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									                               CLAY DELAY INC.

                             AS SIMPLE AS  1-2-3
      LOAD                            PRESS                          CALL & SHOOT

  This brochure describes products for personal use
The purpose of all voice activated Clay Delay products is to allow you to practice
your target shooting discipline by yourself. We have several models and multiple
routines available, allowing you to order the exact unit you need. This gives you
the ability to work on those problem shots and ultimately improve your score. I’m
sure there are many times when you want to go to the club but can’t without a
puller. We’re also human; most of us don’t want an audience watching while we
work on our problem shots. Our releases are designed to give you both the
freedom to practice when you want and the time alone to build your confidence on
the course.
Our voice release controller, the Autopuller, comes in six models, Basic,
Advanced, Skeet, Deluxe, Custom and Elite. They are available for skeet or trap
in either a wired or wireless version. Attaching the Autopuller to your course is
easy. For the wireless model, you wire your connector to our cord and plug in. The
wired models come with a 2-foot cord that needs to be connected to either your
existing pull cord or a cord supplied by you.
At Clay Delay, we pride ourselves in being able to supply you with custom
designed units. If you have a need that is not filled with an existing product, give
us a call. The worst that can happen is we say we can’t help! Call us and find out.

                  CLAY DELAY Inc. 115 Roycroft Dr. West Seneca NY 14224
The Clay Delay family of products has evolved from a base product, The Basic Autopuller. This was
designed based on the statement “I just want to shoot by myself!”. This means no frills, just the basic
pull head with voice command. Using input from shooters, the Basic model has expanded into six
designs. This allows you to select the functions and routines that best suit your needs.
After the initial setup, operating the Autopuller is simple. Connect your unit to the target machine, plug
the microphone into the side, turn the unit on, and adjust the sensitivity for your pull. The top mounted
buttons allow you to select the high, low or true pair/doubles. You simply press one or both of the
buttons, and call for your target. For the times you are with a companion, press the appropriate
machine button, and on their call, press the manual button to release their targets.
There are six models to choose from, all available in wired or wireless:
 APB - Basic, has only immediate voice release (non adjustable)
 APA - Advanced, basic model with the addition of one adjustable delay (Voice, Skeet, or Int’l)
 APS - Exclusively for Skeet, has both Voice and Skeet delay (random with min and max settings)
 APD - Deluxe, the basic model with the addition of two routines selected by you
 APC - Custom, an upgrade from the Deluxe with three routines: give us a call and let us set one up
        specially for you
 APE– Elite, gives the choice for six of our routines

The Autopuller is attached to your belt or shell pouch with a belt clip and, with a size of only
5.5x2.5x1 and weighting only 7.7 oz., does not interfere with you shooting.

All Autopullers include:
• The unit with attached belt clip
• Lapel style microphone with clip
• 9-volt alkaline battery
• Manual

Due to the amount of styles, variations and configurations of connectors available, you will need to
supply and install the proper machine connector.
Autopuller Basic (APB) is the simplest model. Nothing to program, just a very fast response to
your pull command.

Autopuller Advanced (APA) is a step up from the basic model with one routine (voice delay, skeet
delay, or international delay). The voice response can be adjusted to delay the target after your call.
This allows you to match the response of a normal puller.

Autopuller Exclusively for Skeet (APS) gives your two delays, voice delay and skeet delay. This
allows you to set a minimum and maximum on a random delay. Allowing for a more accurate depic-
tion of a human puller.

               APB wireless version          APA-T wired version            APD wireless version

