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									ARTIST PROFLIE: Stephen Vincent
EYE ON CITY HALL: Dayne Walling
Prime Minister Tony Blair Resigns
Earthday at Mott

     Photos by Amanda Emery
  MCC Chronicle
Table of Contents                                                                        Letter from the Editor
   News page 4                                                                                  What is wrong with the youth today?
   - StudentSpotlight: Gabriel Yancho: 4                                                 What ever happened to the expression
    - Eye on City Hall: 8-9                                                              “Respect your elders”? I am 27 years old,
   - Campus Intelligence: 10-15                                                          and there is nothing I enjoy more than
   Opinions page 19                                                                      sitting down with my Papaw and listen to
   - On Notice: 19                                                                       all the stories he has to tell me; about his
   - Over the Hill and Back Again: 20                                                    life, the things he has seen, and the things
   Entertainment page 22                                                                 he has done. I completely respect my elders,
   - Artist Profile:22-23                                                                but I see so much disrespect in this younger generation
    - Upcoming Events: 24-25                                                             that it saddens and angers me. I was at the doctors office
   - She Read It: 26                                                                     the other day and watched as a grandmother was talking to
   - Games Galore: 27                                                                    her grandson trying to engage him in conversation about
   - We Were There: 28-29                                                                the things going on in his life. It saddened me to watch as
                                                                                         the young man was rude to his grandmother and seemed
                                                                                         annoyed, as if to say “How dare she have an interest and
                                                                                         caring concern for my life!” I could see the hurt in her face
                                                                                         as she asked questions and the young man looked at her
                                                                       This past         with total disdain. It angered me because I think back to
                                                                       month many        my grandmother and would give anything to have those
                                                                       of you may
                                                                       have noticed
                                                                                         moments back with her.
                                                                       something                I see a lot of this behavior everywhere, at school, the
                                                                       askew in          mall, the grocery store, everywhere. I’ve seen teenagers
                                                                       Downtown          mock their teachers when they are being disciplined, but
                                                                       Flint, Woody
                                                                                         sadly I have seen young adults do the same thing here at
                                                                       Will Farrell,     Mott. When did it become appropriate to have these attitudes
                                                                       and director      of disrespect for people older and wiser than us? As young
                                                                       Kent Alterman     adults we should be grateful for the opportunity to have these
                                                                       were in Flint
                                                                       filming the
                                                                                         conversations, to have the enlightenment of someone who
                                                                       movie Semi        has seen so much more than us.
                                                                       Pro. Photo               I want the people who read this to cherish the time
                                                                       taken by          they have with their grandparents, parents, or even just older
                                                                       Emery, edited
                                                                                         people in general. It may seem at
                                                                       by Julie Hurst.   times that we know all there is to
                                                                                         know, but even the oldest of dogs
                                                                                         can learn new tricks.
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    Student Spotlight: Gabriel Yancho
                          One of the qualities of a
                                                                     by Jan Costea
                                                           normally have declared their major, they
                       leader is the ability to take the   felt that Gabe was a well-rounded student,
                       initiative when called upon.        and that his varied areas of interest would
                       Gabriel Yancho is a good            serve him well.
                       example of someone who                     Even though he hasn’t been given
                       seizes opportunities, since         specific job duties as yet, he knows that
                       this summer he will be an           what he will be doing will not be merely
                       intern in the Governor’s office     a “coffee-fetcher.” He said that he doesn’t
                       in Lansing. As a student in         mind doing menial tasks like that, but Ms.
                       Mr. Paul Rozycki’s Honors’          Droste mentioned that they want to educate
                       Colloquium, Gabe recalled           interns about the governmental process. He
                       the announcement for anyone         said that an important part of internship is
                       interested to apply for summer      to stimulate interest in government service
                       internships, and decided to         in young people for future consideration
                       deliver his application in          of their career, so they try to keep menial
                       person. About a week later he       tasks to a minimum.
                       was called in for an interview,            While Gabe is moving to Lansing in
                       and thought at first he had         June to start his internship at the Lieutenant
                       botched it because he was very      Governor’s office, he will not be a stranger.
                       nervous! But after being called     He has commitments to stay with his
                       back he was told by interviewer     landscaping business on weekends and,
                       Linda Droste that they              as time permits, hang out with his friends.
                       appreciated his open and honest     Moreover, this energetic honors student
                       personality. Even though she        will be back at Mott this fall, reinvigorated
                       informed him that students          from being up close and personal with the
                      considered for internships           process of state governance.


Local Happenstance                                             Local News

Medical Marijuana in Flint                                                                       News Briefs
                                                                                                 Jan Costea
by Amanda Emery
                                                University of Michigan-Flint campus
                                                                                                 Knut the Polar Bear
                                                featuring a long time medical marijuana
                                                advocate and patient George McMahon,
                                                who suffers from Nail-Patella syndrome,
                                                a rare genetic disorder affecting the bones
                                                and joints causing pain and muscle spasms.
                                                McMahon appeared with Snyder, who also
                                                suffers from NSP syndrome. “For 17 years
                                                the U.S. government has provided me with
                                                medical marijuana, which reduces the pain
                                                and muscle spasms caused by my illness.
                                                It’s not fair that I get to use this medicine           Rejected by his mother and
                                                while someone like Charles Snyder, with          dodging the suggestion that he should be
                                                the same illness, faces arrest and jail          euthanized rather than suffer the fate of a
                                                everyday for doing the exact same thing. I       life of confinement within a zoo, the baby
                                                hope Flint voters will act to protect people     polar bear Knut has achieved what many
                                                like my daughter and Charles who also            would consider a charmed life. But what
                                                suffer from NPS, along with other seriously      does the future hold for this precocious
      On February 27th the city of Flint        ill people by voting ‘yes.’”                     little white furball?
joined 4 other cities (Detroit, Ann Arbor,            A misconception had been floating                 Born December 5, 2006, the little
Ferndale, and Traverse City) that have          around before the ballot that this               bear was hand-fed by his keepers. After
medical marijuana ordinances on record.         amendment would legalize pot and make            publicity generated by animal rights
This ordinance will protect the rights of       it easier for people to obtain. This was         activist Frank Albrecht’s statement that
seriously and terminally ill patients to use    not the case and through the testimony of        the zoo should have allowed nature to
medical marijuana to give some relief to        Mr. McMahon and Mr. Snyder to the city           take its course and let the little bear die,
their pain and suffering, making it legal for   of Flint, it was made obvious that better        all around the world people became
these patients to carry and                                         care needed to be taken      captivated by the spunky little bear. He
possess medical marijuana.                                          to make the seriously ill    became the star attraction at the Berlin
An outstanding 62% of                                               more comfortable. It was     Zoo, was the subject of a hit pop song,
voters voted “yes” to                                               noted that a wide variety    and started generating a great deal of
proposal 1 which amended                                            of organizations supported   income for the zoo.
the law.                                                            the use of medical                  Now, he is a brand trademark for
      Much of the local                                             marijuana including; the     the Berlin Zoo. To date he has generated
support is attributed                                               American Public Health       about a quarter million dollars in
to Charles Snyder III,                                              Association, the American    merchandise, and future licensing deals
the founder of the Flint                                            Nurses Association, and      could lead to $5 million more. He was
Coalition for Compassionate                                         the American Academy of      photographed recently by pop culture
Care. The coalition gathered                                        HIV Medicine.                photographer Annie Leibovitz for the May
2,000 signatures to ensure                                                 There are 11 states   cover of Vanity Fair, and is the mascot for
the amendment to the                                                permitting the medical       an upcoming conference on endangered
city law would be on the                                            use of marijuana; Alaska,    species.
November 2006 ballot, but                                           California, Hawaii, Maine,          Still, celebrity sometimes comes
was postponed and placed                                           Montana, Nevada, Oregon,      with a cost. There has been a death threat,
on the February ballot. Days before the         Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington.           and anti-Knut graffiti in Berlin. And
ballot, a press conference was held at the                                                       there is still the question of whether this
                                                                                                 child star, like so many others, will still
                                                                                                 be lovable when he is no longer cute and

