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     UGA Workforce Development Team
           The University of Georgia
                   Human Resources
                  215 S. Jackson St.
                  Athens, GA 30602
                             Weekly Production Report
Name of Student:                                     Date of Report:
Firm’s Name:                                         Business Telephone:

What were your job responsibilities this past week? What specific tasks were involved?

Related assignments at school: Indicate the subject(s) studied, topic(s) considered, and how
these related to the activities that you were engaged in on the job this past week.

Weekly Time and Earning Summary

Day           Date    Time Started   Time Ended      Total Hours   Worksite Supervisor’s Comments








Total Hours Worked _______

_______________________________           ___________________________________________
Student’s Signature       Date             Worksite Supervisor’s Signature     Date
                     Young DawgsUGA Policies
Attendance Policy

Young Dawgs Program participants are expected to arrive on time to their
internship sites. If a student is going to be late they should call and notify
their supervisor. Students are also expected to have 100% attendance. Any
absences must be excused. If the student is unable to report to work on an
assigned day due to illness or family emergency, they should inform the
supervisor immediately. To leave early from their internship the student
should get prior approval from their supervisor.

Personal Conduct

The students are representatives of the Young Dawgs Program. As such,
they are expected to behave in a professional and respectful manner.
Students should not use profanity at any time. It is also expected that Young
Dawgs Program participants will not take any food, equipment, clothing, or
other University property.

Telephones in the offices are for business calls only and should not be used
by the students for personal calls. If the student needs to make a phone call
they should ask their supervisor first. Cell phones are not to be used by
the students while at their internships.

Dress Code

While at their internships the students are expected to dress modestly and
appropriately at all times. Exact requirements should be set by site

Smoking Policy

Young Dawgs Program participants are not permitted to smoke at their
internship sites.
            Young DawgsUGA Portfolio Components
   • Cover letter
   • Resume
   • Follow-up or thank you note

END OF WEEK ONE: (Feb. 18)
  • Student completes synopsis of UGA computer ethics policy and other learned
     experiences through the training program
  • Student begins 500 word personal internship plan of desired goals for semester
  • Remember to complete and turn in a time sheet each week!

END OF WEEK TWO: (Feb. 25)
  • Student and Supervisor develop/review a written job description and how to
     measure that the tasks are achieved. This must be signed off by supervisor and
     HR liaison/School-to-Career Coordinator.
  • Student develops initial internship goals and discusses with supervisor/HR liaison
     strategies for achieving them based on job description.
  • Tasks to accomplish goals are defined and benchmarks are determined.

  • Student writes the mission and goals of the organization.
  • Outlines task and/or accomplishments in the personal internship plan

WEEK SIX: (Mar 25)
  • Student understands organizational chart and general description of organization
  • Student reviews personal internship plan and lists accomplishments; adjusts goals
    as necessary.
  • Personal Internship Plan is submitted for review online; students come back to
    Training Center for mid-semester review

WEEK NINE: (Apr 8)
  • Student completes an informational interview with at least one position in the area
    of interest or department
  • Outlines task and/or accomplishments in the personal internship plan

  • Student lists goals for post-internship (i.e. work or additional education plans) and
    steps to pursue
  • Outlines task and/or accomplishments in the personal internship plan
  • Students present their portfolio
   Criteria and Expectations for Student Participation

The Criteria for Participation in the Young Dawgs Program include:
   1.    Student must have at least a 2.5 grade point average in a curriculum leading to a
         high school diploma.
   2.    Student must be in good academic standing and must be recommended by a
         classroom teacher or administrative staff member.
   3.    Student must register with his/her school to receive high school credit.
   4.    Student must submit a Young Dawgs application by the appointed deadline.
   5.    Student must participate in an interview with a Young Dawgs staff
         member. Staff member must recommend student for the program. Providing a
         writing sample will be part of the interview process.
   6.    Parent/Legal Guardian must participate in orientation program and agree to
         program expectations.
   7.    Student must maintain good academic standing and attendance to remain in the
         program. All absences must be excused.

Expectations for students
   1. Students are expected to have 100% attendance. Any absences must be excused.
      Excessive absenteeism is grounds for removal from the program.
   2. Student agrees to act in a professional and respectful manner at all times.
   3. Student agrees to turn off cell phones and other electronic devices during the
   4. Student will complete all portfolio assignments on time.
   5. Student agrees to do his/her best, and participate in all activities.
   6. Student agrees to ask questions if something is not understood.
   7. Student agrees that misbehavior disrupts other students’ learning. If a student
      becomes a behavior problem he/she can be removed from the program.

Student Name: ____________________________________________

I have read and agree to the expectations listed above.

Signature _________________________________               Date ________________
                   Emergency Contact Information
            (Students should complete this form and return to supervisor.)

Student name: ________________________________

In case of emergency, contact:

Contact 1

Name: ________________________________________

Phone number:_________________________________

Alt. phone number:______________________________

Contact 2

Name: ________________________________________

Phone number:_________________________________

Alt. phone number:______________________________

     Young DawgsUGA Summer Program 2009
              Supervisor Program Evaluation
      Completed by: _____________________________
We appreciate your participation in Young Dawgs at UGA. Your views on your
experience will help us to review the program and to make changes that will help us
move closer to achieving the overall School-to-Career goals. There is no right or wrong
answer. Please read each item on the evaluation carefully and circle the response you
think closely reflects your views. We affirm that your response is strictly confidential!

