New Kent County, Virginia Weekly Reader, No. 2 by ler15282


									                                                                              New Kent County, Virginia
                                                                                  Weekly Reader, No. 2

                                                                                                                       May 13, 2005

The Honorable Board of Supervisors

                                                      UPCOMING MEETINGS

                                                                   MAY 2005

     Sun               Mon                     Tues                 Wed              Thurs                  Fri           Sat
1              2                          3                    4               5                       6          7

8              9                          10                   11              12                      13         14

15             16                         16                   18              19                      20         21
               10 am President’s          7 pm NK Chamber of                   8:30 a.m. EDA
               visit to Biodiesel plant   Commerce meeting                     meeting
               6:30 pm Planning
               Comm. meeting

22             23                         24                   25              26                      27         28
               6 pm Work Session                                               6:30 p.m. EDA Bus.
                Vote on Budget                                                 Appreciation event at
                PH on FONK                                                     Brickshire Golf Club

28             30                         31
               County Offices closed
               for Memorial Day

Administration __________________________________________________________________
•    County Administrator attended the meeting of the Interagency Council of New Kent County service
     providers and participated in discussion on updates of available community services and needs.
•    Met with Bill Kelly at New Kent County Airport to discuss runway project, tour facility and review
     long-term development and funding needs.
•    Attended the Department of Social Services Board meeting to review operations and assisted
     Board with issues involving legal services.
•    The Board of Social Services accepted the resignation of Director, Phil Quinn.
•    Met with Commissioner of the Revenue to review the upcoming British visit.
•    Attended the monthly meeting of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. The Board agreed to
     move forward with clearing the future site of Quinton Community Park. Also a meeting was held
     with Mr. Hill, Mr. Pete Sweet and VDOT representatives to review alternatives for the entrance
     road to determine if a better location would facilitate additional parking at the park. The County
     Administrator will forward a letter to VDOT for review of alternative entrances for its review and
•    Met with representatives of the County Health Department to review coordination of services for
     New Kent County residents and open a dialogue to continue to enhance service provision in our
•    Reviewed Easement Tracking Reporting with KDR. Communications have been improved and
     information is now being collected in a more complete and expeditious manner. With the
     assistance of Matt Forbes of the IT department, a map has been created to track the easement
•    Staff is working to complete those items generated by the May 9 Board meeting and prepare for
     the President’s visit on May 16.

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                        Weekly Reader, No. 2

Community Development_________________________________________________________
   • Processed & performed 155 inspections
Residential Construction:
   • Total permits issued this week: 34
   • New single family dwellings: 7 issued this week; 7 awaiting plans review
   • Issued 6 Certificates of Occupancy for new single family dwellings
Commercial Construction:
   • Retaining wall for Colonial Downs issued
   • Cabin #4 for Rockahock Campground
   • Currently reviewing building plans for proposed Vincent’s Funeral Home
Erosion & Sediment Control:
   • Currently pursuing 6 major violations of the Erosion & Sediment Control law
   • Approved land disturbance permit for Section R Phase II in Brickshire
•   The following applications were received this week:
             o Certificates of Zoning - 4
             o Subdivision Plats (Family) - 1
             o Construction Plans – 1
             o Rezoning – 1
             o Conditional Use Permit – 1
•   Three zoning violations were issued this week
•   Staff has received a rezoning and conditional use permit application from SPF investments, LLC for
    the purpose of constructing and operating a privately-owned municipal landfill facility in New Kent.
    The proposed facility is located in the western portion of the County, south of Interstate 64 and
    north of US Route 60.
•   Staff continued developing the new Zoning Ordinance incorporating the revisions recommended by
    the Village Activity Committee
•   Staff continued to review Farms of New Kent documents for the public hearing on 23 May 2005,
    and posted current documents to the web site
•   Staff sent out packets for 2007 – 2011 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) requests to all
    department heads on 02 May 2005

Public Works ___________________________________________________________________
    •   Staff continues to visit well sites three times a week and check chlorine levels
    •   Performed monthly bacteria tests on 6 well systems
    •   Installed 5 meters
    •   Worked on 23 Miss Utility tickets
    •   Assisted B&G with waterline repair in impound lot
    •   Worked on DMR’s
    •   Finalized installation of chemical feed at Chickahominy
    •   Worked with treatment system representatives to optimize chemical feed system
Building & Grounds
    •   Supervised annual sprinkler system testing/inspection
    •   Repaired waterline in impound lot
    •   Finished new door in Admin office
    •   Discussed options on roof repair and painting of Courthouse
Office Staff
    •   Processed 15 Refuse Authorizations
    •   Processed 5 water transfers
    •   Processed 5 new water connections