    News Briefs                                    Genesee Early College
                                                                                        State News
                                                                                                     Glove on Hand
    Jan Costea                                     by Christy Ryan
                                                      Who would have guessed that an               transferable credits from their dual
    Moore Controversy                           answer to our ever looming healthcare              enrollment at UMF, half of what they
          Controversial film maker Michael
                                                shortage would lie in the young hands              need to graduate from college. This occurs
    Moore is again ruffling feathers with his
                                                of highschoolers? A potential that surely          within a matter of three years. As these
    latest documentary adventure, “SiCKO,”
                                                must be there, will now be utilized, as a          young adults enter college, they will be
    which deals with the politics behind health
                                                healthcare program designed to train young         doubly prepared to dive full force into a
    care in the United States. Slated to be
                                                people has been created to boost chances           health related field of study.
    premiering at the Cannes Film Festival on
                                                aiding in the survival of the United States                Genesee Early College is already
    May 19th, 2007 and released in the US
                                                healthcare crisis. It also boosts the chances      accepting applications. Funding from
    on June 29th, the film has garnered the
                                                of Flint’s own attending college, resulting        the state will be used to cover expenses.
    attention of the Treasury Department’s
                                                in a win-win situation all around. It’s a          This program is eager to accept kids from
    Office of Foreign Assets Control because
                                                shame Michael Moore is not around to film          underprivileged families, in hopes of
    of the filmmaker’s trip to Cuba. In an
                                                this one.                                          motivating them to use their potentials
    effort to show the futility many Americans
                                                      Genesee Early College, which is              to fulfill a great gap in the United States
    feel when dealing with their health care
                                                the new program, has been developed                healthcare system.
    providers, Mr. Moore brought a group of
                                                through a partnership between Genesee                    Some think a program like this
    9/11 first responders to the island nation
                                                Intermediate School District (GISD), and           is already a small rebuttal towards
    for treatment that they have not been
                                                University of Michigan-Flint (UMF). This           negative depictions of Flint such as
    able to receive at home, and included the
                                                program will train interested highschoolers        Michael Moore’s “Roger and Me”. With
    footage in his film.
                                                in healthcare, allowing for hands on               programs like Genessee Early College,
          On May 7th Mr. Moore received
                                                experiences including clinicals within the         Flint will be proudly releasing skilled
    a letter from the OFAC indicating that
                                                hospitals and extensive training in math           and knowledgeable young people whose
    an investigation into the trip, that took
                                                and science. This program is designed after        capabilities inevitably will spread far
    place in October 2006, has been started.
                                                the highly reputed Mott Middle College,            beyond the city limits, making Flint a huge
    On his website Moore speculates that
                                                and has gained support from the Charles            contributor to providing solutions in the
    the investigation is suspiciously close to
                                                Stewart Mott Foundation.                           U.S.’s healthcare system. Let Flint proudly
    the film’s opening date and in response
                                                      The genius aspect of this program            plug the health system drain, not be a
    to previous documentary criticism of the
                                                is that the young people involved will             cause!
    Bush administration.
                                                graduate from high school with 60
    Jan Costea

    Help Feed the Hungry More Costea
                                on Michigan’s Budget
                         by Jan
          Model, designer and Presidential               As Michigan moves closer to a June        funding can be reformed concern
    niece Lauren Bush appeared recently            1 deadline, lawmakers in Lansing are            consolidation of school districts, which
    during the Mercedes Benz’ Fashion              scrambling to find a solution to deficits for   seems to be a logical place to cut school
    Week show in New York City with her            the current budget, and setting the stage for   funding. In the state of Maine school
    contribution to help the needy. Desiring       the next fiscal year’s showdown. The latest     districts were consolidated from 290 down
    to promote a lifestyle brand, she has          compromise being worked out takes $399          to 26 districts. Vermont went from 284 to
    designed a burlap bag screen printed           million out of the deficit of $700 million,     63 districts. In Michigan there are over 600
    with the slogan “Feed the Children of          in addition to a reduction of $36 per pupil     districts, which certainly give one reason to
    the World,” and claims that the proceeds       in state school aid. This is an improvement     ponder why we need such a wieldy system.
    from the sale of just one bag will provide     over the $125 per pupil reduction Governor            Local governments also are being
    a school lunch for an African child for a      Granholm warned school districts about a        studied for consolidation. Many townships
    year, through the United Nations’ World        month ago, but certainly not the end of the     and villages fight the idea of merging, given
    Food Program.                                  story.                                          the loss of local control. But how many
          After having served as a Youth                 Fundamental changes in the way the        small towns actually receive the support
    Ambassador during college, traveling to        government funds schools and other high         of taxpayers at local meetings, which is
    such places as Chad and Guatemala where        ticket programs in the state budget still       where there should be a forum for local
    starvation takes a toll on the population,     needs to be addressed. Considering that         input? Most town councils complain that
    Ms. Bush says that she was compelled to        retirement and health care costs to school      they have few or none attending open
    do something to help. She stated, “In a lot    districts runs about $1,015 per pupil, and      council meetings where residents can see
    of countries, the kids normally wouldn’t       the fact that legislators and their spouses     the workings of their local government,
    even go to school, but if their family can’t   receive lifetime health care coverage after     unless an issue resonates throughout the
    feed them at home it makes sense: You go       just six months of service from the age of      community, such as the Davison city
    to school to get the meal....It incentivizes   55 onward, there is obviously room to cut       council has witnessed recently with the
    [education].” The bags are available at        expenses.                                       issue of removing canopies over the for $59.95.                               Some of the areas legislators are         downtown business district. If townships
                                                   looking at to change the way school             and villages merged and worked in a