The Autopuller Deluxe (APD) is an upgraded version of the Autopuller Basic with the addition of
two routines, that you choose. This allows you to “design” your unit for your type of shooting. Read
through the following list of eight routines available and select the two that work best for you.
1. Voice delay – adjustable by you. This adds a delay to your call equal to a normal puller. The
   delay is preset to approximately .5 seconds from when you call for the target and when the target
   is released.
2. International delay – this adds a random delay from zero to three seconds from when you call for
   the target to the target release. You can adjust the range of the delay to be less than 3 seconds.
3. Skeet delay—this adds a random delay from zero to one second from when you call for the target
   to the target release. You can adjust the range of the delay to be less than one second.
4. Time delay – adjustable by you. Turns off the microphone and launches a target after a preset
5. Following pair – for when you want two targets from the same house. You select the house to
   use. At the sound of your call, a target is released. Since the machine needs time to recycle, the
   APD pauses for up to two seconds, then releases your target on the report of your gun. If your
   first target was shot in less than the recycle time the APD will hold the release and launch the sec-
   ond after the recycle time is completed.
6. Report Pair – for this function you select the house you want to release at the sound of your call.
   At the report of your gun, the opposite house releases a target.
7. Random – the APD has two arming buttons on the top, one for high/left and one for low/right.
   The random mode scrambles the buttons. You may receive a high, low, or double at your call.
8. Rearm – this mode automatically rearms the Autopuller four seconds after your shot. Keep in
   mind that your unit will always be armed and waiting for a call. You may have to adjust the
   microphone sensitivity to minimize false targets.
9. Pull Cord—This turns your Autopuller into a normal three button release. Pressing the either arm-
   ing button will give you an immediate target from that house. Pressing the manual release button
   will give you a double.
(If no routines are selected, the default selections will be Voice Delay and International Delay).
The Autopuller Custom (APC) is a unit designed for you. You are not limited to selecting the
preset programs of the Deluxe model. This model gives you the flexibility, with 3 routines, to
tailor your practice on a daily basis.
All of the deluxe routines are available with many having extra benefits added.
 • The random can be set to select only the high or low, or all three, (high, low or doubles).
Along with the deluxe routines, two specialized routines presently available are:
• Flurry– preloaded with your desired number of targets. This routine will randomly launch an
    equal number of High, Low and Doubles at a timed interval.
 • Sporting clay following pair – the controller releases the first target at your command,
     pauses, then launches the second opposite target
The custom model has one extra feature, adjustable cancel of routine. If a target is not called for
during the 30-second armed time, the sequence is canceled. The custom model lets you set this
time to 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or infinite. You decide how you want your unit to reset.
If there is a routine you would like, give us a call and we can discuss your needs.
(Note: The skeet and auto cycling routines have been discontinued.)

                           Wireless version
                           of model APC

                                                          Wireless version
                                                           of model APE

The Autopuller Elite (APE) would be considered ‘fully loaded’ and has the flexibility to give
you the simplest launch, or give you the most challenging combination you can imagine. Having
six routines available, you select how you want the targets to be released. By combining two,
three or more routines together, you will have over 30 combinations to choose from. This
flexibility will let you fine tune your targets, allowing you to get the most benefit out of your
time and target cost.
Since all of the routines are adjustable, you can adjust the delays and automatic selections to
duplicate a professional puller, mimic a bad puller, or even flushing game.
                              Wired vs. Wireless

Both the wired and wireless systems use the same Autopuller. The only difference is the wired has a
cord attached and the wireless has a transmitter built in.

The wired version is available for trap, skeet, or sporting clays.
All wired Autopullers use your existing pull cord. You have to remove the pushbutton head from your
cord, and install connectors on the cord and the original head. (Some shooters have opted to use an
external grade extension cord, in place of modifying the original cord.) The Trap and Skeet versions
come with a 2-foot cord. The Sporting Clays version comes with a 7-foot cord, allowing you to walk
the course and simply plug in at each station.
The wired package consists of the Autopuller, microphone, battery, and carabineer strain relief and
soft pouch.

The wireless version is available for only trap or skeet; it is not yet available for sporting clays.
The receiver is the biggest difference from wired and has several features to make it user friendly.
Connecting to your machine is accomplished with a removable adapter cord. You will need to wire the
cord with the same type of connector that the pull cord would use. Since you may have the opportunity
to use a different field, two cords are provided. By simply plugging in the appropriate adapter cord,
you now have the ability to use different fields, or switch from skeet to trap easily.
There may be times you have the need to “see” what is happening without wasting targets. The front
panel contains four lights to allow you to do this. A yellow blinking light indicated that you have
power and the receiver is in the standby state. A green light indicates when a signal is being sent from
the Autopuller while two red lights indicate that a signal is being sent from the receiver to the target
machine. You also have the ability to set the on time. By simply changing a switch setting, you can
select from always on, or off after 30, 60, or 90 minutes after the last shot. This allows you to increase
battery life.
The receiver is available in two models, single outlet and dual outlets. The single outlet is designed for
a skeet course with a single pull cord controlling both machines. The dual outlet model controls two
machines, each having their own separate pull cord. Both models have the same features.
The wireless package consists of the selected Autopuller, the receiver, two adapter cords, microphone,
batteries, screwdriver, extra fuses, and case.

