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					                                                                               August 8, 2008

                                                                               This Week’s Readings
                                                                               August 10th, Thirteenth Sunday
                                                                               after Pentecost: 1 Kings 19:9-18;
                                                                               Psalm 85; Romans 10:5-15;
                                                                               Matthew 14:22-33

The newsletter and calendar for Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (ELCA) Rochester • Minnesota

HOSPITALITY TABLE — Now that we have coffee
                                                        This Week at Good Shepherd
served near the Welcome Center, how about some          Friday, August 8
                                                        5:00pm         Meredith Wedding
munchies? We could have doughnuts, muffins,
                                                        Saturday, August 9
bagels, dessert bars, cookies, or fruit. If you would   8:00am         Faith in Motion
be willing to bring something yummy to eat for          3:00pm         Hostetler Wedding Vow Renewal
between the Sunday worship services (9am) please        5:30pm         Worship
call the office (289-1748) to sign up.                  Sunday, August 10
                                                        8:00am         Outdoor Worship
WORSHIP VOLUNTEERS — Good Shepherd                      9:30am         Worship
Church is seeking worship volunteers for the            10:30am        Mission Trip Shareholders Breakfast
10:30am Sunday services. There is a great need          Monday, August 11
for more Communion Assistants. These are the            10:30am        Staff Meeting
people who help the pastor distribute the wine and      7:00pm         Committee Night
bread. If you would like to volunteer, please           Tuesday, August 12
contact Mike in the office (289-1748) or Vicky          7:30am         Men’s Coffee
                                                        9:30am         Stay and Play
Mulvihill (281-3052) as soon as possible. We are
beginning to prepare the schedule for the Fall          Wednesday, August 13
                                                        1:30pm         Helping Hands
months.                                                 6:30pm         College Age Ministry
Good Shepherd Church is also seeking worship            7:00pm         REMIX
volunteers for some of the remaining summer             Thursday, August 14
services. If you would like to volunteer for one of     7:00am         Bible Study
the positions listed below, please sign up on the       Saturday, August 16
                                                        8:00am         Faith in Motion
appropriate clipboard at the Welcome Center.            9:00am         Quilters
9:30am Communion setup and cleanup – need               9am-11pm       Youth Trip to ValleyFair
volunteers for Aug. 24 and 31.                          5:30pm         Worship
                                                        Sunday, August 17
9:30am Communion Assistant — need 1                     8:00am         Outdoor Worship
volunteer for August 17, 24 & 31.                       9:30am         Worship

RAINBOW SCHOOL                                          PRAYERS
                                                        For all members of Good Shepherd, especially: Grant &
seeks a creative, energetic preschool teacher,          Mary Christiansen (Steven, Amy), Doug & Nancy Collins
Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for the '08-'09         (Sarah, Ben, Jake), Brian & Sonja Conger (Melissa,
school year. Multi-age group of up to sixteen 3-5-      Megan).
year-olds; team teaching position. Job description,     August 10th — 13th Sunday after Pentecost:
qualifications and application are at                   For all congregations in the Southeastern Minnesota or call 507-261-0586.                  Synod, including: Urland Lutheran in Cannon Falls, St. Paul
                                                        ELCA/UCC in Lewiston, Trinity Lutheran in Blue Earth,
                                                        Iguguno Lutheran in Tanzania (partnered with Trinity, Blue
                                                        Earth), Vang Lutheran in Dennison, Mwangeza Lutheran in
HAPPYNINGS                                                                          August 8, 2008
                                                         AUGUST BIRTHDAYS
If you want to come with us to ValleyFair on
Saturday, August 16th, get your money in by this         8th       Kay Drenth, Nancy Flaharty,
Sunday, August 10th! You'll also need a parent                     Hannah Hewitt, Garrett Kolar
permission form, which you can pick up from Mike in      9th       Dylan Larson, Erik Olson,
the office anytime. The cost of this trip is $50.                  Molly Van Norman
Also, keep Friday, August 22nd open for our REMIX        10th      Betty Attleson, , Dano Lange
Amazing Race! Meet at the church at 3:00 pm.
                                                         11th      Kelly Boettcher, Mardel Carey,
Are You Ready For Some Football?                                   Bitta Fynskov, Matthew Hoeft, Elissa Larson,
                                                                   Caleb Peter, Gabe Swanton
Hey Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Fantasy
Football Fans! It’s time again to start thinking about   12th      Shelby Husser, Dylan Persinger
our fantasy football league. Whether you were a          13th      John Bird, Audrey Danz, Eric Havelick,
member last year, or not, we would love to have                    David Hengel, Miya Ohashi Berg,
you join us this year. This year, we will be using a               Marlene Sabatke
live draft format. The live draft will take place on     14th      Andrew Johnson, Pat Kolar, Joanna Lipp
Thursday, August 28 at 8:30 p.m. CST. If you are
not able to take part in the live draft, you can also    15th      Isaac Feenstra, Robyn Floyd, Levi Poppe
rank players and have the computer draft for you.
Instructions on getting set up in the league:            CONTACT INFORMATION
Go to         Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Once there, if you don't have a Yahoo ID, you will       559 20th Street SW • Rochester, Minnesota 55902
need to create one by clicking on New User?              Phone: (507) 289-1748
Sign up
                                                         Office hours .... 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Monday - Friday
Once signed in, click on Sign up now                     E-mail info ....
Next click on Join League                                Worship Services (with Holy Communion)
Then click on Join Custom                                Saturday 5:30 PM; Sunday 8:00 (outdoor) & 9:30 AM
Once there, the League ID is 226306, the password
is gslc . The league name is GSLC Fantasy Football       Staff
League. Just use the numeric league id (226306)          Dave Berg ............................................. Lead Pastor
for signing in.                                          Jack Friedli .................................. Pastoral Assistant
                                                         Cynthia McLaren ....... Education & Music Director
Once your team is created, you can rank players by       Janet Youngers ......................... Youth Coordinator
                                                         Mike Thilges .......................... Office Administrator
clicking on Draft Central, then on Edit My               Vicky Mulvihill .................... Volunteer Coordinator
Rankings. You will only need to do this if you cannot    Ellen Herder, Roger Harty .................... Custodians
be online during the time of the live draft.
Please e-mail me at, or       Mike
call my cell phone at 272-3746 if you have any           Web site
questions or problems with getting your team set         Paul Willemssen, Admin(
up. Thanks and let the season begin!.
"The Commish"        Scott Hansen