Michigan’s Budget Cont.
more efficient manner, perhaps it would         on task. The plan proposed by Governor            News Briefs
be worthwhile for taxpayers to attend           Granholm, which focuses on businesses             Jan Costea
meetings.                                       that do business in the state but are located     Tasmanian Devil Crisis
      Another area under consideration          outside the state, would replace the amount              The island of Maria, off the coast
is cutting community health programs.           of the old SBT. It seems the most fair, but       of Tasmania, will become the new home
Governor Granholm has already notified          legislators need to make a move to put            for thirty Tasmanian Devils in the hope of
Medicaid suppliers that there will be a         it into place or come up with a plan that         preserving the species in a wild setting.
6% decrease in reimbursement for the            meets the same requirements. And, while           Since the mid-1990’s a contagious form
remainder of this budget year. Cutting          the 2% excise tax might still come back           of cancer has been threatening the native
other sources in the near future means          for reconsideration as a value-added tax on       population of the carnivores, cutting
community suppliers of free testing             services, there is still a possibility that the   almost in half the number of devils
at senior citizen centers, as well as           additional taxes on cigarettes and liquor         found in the wild. This prompted wildlife
programs such as the Genesee Health Plan        mark-ups may be included.                         researchers to send off healthy animals to
receiving less aid. With private health                Polls indicate that most citizens in       new homes in Australian zoos. However,
insurance priced out of the reach of many,      Michigan are aware of the necessity of            Maria Island, formerly a penal colony
and employers cutting back on their             raising some taxes to keep the services           off the east coast of Tasmania, has been
contributions and requiring employees to        that are the most beneficial to residents.        converted to a wildlife refuge since the
fund more of their premiums, these stop-        They recognize that the quality of life in        early 1970’s, and has a climate similar
gap measures provide the only safety net        Michigan is greatly affected by the quality       to its larger neighbor. Since natural
for low income residents. Unless some           of schools and other services that we all         behaviors of the beast tend to disappear in
other source is found for cutting expenses,     share. In order to be setting our state on a      captivity, scientists felt it was important to
these life and death programs should            prosperous course for the future, we need         find a wildlife setting in which to preserve
remain off the table.                           to look further down the road, even if the        healthy specimens.
      Until another form of business tax        orange cones of construction are all we                  Although there has been some
is found that can be considered revenue         presently see.                                    opposition to the plan because of the
neutral, Michigan legislators need to stay                                                        fierce nature of Tasmanian Devils and

Clairvoyant Visions                                        World and National News
                                                                                                  the presence of other endangered species
                                                                                                  on Maria Island, many wildlife experts
Prime Minister Tony Blair Resigns                                                                 believe they have few choices. Hamish
by Dawn Vanniman                                                                                  McCallum, Professor of Wildlife Research
      While some think that Tony Blair has      and moral.” While the Shadow Home
                                                                                                  at the University of Tasmania, is in favor
been a follower of first Bill Clinton and       Secretary under Prime Minister John
                                                                                                  of the move. He stated, “In my opinion the
now George Bush, perhaps they should            Smith, Tony worked to change views on
                                                                                                  risk posed to endangered species by devils
take a second look at the man that helped       the Labour Party. He worked to strengthen
                                                                                                  would be minimal.”
build Britain to where it is today.             their crime control, opposed capital              Amanda Emery
      Anthony Charles Lynton Blair has
led an interesting life. In college he was
                                                punishment and supported equalizing the
                                                age of consent for gay sex at 16 years old.
                                                                                                  Jerry Falwell 19-200
                                                                                                         The Reverend Jerry Falwell, known
arrested for burglary. It seems that Mr.              In 1994, when Prime Minister                for the shaping of conservative Christian
Blair was attempting to sneak into his          John Smith died suddenly, Tony Blair              rights into a major force in U.S. politics
own dormitory after hours and got caught.       succeeded him. At the 1996 Labour Party           and for his comments linking the 9/11
After college he took a stab at being a         Conference, Blair stated that his top three       attacks to homosexuality and liberals died
rock music promoter. Alas, the rock ‘n roll     priorities were “education, education,            Tuesday. He was 73 years old.
life was not for Tony. It was in politics       education”. He increased public spending                 Falwell was discovered in his office
that his star began to shine. He was the        on health and education and introduced            at Liberty University without a pulse and
youngest person to attain the office of         student tuition fees for higher education.        was pronounced dead an hour later. It is
Prime Minister since the 1812 election of       He also introduced a minimum wage and             presumed at this time Falwell died of a
Lord Liverpool. His youngest son, Leo, has      committed to not increasing income tax.           heart rhythm abnormality.
the distinction of being the first legitimate   He strongly supported US foreign policy                  Falwell went into politics because
child born to a serving Prime Minister          and devolution in Scotland and Wales and          of the Supreme Court ruling allowing
in over 150 years. He has also been the         made progress in the Northern Ireland             the right to an abortion in 1973, he then
longest-serving Prime Minister in the           peace process.                                    founded the Moral Majority in 1979. The
Labour Party, leading his party to victory            Prime Minister Blair leaves his             Moral Majority was credited with getting
in three consecutive general elections.         office with this thought, “There is only          millions of conservative voters registered
      In his first speech in the House of       one government since 1945 that can say            ensuring Reagan’s win and giving
Commons in 1983, Tony Blair stated that         all of the following: more jobs, fewer            Republicans control of the Senate.
he was a socialist “…not through reading        unemployment, better health and education                Falwell is survived by his wife
a textbook…,nor through unthinking              results, lower crime and economic growth          Macel, his two sons and a daughter. At
tradition,…socialism corresponds most           in every quarter. Only one government, this       this time no funeral arrangements are
closely to an existence that is both rational   one.”                                             known.
       Eye on City Hall
    The Contenders
                 Dale Weighill
    Dale is a Political Science
    instructor at Mott Community
    College and the director of the
    Resource Center. You can visit
    him on the web at:

                       Norm Bryant
                       Longtime community activist
                       and barber, Norm Bryant brings
                       with him experience and know-
                       how from years in Flint. Visit
                       him at

             Don Williamson
    The current mayor of Flint, who
    is seeking re-election. Visit the
    mayor at:

                       Tamra Edwards
                       MCC graduate, entrepeneur and
                       former city councilwoman of
                       Durham, NC. You can read more
                       about Tamra Edwards at

              Kendrick Kemp
    Author Kendrick Kemp has also
    worked entensively in the non-
    profit marketing field, at such
    places as Bishop Airport. Find
    out more about him at:

