Planetary Science Division Update Presentation to the Planetary by hwh10252


									Planetary Science Division
            Presentation to the
  Planetary Science Subcommittee of the
         NASA Advisory Council

             James L. Green
           Acting, Director PSD
            (on detail from GSFC)

        September 25, 2006
      J.L. Green - Introduction
• Education: BA, MS, Phd - Unv. of Iowa
• Science background:
  – Magnetospheric Physicist
  – Over 100 peer reviewed science papers, ~50 technical
    reports, ~50 newsletters articles
  – Co-Investigator & Deputy Project Scientist on IMAGE
• Creator of Space Physics Analysis Network-SPAN
• Science Management experience:
  – Head, National Space Science Data Center „85-‟92
  – Chief, Space Science Data Operations Off. „92-‟05
  – Chief, Science Proposal Support Off. „05-‟06
• Connection with planetary science
  – R&A: VDAP, JDAP, PIDDP, HCIPE, & EPO supplement
• Importance of the PSS to the Planetary
  Science Division
• Current status of the Division
• PSS Recommendations to the NAC
• Current PSD Issues

      Importance of the PSS
• I value the PSS as the top community input
  – PSS provides recommendations to the NAC
  – PSD receives copies of all your recommendations
• No other advisory group will be created for
  Divisional use
  – I will be at every PSS meeting and you have my
    full attention
  – I will hear the context of all the discussions and
    the recommendations and will have my notes too!
• The PSS really matters to me!

Division Status

            Administrative Changes
• Current civil servant positions to be filled:
   –   Director Planetary Science (closed Sept. 24th)
   –   Deputy Director Planetary Science (closed Sept. 24th)
   –   Discovery Program Executive (to be advertised)
   –   A Discovery Program Scientist for Phase A (to be advertised)
• Other staff changes and positions filled:
   – Carl Pilcher, appointed Director of NASA Astrobiology Institute;
     John Rummel replaces Carl as Senior Scientist for Astrobiology
   – Detailees:
        •   Catherine Conely/AMES now the new Planetary Protection Officer
        •   Stan Wojnar/GSFC (Dep.Director) - onboard Oct. 2
        •   Jonathan Rall/GSFC (instrumentation analysis) - onboard Oct. 2
        •   Lia LaPania (detailed from Astrophysics-half time) - starting Nov. 1
   – Lindley Johnson moving to ESMD with NEOO program;
        • Lindley being detailed back to Planetary Division for ~ 6 mos.
        • A new Civil Servant hire replacement approved (see above)
            Current Mission Status
• Mars: MRO, MGS, MER-1, MER-2, Mars Odyssey, Aspera-Mars Exp
   – New Launches: MSL and Phoenix
• Discovery: Messenger, Deep Impact, Stardust, Genesis
   – New Launches: Moon Mineralogy Mapper-Chandrayan, Dawn
• New Frontiers: New Horizons
   – New Launches: Juno
• Flagship: Cassini/Huygens at Saturn
• International: Mars Express, Venus Express, Rosetta, Hayabusa
• Studies: Determine the feasibility of Titan and Enceladus missions <
  $1B FY06 cost cap
   – Two science teams from OPAG
   – Report to also define technology needs but not include
      development in estimate
   – Expect results from JPL in March 2007

              Planetary Mission Event Schedule
   2006          2007          2008         2009      2010     2011       2012      2013        2014         2015
                              Jan. 14
              Feb 28, NH @   Messenger
                 Jupiter     @ Mercury
                                                              March 3
 NH/Pluto                    Chandraayn                      @ Mercury    Disc-12   Disc-13                 Disc-14
                June 5,
              Messenger @
                 Venus                      MSL                Juno                           NewFront3
   Oct. 24                     Oct. 6      Sept. 29
Messenger @                  Messenger    Messenger                                                        July NH @
   Venus        Phoenix      @ Mercury    @ Mercury          Mar Scout2                                   Pluto/Charon

                 Dawn                                                                MSO

    • Planetary Division launches (green)
    • Planetary mission events (red)
     Planetary Science Division
• Roadmap has been issued & posted at a number of

  Findings and

 PSS Recommendations to the NAC
• Status of Restoration of cuts to R&A and Astrobiology
• Mission related:
   • Put sufficient resources into concept and Phase A studies
   • Avoid programmatic delays of missions.
   • Reduce management overhead on all programs
   • Revisit cost caps of competed missions (Discovery, New
   • Reverse the increases in cost of launch vehicles
• Endorse the NRC report "An Assessment of Balance
  in NASA's Science Programs"
• Begin planning for the scientific analysis of data from
  LRO and missions by international partners
   • Covered by other speakers today

  Status of cuts to R&A and Astrobiology
• The President‟s FY07 Budget includes reductions in R&A
  (15%) and Astrobiology (50%)
• Within the approved budget constraints we will work
  toward maintaining a viable R&A program
   – Pay attention to the “program budget for new awards” stated in
     ROSES‟07 call and any new relevant amendments for cost
     change information
• We are now adding two new R&A opportunities above the
  existing R&A program
   – Data Analysis Program for New Horizons encounter with Jupiter
     (encounter is Feb. 28, 2007)
   – Lunar Science Research (details TBD)
• Lunar Sortie Science R&A (Clarification App.E4): “NASA
  intends to issue further solicitations for … science
  investigations” - issued today!
          Lunar Science NRA
• Request PSS provide suggestions on potential
  science research focused areas for this NRA
  – Based on Lunar data in the PDS
  – Relationship with other Lunar research with existing
    Planetary Science Division NRAs
  – Building up science core for supporting follow-on
    NRAs utilizing ESMD Lunar mission data
• PDS overview of Lunar data
• PDS to archive other Lunar
  data that may be available

