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									Classified obituary notice descriptions / guides                                                                 Revised 2/1/2006

Types of notices published in the Austin American-Statesman
        Death notice
        News story
        Obituaries
        Remembrances/In Tribute/In Memoriams

Death notice
        Brief information on deaths and service plans provided by the funeral home handling arrangements to our news obituary
         desk. Information received each day is compiled by our news staff for publication the following day. (Handled by editorial

News Story
        Profiles of selected local residents written by newsroom staff. (Handled by editorial department)

         Notices written by family members. These notices most always contain specific information; such as dates, place of birth,
          a factual recounting of the deceased’s life, survivors and details regarding burial services. (Placed through the classified
          advertising department)

Remembrances/In Tribute/In Memoriams
      Written by family or friends. These notices commemorate a significant date for the deceased and usually reflect on the
       impact of an individual’s life. Placed (Placed through the classified advertising department)


General descriptions of type of notices published

Death notice
        Residents and former residents of Texas can have their death and funeral plans announced in the Austin American-
         Statesman's death notices.
        To submit a death notice listing, please have the funeral home or cremation society in charge of arrangements fax the obit
         information to Death Notices at 512-445-1736 or call 512-445-3851. We do not accept information from other sources.

News story
        If you have an idea for a news obituary article, please contact the Metro desk at 512-445-3851

         Provided to The Austin American-Statesman's classified advertising department by the funeral home in charge of
          arrangements or the family of the deceased.
         All notices not submitted through funeral home must provide name and contact number of the funeral home in charge of
          arrangements or copy of death certificate.

Remembrances/In Memoriam
      First line of notice must contain “In Remembrance of”, “In Tribute”, “In Memory of”
      Must contain an acknowledgement of who is placing notice.
      Will release name of person placing notice if requested by family.


General   guides for all paid notices
          The Statesman reserves the right to revise or reject all material submitted for publication.
          Examples of unacceptable copy - disparaging verbiage, are defamatory or contain any advocacy positions.
          All Austin American-Statesman advertising terms and guides of publication apply.
          Full names must appear in notice.
          Notices may contain a foreign language providing we confirm translation.


General   guides for photos appearing in Obituaries or In Memoriams
          Only photos of the deceased will be published
          Only facial images cropped at shoulder & above of the deceased will be used.
          Photos containing multiple images will be cropped, if possible, to only include deceased.
          If photo cannot be cropped to only include deceased, photo will not be accepted for publication.
          Photos that been electronically altered will not be accepted.
          Photos must be taken while individual was alive.

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