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					ASME Eastern North Carolina Section
                                                   N EWSLETTER
 Executive Committee                                    The Hybrid Electric School Bus
 Michael Hiller                                                               by Natalie Roskam
 In2Solutions, Inc. CAE Consulting
 229 Strathburgh Ln, Suite 201
 Cary, NC 27511; 919-851-0373        The hybrid electric vehicle is currently          fuel costs and in overall emissions. By ana-            changing the automotive market at an im-          lyzing the emissions both at the power plant
                                     pressive rate. While not as highly publi-         level and at the vehicle level we show that
 Vice-Chairperson, Marketing /       cized, the transit bus market is being trans-     emission of NOx, Particulate Matter and
 Publicity Chair and Newsletter
 Editor                              formed at an equally great rate. As these         Carbon Dioxide emissions can all be re-
 Robert Hall                         markets move forward, the school bus mar-         duced while saving on fuel costs. This
 Teleflex Medical; 2917 Weck Drive   ket remains largely unchanged. As an un-          study also shows that some models of tradi-
 RTP NC 27709; 919-361-4059          changed market, there is still the opportu-       tional hybrid can be operated as plug-in
                                     nity to optimize a hybrid vehicle platform for    models with little or no change to the sys-
 Secretary &                         school buses.                                                              tem to gain signifi-
 Minorities and Women                                                Wednesday, Nov. 16th, 2005                 cant benefit from
 Kimberly Whitted
                                     This study begins the           6:30 PM Dinner/Social                      the initial charge.
                                     modeling process of            7:00 PM Meeting Presentation
                                     an existing class C                                                              Presentation Author
 Treasurer                           school bus and in-             Location: Advanced Energy, NCSU                   Biography: Ewan
 Greg Beard                          vestigates the poten-          Centennial Campus; 909 Capability                 Pritchard is a regis-
 108 Hartland Court
                                     tial that both series          Drive, Suite 2100 , Raleigh, NC 27606             tered professional
 Raleigh NC 27614; 919-848-1013               and parallel hybrids                                                             engineer in North
                                                                     Cost: $10 Members
                                     hold to reduce fuel                                                              Carolina, who
                                                                             $15 Guests
 Membership Board Chair              consumption and                         Free ASME Students
                                                                                                                      earned both his
 Ewan Pritchard                      emissions for a                                                                  bachelor and mas-
 Advanced Energy
 909 Capability Dr Suite 2100        school bus. The pri-           Confirmed RSVP’s are required to attend ters degrees from
 Raleigh, NC 27606; (919) 857-9028   mary focus of this             this event.                                       North Carolina State         study is to investi-                                                             University. His work
                                     gate the potential benefits                                                      focuses around en-
 Membership Development
 Open                                of adding an electricity grid interconnection      ergy efficiency of both automotive and in-
                                     to hybrid electric school buses, allowing          dustrial processes. He is currently the Hy-
 Honors and Awards, RACON,           them to add to the hybrid potential with a         brid Program Manager at Advanced Energy
 & Professional Development          pre-charged battery pack from the electric         in Raleigh, NC, a non-profit organization
                                     utility grid. These vehicles are known as          dedicated to economic and environmental
 Webmaster                           plug-in hybrids.                                   benefits through innovative approaches to
 Chris Yahnker, P.E.                                                                    energy. Ewan has been a recent past chair
 919-566-8761                                                                           of ASME and is still very much involved in       The school bus models shown in this paper
                                     were generated in a Matlab/Simulink-               the current section.
 Outreach Board Chair                based program developed by NREL called
 Open                                ADVISOR. ADVISOR is used by vehicle                I-40 coming east
                                     manufacturers as a tool to experiment with         Take Gorman Street exit. Turn left onto Gorman.
 College Relations
 Richard Johnson                     different vehicle configurations. In this          Turn right at second light onto Avent Ferry Road.
                                                                                        Turn right at light onto Varsity Drive. Turn right                    study both a generic series hybrid and a
                                                                                        onto Capability Drive. 1st building on Left.
                                     generic parallel hybrid are generated and          I-40 coming west
 Egg Drop
 Edwin Duncan                        then each is used in both charge-sustaining        Take Lake Wheeler Road Exit; turn right onto
 919-790-5958                        and charge-depleting scenarios with varying Lake Wheeler. Turn left at first light onto Centen-              sizes of battery packs to increase the "grid       nial Parkway; follow to end. Turn left on Avent
                                     energy." The results of each model are pre-        Ferry Rd. Turn left at first light onto Varsity Drive.