If pulling a cord is a concern to you, it may be cost justified to consider the wireless option.

           Wired Package                                                     Receiver           Receiver
                                           Wireless Package                 Single Cord        Dual Cords
Enhancements and upgrades for the Autopuller

  One of our more popular options is personalization.
  For a cost of $10.00, you can have your name, or if
  the Autopuller is for a club, the clubs name, printed
  on the front label. The printing is done before
  lamination, preventing removal of the name.

  Heavy duty belt clip
  Many shooters asked for a swivel, removable belt clip.
  The heavy duty clip we provide is designed for use on
  a cell phone. By having two bolted attachment points,
  you have the option to capture only the top clip, to
  allow swiveling, or capture both for non-swivel.
  Simply pressing the top release button, allows you to
  quickly unhook your Autopuller from your belt/pouch.

  Heavy duty microphone
  Our heavy duty microphone is made by us and has been
  proven to be very strong. The microphone element is
  secured in a rubber enclosure with a heavy duty cord

  Target usage
  A counter allows you to monitor target usage. The counter advances once for
  each target released (twice for a true pair). The standard counter is not
  resetable. You would simply take the difference from the start to the end of
  the shoot to determine target count.
  If you desire to have control of the counter, the personal reset feature may be
  ordered. This allows the shooter to reset the count at will.
  For clubs who want to have control of the counter, the club reset option may
  be ordered. With this option, a separate reset box is needed to reset the
  counter. This prevents the shooter from changing the count. The club now has
  the control and the convenience of sending out the counter set at zero.
Enhancements and upgrades for the Receiver

                   External power
                   If the receiver will be used at one location, or
                   located at a point that has either a 12 volt or 110v
                   source nearby, you may want to consider the
                   external power option.
                   The receiver has an extra circuit installed, that
                   bypasses the internal 9-volt battery. For a 12 volt
                   hookup, you simply connect the supplied power
                   cord to the battery. For 110 volts, you will need a
                   step down transformer with a 2.1mm power plug.

                   Transformer (requires external
                                power option)
                   The receiver requires 12 to 15 volts of external
                   power to operate. If there is no 12 volt available
                   from a machine or extra battery, but you have 110
                   volts nearby, you may want to consider a step-down

                       External Antenna
                       The external antenna option allows you to
                       place the receiver in a ‘better’ location, away
                       from the elements or machine operation.
                       This will increase the effective range between
                       the Autopuller and the receiver.

                                                   It is not always easy to obtain the connectors to set up
                                                   your system. As an aid to help you, we carry some of
                                                   the common styles of connectors along with 2
                                                   commonly ordered packages.
                                                   The first is a package of 3 twist lock, 2 male, 1 female
                                                   style L5-15, (+3L5 on order form) connectors allow-
                                                   ing you to connect your Autopuller to an existing pull
                                                   cord. The second is a package that contains 1 male
                                                   L5-15, 1 female L5-15 and 1 male ML-3 (+2L1M on
  Existing cord cut with connectors added          order form).
                                                   We also carry several other styles for your

             L5-15 Connectors

                                                                                  Promatic style
                                                                                  Sold as set only.

   ML-3                              ML-2


Note: the ML-2 and ML-3 are the same size. The
male ML-3 has a solid center pin while the male                            Connector for Atlas Throwers.
ML-2 has a hollow center pin. We carry both male                           This connector requires soldering. We
and female connectors for the ML-2 and ML-3.                               will install this connector for an extra
Products for your existing controller

            API/I + API/TD
            Models API/I and API/TD were designed to allow you to
            switch between normal pull cord operation and delayed
            release. The unit is simply installed between your existing
            pull cord and the machine connector. Your pull cord operates
            as normal until you select the delay mode. (This is accom-
            plished by simply holding a launch button. Switching back to
            a normal pull cord is done the same way). In the delay mode,
            pressing one of the release buttons starts a timer. When the
            time is reached, the target is released. This allows you to
            concentrate on the shot and not on the timer. Since you will
            be using your existing pull cord and head there is no provi-
            sion for voice release.
            The top switch has three positions. Up is delay mode, center
            is off and down is bypass. In the bypass mode, the pull cord
            is connected directly to the machine cord and totally removes
            the Autopuller from the circuit.

