540 N. HOLL Y ST MEDFORD, OREGON 97501              541-772-6902         SEP TEMBER—OCTOBER 2008 EDITION

         Become a Heart
      Centered Metaphysician
                                         ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING . . .
   A Heart Centered Metaphysician            SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 21, 2008 AT 12:30 PM
   is someone that knows and Spiri-
   tually understands Truth              Can you believe it? Another year        Elaine Frenett
   (Principles and Laws) in accept-      gone by and once again it’s time        Mary Lucido
   ing and realizing Oneness. This       for us to come together to BE           Steve McManus and
   person (You?), compassionately        about the business of Christ            Shula Morgan
   and lovingly applies and practices    Unity Church of Medford.
   Truth as a way of Life. This per-                                             You will have the opportunity to
   son (You?) also assists others in     Jesus brought His followers to-         meet and hear from the candidates
   understanding and applying Truth      gether to worship, study spiritual      during fellowship on August 31st, at
   in their daily lives. This person     teachings, pray and break bread         the Birthday Potluck on September
   (You?) portraits the following        together. We follow that wonder-        7th and again during fellowship on
   characteristics:                      filled tradition by forming, sustain-   September 14th. Any and all of
   • Through modeling demon-             ing and supporting our spiritual        those occasion would be a wonder-
        strates; prosperity, whole-      community right here, right now.        ful time to let the candidates know
        ness, harmony and order in                                               how this ministry can serve you as
        their Life and supports others   The membership will be electing         we move into the 2008-2009 fiscal
        in demonstrating the same.       two Trustees to serve on the            year.
   • Knows Spiritual Principles          Board. Those you elect will join
        and expresses them.              Alida Montegna, Ken Leske and           Stewardship
   • His/her thinking and feeling        Rev. Rob to provide leadership of       One of the challenges that all min-
        natures work together so that    our Ministry in the coming year.        istries have is to determine how to
        (s)he is a compassionate un-     James C. Hunter says of leader-         put into circulation the treasure,
        derstanding presence in the      ship, “Leadership boils down to a       Love gifts and Tithes that we re-
        world.                           simple four-word job descrip-           ceive. Outgoing Treasurer Steve
   How you ask? More on page 2           tion—Identify and meet needs.”          McManus will deliver a report on
                                                                                 how the ministry grew from the fi-
         Board of Trustees               To meet and exceed that job de-         nancial position.
                                         scription those who are (and will
   President: Shirley Dempsey            be) serving need your assistance.       Your Board looks at funding of all
   Vice-Pres: Ken Lemke                  In the office we answer our             our current programs, services and
   Secretary: Alida Montegna             phones, in part, this way “How          operations and knowing that God is
   Treasurer: Steve McManus              may we serve you today?” And            our source looks to future programs
         Our Beloved Staff               so we ask that of you.                  and services and then prepares a
   Rev. Rob Wheeler,                         How may we serve you?               budget. That budget will be pre-
           Administrative Director                                               sented for your information.
   Terrie Pacheco,                       Trustees
           Administrative Assistant      The nomination committee has            Notice
   Steve McManus                         met and with prayerful considera-       In accordance with our By-Laws
           Minister of Music             tion will present the following can-    members will receive the agenda
   Shirley Dempsey                       didates to the floor for your con-      and other documents on or about
           Director Youth Education      sideration:                             September 11th. Check your mail-

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     Page 2

           A UNITY WAY OF                  Looking Ahead
   by Rev. Anne Ainsworth              September
                                          Theme - We Form Our Reality through thoughts held in Mind
   When we first begin to study Unity   7 What Are You?
   teachings, we may find it necessary 14 The Power to Produce
   to learn whole new concepts of      21 I Now Am True
   God, of ourselves and of our rela-  28 There Is A Place
   tionship with God.
   If we thought God was a Remote                   Theme - We live the Truth we Know
   Being out there somewhere, we                        5 Buried Talents
   probably directed prayers up and                   12 Living The Life
   out away from ourselves and hoped                  19 Keeping In Tune
   that our fervent voice was heard in                26 Make Joy A Habit
   some distant region of the heavens.                                                    (Cont page 3)
   Or we may even have decided that
   God would not hear us because of        - Thanksgiving- opens the way for      already present and stop “hiding
   some inherent unworthiness.             the fulfillment of our desire.         our light under a bushel.” (Luke
                                                                                  11:33) No matter who we are or
   What a surprise to be told that God     This pattern is taken from the book what we have done, that Light is
   is everywhere and that everywhere       Effectual Prayer by Frances Foulks, within us, longing for our recogni-
   includes within ourselves!              an early Unity author. Don’t be put tion. So let’s begin opening to it.
                                           off by the terms. Concentration
   We don’t have to reach out and          and meditation are just words and      The first step, Relaxation, may be
   away for help. Rather we can be-        are interchangeable to me. The         the most difficult because we
   come still and listen within for an-    idea of becoming still and waiting     need to relax more than just the
   swers that are true and fitting what-   in Silence for the Christ of your own body. We must also relax the
   ever the situation.                     Being to speak to you is what it’s all mind and the emotions, freeing
                                           about. In fact, communing with God ourselves from worry, doubt, fear,
   HOW TO DO THIS?                         has been a goal of all meditative      etc. Directing our thought to an
                                           practices throughout human his-        idea about God helps in this proc-
   It’s easy using Unity’s Five Step       tory.                                  ess. This is step two, Meditation,
   Prayer Method. These five steps                                                as Frances Foulks calls it, and
   can be practiced anywhere at any                                               you can see that no one step is
   time. Initially, in order to learn                                             independent of the next. They all
   these steps, to make them a part of                                            work together in harmony, en-
   your consciousness, start the day                                              hancing one another.
   with anywhere from two or three to
   fifteen minutes of quiet time, prac-                                          Relaxation and Meditation, work-
   ticing these simple actions.                                                  ing hand in hand, will start you on
                                                                                 an exciting journey of discovery.
   - Relaxation - body, mind, emotions                                           Next time we will explore the rest
                                                                                 of steps and look at what other
   - Meditation - think about                                                    Unity writers have to offer, as well
                                                                                 as some other meditative disci-
   - Concentration - fix exclusive at-                                           plines.
   tention upon
                                                                                 Editor: So did you discover a step
   - Realization Of the Presence of        Where Unity teaching may differ is    to becoming a Heart-centered
   God -actually being in the Silence      in our realization that God, Life,    Metaphysician? I did!
   itself                                  Spirit already fills each one of      Thank you Anne
                                           us. We need to awaken to what is

