Name:                                                       Address:                                  City               Zip

Telephone(s):                                               e-mail address:

P RO FILE : (Check up to six)
‘ Reliable and punctual with an excellent attendance                    ‘ Bilingual - able to conduct business in both
   record                                                                 and English
‘ Flexible and willing to assume additional                             ‘ Enthusiastic and enjoy meeting new people
   responsibilities                                                     ‘ Strong interest in helping and working with others
‘ Able to work independently or in a team-oriented                      ‘ M otivated to learn new skills through on-the-job
   environment                                                            training
‘ M aintain a positive, professional attitude with                      ‘ W ell-organized and detail minded
   customers                                                            ‘ Strong mechanical aptitude
‘ Dedicated to achieving personal and professional goals                ‘ Other:
‘ Problem solver with the ability to prioritize tasks
‘ Excellent written and oral communication skills
‘ Quick learner

W ork History: List most recent job first:
1                                                                      2
EMPLOYER’S NAME:                                                       EMPLOYER’S NAME:
CITY STATE                                                             CITY STATE
EMPLOYMENT DATES:                                                      EMPLOYMENT DATES:
JOB TITLE:                                                             JOB TITLE:

3                                                                      4
EMPLOYER’S NAME:                                                       EMPLOYER’S NAME:
CITY STATE                                                             CITY STATE
EMPLOYMENT DATES:                                                      EMPLOYMENT DATES:
JOB TITLE:                                                             JOB TITLE:

5                                                                      6
EMPLOYER’S NAME:                                                       EMPLOYER’S NAME:
CITY STATE                                                             CITY STATE
EMPLOYMENT DATES:                                                      EMPLOYMENT DATES:
JOB TITLE:                                                             JOB TITLE:

7                                                                      8
EMPLOYER’S NAME:                                                       EMPLOYER’S NAME:
CITY STATE                                                             CITY STATE
EMPLOYMENT DATES:                                                      EMPLOYMENT DATES:
JOB TITLE:                                                             JOB TITLE:

On the following pages you will see various job duties listed. For each duty you have performed, put the number of the employer
where you performed that duty. For example if you used a 10-key calculator at your 2nd and 4th place of employment, you would
write 2,4 on the space before that job description. If there are duties you have performed that are not listed here, please use the blank
lines at the end to list those duties. Remember to place the number of the employer where you performed those duties on the small
space provided.

 2, 3       Prepared, analyzed and verified financial reports and taxes utilizing various software packages.
            Handled all financial transactions of the company.
        Prepared, analyzed and verified financial reports                Assisted in the coordination and planning of fund
        and taxes utilizing various software packages.                   raising activities
        Handled all financial transactions of the company.               Interacted with public and promoted agency programs
        Kept detailed records of sales and prepared                      and events
        monthly reports                                                  Organized agency files and maintained records of
        Managed the company’s accounting computer                        contributions
        Prepared payroll
        Maintained AR/AP
        Issued appropriate credit for items being returned
        or exchanged.

ASSEMBLY                                                       ASSEMBLY LINE FEEDING/ CATCHING
           Set up and operated a punch press in the assembly            Inspected materials and finished goods at each step of
           of small machines                                            the packaging process
           Fed cartons into the machine’s backstop                      Used micrometers and soldering equipment with great
           Used micrometers and soldering equipment with                precision
           great precision                                              Examined cartons for cutting or gluing defects and
           Tested equipment and examined first run products             returned defects to sorting area
           to ensure quality                                            Fed machines, adjusting or repositioning cartons as
           Removed obstructions                                         needed
           Cleaned and oiled machines to ensure steady                  Kept the production line moving
           production                                                   Maintained a safe and clean working environment
           Always met deadlines and production quotas