                       Dayne Walling
                       President of the Flint Club,
                       Dayne Walling has experience
                       working in Washington to effect
                       change. Find out more about
                       him at
                                                                Never underestimate the power of the
                Scott Kincaid                                   ballot.
    Due to an undisclosed illness,                                    One of the greatest strengths of
    Scott Kincaid is no longer seek-                            America is that all citizens are provided a
    ing the office of mayor.
                                                                voice through the voting booth. And every
                                                                vote does count! Many an election has
                                                                been won by a handful of votes or even
                                                                just one vote.
                                                                      If you are not registered to vote,
                       Ted Jankowski                            please take the opportunity to do so by
                       Former marine and cable televi-
                       sion talkshow host, Ted has              visiting In order to
                       some interesting ideas about             participate in the upcomming election
                       how to change Flint. Find out            and add your voice to the call for Flint’s
                       more at:
                                     leadership, you must register to vote at
                                                                least 30 days prior to the election

                                                                                                   The Contenders
Candidate Spotlight: Dayne Walling
by Amanda Emery                                                                                                        Ryan Eashoo
      Dayne Walling was born in the city         this would connect the three large colleges                           Real estate agent and involved
of Flint, he grew up in the community,           along the Flint River with land set aside                             community member, Ryan
and attended Flint Community schools;            for an education zone. And finally is open                            Eashoo just recently announced
                                                                                                                       his run for mayor. No website
Freeman, Walker, Whittier, Northern, and         for business, which will help current and                             is currently available.
Central schools. Flint has always been           new business “through a streamlined
Dayne’s home, even when he lived in              regulation, license, and assistance
other cities, or even other states, he has       process.”
always had a connection to the city and a              The next plan is taking care of                          Adam Ford
                                                                                                   After an unsuccesful run
great love for it. Dayne’s vision for Flint is   our neighborhoods, the first focus is             for state Senate, declared
a vision of rebuilding.                          neighborhood action teams. The idea               Republican Adam Ford is try-
      Dayne has the opinion that Flint           behind these teams would be to organize           ing his hand at local politics.
needs to start rebuilding. During his time       city workers into teams that would be             Read more at:
in Washington, DC he worked with mayor           responsible for improving the city through
Anthony Williams to turn the city around         working together among the departments.
after Marion Barry. Dayne was responsible        The next focus would be safe streets, by                              John Beatty
in DC for establishing and developing            deploying police patrols to target areas and                          A handyman who moved to
the mayor’s Office of Partnerships and           including schools, parks, hospitals, and                              Flint after a friend was killed.
                                                                                                                       No website available at this
Grants Development. The focus of these           businesses. This would greatly reduce the                             time.
offices was to get the neighborhoods             amount of crime in these targeted areas.
and community involved and together to           Finally there are family parks, this would
improve their city. Williams said this of        encourage people to bring their families
Walling “Dayne is that rare individual who       and cultural programs to Flint’s parks with
can think big but also take care of small        recreation facilities.                                 David Davenport
                                                                                                   A commercial truck driver.
details. All in all, he is a great team player         The final point in the Road Map to          The Chronicle staff was un-
who makes everyone around him work               Opportunity is putting people first at City       able to find out more about
smarter and harder.” Dayne wants to bring        Hall, first focus would be on community           him. No website currently
his experience and knowledge to Flint to         centers, this would establish a network           available
bring back jobs, rebuild schools, and open       of senior centers in cooperation with
the community centers for Flint’s youth.         churches and schools. The great start focus
      Dayne has a motto “Bring                   would invest 1% of the general fund to            Possible Candidates
Opportunity Back”, through this motto            ensure the life chances of young children.
he has a plan called the Road Map to             Grade your government is the last focus           Brenda K. Smith
Opportunity. Through the Road Map                and would allow the community to rate             R. W. Terrell
there are three focuses; Bringing jobs and       their city services and post report cards for
                                                                                                   Daron Rice
development for the 21st century, taking         the different departments in the city.
care of our neighborhoods, and putting                 Dayne Walling has the love for              Robert Katrinic
people first at City Hall.                       Flint to make it better and to make a
                                                                                                   Sheldon Neely
      The plan to bring jobs and                 change. His roots to the community and
development focuses on cleaning up and           knowledge of what needs to be done is                   The Chronicle staff was unable to
rezoning vacant and abandoned land to            what makes him a formidable opponent.             find out more information about these
be used for new businesses and housing.          I think that thus far in the race it is safe to   potential candidates. We are unsure if
By doing this the community will benefit         say there are some very worthy candidates         these individuals are considering running
from what was previously thought of as           in the running.                                   for mayor, or if this list is complete. If you
“eyesores.” Next is the campus commons,                                                            are, or know of, any of these candidates, or
                                                                                                    other candidates not listed, please contact
                                                                                                     the Chronicle at chronicles@edtech.mcc.
                                                                                                           Would you like to work on Dayne
                                                                                                     Walling’s campaign? Stop over to Dayne’s
                                                                                                     campaign headquarters located at:
                                                                                                           940 S. Grand Traverse
                                                                                                           Flint, MI 48502
                                                                                                       or visit:

     Campus Intelligence                                       by Dawn Vanniman, Jan Costea, and Tony Gay
     Congratulations!                                         Need a Tutor?
           Our own columnist, Jan Costea, won the First           The Learning Center has peer tutors available for Spring Semester,
     Year Student Award at the 49th Annual Student Art        May 14 – June 22 in the following subjects:
     Show. Stop on over at the VADC to see the exhibit,           English 098, 099, ASL.101
     there’s lots of great art by our own students being          COMG 150, 153, 154
     show.                                                        BIO 111, 151, 152, 227
                                                                  ACCT 101, 201
     Peace Officer’s                                              MATH 021, 101, 160, 161, 163, 164, 167, 168, 267
                                                                  PSC 281
     Memorial Day                                                 Physics 287, 281
           On Tuesday, May 15th MCC held a short                  Chem. 237 and below
     memorial service to commemorate all the police
     officers that have been killed in the line of duty.      Peer and Adult Mentors Needed
                                                                   The Catholic Charities Youth in Transition Mentoring Program is
     Participating in the memorial were: Director of
                                                              looking for optimistic college students interested in helping younger
     Public Safety, Chief Theresa Stephens-Locke, Sgt. J.
                                                              students succeed. There is a $50.00/month stipend for providing this
     Malcolm and Greg McDowell who played Taps. It
                                                              service. Please contact Youth in Transition at Catholic Charities at 810-
     was stated that ‘Being a police officer is the sort of
     job where you might not come home at night.’
                                                              Governor’s Service Award
                                                                    Lenore Croudy, Chair of the Mott Community College Board of
     Virtual Simulation Camp                                  Trustees, is a finalist in Governor Jennifer Granholm’s 2007 Governor’s
                                                              Service Awards. She is one of five finalists nominated to receive the
     at MCC in June                                           Governor George Romney Lifetime Achievement Award. This award
           MCC is again offering a high-tech summer           honors an individual, usually a senior citizen, who has taken volunteer
     camp for middle and high school students. The camp       service to the highest level year after year Wednesday, June 20th, at the
     is held at the Regional Technology Center (RTC).         Fox Theatre in Detroit there will be an awards ceremony, “The Miracle
     The camp meets Monday – Friday from 9am to 4pm.          of Volunteering” to honor all finalists. Ms. Croudy has provided 39 years
     Campers receive a peek into the high-tech world of       of service in the Flint community and has been a member on the Mott
     simulation software and career options in the world      Community College Board of Trustees for nearly 18 years.
     of high-end technology. They work on 3D modeling,
     device design, construction and analysis of device       Bommarito Family Outstanding
     performance and using high-tech programs such as
     AutoDesk Inventor. This camp is co-sponsored by the      Student Award
                                                                    Marvin Dale Cronce of North Branch is the recipient of the 2007
     National Science Foundation. For more information        Bommarito Family Outstanding Student Award. The award is given to the
     call 810-762-0278.                                       student who mirrors the qualities exemplified by English faculty member,
                                                              Joseph Bommarito, who died in 2003. The strengths looked for in
     Library Hours                                            determining this award are: positive spirit and attitude, strong work ethic,
          Spring Semester: Monday & Tuesday 8am               helpfulness to others, creative facility of self-expression and writing skill,
     – 9pm, Wednesday – Friday 8am – 5pm, Saturday            contributions to an outstanding classroom environment and an ability to
     12pm – 5pm and Sunday Closed                             more than meet life’s challenges. The winner receives a certificate and a
                                                              $200 cash award.
     Fitness Center Hours                                           Marvin was drafted for Vietnam when he graduated high school
          Spring Semester: Monday & Wednesday 9am
                                                              and only came to MCC for job retraining. English Professor Julie Steffey
     – 3pm, Tuesday & Thursday 9am – 6pm and Friday
                                                              recommended Cronce for the award due to his passion for storytelling and
     & Saturday 9am – 1pm
                                                              general thoughtfulness to his fellow students. He donated prizes for high
                                                              scores on quizzes in class and even loaned a fellow student money to fix
                                                              his car. Congratulations Marvin!

