Memorial Service for Linda Hackett by ggy86211


									                                               11th June 2010

Dear Parents                                           Memorial Service for Linda Hackett
                                                       A reminder that, all parents and friends of the
Welcome back to the final term of our school           school, are invited to a memorial service for
year. As always this promises to be an extremely       Linda Hackett on Tuesday 15th June at 2:30.
busy one with a range of special events spread         Linda’s family and friends have been invited and
over the next 6 weeks.                                 we hope that they will enjoy the songs and
                                                       presentations that the children will share as a
Year 5 and 6 have started rehearsals for their         celebration of Linda’s life. We are planning an
end of term production, ‘The Tempest,’ the PTA         outdoor event in the Foundation Stage garden.
are working hard planning and organising the           Fingers crossed for blue skies and sunshine.
school fete and football tournament, Year 5 will       Parents and friends are invited to tea in the
be presenting stories on the ARK during the            school hall after the service.
week beginning Monday 21st June, Sports Day will
take place on the morning of Monday 28th June,         School Fete and Football Tournament
Open Evening is scheduled for Monday 12th July,        Help the PTA make Saturday 19th really fun for
our whole school trip to Whipsnade will take           the whole family. Have a clear out and donate
place on Wednesday 14th July, the Music Evening        books, toys, bric-a-brac, tombola prizes, summer
is planned for Monday 19th July and the Leavers’       clothes and kids sports wear. Can you bake
Service for Year 6 parents will take place on          cakes, lend us a gazebo, sell raffle tickets? Even
Tuesday 20th July. Quite a list!!                      if you've just got a spare hour it would be
                                                       appreciated; write your contact details on the
There will also be a range of curriculum linked        sign up sheets in each classroom. Hampers are
trips for individual classes so keep an eye on the     being made up to raffle and each class is
newsletter and the children’s book bags for            collecting a tempting selection. Have a look at
further information.                                   the lists in the classes. On the Friday afternoon
                                                       before the fete help will be needed to sort and
Best wishes                                            organise these items and to prepare equipment
                                                       that will be transported to Trinity Sports Ground
Sue Grundy                                             on the Saturday morning.          Help early on
                                                       Saturday morning will also be needed to
transport equipment over to the ground. NB: no      Billy Elliot the Musical
dogs are allowed in the Trinity Sports Ground.      We always enjoy opportunities to celebrate our
Footballers don’t forget that you must wear shin    children’s talents and encourage them to share
pads.                                               their successes with us. Jade Smile is rightly
                                                    proud of the role that she played in the recent
Walk around the World Sponsored Walk                production of Billy Elliot at the Swan Theatre in
Sponsor money should have been collected and        High Wycombe. This is what Jade had to say
sent in this week. If you still have money to       about the experience:
collect please try to do this over the weekend so   ‘On Saturday 22nd May I had the most exciting
that the organisers can announce a total for the    day ever. My Saturday afternoon Stagecoach
event.                                              group was one of the groups picked to perform
                                                    our version of Billy Elliot at the Wycombe Swan
Eco Schools Bronze Award                            Theatre. We left on a coach at 9:00 am, got to
Congratulations to Mrs Perry and Year 5 for         the theatre and had eight hours of rehearsals.
leading our bid to achieve Eco Schools Status. As   Then, at 7:30 the curtains went up and all the
part of the ARK project, the year 5 class has       different groups began to take turns performing.
been exploring ways in which our school can         Our group went on. It was amazing! All the lights
reduce our energy consumption. Under Mrs            came on and we began to sing and when we
Perry’s expert eye, they have shared information    finished everyone clapped. I had an amazing day
with all the classes about how we can save energy   and look forward to watching Angus, Ellie and
and have introduced an energy ‘policing’ system     Thomas perform in the West End. They were
to check on lights, heating and computers in each   very lucky – out of all the children three from
classroom on a daily basis. A notice board has      our group were picked. I wish them luck! ‘
been set up to record information about the         Well done Jade and thank you for your article.
challenge and to share information about energy
conservation. The work they have done, and the      Late Arrival at School
continued focus on conservation, has led to the     We would like to remind all parents that children
Eco Schools Bronze Award. Plans are already         should be in school by 8:50 as this is when the
afoot to build on this and achieve a silver award   class registers are taken. If a child arrives
in the future. Keep up the good work everyone!      after the register is closed then they are
                                                    recorded as absent. There are a number of
Year 6 Transfer Information Evening                 children who regularly arrive late and therefore