BANQUET MANAGER                                                BUILDING / LAWN MAINTENANCE
           Worked closely with catering and convention                   Experience in reading blue prints
           service sales staff                                           Used hand power tools
           Designed personalized floor plans, decor and                  Routinely cleaned and lubricated equipment, replaced
           staffing                                                      fuses, switches and motors when necessary
           Coordinated kitchen, beverage and service staff               Addressed minor electrical and plumbing problems
           Designed, purchased and maintained lines, props               Cleaned and painted walls and ceilings
           and accessories for dozens of decorative theme                empted trash and removed debris
           parties.                                                      Scrubbed and polished floors
                                                                         Mowed and trimmed lawns, planted flowers, shrubs,
                                                                         and trees
                                                                         Performed snow removal
                                                                         Cleaned windows, blinds and office furniture
                                                                         Performed minor building repairs
                                                                         Cleaned, shampooed and vacuumed hallways
                                                                         Removed dirt and blemishes from floor, using various
                                                                         cleaning solvents and compounds, according to the
                                                                         composition of floor
                                                                         Applied paste and liquid to the floors with rags and
                                                                         Operated floor buffer, stripper, wet-vac and shampooer

CREW MEMBER                                                    CASE MANAGER
           Greeted incoming patrons and prepared food                    Responsible for assessing and referring foster children,
           orders                                                        natural and foster parents
           Assisted with cleanliness of work area and                    Attended all court hearings on behalf of the foster
           restocking of supplies                                        children
           Addressed customer’s concerns relating to menu                Evaluated the safety of the children and developed all
           selection and pricing                                         services plans
           Knowledgeable of food safety rules and always                 Provided directed services to clients referred
           kept kitchen, tables and bathrooms clean and                  Group facilitator for foster parent training
           sanitary.                                                     Provided case documentation and prepared reports
                                                                         Investigated allegations of non-compliance, abuse,
                                                                         neglect, and other concerns as assigned.
CASH HANDLING / CASHIER                                          CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT
          Balanced daily receipts, cash, and prepared bank                Bathed, dressed, and undressed patients
          deposits                                                        Served and collected food trays, and fed patients
          Developed knowledge of bank account transactions                requiring help
          Replenished cash in ATMs on a daily basis and                   Transported patients, using wheel chair or wheeled cart
          totaled out cash balance                                        or assisted patients to walk
          Operated a cash register                                        Draped patients for examinations and treatments and
          Processed a high volume of transactions in cash,                remained with patients
          checks and credit card sales                                    Dusted and cleaned patient’s room
          Balanced cash drawer at the end of the shift                    Took and recorded temperature, blood pressure, pulse
                                                                          and respiration rates, food and fluid intake and output,
                                                                          as directed
                                                                          turned and repositioned bedfast patients, alone or with
                                                                          assistance, to prevent bedsores
                                                                          Changed bed linens, ran errands, directed visitors,
                                                                          answered telephones
                                                                          Cleaned, sterilized, stored, prepared, and issued
                                                                          dressing packs, treatments trays and other supplies
                                                                          Answered signal lights, bells, or intercom systems to
                                                                          determine patients needs.