                                                  Come join us at the
                                                    MCC Chronicle!
        We’re looking for writers, photographers, editors, assistant editors & salespeople
                                           Contact us through the Student Life Center
                                                       in the Prahl Center
                                           or by email at
Campus Intelligence                                            by Dawn Vanniman, Jan Costea, and Tony Gay
Social Science Division Awards
                                                              outstanding in their fields       Edwards. She is articulate, determined and
                                                                and either have jobs or very    not to be trifled with.
                                                                good offers right now.                The Wise B. Joseph Excellence
                                                                     The Joseph F. Perisa       Award: Sociology Award was presented by
                                                                Award for Outstanding           Brenda Zicha and Jennifer Fillion to Sarah
                                                                Student in History was          J. Hall. Sarah has taken all the Sociology
                                                                presented to Amber              classes available and then moved on
                                                                Dulaney by Aaron Gulyas.        the Anthropology classes. She will be
                                                                Amber is deciding between       attending Western Michigan University
                                                                attending Michigan State or     with a major in Sociology.
                                                                Mississippi University with           Finally, the Social Science Division
                                                                a major in Psychology.          Humanitarian Award was presented. This
                                                                     The James A. Randall       award was presented by Paul Rozycki and
                                                                Memorial Award is               was awarded to Sybyl Atwood. Sybyl was
                                                                awarded to a psychology         unable to attend, but requested that Dale
                                                                student and this year was       Weighill be her proxy. Sybyl is described
                                                                presented by Tammy              as a dynamo and a great resource. She was
                                                                Menzel to Katherine A.          the first Director of the Resource Center
      Every year right before graduation,                      Sullivan (Katie). Katie will     and is said to be the heart and soul of that
the Social Science Division holds an           be continuing her education as a Special         operation. She has helped thousands of
Awards Ceremony and presents 9 awards,         Education major.                                 people in Genesee County and also helped
sometimes more. This year attending                  The Carroll Clark Scholarship Award        even more find volunteer opportunities.
faculty, staff and administration members      is presented to a political science student      Sybyl sent a message that she is grateful,
were: President R. Shaink, VP of               and this year was presented by Paul              humbled and appreciative to receive such
Academics Dr. A. Fugate, Dean Margaret         Rozycki to Anthony Hill. Anthony wishes          an award. Thanks for all you do, Sybyl!
Brainard, Paul Jordan Social Work Program      to possibly attend Georgetown like his
Coordinator, Aaron Gulyas History Faculty,     hero, Bill Clinton and will major in
Jennifer Fillion Anthropology Faculty,         medicine and political science.
Brenda Zicha Sociology Faculty, Susan                The Carroll Clark Civic Service
Edwards Psychology Faculty, Paul Rozycki       Award is presented to a political science
Political Science Faculty, Dale Weighill       student and this year was presented by
Political Science Faculty, Terrence Stewart    Paul Rozycki to Erika Bockelman. Erika
Sociology Faculty, Becky Garske Early          created a program to help get veterans
Childhood Education Program Coordinator,       back into the workplace, she is the
Tammy Menzel Psychology Faculty, Dr.           Ombudsman for ESGR.
Gail Knapp Psychology Faculty, Celia                 The Psychology Achievement
Perez-Booth Counselor and Chuck Iwanusa        Award was presented by Dr. Gail Knapp
Fine Arts Faculty.                             to Heidi Toler. Heidi will be continuing
      The Meredith Meade Award for             her education with a scholarship to
Outstanding Graduate is given to Early         Tulane University in New Orleans.
Childhood Education students. Presented              The Ginger Edwards Social Work
by Becky Garske, this year there were 5        Award was presented by Paul Jordan to
recipients: Michelle R. Asbury, Marcelle       Tiffany Jones. Tiffany will be continuing
A. Bryant, Annette Hughes, Tonya Lewis         her education at UofM-Flint and is said
and Lora L. Phillips. All these students are   to share many qualities with Ginger

