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Hello Gail cosmetic surgery


Hello Gail cosmetic surgery

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									Kugellager Questions

Eating Disorders

In the US, 10 million women, but only 1 million men, suffer from an eating disorder. Why do
you think so many more women suffer eating disorders than men?

Why do you think that eating disorders are suffered primarily by teenagers and young adults?

What are some things schools can do to help reduce the number of teenagers suffering from
eating disorders?

Shopping/Shopping Addiction

Shopping is a popular pastime in the US. At what point does frequent shopping become an

Love/Marriage/Forced Marriage

Arranged marriages are still commonplace in many eastern cultures, a practice many in
western cultures consider barbaric, even though only a few hundred years ago arranged
marriage was also commonplace in the west. What do you think about this practice? What
are some of the advantages of an arranged marriage?

Many people in the US have this feeling that they have to be married in order to be happy or
accepted in society. Do people have this feeling here? Do you know a lot of people who
choose to stay single?

School Dress Codes and Uniforms

Many schools in the US enforce strict dress codes but do not force students to wear school
uniforms because it is commonly believed that uniforms detract from a person’s individuality.
Does your school have a dress code? Do you think it’s ok for schools to enforce dress codes
or require their students to wear uniforms?

Schools in General

In the US, students move from class to class. They are almost always with new students each
period. Do you think this would be better? What is an advantage of this system? What is a
disadvantage of this system?

Students in the US can choose their own classes. Would you like to do this, or are you
comfortable with your system? Why do you feel this way?

It is common for students to get a detention if they are bad. What is the punishment they’d
receive here? Which system do you think is more effective?

Body Art

                                                                  Created by Gail Gromaski & Carrie Magin
                                                                                 FLA Innsbruck 2004-2005
Body piercings are pretty common among younger people in the US, but many workplaces
forbid that their employees wear their piercings while working. Do you think they have a
right to do this?

Child Labor

Many US teenagers at age 12 or 13 deliver newspapers or baby-sit to earn money. Why is it
ok for them to do this but not work in a factory? Are there jobs that you think are ok for
children to do?

Teen Pregnancy

1 million teenage girls get pregnant in the US each year. Why do you think there is such a
high number? What sorts of problems do these teenage girls have once they find out they are

Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery

In the US there is a TV show called The Swan in which women who are considered to be
“ugly ducklings” undergo massive amounts of cosmetic surgery, sometimes having more than
20 alterations done to their bodies in order to become a “beautiful swan.” Do you think this
ok? What sorts of messages does this show send to the general public in terms of beauty?
Why do you think there aren’t there any ugly men on the show?


In the US smoking is not allowed on school grounds. Students may not smoke at school, even
if they are old enough to smoke. What do you think about this rule? What are some
advantages and disadvantages?

There is no smoking allowed in any public building in all of New York State. Is this a good
idea or not? Why?


In the US the drinking age is 21. How do you feel about this law? At what age do you think
young people should be allowed to drink alcohol?

The laws about showing ID to buy alcohol are very strict in the US (Every person at my
grocery store at home must show ID regardless of their age). Do you think it’s a good thing
to be so strict about alcohol?

Students in the US are taught that alcohol is a drug. Are you taught this in school? Do you
feel that it should be considered a drug?

It is illegal to drink alcohol in the streets in the US. Why do you think that is? Would it
bother you if this were the law here?


                                                                    Created by Gail Gromaski & Carrie Magin
                                                                                   FLA Innsbruck 2004-2005
Do you have a curfew? Many students in the US do (midnights on weekends, 10pm on
school nights). Do you think curfews are a good thing?

In the US, almost all students move out when they turn 18. Will you move out then? If not,
when will you move out? What is the normal age to leave home in Austria? Why do you
think this is?

Many people in the US move far away from home during their life. Would you ever like to
move far away, or would you rather stay here? Do you feel tied to your family? How far
away would you like to move?


What is your favorite memory?

What is your dream job? What would a normal day be like for you?

Women in Islam

Is wearing a veil simply a religious obligation or a form of oppression? Should the wearing of
veils be eliminated?

Why do you think some Muslim men make their wives stay in total seclusion for their entire
lives? Can you think of any positive aspects of this?

A Muslim woman’s testimony is only worth a quarter that of a man’s according to Pakistani
law, even in instances of rape. Why do you think this is, and what sort of implications does it


Do you think that men and women are socially and biologically different? Why or why not?

Do you think that women should have the right to choose whether to have an abortion, and do
you think that it’s right for men to tell them not to? Why or why not?

Men get paid more on average than women for the same job. If women and men would be
paid equally for the same work, what would be the disadvantages of this from the man’s point
of view?

3rd World

Who is to blame for the poverty of the 3 rd world?

Do you think that industrialized nations have an obligation to help those in the 3 rd world,
financially or otherwise? What could be some disadvantages of this?

Do MNC’s have the right to conduct business in the 3 rd world, and what are some of the
advantages of this for the people in the 3 rd world who work for them? Disadvantages?

                                                                    Created by Gail Gromaski & Carrie Magin
                                                                                   FLA Innsbruck 2004-2005
Fair Trade

Starbucks introduced a line of fair trade products, but they only constitute of 1% of their
entire product line. Why do you think they did this, and why do you think only 1%?

Do you think that products of the future will all need to be fair trade? Why or why not?
Advantages and disadvantages?


The US was slow to offer to help those nations which suffered from the tsunami, but then
ended up becoming one of the greatest contributors. Why do you think the US was slow to
help, and why do you think they made one of the largest contributions?

What were some of the short and long term effects of the tsunami?


Do you think that people should be obligated to give money to charity?

What ways could a charity be bad?

Human Rights

In Saudi Arabia it is legal for people to be beheaded. In spite of this, the US is really good
friends with the government. Why? What should be done to stop this practice?

Do governments have the right to define human rights according to law? At what point does
human rights abuse begin?

Amnesty International

Does Amnesty International have the right to try to prevent other countries from carrying out
executions? Why? What are some disadvantages of this?

List the positive and negative aspects of Amnesty International. Would you ever join this
NGO? Why or why not?

Health and Food

Whose responsibility is it to make sure people eat healthy? Businesses? Governments?
Education? Parents? Individuals?

It is commonly thought that people are fat because they are lazy and eat too much junk food.
Do you agree with this? What are other reasons that people could be fat?

                                                                    Created by Gail Gromaski & Carrie Magin
                                                                                   FLA Innsbruck 2004-2005

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