CHEF / SOUS CHEF / COOK                                          CHILD CARE WORKER
          Organized all culinary aspects from menu planning               Provided a structured environment for preschool
          to presentation of luncheons and parties                        children and taught them basic skills such as dressing
          Supervised permanent and temporary staff                        and toileting
          Purchased all food and supplies, maintained a high              Prepared nourishing meals and snacks
          quality inventory while staying within budget                   Provided one-on-one instruction and group learning
          Prepared meats, soups, sauces, vegetables and                   activities with art, crafts, dance and music.
          other foods prior to cooking                                    Presented programs that furthered language and social
          Seasoned and cooked foods according to prescribed               skills
          methods                                                         Discussed emotional or developmental problems with
          Added seasoning to food during mixing or                        parents
          cooking, according to personal judgment and                     Participated in parent conference
          experience                                                      Sterilized bottles and other equipment used for feeding
          Observed and tested foods being cooked by tasting,              infants
          smelling and piercing with fork to determine that it            Kept children’s quarters clean and tidy
          is cooked                                                       Accompanied children on walks and other outings
          Received and examined foodstuffs and supplies to                Dressed and assisted children to dress and bathe
          ensure quality and quantity meeting established                 Observed and monitored play activities
          standards and specifications                                    Directed children in eating, resting, and toilet training
          Selected and developed recipes based on the type                Helped children develop habits of caring for clothing
          of food to be prepared and supplied personal                    and picking up and putting away toys and books
          knowledge and experience in food preparation                    Maintained discipline
          Adjusted thermostat control to regulate
          temperature of ovens, broilers, grills, roasters and
          steam kettles
          Measured and mixed ingredients according to
          recipe, using variety of kitchen utensils and
          equipment such as blenders, mixers, grinders,
          slicers, and tenderizers
          Planned menus and cooked foreign-style dishes,
          dinners, desserts, and other foods, according to
CLERICAL / GENERAL OFFICE                                       COLLECTIONS
          Word processing using                                          Prepared notice of delinquency
                                                                         Reviewed terms of sale and credit contracts
          Typing speed of           wpm                                  Updated clients financial status and all collection efforts
          Keypunched data for purchase order                             Carefully and successfully found delinquent customers
          Maintained confidential records of employee time               using various resources
          cards                                                          Promptly notified credit manager when customer failed
          Data entry skills include accurate use of CRT and              to respond
          PC data base
          Used computer to order supplies and look up
          account information
          Prepared interoffice memos
          Maintained files and recorded transactions on a
          daily basis
          Performed various clerical duties such as: typing,
          filing, issuing receipts, answering phones,
          distributing mail, inventory control and billing
          Answered and directed calls promptly and
          Distributed incoming mail in a timely and efficient
          Maintained postage meter and fax machines in
          proper order
          Arranged for repair and maintenance service
          Typed reports and correspondence as needed

COMPUTER PROGRAMMER                                             CONSTRUCTION TRADES / LABOR
          Converted data from project specifications and                 analyzed and interpreted blueprints
          statements of problems and procedures                          Followed code regulations to guarantee quality work
          Prepared or received from systems analyst, a                   fundamental knowledge of AC and CD circuitry
          detailed workflow chart and diagram to illustrate              Utilized power tools of the trade such as nail and
          sequence of steps                                              impact gun, sander and circular saw
          Analyzed workflow chart and diagram, applied                   Mixed and poured cement
          knowledge of computer capabilities, subject matter             Dug foundations
          and symbolic logic                                             Installed water lines and sewers
          Entered test data into computer                                Installed windows, doors, cabinets, floors, subfloors,
          Analyzed test runs on computer to correct or direct            ceramic and quarry tiles, counter tops, wood trim and
          corrections of coded program and imputed data                  plumbing
          Prescribed standards for terms and symbols used to             Designed and remodeled kitchens and bathrooms
          simplify interpretation of programs                            Repaired and installed new and damaged roofs
          Collaborated with computer manufacturers and                   Installed fixtures, cut and installed conduit, drained
          other users to develop new programming methods                 systems, tubs and sinks
                                                                         Repaired and replaced damaged ceiling and floor tiles
                                                                         Installed dry wall, windows, stairs, counter tops, and
                                                                         Repaired and smoothed plaster, painted walls,
                                                                         refinished hardwood floors and woodwork
                                                                         A prepared areas and installed telephone wiring
                                                                         Installed intricate wiring applying electrical knowledge
                                                                         Installed pipes, drains and vent for water and waste
                                                                         Soldered copper tubing and tested for leaks
                                                                         Installed plumbing fixtures
                                                                         Lifted or carried building materials, tools and supplies
                                                                         Cleaned tools, equipment, materials and work areas
                                                                         Mixed, poured and spread concrete, asphalt, gravel and
                                                                         other materials using hand tools
                                                                         Joined, wrapped and sealed sections of pipe
CUSTOMER SERVICE / RETAIL                                        DRIVER
          Answered a high volume of telephone calls from                  Excellent safety record
          customers regarding payments, returns and                       Delivered, loaded and unloaded goods
          charges to accounts                                             Performed various tasks using hand truck or dolly
          Maintained contact and followed up on problems                  Collected payments and obtained receipts for goods
          that required special handling                                  Inspected all goods
          Provided marketing support by making outbound                   Knowledge of usable routes in the metropolitan area
          sales calls for special promotions
          Researched and responded to customer inquiries
          and explained transactions to their satisfaction
          Recognized by customer who appreciated my extra
          Promoted products and services through
          telemarketing campaigns
          Assisted customers in the selection of merchandise
          in a department store setting
          Accepted items being returned by customer and
          ensured appropriate credit
          Monitored sales area to ensure adequate staffing
          for customer satisfaction

