST. MARY’S PARISH EXTENDS AN INVITATION TO
 II and St. John Vianney. We went into the schools to do a              ALL PARISHIONERS to participate in their ALPHA
 presentation for the grade 7 & 8 students to tell them about the       program running from February 26th through to April
 EDGE program beginning on Feb. 16th and the response from              30th at St. Mary’s Parish. The ALPHA program will
 everyone was very welcoming & many students showed a great             commence on Mon. Feb. 26th at 5:30 pm in the
 amount of enthusiasm for EDGE.                                         parish with a pot-luck dinner. Coffee & desserts will
          We would also like to extend our thanks to St. Peter’s        be provided. Each following Monday ALPHA will
 & St. Joan of Arc students and staff for the opportunity to go in      commence at 6:30 pm with fellowship, 7:00 pm
 and talk with the students about Life Teen and share a laugh or        video. The retreat date is Sat. April 14th from 8:45 to
 two during lunch. We will be making plans to see you all again.        4:00 pm. Please call St. Mary’s parish (728-2985) to
 GLASS ALABASTER & REAL MEN – You have gotta                                      register.
 admit there are some serious differences between guys and
 girls. In some pretty obvious ways, and in some not so                            PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK: ROSALEEN THYNE
 obvious ways! Every Wednesday (starting Feb. 14th) we                              AND FOR THOSE WHO HAVE DIED RECENTLY:
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