   Mission Recommendations
• Put sufficient resources into concept and Phase A
   • Discovery (Mar 5) - Phase A increased to 7 months & $1.2 M
   • Scout (June 15) - Phase A increased to 9 months & $2 M
• Avoid programmatic delays of missions
   • Juno delay to 2011 unavoidable due to budget constraints
• Reduce management overhead on all programs
   • Staffing up at NASA Hq will provide needed program oversight
• Revisit cost caps of competed missions and reverse
  the increases in cost of launch vehicles
   • Current discussions are whether or not to include the cost of
     the launch vehicles in the AO
   • Cost increases due to launch vehicles should not be counted
     against a missions cost cap

Discovery & Scout Selections
• Green: I am not involved in any aspect of
  these selections since I am a GSFC detailee

• Discovery:
  – More than 15 full missions with more than 5 MOOs
  – Selection(s) expected Mid to late October
• Scout:
  – More than 20 full missions with several MOOs
  – In the peer review process
  – Selection(s) expected this calendar year

 Balance Issue: PSD (FY07)
                   $1,191M       (available balance to spend)

                                               Discovery Program
                                                   (Com peted)

                                                                New Frontiers
                                                                 (Com peted)

                                                                   (ISP/RPS/Mars Tech;
                                                                       Com peted &
Phoenix, Scout 11&13                                                         8%
    (Com peted)
                                                        R&A (Com peted)
            Mars Operating Msn
           (MRO/MER/MEX/Odyss        Cassini         Hayabusa
             ey/MGS/MMO/PM)            8%               2%

   Current PSD Issue:
   Should we consider adding a newly
proposed foreign-provided instrument to
 the Juno mission which is in Phase B?


• The Juno mission was proposed to AO-OSS-03 in
  March 2004, the Juno proposal was one of 2 selected
  for a Phase A concept study in July 2004.
• The Concept Study Report was received in March 2005,
  and the mission was selected to enter Phase B in June
  2005 with a launch in 2009
• Budget exigencies reduced near-years funding in the
  New Frontiers line causing the launch date to slip
   • NASA Hq management, at that time, allowed the PI to work all
     options to lower costs so that the program could fit with cost
     cap and revised budget profile.
   • New launch date is now 2011
• Launch slips caused an extended Phase B to occur

                     BACKGROUND (2)
• The mission PI, during the extended Phase B, has been
  approached by a foreign space group to provide several
  (non-science) subsystems to offset potential costs to the
  mission AND offered to add an instrument to the payload

• The PI and his team have asked NASA to add this
  instrument to the Juno mission - since their analysis
  indicates it can be accommodated (mass, power, etc.)

• NASA has never added a foreign instrument at this stage in
  the development cycle of a competitively selected flight
  mission, but there appear to be no legal issues associated
  with it.

• There is concern that accepting this instrument, however
  meritorious the science obtained from the instrument might
  be, would ultimately be seen by both US and Foreign
  scientists as a “backdoor” method for adding instruments
  after the initial rigorous evaluation provided by the AO
  selection process, and that this could ultimately both
  damage our efforts to maintain cost caps, and, in addition,
  simply be seen as unfair by many in the US space science

• SMD/PSD will not add this instrument without PSS advice,
  in addition to a thorough technical review, and an
  examination of the addition for science merit, judge
  against the original AO criteria.

Planetary Science R&A
Roses 06 Due Date                   NRA Name                     HQ Contact
  C .9       4 /2 5 /0 6   C as s ini D ata A nalys is        D ennis J . B ogan
  C .8       4 /2 8 /0 6   O uter P lane ts Res earc h        C urt N iebur
  C .1 0     4 /2 8 /0 6   D is c overy D ata A nalys is      William Knopf
  C .4        5 /5 /0 6    P lanetary G eology                S tephen Saunders
  C .2       5 /1 9 /0 6   C os moc hemis try                 D avid J . L inds trom
  C .1 2     5 /2 4 /0 6   M ars fundame ntal                 M arily n L inds trom
  C .5        6 /2 /0 6    P lanetary A s tronomy             L indley N . Johns on
  C .6        6 /9 /0 6    N ear E arth O bjec t              L indley N . Johns on
  C .7       6 /1 6 /0 6   P lanetary A tmos pheres           P hilippe C rane
  C .3       6 /3 0 /0 6   S ample Return L ab                D avid J . L inds trom
  C .1 5     6 /3 0 /0 6   M ars Rec onnais s anc e           S tephen Saunders
  C .1 6      7 /7 /0 6    M es s enger M is s ion            M arily n L inds trom
  C .1 9      8 /4 /0 6    P lanetary P rotec tion            John D . Rummel
  C .1 1     8 /1 1 /0 6   M ars D ata A nalys is             Robert Foge l
  C .1 7     9 /2 7 /0 6   P lanetary I ns trument            M arily n L inds trom
  C .2 3   S ee P rogram P lanetary M ajor E quipt.           D avid J . L inds trom
  C .2 4   S ee P rogram C arl S agan and L arry H as kin C urt N iebur
  C .1 3       T BD        M ars I ns trument D ev            D ave L av ery
  C .1 4       T BD        M ars T ec h P rojec t             D ave L av ery
  C .2 2       T BD        I n-S pac e P ropuls ion           D ave L av ery
  C .1 8   unde r rev iew A s trobiology: E xobiology         M ic hael H . N e w
  C .2 0   unde r rev iew A s trobiology Sc ienc e M is s ion M ic hael H . N e w
  C .2 1                                                    C
           unde r rev iew A s trobiology Sc ienc e E xploring arl B . P ilc her

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