ELECTRONICS                                                      ELECTRICIAN
          Knowledge of schematics for trouble shooting                    Installed and repaired electrical systems, apparatus,
          purposes                                                        electrical and electronic components of industrial
          Wrote technical report writing                                  machinery and equipment, followed electrical code,
          Operated multi meters, oscilloscope and signal                  manuals, schematic diagrams, blueprints and other
          generator                                                       specifications
          Repaired electronics equipment such as computers,               Connected power supply wires to machines and
          industrial controls, audio and video systems, radar             equipment, and connected cables and wires between
          systems, telmetering, transmitters and antennas                 machine
          conversed with equipment operators pertaining to                Planned layout of wiring and installed wiring, conduit
          certain problems with equipment before                          and electrical apparatus in buildings
          breakdown                                                       Replaced faulty electrical components of machine such
          Tested faulty equipment and applied knowledge of                as relays, switches, motors, and positioned sensing
          functional operation of electronic units and systems            devises, using hand tools
          to diagnose cause of malfunction                                prepared sketches showing location of wiring and
          Entered information into computer to copy                       equipment, or followed diagrams or blue print,
          program from one electronic component to another                ensuring that concealed wiring was installed before
                                                                          completion of future walls, ceiling and flooring
                                                                          Observed functioning of installed equipment or systems
                                                                          to hazards and need for adjustments, relocation or
                                                                          Repaired faulty equipment or systems
                                                                          Replaced damaged or broken wires and cables, using
                                                                          hand tools

FORKLIFT OPERATOR                                                FOOD SERVICE
          Positioned lifting platforms or other lifting device            Maintained appropriate temperatures ensuring quality
          under, over or around loaded pallets, skids, boxes,             and freshness
          products or materials, and hooked tow trucks to                 Handled multiple orders at once, organizing and
          trailer hitches                                                 priortizing orders as they were received
          Moved levers and pressed pedals to drive trucks                 Rotated stock and supplies regularly making sure that
          and control movements                                           preparations were ready for the next shift
          Loaded or unloaded materials onto or off of pallets,            Made sure the tools, fryers, mixers, humidifiers and
          skids or lifting devices                                        ovens were in proper condition and properly sanitized.
          Weighed materials or products and recorded
          weight on tags, labels or production schedules
FREIGHT CLERK                                                      HAIR STYLIST
         Communicated with carriers. Traced missing,                         Developed a loyal following of repeat customers
         delayed and damaged shipments                                       through my ability to tune into customer’s needs
         Prepared claim reports for damaged and lost                         Provided trustworthy advice on relevant health issues
         shipments                                                           Thoroughly familiar with styling, product
         Followed up with carriers for unpaid claims                         characteristics and application
         Keyed client data using a computer                                  Scheduled, supervised and trained staff
         Produced monthly status reports                                     Balanced daily sales receipts and recorded invoices

HOME HEALTH AIDE                                                   HOME MAKER
         Worked with elderly or disabled clients who                         Supervised and provided care and learning experience
         required extensive care                                             for my children
         Performed housekeeping, personal care services                      Provided recreation and planned other activities to
         and provided emotional support                                      promote health mental and physical growth
         Assumed responsibilities for cleaning houses,                       Planned, developed and carried out financial affairs as
         doing laundry, changing bed linens, planning and                    well as maintained discipline
         shopping for groceries, and prepared regular and                    Developed ability to exercise good judgment and
         special diet meals                                                  perform well under stress
         helped clients bathe, dress and groom themselves
         Gave therapeutic messages, alcohol rubs and
         assisted with braces and artificial limbs
         Applied dressings, checked vital signs,
         administered medicines and maintained charts on
         all services and client progress
         Followed routine exercise program
         Scheduled appointments an accompanied clients on
         doctor visits
         Checked temperature, blood pressure, pulse and
         respiratory rates