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     Page 3

   SERVE OTHERS BY...                                                           Looking Ahead—continued
                                                                                Birthday Potluck
                                                                                Sep 7 – Happy Birthday to:
   These are some of the areas within the
                                                                                Elaine Frenett       Darcy Low
   Ministry where your time and talent
                                           The Church supplies the cards,       Leisa Reese          Jean Lamm
   could be put to use:                    stamps and addresses. From your      Katherine Haertle    Kevin Murtha
            Hospitality Team               home You supply the love and a few   Bob Bolf             Donna Hunt
   We have room for you to serve on the minutes to say “We Love You, We         Andrew Barlow
   Hospitality Team. One Sunday a month miss you, We look forward to see-       Oct 5 – Happy Birthday to:
   help set up for fellowship in Bosworth                                       Janet Grove       Avis Farber
   Hall following the service. See Maureen
                                           ing you soon”
                                                                                Roger Robinson Shirley Dempsey
   Henderson or call the office.                                                Genevieve Fletcher
                                                   Ushers & Greeters            Carol Cochran     Bonnie Hash
            Sound Technician                       You can play an important
   Prepare the sound system for use       role! You are the first person new    Movie & Desert – Saturday 6:30pm
   prior to the Sunday service or spe-    Folks meet. We want folks to be at    Sep 13 – “Eve & the Fire Horse”
   cial event to accommodate speakers     home here, just as you were the       An incredibly spiritual journey into the
   and/or musical performances.           first time you came. Which Sun-       heart and soul
   Works with Steve, Shula and Rev.       day’s work best for you? Please       of what relig-
   Rob on post-production work to         see Diane Coash the chair of this     ion is and
   prepare tapes and cd’s for the “On     committee and we will put you in      what religion
   the Road” program (No experience                                             does for each
                                          the schedule.
   necessary… we will teach the ease of                                         of us on our
   use of the system.)                                                          own individual journeys.
                                                Platform Chairperson
                                                  Assists Rev. Rob and our      Oct 11 – “A Relative Thing”
            Transportation                Guest speakers during the Sunday      Five brothers and sisters are reunited
               Assistant                  Service by introducing the songs,     by a call to
   We have folks who would love to        leading the affirmation, presenting   come home to
   come to church, however, they are      the opening prayer, welcoming visi-   be with their
   unable to drive. Would two Sun-        tors and presenting the announce-     dying grand-
   days a month work for you to ride      ments. We are so blessed to have      mother. A
   share?                                 Joyce Larson and Diane Coash in       sweet tale of
                                          that position. There is room to add   family, love and healing that every-
            Multi-Media Crew
                                          YOU as we grow and have the need      one can understand: it's a relative
   We are looking for people who ei-
                                          for two (or more) services every      thing.
   ther know or would like to learn
   Power Point, Microsoft Publishing      Sunday.
   (this newsletter) to support our                                             Open Mic Night
                                                                                Sep 20 – 6:30pm sign-up – This will
   staff as we grow. When we add a Connie Shields and the Membership
                                                                                be the final performance of this year
   projector in the Sanctuary we will committee are looking for new ideas
   need people just like you every Sun- and your input. Care to Serve?
                                                                                Men’s Group – 4th Tuesday
   day. Would once a month work
                                                                                Sep 23 – Oct 28 10:00am at Elmer’s
   for you?                                                                     Restaurant
              Contact and               Did we forget any Ministry Team? If
         Communication Team             so, let us know and we will find        Platter Chatters
   First things First… THANK YOU those who are willing to serve in              The Annual Picnic will be on Satur-
   Janet Grove! Janet has stepped up that area.                                 day September 27th At the home of
   and is the moving force behind in-                                           Bob and Diane Coash. This is an
   suring that those who we haven’t                                             opportunity for the ladies, their signifi-
   seen at church receive cards to let                                          cant other or a guest to join.
   them know we think about them.

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