Robert Mogford Student Award Winner
      Casey Hill of Gaines, MI won the         competed in the fall of 2006 on the Mott        properly of used batteries but to teach
Robert Mogford Student Award this year.        Gold Team in June of 2006 Casey worked          young people the proper way to dispose of
Casey is majoring in Product Design            on the Duck Race Fundraising Project            used batteries and the pollution potential.
here at Mott. He has been very active in       – here he got the exciting job of washing,      In January of 2007, two of Casey’s art
the community and at school for the past       sorting and bagging 3,000 rubber ducks!         projects were included in the Student Art
few years. Casey worked to organize            He’s also worked each spring for the last       Show here at MCC. He also has designed
and set up for the Science Olympiad for        5 years with the Swartz Creek Middle            the Swartz Creek hockey t-shirts for the
high school and middle school students         School battery recycling project. This          last two years.
her at MCC on March 24, 2007. He also          project is designed to not only dispose               Congratulations, Casey!!
     Campus Intelligence by Dawn Vanniman, Jan Costea, and Tony Gay
     Humanities Division Awards
            I attended the Department of English      inevitability of death. The first place fiction   Student Award. This award was unlike
     Writing Awards Reception. The awards             award was granted to David Tondreau for his       the other awards in that it is not given
     presented were honoring those students           submission “The World is Drowning (But            in acknowledgement of a submitted
     who entered their writings in various            I’m Just Fine)”, which describes a flood and      piece of writing, but to a student from
     categories. The first awards presented           the feelings and sights that come with it in a    a developmental writing course who
     were the Beverly Blevins Developmental           surreal way.                                      personifies certain qualities that are
     Writing awards. These were awarded to                 The awards for nonfiction were presented     reminiscent of the late Joseph Bommerito, a
     those whose writings had been submitted          next. The second place award was given to         former developmental education professor.
     while the student was in a developmental         Josh Gonzalez for his submission “Identity”,      Marvin Dale Cronce showed an uncommon
     writing course. Those who received these         a collage essay about his experience with         compassion for his fellow students, supplying
     awards were: Freddie Willbanks the third         the expectations imposed upon him due to a        Harry Potter themed prizes as rewards for
     place winner for his paper titled “My Road       part of his heritage that he was not strongly     those in his class with exceptional papers and
     to Better Reading”. This paper is about his      exposed to. The first place winner was            reports. He also loaned a fellow student the
     love for, and struggle with reading through      Margie Pillsbury for “Transformed Passion”,       money to have his car repaired, this made
     his primary and secondary school experience.     an essay about spending her honeymoon             it so the student was able to complete the
     The second place winner Mary Alice King          exploring her husbands love of the                class. Marvin Cronce’s actions are deserving
     for her paper “Saying Goodbye to Mom”            woodlands, and discovering that she shared        of recognition. This award was the most
     is a loving recantation of her mothers death     this feeling.                                     emotional, both in the description of its
     and the time leading up to it. The first place        The final award for submitted pieces was     namesake’s life and reputation, and in the
     prize was awarded to David Verellen for          for the research/critical essay award. The        detailing those aspects that Martin Cronce
     “Garfield Elementary”. This paper details        piece that received the second prize was          showed to be nominated for the award.
     his experience with an assignment that had       written by Claudia Gagnon titled “Breaking             Each award winner seemed as if they
     him teaching writing to elementary school        the Barriers of Transracial Adoption” which       were urged by others to submit material to the
     students and what the experience taught him.     looked at the debate on the adoption of a         various competitions. The winners were all
          The Anna Bradley Writing Awards             child of another race. Brandy Hardenburg          excited and proud of their work, but each was
     were presented next for three categories:        received the first place prize for her paper      visibly humble. Most made comments about
     fiction, nonfiction and research/critical        “The Issues of Affirmative Action” that           not believing their writings were anything
     essay. There were two winners in each            detailed her research on both sides of the        special. These awards encouraged each of the
     category. Sean Butler received the second        debate on affirmative action.                     winners to continue to practice the craft. It
     place prize for his fiction submission “Two           The final award was presented to             appeared that these acknowledgements served
     Percent”, which drifts through memories          Marvin Dale Cronce. He was awarded                to make those who entered aware of their
     and a sense of loss and the acceptance of the    the Bommarito Family Outstanding                  talent.

Campus Intelligence                                            by Dawn Vanniman, Jan Costea, and Tony Gay
The Paul Karr Cup Award
       The winner of the Paul Karr Cup          themselves. Although he founded the club
award this year was our very own News           and publication, he handed over the
Editor, Tom Cole!                               operations and control to an elected
       A Flint native, Tom Cole lived in        Editor-in-Chief.
several other areas before returning to Flint         As President of the GSA, Tom
to attend Mott Community College. As a          has pursued college and community
non-traditional student, MCC has provided       acceptance of everyone, no matter
many items of interest for Tom, including       their orientation. He has twice gone
the Gay Straight Alliance, MCC Chronicle        to national conferences, bringing
and Student Government.                         back new and exciting ideas.
       Tom joined Student Government                  Tom will be attending the
in his first year at MCC and served as          University of Minnesota in the fall,
President in his second year. He has            pursuing a major in Psychology with
headed up an impressive Executive Board         a double minor in Computer Science
that has efficiently dealt with many issues     and French Studies. His master plan
in the past year. The meeting style and         includes a Masters Degree in Public
constitution have both been made better         Administration.
with Tom’s guidance.                                  The Paul Karr Cup is awarded
       At the end of his first year, Tom        each year to the graduate chosen to
founded the MCC Chronicle. Mott                 represent the class as its best citizen
students have been without a student            on the basis of scholarship, character
publication for a number of years. Tom          and service. This honor is noted on
felt that the students need a more efficient    the student’s permanent record.
way to gain information about the college
and community and a place to express

The Phil Braun Award
      Teresa Krawczyk has received              Award. In 2006 she won second
three different Associate Degrees along         place in the Anna Bradley writing
with the Honors Program Diploma and             competition at Mott and was
Medallion from MCC while maintaining a          a finalist at the LAND writing
4.0 GPA. While working on this academic         competition.
goal, she also managed to hold multiple               Teresa’s future plans are to
club positions including President the          earn her Bachelor’s degree and
Environmental Club, Vice President of the       begin working in a classroom by
Gardening Association, Vice President of        the Fall of 2009. Ultimately she
Membership for PTK, Student Government          wants to be the kind of teacher
Executive Board and the 3P Campaign.            who inspires students to do their
She volunteered the summer of 2006 as           individual best and believe in
an assistant for Mott’s Young Writer’s          themselves.
Workshop.                                             The Phil Braun Award is
      In her community, Teresa has been an      awarded each year to the graduate
active volunteer in her church and multiple     most outstanding in scholarship.
organizations. This includes her extensive      This honor is noted on the
work with the Title I program at Neithercut     student’s permanent record.
Elementary where she was recognized as
Parent of the Year in 2005. She is also an
avid Relay for Life spokesperson.
      Teresa’s activities have earned her
numerous awards at MCC. These include
the Grayce M. Scholt, Mogford, Sonya
Carson and the Malcolm X scholarships.
She has also received Second Team for
All USA, Guistwhite award for 2007 and
the All Michigan Academic team 2007.
Most recently she has earned the Michigan
Campus compact’s Commitment to Service
     Campus Intelligence                            by Dawn Vanniman, Jan Costea, and Tony Gay
     Student Employee Appreciation Luncheon
           In conjunction with National Student
     Employees Week, students employed
     around Mott’s campus were recognized for
     their efforts with an appreciation reception
     on April 11. Because of the extensive
     renovations in the Prahl Center’s second
     floor the reception was informally held in
     the Genesee room, with hors d’oeuvres
     and a flexible time frame to allow for busy
     student schedules. Gifts and certificates,
     in addition to a sumptuous lunch, showed
     student workers how much their efforts are
     appreciated by faculty and staff!