Please circle only one answer:
       1= Strongly disagree 2= Disagree 3= Agree 4= Strongly agree





The student and I formed a mentoring relationship during the
internship program.                                                1            2        3       4

I was accessible to the student when he/she needed advice,
training, and/or direction.                                        1            2        3       4

I invested in providing a supportive environment for the
student’s work-learning experience.                                1            2        3       4

I was able to provide the student with adequate training to
perform the duties assigned to him/her.                            1            2        3       4

I was able to provide the student with adequate resources to
perform the duties assigned to him/her.                            1            2        3       4

The internship was an intellectually-stimulating experience
for the student.                                                   1            2        3       4

I found out the interests of the student and discussed future
career goals with him/her.                                         1            2        3       4

I was able to sculpt the internship to help the student gain
insight for preparation of post-secondary education and/or the     1            2        3       4
The student and I had weekly meetings to discuss the
student’s progress and experiences.                                1            2        3       4

I observed that the student was busy at all times.
                                                                   1            2        3       4
It was easy for me to find time during my workday to spend
with the student.                                              1    2     3    4

The Young DawgsUGA Program met all of my expectations.
                                                               1    2     3    4

I will support future Young DawgsUGA programs in the future.
                                                               1    2     3    4

I would recommend the Young DawgsUGA internship
programs to other campus departments.                          1    2     3    4


What aspects of the program did you enjoy most?

What aspects of the program did you enjoy least?

What would you change about the program?

If you were to recommend the apprenticeship program to other campus departments,
what would you say?

Please share any other comments or suggestions:

            Thank you very much for completing this program evaluation.
                          We value your honest feedback!
Job Description

Student Name:______________________________


Please list tasks that you perform at your work site, or tasks that you will be trained
to perform. These tasks will be used in the development of a job description.

1. ___________________________________________________________

2. ___________________________________________________________

3. ___________________________________________________________

4. ___________________________________________________________

5. ___________________________________________________________

6. ___________________________________________________________

7. ___________________________________________________________

8. ___________________________________________________________

9. ___________________________________________________________

10. __________________________________________________________
      The Young Dawgs Academic Program places juniors and seniors in

semester-long internships for high school credit. Students begin with a

training period with members of UGA Human Resources, in which students

interview with UGA and community representatives.

      Students receive UGA ID cards, UGA e-mail addresses, and gain

access to online courses to help them prepare for work. Students are placed

in internships based on their career interests and work alongside members of

UGA faculty and staff, who also serve as the students’ individual mentors.

UGA strives to prepare its interns well as they begin to pursue their post-

secondary plans.

                                        UGA Workforce Development Team
                                                        The University of Georgia
                                                               Human Resources
                                                               215 S. Jackson St.
                                                              Athens, GA 30602

                                      Jim Geiser – – 706.542.7341
                                    Kim Eberhart – – 706.542.6077
                                     Judy James – – 706.542.7363
                      Roles & Responsibilities

GOAL: To empower students with the knowledge, skills and abilities
necessary for successful employment/training in a chosen career field while
providing them with pathways and information leading to postsecondary
education. Mentoring relationships between supervisors and students will be
the foundation for the student learning.


         • The supervisor will attend the orientation session.

         • The supervisor will review the student’s resume and cover letter,
           and interview the student with the HR Liaison present. The
           supervisor will contact the HR Liaison to confirm the student’s

         • The supervisor will work with the HR Liaison and the student to
           develop the student’s job description, student project plan, and

         • The supervisor works with the student and HR staff liaison to
           maintain the student’s personal project plan.

         • The supervisor acts as a mentor for the student, providing support,
           counsel, and a positive example. The supervisor dedicates at least
           30 minutes per week to meeting one-on-one with the student.

         • The supervisor will complete the following paperwork and return it
           to the HR Liaison: student’s job description, weekly time sheet,
           midterm review and final evaluation. Documents will be provided
           to the supervisor as needed.

         • The supervisor will maintain high standards for the student.

         • The supervisor assures that the student has supervision at all times.
         • The supervisor provides the student challenging and relevant work.

         • The supervisor is readily available for student questions.

         • The supervisor evaluates the student's progress via provided
           evaluation tools and communicates evaluation results to the

         • The supervisor reports any problem behavior to the HR liaison.

         • The supervisor may allow the student to job shadow others in the

HR Liaison
GOAL: To assist Young Dawgs staff in ensuring a valuable internship
experience for Young Dawgs students and supervisors


         • The HR Liaison will participate in a 75-minute orientation, which
           will include: discussing responsibilities of HR Liaisons and HR
           Team Captains, role-playing site visits, reviewing the site visit
           checklist, and discussing Young Dawgs Staff support

         • The HR Liaison will set up the initial interview between the student
           and the supervisor. Supervisor contact info will be provided by HR

         • The HR Liaison will accompany the student to the interview, and
           follow up after the interview to confirm placement.

         • The HR Liaison will meet with the HR Team Captain and Young
           Dawgs Staff to address any initial concerns.

         • During the first site visit, the HR Liaison will work with the student
           and supervisor to develop the student’s job description, student
           project plan, and benchmarks.
• The HR Liaison will contact the supervisor once a week to monitor
  student attendance and project progress. The HR Liaison will send
  weekly updates to the HR Team Captain.

• The HR Liaison will visit the site at least twice a month.
  Unannounced visits are best. The HR Liaison can coordinate with
  the site supervisor. Each visit should be documented in the site visit

• HR Liaison will be available by phone or email if the supervisor
  has a problem.

• The HR Liaison will meet with the supervisor and student for a
  mid-term review and a final evaluation. Review and evaluation can
  be scheduled at the convenience of the HR Liaison and the

• HR Liaison will meet weekly with the Team Captain. Team
  Captains and Young Dawgs Staff will be available to support HR