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                        Weekly Reader, No. 2

(Public Works, continued…)
     •   Processed 1 irrigation meter connections
     •   Worked 2nd notices for water billing
     •   Worked on Consumer Confidence Reports for all water customers
Utility Inspector
     •   Continued to inspect Brickshire Section P1
     •   Assisted B&G with waterline repair in impound lot.
     •   Reviewed plans and contract documents for Bottoms Bridge, and visited site
     •   Worked on Parham VPDES permit
     •   Continued work on easement acquisition for Bottoms Bridge
     •   Worked up contract for Route 618 pad
     •   Met with Royer on Bottoms Bridge
     •   Reviewed plans for first phases of Chickahominy WWTP upgrade
     •   Reviewed Phase 1 ESA for Rt 155 VDOT Maintenance Area
     •   Reviewing Landfill proposal
     •   Reviewing Patriots Landing Phase 1 re-submittal and Brickshire Bel Green Section 2 submittal
     •   Continued to work with new inspector on water/sewer specifications and Bottoms Bridge plans

Central Accounting ____________________________________________________________
•   Processed the May 13th payroll - 126 direct deposits, 87 payroll checks, and 11 vendor checks for
•   Processed Enrollment Forms received for Anthem renewal
•   Prepared for and presented FY 2006 Proposed Budget Power Point presentation at the May 9 Public
•   Submitted reimbursement request to State Board of Elections for Registrar and Electoral Board
•   Processed insurance vehicle claim for Sheriff’s department
•   Conducted second interviews for Payroll/Utility Clerk position
•   Developed job description for Accountant I position; prepared and submitted advertisement
•   Processed Accounts Payable – 193 invoices; 89 Checks
•   Reviewed 36 vendor statements for unpaid invoices, and contacted vendors and departments
•   Reviewed and submitted to Verizon Wireless 24 accounts that needed corrections and/or had
    misapplied payments
•   Mediated between AT&T and Verizon on Williamsburg FX line troubles
•   Finished journal entries for April gas, copier and postage charges
•   Assisted Public Works with Interest, Penalty and Second Notices for Utility accounts
•   Assisted Bright and Public Works with program errors in Utility program
•   Checked on status with Pitney Bowes on repair of main copier and use of loaner
•   Began process with Verizon Wireless to switch account to new government program (GSA) starting
•   Worked with MIS, Verizon and Universal Solutions on switchboard and trunk line upgrade project
•   Assisted Social Services with procedures for new vehicle purchase

Fire, Rescue & Emergency Services _____________________________________________

•   Fire Chief Gallaher out on vacation the week of May 9

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                        Weekly Reader, No. 2

Economic Development _________________________________________________________

Director J. Andrew Hagy reports the following conversations and meetings relating to economic
development activities and projects during the past week:
•   Virginia Economic Developers Roundtable Meeting
•   Met with Bill Kelly, New Kent Airport
•   Presented Business Appreciation Resolution to BOS for adoption at May 9 meeting
•   Scheduled meeting between SPF Investments and EDA for May19 EDA meeting
•   Initiated AFD application process for Fisher property
•   Scheduled Jeanne Zeidler, Chairperson, Jamestown 2007 Virginia Committee to be guest speaker
    for the New Kent Business Appreciation Reception on May 26
•   Met with Timmons Engineering regarding Fisher property
•   Projects Stone, KC, Meyer, and Howard
•   Virginia Economic Development Partnership
•   Virginia Tourism Corporation
•   New Kent 2007 Committee
•   DragonsRidge representatives
•   Attorney Ben Emerson relating to EDA land transaction
•   R. Stuart Royer engineering relating to Weir Creek Commerce Park