Campus Intelligence                                           by Dawn Vanniman, Jan Costea, and Tony Gay
Student Art Show
      The Visual Arts and Design Center        Brannan, Jennifer Burnett, Jennifer Fechik,   Across Cultures, Gold; Stephanie McKay:
studios in the month of May become             Chrys Lewis, Laura Luongo, Demarcus           Silver; Sarah Cooper, Andrew Hartness,
gigantic galleries showcasing the              Smith, and Sarah Wright.                      Orlando Williams, and James Thigpen, Jr.
outstanding work of student artists from            Art 133 Basic Illustration                     Art 244 Publication Design for
the previous year. Faculty members spend       Techniques, Gold; Laurell Bryant,             Print I, Silver; Adam Alberts, Rebecca
weeks beforehand to jury thousands of          Thomas Loomis, Ashley Overby, and Kay         Homer, Josh Langley, Stephanie McKay,
pieces of artwork from studio and graphic      Peariso.                                      Krystle Schlund, and Jonathan Young.
design students, and after the work                 Art 135 Figure Drawing, Gold;                  Art 245 Publication Design for Web
is selected there is a flurry of activity      Annetter Gitre: Silver; Claude Miller,        I, Gold; Josh Langley: Silver; Heather
converting drawing studios into galleries.     Bethany Park, and English Prevo.              Guffin, Krystle Schlund, and Casey
All of this effort culminated at the opening        Art 141 Basic Two Dimensional            Thompson.
reception on Friday, May 11.                   Design, Gold; Erin Evelyn, Leah Minto,              Art 246 Self Promotion & Portfolio,
      Featured at the opening reception was    Tammy Rowan, and Kristina Strand:             Gold; Krystle Schlund: Silver; Josh
the presentation of achievement awards         Silver; William Alverson, Chrystal            Langley, Casey Thompson, and Heather
by Jessie Sirna, Dean of Fine Arts, and        Caldwell, James Clayton, Amanda               Wright.
Mara Fulmer, Graphic Design Coordinator.       Edwards, Kevin Herriman, Rebecca                    Art 249 Publication Design for
All students receiving gold and silver         Johnson, Bethany Kuderko, Jennifer            Print II, Gold; Casey Thompson: Silver;
awards for exemplary work in individual        Lamielle, Chrys Lewis, Kasey Reed,            Adam Alberts, and Stephanie McKay.
classes were recognized. This year, the        Nicholas Smith, Morgan Swank, Megan                 Art 255 Digital Painting, Gold;
announcement and program design award          Wofford, and Michael Wozniak.                 Krystle Schlund, and Jason Skelton:
was given to Kristina Kassem from the Art           Art 142 Basic Three Dimensional          Silver; Adam Alberts.
146 Typography and Type Design Winter          Design, Gold; James Clayton, Eric Hall,             Art 261, 262, 263, 264 Painting I,
class. Her playful use of distressed and       Linda Hammel, and Jason Skelton: Silver;      II, III, IV, Gold; Claude Miller: Silver;
hand-written type is featured on the poster    Lindsy Avenall, Nathan Devoe, Rebecca         Garrett Farmer, Katherine Rothley, and
that is displayed around campus, on a          Johnson, Chrys Lewis, Matthew Madigan,        Kristina Strand.
postcard, and throughout the program.          Melissa Marble, Demarcus Smith, and Neil            Art 271, 272, 273, 274 Sculpture I,
      Recognized for the Art Achievement       Zerbe.                                        II, III, IV, Silver; Shelby Gilbert.
Award in the Fine Arts division for a first         Art 145 Intro to Computer Based                Art 281, 282, 283, 284 Ceramics I,
year student was Erin Evelyn, and second       Design, Gold; Jennifer Atkins, Charles        II, III, IV, Gold; Craig Merchant: Silver;
year student was Kevin Herriman. In the        Dietrich, and Julie Hurst: Silver; Jemere     Alice Isaac, and Chrys Lewis.
Graphic Design division, the first year Art    Bohnert, Jan Costea, Kevin Herriman,                The galleries, located in the Visual
Achievement Award went to Jan Costea,          Cassie Henry, Victoria Stankewitz, and        Arts and Design Center, will be open until
and second year student was Stephanie          Nathan Wood.                                  June 1, 2007 from 9 am – 4 pm Monday
McKay. The Faculty Recognition Award is             Art 146 Typography and Type              through Friday. Any students considering
given to a student who has demonstrated        Design, Gold; Jan Costea, Joyce El            entering the Graphic Design or Fine Arts
consistent growth and outstanding              Hayek, Eric Hall, Julie Hurst, and Kristina   programs at Mott are encouraged to view
accomplishments throughout their career        Kassem: Silver; Andrew Ellis, Heather         the exhibit for a look at the high quality of
in Mott’s Art Department. Receiving the        Guffin, Kevin Herriman, and Harry             work that is produced under the tutelage
Fine Art Award was Chrys Lewis, and            Williams.                                     of the fine instructors in those courses. For
Krystle Schlund was recognized for her              Art 229 Independent Study-               more information you may contact Kim
accomplishments in the Graphic Design          Sculpture, Gold; Richard Kegerer.             Gregus at the VADC office, (810) 762-
division.                                           Art 231 Advanced Drawing, Gold;          0443.
      Following are students recognized for    Bethany Park: Silver; Nancy Dash,
gold and silver awards:                        English Prevo, and Neil Zerbe.
      Art 131 Basic Drawing I, Gold;                Art 233 Advanced Illustration
Amber DeClercq, Amanda Edwards, Erin           Techniques, Gold; Krystle Schlund.
Evelyn, Cassie Henry, Anwar Jackson,                Art 235, 236, 237, 238
Ashley McColgan, Kathryn Phillips,             Printmaking I, II, III, IV, Gold; Annie
Kathleen Rollins, and Michael Wozniak:         Guevara: Silver; Shirley Eason, Nancy
Silver; Marvin Dabideen, Anastassia            Pennel, and Katherine Rothley.
Fulmer, Juan Garcia, Aimee Hansen, Tracy            Art 242 Corporate Identity &
Moore, Larisa Serbina, Demarcus Smith,         Promotional Design, Gold; Heather
and Brenda Soles.                              Guffin, Stephanie McKay: Silver; Sarah
      Art 132 Basic Drawing II, Gold;          Cooper, Katerina Dalecka, and Thomas
Suellyn Bielski, Jan Costea, Cassie Henry,     Loomis.
                                                                                             For more student art show photos see page
and Kevin Herriman: Silver; Christian               Art 243 Communication Design
                                                                                             30. Photos taken by Jan Costea

     The Clubhouse                                  by Dawn Vanniman
         Student Government Trip                                         Student Government Elections
               Three members of Student Government and                          Forms for Student Government Elections were
         the Advisor traveled to Philadelphia, PA to attend a             handed out, but unfortunately none were turned in on
         conference on student leadership. We will be using               time. Elections will be held again at the beginning of
         the information received in our workshops in our                 Fall Semester. Keep an eye out for flyers and in this
         planning for fall and winter semesters.                          space for when they will be held, as well as when
                                                                          Student Government meetings will begin.