            Model API/I has both instant and international delay. The
            international delay time is adjustable to 1,2 or 3 seconds.
            This is the maximum time of the delay. When a target button
            is pressed, the timer will give a random time from 0 to the
            preset maximum time (1,2 or 3) seconds.

            Model API/TD has both instant and a preset delay time. The
            time 2,3 or 4 seconds is selected by you. This will not vary
            and allows you to set your stance before the release.

            Both models are perfect for an instructor.

            Optional External Lights
            There may be times where you want a visual of the launch
            signal or target launch. Consider the external lights. You
            have the option to turn on either the signal light, launch light,
            or both.
                                     Which Model?
Not sure what to order?
Check out which Autopuller other shooters have ordered.
Select the “level” you want to practice then discipline you are most interested in.
Level 1        Just want to shoot by myself
Level 2        “Good” shooter who wants to improve in a certain area
Level 3        Has moved to competition level and wants to perfect the shot

Level 1        Basic for trap
Level 2        Deluxe with following pair and rearm
Level 3        Custom with voice delay and following pair and rearm

Level 1       Advanced for skeet with voice delay
Level 2       Skeet Autopuller has both voice delay and skeet delay
Level 3       Deluxe with voice delay and report pair
Level 4       Custom with voice delay and skeet delay and H/L/TP rearm Allows target
              launch to match that of a bad puller. Good for the shooter who jumps the
              target before acquiring.

Level 1        Basic for skeet/sporting clays
Level 2        Deluxe with instant and report pair
Level 2        Deluxe with voice delay and report pair
Level 3        Custom with instant and report pair and sporting clay following pair

Level 2        Deluxe with voice delay and pull cord
Level 3        Custom with voice delay and international delay and pull cord. This gives the
               instructor the ability to call for the shot with a “bad” puller and have the instant
               buttons for manual launch.

Level 2        Deluxe with international delay and random
Level 3        Custom with international delay, following pair, and random This is as close to
               hunting as you can duplicate. You won’t know when or where the target will
               come from.
About the Clay Delay Order Form
On the back of this page, you will find the order form. You can use the form as a
reference for ordering on the phone or the internet, or fill out and mail this page to us.
The Autopuller section is for ordering the Autopuller package and includes everything
you need (except the machine connector). The wired package will contain the
Autopuller, soft pouch, microphone, belt clip and battery. The wireless will contain the
Autopuller, receiver* (with one outlet), two adapter cords, soft pouch, microphone,
batteries, screwdriver, and extra fuses.
*for the two outlet receiver, indicate the +W2j option.
If you are ordering a Deluxe model, be sure to include the two routines you want
programmed. (If none are indicated the Voice delay and International delay routines
will be installed.)
If you are ordering a Custom model, you may want to give us a call first. We would
like to discuss the possible routines. If you are comfortable with your choices, please
select the 3 routines to be installed.
At Clay Delay, we are continually developing products to make your shooting
experience as pleasurable as possible. If there is a need or just a concept of what you
would like, give us a call. We would love to talk with you about the possibility of
helping you improve your shooting.

Products for club usage
We are also developing products for club usage. If you are connected with a club, or
know of a club that could benefit from our products, please contact us. We will gladly
send a brochure that explains the products available. Some of the products available
• Three button wireless (non-voice) controllers. Designed to replace the existing pull
   cord with a comfortable hand unit.
• Machine controllers with club resetable counter. This allows the club to control
   target loss by having an accurate count of how many targets were released.
• Multiple machine controllers. Having the ability to control up to 8 machines, the
   club can set up a 5 stand or FITASC course. Target control ranges from manual
   push button to automatic sequencing.

                                  So think about it.
               With one of our products you have the ability to
                  practice those difficult shots by yourself
                         in an improved score and
                      greater confidence in your shots.
         Products designed for personal usage                                                                            Order Form #9A09a
Date:_______________________                                                                                                                             If you prefer to charge your order,
                                                                                                                                                                 Call 716-674-4489
Name:_____________________________________________________________________________                                                                              (Visa or MasterCard)

Address:___________________________________________________________________________                                                                             or visit our web site at
Address:___________________________________________________________________________                                                                         Send check or money order
                                                                                                                                                                   made payable to:
City:_________________________                        State:_______ Zip:___________Country_________________
                                                                                                                                                         Clay Delay Inc. 115 Roycroft Dr.
phone #_________________________e-mail:______________________________________________                                                                          West Seneca NY 14224

