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 TITLE:                    “Saturation and Brightness”

    Submitted by: Ted Irving | Hightower Media Academy
Saturation and Brightness

Objective: The students will make observations in regard to saturation
and brightness of colors while using the Java Gel Color Mixer. The
students will be able to identify those colors which are brighter and/or
have a greater degree of color saturation.


1. The students will access the Java Gel Color Mixer:


2. Instruct the students to lessen the amount of green to 100. The
action will cause the secondary colors to change. Ask the students to
note the change and repeat the procedure using the blue and red


1. When lowering the green fader to 100, the resulting secondary color
of red and green changes to what color?

2. When lowering the blue fader to 100, the resulting secondary color
of red and blue changes to what color?

3. Of the two colors noted in questions 1 and 2, which is brighter and
which has the greater degree of saturation?

(Questions 4 and 5 relate to the colors immediately below)

A.              B.                C.

4.______Which gel has the greatest saturation?

5.______The gel with the greatest brightness is?

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