         Maintained and controlled profitable inventory                      Clamped table top plastic side up in machine bed
         levels                                                              Guided moldings between edge of tabletop and
         Conducted inventories and monitored stock on                        pressured roller that shapes molding and presses lip
         hand to maximize sales potential                                    into groove along tabletop edge
         Ordered merchandise from warehouse via                              Fed machine that wraps metal molding around edge of
         computerized inventory systems                                      laminated plastic tabletop
         Maintained tally of units and invoice numbers                       Tended machine that cements precut plastic covering
         processed                                                           material to plywood panels to form furniture parts
         Ensured sufficient inventory on hand to provide a                   Inserted plywood panel between rollers of cement-
         steady work flow                                                    spreading machine to coat both sides of panel with
         Loaded and unloaded pallet freight via forklift                     cement
         Verified accuracy of shipping freight bills                         Positioned plastic covering material on sides of panel
         Developed knowledge of inventory systems,                           and placed covered panel on bed of press
         shipping procedures and merchandise trafficking                     Started machine that pressed covered panel with heated
                                                                             ram for prescribed time to seal plastic covering material
                                                                             onto plywood panel
                                                                             Turned dials and moved levers to set machine roller
                                                                             speed, roller pressure, and heating unit temperature,
                                                                             following specifications
MANAGEMENT                                                         MANAGEMENT  (continued)
         Recognized for leadership abilities recommended for                 Created a team environment and motivated others to work
         management training positions                                       together to complete daily tasks
         Monitored area to ensure adequate staffing for customer             Assumed additional responsibilities in the absence of the
         satisfaction                                                        manager
         Trained new employees and monitored performance to                  Supervised and coordinated activities of workers
         determine additional training needs                                 Assigned duties to workers and scheduled breaks periods,
         Opened and closed facility and assisted supervisor with             work hours and vacations
         day-to-day operations                                               Trained workers in store policies, departmental procedures
         Acted as a team leader and supervised crew members                  and job duties
                                                                             Listened to customers complaints, examined returned
                                                                             merchandise and solved problems to restore and promote
                                                                             good public relations.
         Assembled boxes and packed products to prepare                   Sorted incoming mail for distribution and displayed
         for shipment                                                     outgoing mail
         Attached labels and directed cartons to warehouse                Stamped date and time of receipt on incoming mail
         for distribution                                                 Sorted mail according to destination and type; returned
         Ran samples for quality control inspection                       letters, adjustments, bills, orders and payments
         purposes                                                         Examined outgoing mail for appearance and sealed
         Worked with metal pieces, shapes, die parts and                  envelopes by hand and machine
         patterns on a custom basis                                       Weighed mail to determine correct postage
         Applied knowledge of metal properties, machine                   Kept records of registered mail
         and shop mechanics                                               Addressed mail, using addressing machine
         Ran all molds according to specific chart and                    Received mail, and inserted into UPS meter
         temperature                                                      Stacked mail on skids
         Assisted in maintenance and preventative                         Utilized forklifts to move mail onto trucks for delivery
         maintenance of machinery
         Set up and operated various machine for soldering,    MEAT CUTTER / BUTCHER
         cutting and welding metal for fabrication                        Knowledgeable of OSHA requirements
         Read blue prints, Fuji machines, rulers and tape                 Maintained outstanding sanitary conditions
         measures, veneer, test indicators, templates,                    Sharpened cutting instruments
         calipers and micrometers                                         Separated wholesale cuts of meat into retail cuts and
         Made trail runs and completed various production                 individual packages
         and assembly functions in a timely and efficient                 Weighed, wrapped, labeled and priced meats and
         manner                                                           cheeses
         Inspected parts for quality                                      Arranged meats and cheeses in refrigerator cases,
         Knowledgeable of lubricants and metal properties                 rotating stock to ensure quality products and freshness
         Cleared jams and other malfunctions                              Cut, trimmed, boned, tied, and grinded meat using an
         Set-up and operated extrude, molding and                         electric grinder and bandsaw to portion and prepare
         injection-molding machines                                       meat in cooking form
         Installed dies, machine screws, cuffs and sizing                 Cut weighed steaks and chips for individual servings
         rings                                                            Received, inspected and stored meat upon delivery
         Adjusted pressures and velocities to produce                     Cut, trimmed and boned carcass sections or prime cuts,
         quality parts                                                    using knives, meat saw, cleaver and bandsaw to reduce
         Set injection and blow molds into clamp                          to cooking cuts such as roasts, steaks, chops, stew cubes
                                                                          and ground meats.

