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					Before you leave …………………………
Things you need to know about or do before you move out of
                       your home

Giving Notice
1. It is a condition of your tenancy agreement that the property will be
   left in a lettable condition (in other words that you will leave it ready
   for the next tenant to move in)
2. If you decide to move home or vacate your home for any reason you
   must give the council 28 days notice that you wish to terminate the
3. We will accept keys early but you will be charged for the full four
   weekperiod when rent is due during the notice period, unless we are
   able to relet your home within the notice period.

Inspecting your home
4. During your notice period we will undertake a preliminary inspection
   of your home and advise you of anything that needs putting right
   before you leave.
5. Most people find this inspection very useful as it helps them to make
   sure that they leave the property in a lettable condition and avoid
   being recharged for any works the council have to undertake which
   would be their responsibility
6. The inspector will check the whole property and grounds. He will
   note which works must be done before you move out to avoid being
   recharged. He will leave you with a copy of the inspection to ensure
   you are fully aware of your responsibility and our expectations.
7. The inspector may agree to some carpets or other fittings and tenant
   alterations being left when you vacate the property. Unless this is
   agreed by the inspector and noted on the preliminary inspection form
   everything must be removed from the property
8. The inspector will compile a list of works that Corby Borough
   Council wish to carry out. He may place these on order and they may
   well be undertaken during your notice period.

Tenant Alterations Additions & Improvements
9. If you have altered the property at any time during your tenancy and
    have had written permission to do so and the inspector considers
    does not consider their condition, health & safety issues or
    suitability gives any cause for concern you will not normally have to
    reinstate the original conditions
10. If you have altered the property without the written permission of the
    council the inspector will normally require reinstatement . In some
    cases he may consider it appropriate to give you retrospective
    permission for the alteration.

Before you leave
11. The amount of work you have to do (or get done) will depend on the
    condition you have kept the property in. However the checklist below
    gives an idea of the areas you should target

12. Outside
• Your gardens must be left in a tidy condition: grass cut & overgrown
   shrubs cut back
• The Gardens must be cleared of any rubbish or debris from black
   bags to scrap cars brick rubble and old toys
• Any compost heaps wooden or plastic compost containers etc
   must be removed
• Sheds & outbuildings owned by Corby Borough Council must be
   emptied and left clean and tidy . All padlocks & keys should be
   handed in on vacation
• Sheds greenhouses or other outbuildings not belonging to Corby
   Borough Council must be emptied dismantled and removed unless
   you receive written permission for them to stay prior to vacation
• Fences and Gates should be left in good condition and any damage
   caused by repaired before you leave
• Animal & Pet Faeces must be cleared
• Ponds must be emptied, filled in and the area made good
• Water features must be removed and the area made good
• Any external wiring fitted by tenants such as pond pumps or
   security lighting must be removed by a qualified electrician and
   made safe
• Satellite dishes and associated cables must be removed and
   damage to brickwork made good unless you receive written
   permission for them to stay prior to vacation

13. Inside
• All furniture and effects must be removed
• Carpets, laminate flooring, & vinyl must be removed unless you
   receive written permission for them to stay prior to vacation
• Ceiling coverings including polystyrene tiles fake beams and false
   ceilings must be removed and the area made good unless you
   receive written permission for them to stay prior to vacation
• You should make sure fitted cupboards, wardrobes and kitchen units
   are emptied and clean
• If you have a fitted shower this must be removed and made safe by a
   qualified electrician and plumber and the wall where its was fitted
   made good unless you receive written permission for it to stay prior
   to vacation (this does not apply to council fitted showers or showers
   fitted as part of a disabled adaptation to the property)
• You should ensure that other electrical fittings that you have put in
   are removed by a qualified electrical and replaced with the original
   fittings for example light fittings or switches unless you receive
   written permission for them to stay prior to vacation
• The loft must be checked and left emptied of all of your contents
• Internal doors and door furniture should be checked for damage as
   should banisters and kitchen units. Damage caused by your family
   or pets and will not be deemed as fair wear and tear and will be
   recharged to you unless you put it right

•   Decoration: We accept that everyone had different tastes but you
    should make sure wallpaper is not ripped, drawn upon and painted
    walls are left clean and unmarked. Painted woodwork should be
    washed down to remove any dust or grime
•   Cleaning: the whole property should be cleaned to a hygienic
    standard. Remember your old home is going to become someone’s
    new home and you wouldn’t want to move into a property that wasn't
    clean, would you?
•   Operating Instructions: Please leave any operating instructions for
    equipment such as boiler, timer, fire or shower in one place. A
    drawer in the kitchen is an ideal place.
•   Keys: You should arrange to collect a keys from neighbours, family
    and carers for instance and return them to Corby Borough Council
    on expiry of your notice period. Locks without keys will be replaced
    and the cost recharged to you.

14. Large Items Of Furniture
• if you are thinking of leaving large items of furniture or white goods
   you will be recharges for their disposal. You may wish to consider
   arranging for their free collection prior to your move by calling the
   Street Scene Dept or taking them to the civic amenity tip.

15. Other Things to Remember
• There are many people, businesses and agencies you should inform
   that you are moving
• You should advise them of:
• your current address
• date you are moving
• the address you are moving to
• they include:
• the council tax dept
• the housing benefit dept ( if you are in receipt of benefit)
• the DSS
• your employer
• your personal pension provider
• any insurers such as life companies, car insurers, travel or personal
   accident or critical illness
• your Gas & Electricity Supplier( they will require your final meter
• Your water supplier
• The telephone company you use
• Your bank
• The Royal Mail to arrange for your mail to be redirected (there is a
   charge for this service)
• Your doctor dentist hospital consultant
• Any personal finance companies including debit card, store card
   and credit card companies, loan companies, and catalogue
• Your satellite or cable provider
• Your friends and family

This is not an exhaustive list, it has been designed to prompt you to
think of who you need to inform when you are moving you may wish to
compile your own ticking off each one as you inform them.

We hope you have been happy in your current home and wish you all
the best in your new one whether that be another council owned home,
a home owned by another service provider, your first owned home or
retirement or residential care accommodation