                                     Model            Price       Model           Price
                                                                                                  Optional and Extras                                                 Model         Price
                                                      Wired                      Wireless
                                                                                                  Power jack for external power for receiver                          +EXPWR          $25
 Basic Autopuller Trap                APB-T            $99       WAPB-T           $303            External 110 volt power supply for receiver with EX                 +110vps         $15
 Basic Autopuller Skeet               APB-S           $109       WAPB-S           $313            External Antenna                                                    +EXANT          $40
 Basic Autopuller S Clays            APB-SC           $109           NA            NA             Receiver dual outlets (in place of single)                            +W2j          NC
 *Advanced Autopuller Trap            APA-T           $119       WAPA-T           $323            Counter Non-resetable                                                  +C          +$25
 *Advanced Autopuller Skeet           APA-S           $129       WAPA-S           $333            Counter with Personal Reset option                                   +CPR          +$35
 *Advanced Autopuller S Clays        APA-SC           $129           NA            NA             Counter with Club Reset Option                                       +CCR          +$35
 Exclusively for Skeet Autopuller      APS            $139         WAPS           $343            Counter Club Reset Controller                                       APCCR          +$50
 Deluxe Autopuller Trap               APD-T           $159       WAPD-T           $363            Microphone (extra regular)                                            +MIC          +$8
 Deluxe Autopuller Skeet              APD-S           $159       WAPD-S           $363            Microphone Heavy Duty                                               +HDMIC         +$15
 Deluxe Autopuller S Clays           APD-SC           $159           NA            NA             Belt Clip Heavy Duty                                                 +HDBC         +$10
 Custom Autopuller                     APC            $179         WAPC           $383            Black microphone clip (replacement)                                +BLKCLP          $1
 Elite Autopuller                      APE            $209         WAPE           $403            Beige microphone clip (replacement)                                 +BGCLP          $1

 *APA—Specify Voice Delay, Skeet Delay or International Delay                                     Connectors                                                          Model         Price
 APD—Select 2 routines from chart below
 APC—Select 3 routines from chart below
                                                                                                  3 connector package     L5-15     2 m, 1 f                            +3L5         +$30
 APE—Select 6 routines from chart below
                                                                                                  3 connector package 1m L5-15, 1f L5-15, 1m ML-3                      +2L1M         +$40
 VD Voice Delay               RP Report Pair                  SCFP Sport clay following
 Slows target                 Gun sound 2nd opposite          pair 2nd target at time             1 L5-15 male connector                                              +1L15-M        +$10

 SD Skeet Delay               FP Following Pair               PC Pull Cord                        1 L5-20 male connector                                              +1L20-M        +$15
 Random 0-1 sec               Gun sound 2nd same              Same as original
                                                                                                  1 ML-2 male connector                                               +1ML2-M        +$15
 ID International Delay       RD Random                       FL Flurry
 Random 0-3 sec               APD selects target              2 machine (APC only)                1 ML-2 female connector                                             +1ML2-F        +$15

 TD Time Delay                RA Rearm                                                            1 ML-3 male connector                                               +1ML3-M        +$15
 No voice only time           Rearm after each shot
                                                                                                  1 ML-3 female connector                                             +1ML3-F        +$15

                                                                                                  1 Promatic male/female set                                           +PRO          +$15
Upgrade for existing pull cord                                 Model             Price
                                                                                                  1 Laporte connector                                                    +LP         +$15
Autopuller Instant/International                                API/I             $109
                                                                                                  1 Atlas connector (requires soldering)                               +1 AC          +$5
Autopuller Instant/Time Delay                                  API/TD             $109

API/I or TD external lights                                   +EXLTS               $25
                                                                                                   Product Name                         Model #          Qty       Price         Total $

All product labels may be personalized
with your name or the club name for a
cost of $10.00                                                                                    Name:

                                                                                                                                        Sub Total
                                                               Total Ordered $      *Shipping $
                                                                                                                                       *Shipping $
                                                                $0.00 to $4.99           $2.00

                                                               $5.00 to $98.99           $4.00                                                                    Total Due
                                                                                                                               Prices effective 080109
                                                              $99.00 to $249.99          $8.00                                 Subject to change

                                                              $250.00 and more           $10.00

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