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									Job Application Letter

With good language job application letter will be readily accepted by the company, and make a
good first impression as well.
Tricks like this work cover letter we will beat our competitors.
The following sample job application letter if we get information from media compass:

Jakarta, January 2, 2008

Subject: Job Application

Human Resources Manager
PT. ...
Jl. ...
East Jakarta


In accordance with job offers from PT. ..., As contained in Kompas on December 31, 2007. I volunteered to join the
team .... at. ....

My brief data, such as the following.

Name: ...
Place & Date of birth: ...
End of Education: ..
Address: ...
Telephone, mobile, e-mail: ...
Marital Status: ...

I have very good health condition, and can speak English fluently both orally and written. I have been accustomed to
working with computers. Mainly operate MS Office package of applications, such as Excel, Word, Access,
PowerPoint, Outlook, and also the internet, as well as correspondence in English.

I am currently working as a staff ... at. .... I am glad to learn, and can work independently or in teams well.

As a material consideration, I enclose:

1. Curriculum Vitae.
2. Photocopy of diploma and transcripts of the S-1 rating.
3. Photocopy of certificate courses / training.
4. Recent photograph.

I hope Mr / Mrs willing to take the time to give interviews, so I can explain in more detail about my own potential.

So letter this proposal, and thanks for the attention of Mr. / Mrs.


(Your name)

Download a job application letter in word doc format HERE

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