                                     sented by both fuel economy and emissions Turn right onto Capability Drive. 1st building on
                                     reductions taking into account the power           Left.
                                     plant emissions and electricity costs.
                                                                                           RSVP by 11/13 to Natalie Roskam by phone at
                                                                                           (919) 676-6683 or Please
                                     The results of the study show that by add-            provide your name(s), phone #, and email ad-
                                     ing a plug-in connection to existing hybrids,         dress (make email subject “ASME Nov. 2005
                                     significant savings can be achieved, both in          Meeting”).                                                                             November 2005
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                 The “Appeal” of Local ASME Sections                                                                   Jobs?
                                          by Michael W. Hiller

 I’d like to start this new ASME season by dis-         In order to cultivate additional sources of reve-    Are you looking for a new
 cussing two definitions of the word "appeal".          nue we encourage all members to develop an           job or contemplating a
   Ap*peal: to be attractive or interesting             ASME-Entrepreneurial attitude. If every member       change? Is your company
   Ap*peal: to make an earnest request                  could generate at least one new opportunity for      hiring and needing to get
                                                        ASME funding & support each year then we             the word out? The Eastern
 I believe that both definitions are especially         could actually expand our services and activities    NC ASME Section can help.
 relevant to local ASME sections this year. Local       instead of cutting back!                             We have added a jobs page
 ASME sections host local events and provide                                                                 to our website. This is a
 local representation. Local sections support           Please search out these new funding & support        place where people can look
 local student scholarships and foster community        opportunities at work, at play, at school, etc…
                                                                                                             for jobs and companies in
 interaction with mechanical engineering technol-       For instance, we find that Engineering, HR, PR,
 ogy. This should appeal (be interesting) to most       Sales, and even Marketing departments often
                                                                                                             the Eastern NC area can
 members.                                               have a willingness and a budget to support their     have jobs posted. Check
                                                        employee's technical societies!                      out our webpage http://
 However, local sections are run by volunteers                                                     
 whose funding is primarily a combination of the        Benefactors can support us in a number of            eastern_north_carolina/ and
 entrance fees we collect at events plus an an-         ways, including:                                     look for the jobs link on the
 nual ASME allotment (based on the number of            * Sponsor ENC-ASME with an annual donation.          left side for more informa-
 paid-up members). In the past, the allotment           * Sponsor Egg Drop                                   tion.
 was a significant percentage of our working            * Sponsor other programs we have such as
 capital. Unfortunately, ASME is apparently phas-       outreach, Girl Scouts, etc...
 ing out the annual allotment. In order to remain       * Sponsor monthly dinner meetings.
 a viable operating entity on the local level, we all   * Provide Speakers/Topics/Tours for monthly
 need to reduce expenses and cultivate alternate        dinner meetings
 sources for funding.                                   * Provide meeting rooms for monthly meetings
                                                        (min. capacity ~35)
 We also must "appeal" to our members (earnest
 request) in order to survive. All of us must take      Some of the sponsorship opportunities only cost
 a more active role to insure the survival of our       $200 to $500. Other types of support hardly
 local ASME sections.                                   cost anything such as providing meeting rooms,
                                                        Speakers, and/or tours for our monthly meet-
 In order to reduce expenses our Eastern NC             ings. Our sponsors receive many benefits such
 ASME (ENC-ASME) executive and planning com-            as being featured in newsletters, showcased at
 mittees decided this year to phase out all com-        events, and even earning credit to post their job
 mercial printing and mailing of our newsletter. It     openings on our website. By working closely
 is very costly to print 1000+ newsletters, print       with ENC-ASME, your company will also generate
 labels, and then pay postage and other fees.           goodwill in the community and gain exposure to
 Historically, the newsletter has been one of our       hundreds of new potential (customer) prospects
 largest expenses. We will therefore be switching       as well as potential future employees.
 entirely to email distribution and posting of
 newsletters on our section website. Many socie-        On an individual basis we also have openings on
 ties have already made the switch. This will be        many of our event and planning committees - -
 the only “hardcopy” newsletter we will mail this       so there truly are many ways for you to support
 year!                                                  your local ASME Section! Check out the leader-
                                                        ship page on our Section website to see the
 We believe that Internet access (for receiving         current openings.
