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					Obituary examples |                                              THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS

      DEATH NOTICE                                  5” with Photo                    7.5” with Photo
             Doe, John
                                                          Doe, Jane                        Doe, John
  Age 95, of Dallas, died March 10,
  2010 at his home with family.
  Services Friday, March 19 at St.
  Mary’s Church, Plano, 10:00 a.m.

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             Cost:   $50

     2” without Photo
            Doe, Jane

          Cost:   $216.79

                                                        Cost:   $515.36

                                                                                       Cost:   $725.71

THESE ARE EXAMPLE ONLY. OBITUARIES CAN BE ANY LENGTH.                                                    [3]
Enhancements |                                        THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS

                                            Native Texan
                                                  Doe, John                                                ICON WRAPS
    PREMIUM                                                                                        ICON WRAPS are symbols that enhance and
                                                                                                   personalize an obituary. Add meaningful graphics
   ICON WRAP                                                                                       to an obituary by choosing from our gallery of
                                                                                                   religious, professional and other symbols.
NATIVE TEXANS are proud to
distinguish themselves as not only
residents, but most important, as
having been born in Texas. The
premium icon is offered to those                                                                       Angel            Bible            Cross
who want to identify their loved
one as part of this diverse, proud
group and to honor their
birthplace and heritage.                                              EXAMPLE NOT SHOWN TO SCALE
                                                                                                       Dove              Fire             Flag

                                                                                                       Heart             Lily            Mason

                                                                                                      Military          Police            Pray

                                                                                                       Rosary            Rose         Star of David

                                                                                                     FREE with each obituary

   Obituaries           $95.00/column-inch (approx. $6/line)
                        Plus $20 per obituary for Guest Book

   Photos               Included in obituary inch rate, typically adds 1.5" to length

   In Memoriams         $49/column-inch (approximately. $3.50/line)

   Premium Icon         $49

   Icon Wraps           Free with each obituary

   *These rates are available to private individuals and select funeral home partners. For information on how to become a select funeral
    home partner, please contact us at 214-977-8672 or