Parks & Recreation          _____________________________________________________________
•   Purchased, assembled and stationed new equipment and supply storage shed at Emmaus Baptist
    Church softball field
•   Developed and distributed April participation numbers at Parks and Recreation Advisory
    Commission Work Session
•   Completed summer camp uniform, equipment and supply order
•   Completed participant scholarship requests for summer camp
•   Delivered flyers to county schools to publicize the Major League Baseball Pitch Hit & Run Program
    for May14
•   Mailed certificates of completion to Dog Obedience Class participants
•   Arranged the Fit-For-Life summer running program
•   Conducted local Hershey Track and Field Meet on May 7
•   Director attended Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission Work Session to address bylaw
    revisions and issues concerning Quinton Community Park
•   Director attended Interagency Council Meeting to share department information and get updates
    from other member agencies
•   Director participated in conference call with the Virginia Recreation and Park Society as a member
    of its Nominations and Elections Committee for 2005
•   Director met with Ms. Sylvia Jones-Thompson of Senior Connections to discuss senior program

Information Systems ___________________________________________________________
Jonathan Stanger, MIS, reports that it has been a routine week for Information Systems. In addition
to the daily tasks (backups, system maintenance, etc.) they have:
•   Received the server which will be used for Blackberry devices
•   Worked with Verizon to finalize the contract to change the County Government’s phone services
    for the phone system upgrade. They are still waiting on some information from Verizon before the
    new service is ordered.
•   Scheduled a kick off meeting with Universal Solutions to make preparations for the phone system
    upgrades. Jonathan has also been working on the network readiness survey for this project.
    These upgrades will probably be installed in the second half of June.
•   Produced a sewer service easement map.
•   Reviewed a draft of the new Tax Parcel Map from Spatial. There have been several meetings and
    discussions on this product this week. They are scheduled to have the maps delivered next week.
    They have attempted to obtain a product which will meet everyone’s needs.

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                        Weekly Reader, No. 2

Voter Registrar __________________________________________________________________
•   Registrar, Assistant Registrars and Electoral Board continue to prepare for dual party primaries to
    be held on June 14, 2005.
•   General Registrar visited New Kent High School on May 12, 2005 to register eligible students –
    102 students registered to vote.
•   Electoral Board met on May 11, 2005.
•   An Officers of Election training meeting has been scheduled and notification of the training was
    sent to all Officers.
•   The last date to register to vote prior to the June 14, 2005 election is Monday, May 16, 2005, 5:00
    p.m. Absentee voting for this election begins on May 16, 2005

Sheriff’s Office __________________________________________________________________
The Sheriff reports that during the past week, his office has been heavily involved working with the
Secret Service and surrounding jurisdictions preparing for President Bush's upcoming visit.

On Sunday, May 8, Dispatch received reports of shots fired in the area of Golden Wheel Road at
Emmaus Church Road. The reporting party stated that he felt the shots were from a shotgun and
possibly a handgun. The caller also advised he could hear individuals yelling at each other. Deputies
subsequently stopped two vehicles were stopped and the occupants of those vehicles were detained
and identified. Several weapons were located, one being a small caliber rifle with a scope.

Information received indicates that one vehicle left the scene prior to the arrival of the Sheriff's Office.
Detectives were called to the scene and other items of evidence were located and collected.

The individuals in the vehicles who were contacted were identified, interviewed and photographed.
Information was obtained to assist in the identification of the subjects who left the scene prior to the
arrival of the deputies. All facts indicate the situation was gang-related with members of a Charles
City gang (the 155 Posse) seeking out members of the New Kent gang (the NIC).

This case is under investigation with discussions ongoing with the Commonwealth Attorney, Charles
City County, Federal agencies and several other law enforcement agencies' gang units. There are
charges pending in this case with arrests likely in the near future.

                                                                                                  John A. Budesky
                                                                                              County Administrator

Attachments:      Poverty Guidelines (requested of Karen Cameron at a prior meeting)
                  Response to Fred Bahr’s FOIA request
                  Recent Articles of Interest

Copies of the 2005-2005 VACo/VML Directory and 2005 Legislative Summary, as well as the Eastern
Area Needs Assessment report from CVHPA are in our office if you are interested in reviewing them.

                                                 MISSION STATEMENT

    We will provide the citizens of New Kent County with the highest quality services in a professional, efficient
    and fiscally-responsible manner.

    As a County, we value
        •   the opinions and perspectives of our citizens
        •   our rural integrity
        •   a commitment to balanced growth
        •   preservation of the environment
        •   our quality of life

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