 email and for viewing our section’s website) is
 currently available to all of our members at           So please spend a few minutes everyday think-
 home, at work, and/or at Libraries.                    ing of one or more ways you can help us survive
                                                        and maybe even expand our services and activi-
 We ask all members to log onto the "members            ties. I suggest we use the new ASME Section
 only" section of and update their         Eastern North Carolina Community “COP”
 email address and contact information - - this         (community of practice) as a mechanism to dis-
 will insure that you continue to receive timely        cuss, organize, and document various Sponsor-
 information from us! We will also continue to          ship opportunities! I encourage everyone to
 store our present and past newsletters on our          join.
 section's website:            This link may help:
 /eastern_north_carolina/. If someone truly   
 does not have any internet access, we may be
 able to make some special accommodations on            Also, please visit our section’s website often for
 a case-by-case basis.                                  the latest information and newsletters!                                                                           November 2005
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                         Home Networking and Security                                                 ASME COP
                                       by Robert Hall
          from presentation by Martin Nystrom, Security Analyst Cisco Systems, Inc.
                                                                                                 We encourage everyone
                                                                                                 to become active in the
 We had a great October meeting and every-      A virus takes advantage of a flaw in a com-      new ASME Community
 one learned a lot about networks and net-      puter software, but unlike a worm it requires    of Practice (COP)!
 work security. Martin was kind enough to       human interaction. You would have to click       It is the ASME web-
 make his presentation available, and here is   on a link or run a program you downloaded.       based Forum!
 a brief recap.                                 The virus inserts a trojan program that can do
                                                actions like take over your computer, shut       Check out the new
 Networking is the connection of two or more down your firewall, download other programs,        ASME Section
 computers, and can be as simple as two com- or e-mail other people. You need to treat e-        Eastern North Carolina
 puters connected by a cable. The next step     mail with caution when asked to click on a       Community “COP”.
 would be a hub that connects two networks      link.                                            It is a great way to net-
 together, but all computers on all networks                                                     work with others in this
 would see the same network traffic. A more Your wireless network could be an open path          territory and it can also
 advanced set-up would use a switch that        around your hardware firewall. Practical de-     be a mechanism to dis-
 keeps each network’s local traffic local to                                                     cuss, organize, and
 that network. A router works as a junction                                                      document various is-
 between two networks. Some routers would                                                        sues and opportunities
 be the Cisco CRS-1 or the Apple Airport Ex-                                                     relating to our local
 press. Each computer uses ports as inputs                                                       ASME section. We en-
 to the connection, and thus to the internet. A                                                  courage everyone to
 firewall helps to keep these ports closed to                                                    join!
 unwanted traffic.
                                                                                                 This link may help:
 Some trends in home networking include                                                
 items such as broadband connections, fire-                                                      communities/
 wall/router, switches, wireless, voice over IP,
 network administered storage, print servers,   fenses include changing your SSID and set-
 and remote management. You could manage        ting encryption (WPA/128-bit). You should
                                                                                                 We have 20 people on
 your house, security system, or stream music   also use a software firewall on foreign net-
                                                                                                 our COP at press time.
 or video.                                      works (airports, hotel, or maybe a coffee
                                                house). You should also keep your software
 Your home network can have threats such as updated with patches.
 worms, viruses, spyware, and hack attacks.
 Your defense against these are a hardware      Some other home security advice is to use
 firewall, VPN, software (firewall, anti-virus, strong passwords with symbols (!, @, # $),
 anti-spyware, and anti-phishing), and having numbers, and letters. Don’t give out a lot of
 caution with discipline. The are many people information. Never trust e-mail links (type
 behind these threats (scammers, thieves,       them in by hand). Watch your accounts and
 organized crime, spies, terrorists, and kid-   get a free credit report.
 dies). They have many reasons for doing it.
 These may include spam, serve illegal con-     Martin recommended some free software
 tent, getting information, distribute movies   during the presentation. He recommends
 or music, and/or for fun.                      AVG Anti-virus at,
                                                MS spyware detector at
 A worm travels around the internet and net-
 work via vulnerabilities in network software. spyware, and Shields Up (a program to check
 It overtakes a computer and without any user your firewall) at
 help looks for other computers to take over.
 The defense for a worm is a hardware firewall You may also want to use Firefox and Thun-
 or a software firewall. If you do not have a   derbird instead of the MS based programs.
 firewall, your computer is “naked” to the      You can download both for free at
 world and a worm could slip in from an un-
 trusted network.                                                            November 2005
                                                                              NON PROFIT
 Eastern North Carolina Section                                              U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                             RALEIGH, NC
 American Society of                                                        PERMIT NO. 2011

 Mechanical Eng.
 108 Hartland Court
 Raleigh NC 27614

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                                                 Don’t forget!
                                     Any local ASME member can join the
                                         Coastal Federal Credit Union
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