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									 Presentation to The IAB
 How to use SEO and PPC effectively in
 online campaigns

         Oliver Bishop, CEO – Steak Media.
Search Engine Marketing, Media Planning and Buying
             and Consultancy Services

• The digital marketing mix
  – Search as part of the mix
  – Integration between search and online
• Maximising your PPC campaign
  – Search: The Basics
  – Search: The Next Level
• Benefits of Paid and Natural
Search within the digital mix
The Role Of Search Marketing:

• Enables brands and products to be found easily
• Provides relevant information on products and
• Increases targeted traffic to a website
• Provides a ‘point of purchase’
• Provides qualified leads
• Maximises ROI
Search Within The Digital Mix:

                     Acts as a foundation to ‘direct
                         response’ campaigns

                        Provides a pre qualified

                      Should be maximised within
                         profitable boundaries
Integrating Search and Digital

1)   Timing
2)   Creative Messaging
3)   Budgets
4)   Tracking & Reporting

Google Search Trend for Sony ‘Bravia’

Integrate timing of activity to consolidate message and
capitalise on consumer interest
Creative Messaging:

• Search is excellent for providing insight in to which
  messages are most motivating:
   – Particular phrasing
   – Tone of Voice
   – Referencing particular offers
   – Highest areas of consumer interest

                  Online Advertising spend

           27%                                             Online budgets
                                  40%                      should be split
                                                           according to the
                                                           most efficient mix

                 33%                         Display
                                                           of digital media

£865m was spent on advertising online in the UK (July04 – Jun 05)
An average of 40% went on search
Tracking and Reporting:

• Integrating tracking and reporting provides
  several benefits:
  – Continuity of measurement
  – De duplication of results
  – Centralised results
Maximising PPC
Search: The Basics

Engine specific keyword research     
Keyword specific copy                
Keyword specific matching            
Deep linked urls                     
In-depth tracking to keyword level   
Automated Bid management             
Copy testing                         
Regular reporting and optimisation   
Search: The Next Level

Landing page analysis                   
Conversion drop off analysis            
Usability                               
Lateral market testing                  
Partnerships between clients            
Integration with other areas of media   
Benefits of being in Paid and Natural:

• Increased click through rate (trusted source)
• Increased brand prominence – road blocking
• Misspellings will be picked up in PPC
• PPC listings can be modified quickly
• If a site has barriers to being picked up in natural search,
  PPC offers an alternative
• Appearing high up against ‘generic’ expensive terms in
  natural search can be more cost effective than PPC

      Being in Natural and PPC will not cannibalise traffic
Different types of search results:




From our own client insight we can see that on average 60% of
users click on a ‘natural link’ and 40% click on a PPC link

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