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                         SYSTEM HUMAN RESOURCES POLICY

Subject: ___Paid Bereavement (Funeral____ Policy No. ___200-025________________

_Leave Pay) Time______________________              Effective Date: __9-1-75_______________

_____________________________________               Replaces Policy No. __________________

Distribution: ___All Departments__________          Revision Date: _2-2-81; 8-1-89; 8-1-91;__
                                                                   9-1-92; 7-1-94; 11-19-01;_

                                                    Authorized by William R. Nemacheck, CEO



       In the event of death of a member of an employee's immediate family, the Health System
       provides paid time off for the hours that the employee would have been scheduled to work
       on any of the five (5) calendar days following the date of death to attend and/or make
       funeral arrangements for the funeral.


       A.     Requirements

              In order for the employee to receive bereavement pay, a funeral or memorial
              service must actually occur. The health system may require that the employee
              verify that a service does occur. In the event an employee is on a scheduled
              vacation and has a need during their vacation to utilize bereavement, they will be
              allowed to utilize bereavement in lieu of vacation.

       B.     Immediate Family

       The immediate family shall consist of:

       1.     Employee's legal spouse.

             2.      The son, daughter, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, parent,
                     parent-in-law, grandparents, grandparents-in-law, grandchildren, son or
                     daughter-in-law of the employee.
System Human Resources Policy 200-025
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                  3.      Those relations above referred to as step, wherever they may have resided.

                 4.       Any other family member of the employee who resided in the same
                          household as the employee to the extent that a Federal income tax
                          exemption was claimed in the most recent year of filing.

       C.         Eligibility

                  An employee must complete their probationary period of ninety(90) days before
                  they are eligible for benefits. Employees may receive pay for days off according
                  to the following:

            1.    Full-time Employees

                          Paid for up to three (3) days of funeral time.

            2.    Regular Part-Time Employees

                          Paid for up to two (2) days of funeral time.

            3.    Irregular Part-Time Employees

                          Paid for up to one (1) day of funeral time.

       D.         Delayed Services or Internment

                  In the event that internment or memorial service are performed later than the five
                  calendar days after death, and the employee did not take time off as allowed above,
                  the days as provided may be, upon the authority of the Assistant
                  Administrator/Human Resources, taken at the time of internment or the memorial

       E.         Verification

                  1.      The Health System may at its discretion require verification of the death
                          and/or the relationship of the employee to the deceased following the leave
                          and prior to making payment for such funeral pay.

                  2.      The Health System may, at its discretion, withhold payment for funeral time
                          if the employee did not make prompt request for bereavement time off to
                          his Supervisor prior to taking the time off so that his work could be covered
                          in his absence.

System Human Resources Policy 200-025
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                  Responsibility                           Action
       Employee                          1. Notify Supervisor of death in the
                                            immediate family specifying which
                                            relative, funeral location, and date of
                                         2. Estimate amount of time off needed to
                                            attend the funeral or to make
                                            arrangements if necessary.

       Supervisor                        3. As appropriate, approve/disapprove the
                                            amount of time off using policy

       Employee                          4. Upon return from funeral leave and not
                                            later than three (3) days after returning to
                                            work, complete “Documentation of Paid
                                            Bereavement Time” form available in the
                                            department, Payroll and Human
                                            Resources, and return the form to the
                                            Payroll Department.

       Supervisor                        5. Record employee time off on employee
                                            record and time reporting document.

                                   END OF POLICY

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