MEDICAL ASSISTANCE                                             OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR
         Managed all accounts receivable, payable and                     Cleaned and maintained crane and hoisting mechanism
         medical billing problems                                         Attached load to hook or other crane accessory prior to
         Entered all payments in account receivable log and               operating
         balanced at the end of each day                                  Observed load hookup and determined safety of loads
         Set up patient charts and updated existing patient               Manipulated or depressed crane controls such as pedal,
         records                                                          levers and buttons to regulate speed and direction of the
         Assisted with account collections by phone and                   crane
         Compiled insurance data and determined co-
         payments portions and deductibles

PHLEBOTOMIST                                                   PRINTING
         Assembled equipment, such as tourniquet, needles,                Designed and screen printed posters, show cards,
         disposable container for needles, blood collections              tickets and banners
         devices, gauze, cotton and alcohol on a work tray                Prepared, operated and maintained printing presses
         Verified or recorded identity of patient or donor                Performed various press operations duties such as
         and conversed with patient or donor to allay fears               offset, gravure, flexography, screen printing and
         of procedure                                                     letterpress
         Applied tourniquet to arm, located accessible vein,              Used letterhead-press methods and offset lithography
         swabbed puncture area with antiseptic, and                       Used a computer keyboard to select the size and style of
         inserted needle into a vein to draw blood into                   type and transmitted pages for production into film and
         collection tube or bag                                           onto plates
         Conducted interviews, took vital signs, drew and                 Performed cutting, folding, gathering, gluing, stitching,
         tested blood samples to screen donors at a blood                 trimming and other finishing operations
         bank or hospital
PUBLIC RELATIONS                                                 REAL ESTATE SALES
          Prepared written materials for publication.                       Listed and serviced property for sellers
          Redesigned and edited agency correspondence and                   Pre-screened / pre-qualified prospective buyers by
          pamphlets                                                         checking credit references and employment
          Used Desktop Publishing software, PowerPoint,                     Prepared all documents, contracts and follow-ups,
          Page Maker and Quicken software                                   coordinating attorney and lenders
          Assisted with the reproduction of agency brochures                Conducted open houses in an orderly and timely
          and organized photographic support                                manner
                                                                            Knowledgeable of newly enacted property management
                                                                            licensing law

RECEPTIONIST                                                     RETAIL SALES
          Responsible for answering multi-line switchboard                  Assisted customers in finding what they wanted while
          with professionalism and patience                                 promoting merchandise
          Transferred calls, paged employees and took                       Prepared sales slips, filled out charge forms, received
          accurate, detailed messages for voice mail system.                payment, packaged and wrapped merchandise, gave
          Directed and accompanied visitors and business                    receipts and handled returns
          representatives to their designated areas                         Made sure that goods were properly displayed
                                                                            Stocked shelves, marked price tags, took inventory and
                                                                            created interesting window displays
                                                                            Arranged for the delivery and pickup of merchandise