If you haven’t signed up yet for the meeting on     miss the start of lessons and consequently find it
Tuesday 15th June at 6:30 there is still time. It   difficult to catch up. Please ensure that your
will undoubtedly prove useful for both parents      child arrives on time so that they feel fully
and pupils transferring to secondary school in      involved in all that happens in their classes.
September. Please sign up in the school office.
                                                    May Day DVD
Parent Admission Advisor
                                                    Mr Forty, our Chair of Governors, took a great
A meeting is scheduled for Thursday 24th June
                                                    set of photos at the May Day celebrations. He
at 9:00 in the ICT room for parents of pupils in
                                                    has put them onto a DVD with background music
year 5. The admissions advisor is available to
                                                    and they are now offered for sale at £3:00.
answer questions or concerns about anything to
                                                    Please call in at the school office to order one.
do with transfer. A follow up meeting will take
place in the Autumn term.
                                                            Our Value of the Month for May
Visit the school web-site at:                                               is                                          RESPECT
                                                         The focus for our Collective Worship is
                                                         ‘Changes’ and ‘Features of a Good Book’
                                                      Research Project
Sports Day
                                                      Gaby Illingworth, a Masters student at Brookes
Sports Day will take place on Tuesday 29th June
                                                      University, is carrying out a research project
starting at 10 am. The children will be divided
                                                      which aims to explore the relationship between
into cross year group teams and will take part in
                                                      mothers’ talk, mother-child relationships and the
a rotation of 7 or 8 activities. Each team will
                                                      mother’s / child’s personality. She is seeking
accrue points according to their performance.
                                                      volunteers who are fluent English speakers who
Teams will be published during the week
                                                      have two children between 3 and 7 years old to
beginning 21st June and each team will be
                                                      participate in the study. If you are interested in
allocated one of the Olympic colours. We would
                                                      getting involved, please ask for a letter with
ask that, as far as possible, children wear a t-
                                                      further information from the school office.
shirt / top in that colour. (This may require some
swapping between families!)                           Dates for the diary:
The children are being offered a Sports Day           Sharing Assembly Dates:
Picnic Lunch. Narelle will prepare a range of         18th June:   Sharing Assembly (except Year     3)
baguettes together with other picnic items. She       25 June:     Sharing Assembly (except Year     4)
will need to know numbers in advance so could all     2nd July:    Sharing Assembly (except Year     5)
children who are going to have a school picnic        9 July:      Sharing Assembly (except Year     6)
lunch on that day therefore fill in the slip below.   16th July:   Sharing Assembly (except Year     1)
                                                      21 July      Sharing Assembly – All year
Weather permitting, the children will have their
lunch on the field. We hope that many parents
will join us for Sports Day and perhaps bring         15th June:    Y6 Parents -Transfer Information
their own picnic and stay for part of the lunch                     Evening 6:30
break with the children.                              18th June:    Y 5 & 6 Trip to Sulgrave Manor
                                                      19th June:    Football Tournament
‘Thunks’ are back!!                                   21st June:    CIAO Festival week (ARK)
Possibly impossible questions that encourage          24th June:    Parent Admission Advisor Meeting
discussion and debate, which in turn exercises                      with Y5 Parents – 9:00
the brain and gets us thinking. Year 4 have been      28th June:    Festival of Voices Y3 & 4
working on their own ‘thunks’ and would like to       29th June:    Sports Day – 10:00
share some of these with you over the coming          2nd July:     Year 6 visit secondary schools
weeks:                                                              Class swaps
                                                      6th July:     Y 5 & 6 Play 7pm
If you lock the door, have you locked yourself
                                                      7th July:     Y 5 & 6 Play 7 pm
out or locked yourself in? Raymond Pledger
                                                      12th July:    Open Evening for parents
If you have no brothers or sisters, are you the
                                                      14th July:    Whole School trip to Whipsnade
oldest or the youngest? Sarah Abdulhamid
                                                      19th July:    Summer music concert – 6:30
                                                      21st July     End of term 6 - 1:30 finish

                      Sports Day Picnic Lunch – Booking slip

Please make a picnic lunch for ……………………… year ……
He / she would like *egg / tuna / cheese in the baguette (delete as
I have already paid for lunch / I include payment for lunch (£2.00)

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