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					Process Description                                                            NNSA Service Center
NOTE: All elements with an * are required to be provided.

Number:             PD
* Title:            NNSA EEO Counselor Pre-Complaint Processing
* Effective Date:   08/24/2006
Review Date:        05/07/2009

* Process Owner

 Name & Org:        H. Yolanda Girón, Manager, EEO and Diversity Programs, OOD-OEO
 Contact Data:      505-845-4243

* Author

 Name:              Contact Data:
 Karen R. Harger    505-845-6668,
 Patty Padilla      505-845-4976,

 Revision:          Date:          Reason for Change:
 Original           08/2006        1. Streamline Counselor Documents; 2. Consistent format
 Rev 1              06/19/2008     Update to Counselor Process FlowChart
 Rev 2              05/07/2009     Computer-based templates updated for Counselors


 Name                        Relationship to      NNSA Organization / Office           Concurrence Date
 * H. Yolanda Girón          Process Owner        EEO and Diversity / OEO - OOD        05/07/2009
 NNSA EEO Counselors         Users of the         Counselors located throughout NNSA   05/07/2009

* Overview

 Purpose:           A review of incoming counselor report’s indicates various reporting formats,
                    missed Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) timelines, and unclear
                    definition of the complainant’s basis.

 Scope:             Counselor documents all available electronically to Counselor’s to utilize real-time
                    with any DOE/NNSA policy/procedure updates, as well as EEOC updates.

 Metrics:           Quarterly measurement of: 1) Counselor ability to meet the 30-day counseling
                    time frame; 2) Counselor formal request for extension; 3) Counselor submission
                    of the Counselor Report within the EEOC 15-day time frame to the SC.

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* Process Diagram
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Model web site. Documents are all available and accessible via the EEO and Diversity Office.

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 identified in the diagram. However, steps can be consolidated in diagram blocks if they identify
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* Process Table
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 Process Steps / Work Instructions (Maps to Process Diagram)
  Step Who Does It              What Happens
    1    NNSA EEO Counselor Is contacted by potential complainant. Complete initial intake form
                                 and set date for initial meeting.
    2    NNSA EEO Counselor Complete initial meetin utilizing Counselor Checklist, conduct inquiry,
                                review appropriate documents, and attempt resolution.
                                                  If                              Else
                                Positive outcome: Resolution       Negative outcome: No resolution.
                                reached, prepare settlement        Proceed to step 3.
                                agreement and proceed to Step 5.
    3    NNSA EEO Counselor Conduct Final Interview utilizing “Final Interview” checklist contained
                                in the Counselor Report document.
    4    NNSA EEO Counselor Issue Notice of Final Interview.
    5    NNSA EEO Counselor Complete Counselor Report

                                               If                                Else
                               Notified by SC EEO complaint is    Retain all documents for the
                               formal, submit Counselor Report to counseling per EEOC MD-110
                               SC EEO within 15 days of           Chapter 2 guidelines.

Requirements and Supporting Information

 Requirements                  Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) MD-110 Chapter
                               2; Code of Federal Regulations 29CFR1614.
 Related Processes /           N/A
 Process Descriptions
 Forms                         Available to Counselors on the NNSA EEO Counselor Website under
                               “Information for Counselors”.
 Records                       Records resulting from this process: The pre-complaint counseling
                               record (all of the documents in this process) become a part of the
                               formal complaint record/file at the SC EEO office. If a formal complaint
                               does not occur, the counselor maintains the records per EEOC MD-110.

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Other   All new counselors receive training on the process from the Service
        Center EEO office as they come on-board.

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              Incident Occurrence

             Complainant contacts
           Counselor within 45 days of
           the incident, or last known
45 days             incident.

30-60 daysEmail, or collect initial
          information over the
          telephone via "In-Take Form"

           1. Count back 45 days from
           date of contact.
           2. Set date for first full
           3. Send complainant a)
           Initial Counseling Checklist
           for signature; b) EEO
           Complaint brochure; c)
           Mediation Booklet

                   ADR offered                    Mediation - up to 90 days. If settled, process
                   accepted                       ends. If not, resume EEO process.
                    declined                      Counselor, mark your calendar so you can
                                                  close this out.

                                               *ADR (Mediation) is available at all stages of the complaint process
                 Counselor inquiry
                    30 days*

                                             No - Counselor
                                             requests extension
                   Completed                 of additional 30 days
                   in 30 days?               IN WRITING!

15 days Yes - Counselor conducts final
        interview (use page 4 of
        Counselor Report) and then                                               If settlement,
        issues Notice of Right to File via                                       retain copy of
        certified mail or arranges                                               file for one (1)
        settlement agreement                                                     year.

                                                             If employee
                 Employee must
                                                             does not file:
                 file w/in 15 days
                                                             Retain copy
                 of receipt of
                                                             of file for one
                                                             (1) years.

                                                                                    Counselor sends to EEO: 1) Counselor
                                                                                    Report, signed by Counselor; 2)
            Complaint received by SC                                                Counselor checklist signed by                       Retain copy
                                               EEO notifies Counselor to
            EEO. EEO issues Notice of                                               Counselor and complainant; 3) copy of               of file for one
                                               submit Counselor's
2 days      Receipt and Notice to                                                   30 day extension if applicable; 4) copy             (1) year.                         END
                                               Documents w/in 15
            ARMOs                              calendar days.                       of Notice of Final Interview/Right to File
                                                                                    (NOFI); 5) receipt date of NOFI

           *Conduct limited inquiry: initial interview, review Counselor Checklist and get complainant to sign a copy, interview Alleged Responsible
             Management Officials (ARMOs); review any applicable documents; attempt resolution                                                            Date June 19, 2008

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