SALES / MARKETING                                                SECURITY
          Identified and contacted prospective customers to                 Patrolled and protected property from theft and illegal
          explain type of service                                           entry
          Quoted prices and persuaded customer to buy                       Monitored alarm panels and video equipment to
          using prepared sales talk                                         enhance safety and security
          Keyed data into computer                                          Operated base station, dispatching officers and logging
          Developed lists of prospects using telephone                      all activity
          directories and other resources                                   Retained custody of personal valuables
          Maintained individual daily sales reports                         Patrolled assigned territory to protect persons or
                                                                            answered alarms and investigated disturbances

          Planned, developed and implemented procedures                     Verified quantities, quality and condition of
          for operating a full-service station                              merchandise against invoice
          Improved profit margin and loss prevention record                 Made sure merchandise was properly labeled and
          Hired staff and prepared weekly work schedules                    packaged according to specifications
          Performed cash and credit card transactions with                  Kept daily records of all inventory
          speed and accuracy                                                Shipped a high volume of orders daily
          Trained staff to use a register and lottery machine,              Followed all procedures and kept good records
          record sales and provide excellent customer service               Resolved a wide range of delivery problems
          Balanced and recorded daily cash receipts, made all               Delivered merchandise promptly to customers and
          deposits and prepared cash statements for central                 collected payments in a timely manner

SPEECH AID / THERAPIST                                           TEACHER ’S AIDE
          Evaluated and monitored individuals using audio-                  Worked closely with classroom instructor in organizing
          visuals such as tape recorders, overhead projectors               and planning daily activities
          and demonstrative materials                                       Provided instructional and clerical support for the
          Diagnosed and evaluated speech and language                       teacher
          skills as related to educational needs                            Typed and reproduced classroom materials
          Served as an aide to class room teacher to                        Planned and supervised games, music, film and
          incorporate speech and language development                       artwork activities to enhance basic reading, math and
          activities into daily schedule                                    writing
          Attended meetings and conferences and
          participated in other activities to promote
          professional growth
TRACTOR / TRAILER TRUCK DRIVER                                            TRUCKING COORDINATOR
               Drove trucks with capacity of more than 3 tons, to                  Managed, directed and operated a fleet of trucks
               transport materials to and from specified                           Dispensed daily work orders
               destinations                                                        Advised drivers of safe and usable routes
               Drove trucks to destination, applying knowledge of                  Logged and filed work vouchers
               commercial driving regulations and roads in the                     Prepared expense reports
               area                                                                Drove and fueled trucks
               Transported personnel and equipment to job sites                    Conducted inspections of drivers and trucks
               Inspected truck equipment and supplies such as                      CDL training certificate
               tires, lights, brakes, gas, oil and water                           Safe and accident-free driving record
               Drove packer type truck and dump truck equipped
               with hydraulic lifting device to collect garbage and
               trash, and transported load to disposal area
               Operated vehicles such as snow plows, salt
               spreaders and boom trucks
               recorded mileage and fuel consumption
               Maintained truck log, according to state and federal

TUCK POINTER                                                              WHOLESALE ROUTE SALES DRIVER
               Sprayed materials such as water, sand, steam,                       Called on prospective customers to solicit new business
               vinyl, paint or stucco through hose to clean, coat or               Developed strong customer base and established new
               seal surfaces                                                       sales route
               Applied caulking compounds by hand and with                         Drove a variety of trucks for delivery
               caulking gun to seal crevices
               Mopped, brushed or spread paints or bituminous
               compounds over surfaces for protection
               Leveled earth to fine grade specifications, using
               pick or shovel
               Mixed concrete, using portable mixer



High School                                                                     GED Program

City / State                                                                    Received at

Did you Graduate? ” No          ” Yes Year of graduation                        Year

College/University                                                              Technical School

City / State                                                                    City / State

Did you Graduate? ” No          ” Yes Year of graduation                        Did you graduate ” No ” Yes Year

Military Training                                                               Other

               Branch                                      Rank                 City / State

                                                                                Did you Graduate? ” No      ” Yes     Year
               Specialization           Location                       Year
                                                                                Course of Study

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