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					                                 Gym Registration form
It is absolutely free to include your business on You may also want to offer discounted
day or weekly passes to Gymvisit users. For more information we can send you more information about this
once we have received your completed form.

Please complete the form below. Gyms will be presented in accordance to proximity to the user’s hotel or
holiday accommodation. However we will feature gym’s which offer discounted daily and weekly passes
as well as gyms that receive particularly good feedback from our ‘Gymvisitors’.

For Gymvisit files:

Contact name:

Contact job title or job description:

Contact email address:

Contact phone number:

Please tick as appropriate:

        I am interested in also offering discounted day and weekly passes to Gymvisitors
        I am part of a chain of gym’s and so please contact me about an easier way to transfer all of the
         data on our chain of gyms
        I am happy for you to link to my site and in return I will offer a link back to your site.
        I am happy for you to contact me occasionally with news from Gymvisit

We will take pictures from your gym’s web site but if there are any you would particularly like us to use then
please email them to us. When your form is turned into a web page we will let you know so that you can
check it is accurate

For your Free Gymvisit web page:
Name of gym:

Location (town, country):

Web address: If you don’t have one let us know

Description: A short description of what makes your gym appealing. We can help you write this if you like..

Address: Include directions e.g. on fifth floor of shopping centre or 5 minute walk from bus station. Also let
us know if there is car parking or a metro station near by

Phone Number:

Opening days and hours:

Locker Charge: If no lockers or free lockers tell us here. Also let us know if there is a need to use a specific

Towel Hire: Do you hire out towels if so what cost and what deposit.

Usual rates for a day pass or weekly pass: Let us know also if you sell variations of this such as three day
memberships etc.
Working Out
Do you have a free weight section?

What is the highest weight dumbbell you have?

Are there any other weight lifting equipment you’d like to highlight?

What cardio equipment do you have?

Is there a water fountain in the gym

Do you offer personal training?

Do you have a swimming pool

What classes do you offer?

Are there any busy times that are worth avoiding?

Chilling Out
What changing facilities do you have (showers, lockers, saunas etc)?

Do you have a restaurant/cafe?

What are the opening hours?

Do they serve meals as well as snacks?

Do they sell supplements/ protein shakes?

Do you offer any pampering services? E.g. massage, beauticians, waxing (specify if male and female) etc

Do you have sun beds? If so how much are they?

Are there any alternative health services you offer? E.g. Hypnotherapy, aromatherapy etc
Are there any other features you’d like to highlight? This could be gardens, ping pong tables, closeness to a
beach, discount passes to local night clubs.