         Cap and Gown Sales                                              The American Sign Language Club
                 Cap & Gown Sales went on for two weeks in                     The ASL Club held a presentation “How to Use
          Student Life with 9 clubs signing up to sell. Thanks           an Interpreter” in the Student Life Center in April.
          to all the clubs that sold!!!                                  Interpreters demonstrated their knowledge of signing
                                                                         and lip reading, even from across the room.

                                               Club Awards Reception
                                                  of desserts from Oliver T’s and coffee from
                                                       The Student Government Executive
                                                  Board gave out the awards, the theme of
                                                  the Reception was Hollywood so chocolate
                                                  Oscars were given out with certificates.
                                                  The awards were:

                                                                                                        Civic Involvement – Club
                                                                                                   – Gardening Club
           The Club Award Reception was
     held on Friday, April 27th. There was a                                                            Student Leader – Darci Harris
     nice turnout from the clubs, staff and                                                        Early Childhood Club
     administration. Quite a few students
                                                                                                        Advisor of the Yedar
                                                                                                   – Tony Caldwell Mott Cheerleaders/
                                                       The Lazarus Award to the Social
                                                  Work Club for bringing their club back       There was one special surprise gift
                                                  from the dead.                          handed out. That went to Tom Cole in the
                                                                                          form of a photo quilt.
                                                       The Crystal Award to the MCC Otaku      Mr. Scott Jenkins, VP of Student
                                                  Club for the club with the most growth  Services said a few words at the end of the
                                                       Most Connected Student to Tom Cole program thanking students for belonging to
                                                  of Student Government GSA/PTK/MCC       clubs and for participating.

                                                       Campus Mom – Teresa Krawczyk
                                                  of PTK/Honors Program/Gardening/
     expressed that they appreciated seeing staff Environmental
     and administrations attend a student-based
     reception and also mingling and chatting          Journalist of the Year – Amanda
     with the students. Entertainment was         Emery of MCC Chronicle
     provided by comedian Jason Douglas, who
     expressed interest in returning next year!        Civic Involvment – Person – Sade
     If you haven’t heard Jason, you’re really    Wilson of Student Government
     missing out. Refreshments were a variety
 On Notice                          by Amanda Emery                   The opinions in On Notice this month are those of Editor Amanda
                                                                Emery and solely Amanda Emery. These views in no way represent the
 “Zombies are SOO 2 Years Ago”                                  Guerilla Art Show. Photos on this page were taken from myspace.
        On April 13th once again the residents         The show went off without a hitch.            to “we are more guerilla than
 at 625 S. Saginaw St. were doing what they      That is until two non-profit orgainizations         you,” it comes
 do best; putting on a free art show bringing    in the city decided to show up dressed as           down to the
 people as far away as Detroit to not only       zombies in an ill thought out attempt to            notion that
 be a part of the show, but to support the       show the artists and patrons what “true”            the residents
 arts community in Flint as well. Due to         guerilla art is. The zombies shuffled               who put on
 the Guerilla Art Show this was the most         through the building moaning as they                the Guerilla
 heavily attended art walk in it’s history.      bumped into people, scared children,                Art Show
 The Guerilla Art Show is free not only to       knocked over artwork - damaging it, and             aren’t “serious
 the public, but to the artists as well, the     pushed newspapers into people’s chests.             enough”
 artist can sell their works and keep 100%       Once they made it back to the front of the          about the term
 of the profit and they also do not have to      building, two of the zombies picked up a            “guerilla.”
 pay for the space they are using. This art      large banner they had placed in the entry           Had the
 show is unique and refreshing for first time    way that was covered in fake money. The             organizations
 artists who would like to get their work out    pair shook out the banner littering the fake        behind
 there for people to see and who have not        money inside the building and all over              this demonstration actually done their
 been able to become a part of the larger        the sidewalk to show a banner that read             homework, they would have realized that
 galleries in the area.                          “Guerilla Art is Not For Sale.”                     an art show done by unconventional means
                                                                     Now we come to the point        in an unconventional space would be a
                                                              after this little story, that in all   Guerilla Art Show, but I digress.
                                                              honesty it comes down to the                 So when the smoke has cleared
                                                              word “guerilla”. All of this           and everything has been said and done,
                                                              disrespect toward these artists        with possible boycotts of these two
                                                              was because the “zombies”              organizations in the air, it seems the two
                                                              felt that the word was used            have turned upon each other. Laying the
                                                              incorrectly. A quote from              blame has become a nasty game when
                                                              one person involved stated             one organization made public email
                                                              “Guerilla can be a nasty idea to       transmissions between the two showing
                                                              mess around with unless you’re         more involvement and plans to possibly
                                                              serious.” So it comes down to          do this again and the true nature of both
                                                              semantics, the word, in their          organizations in the “guerilla incident.”
                                                              opinion was used incorrectly           You can see these transmissions yourself
                                                              and the Guerilla Art Show              and a video taken of the demonstration
                                                              needed to be taught a valuable         on private property without permission at
                                                              lesson. It doesn’t come down 
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    Hey guys, the Chronicle totally wants you to write us letters. If it We want to read them and respond! Please send all letters to
comes down to putting fold out pictures of Amanda Emery and other the editor to: or drop it off in our
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     Over The Hill and Back Again by Jan Costea
     My Father’s War
           My Father was twenty years old when        Mental Health Advisory Team (MHAT)                working at
     he was shipped to Austria to fight during        has touched on the serious psychological          the FOB
     World War II. He had only been out of his        damage that can be done to soldiers               (forward
     small town of Calumet, Michigan for a few        while engaged in combat. The study was            operating
     years, was recently married to my Mom,           conducted from August until October               base).
     who was pregnant with my older brother           in 2006, the fourth survey done under                   One
     when he left. This happened in 1945, when        these conditions. And an examination              of the
     the war in Europe was ending, but not            of the findings, given the violence of            saddest statistics is the suicide rate. Even
     before he saw enough combat to earn a            the circumstances these soldiers find             though it is down from the report of
     Bronze Star for bravery.                         themselves in, can only cause us to wonder        2005, 17.3 per hundred thousand still are
               This small town man never talked       what sort of psychological damage is being        too many. Considering the statements of
     about his experiences during the war to his      done to them. Consider these statistics:          what they have witnessed, though, it is
     children, and looking through his album                                                            understandable: “A friend was liquefied
     of clippings and photos of that time don’t              •	 62% of the soldiers surveyed            in the driver’s position on a tank, and I
     reveal much. But the map printed by his          reported a member of their team or                saw everything,” “Working to clean out
     division’s Major General reveals heavy           someone they knew either was seriously            body parts from a blown up tank,” “I had
     battle activity: the battle of the Rhine,        injured or killed.                                to police up my friends off the ground
     March 6 to April 4; battle of the Ruhr, April           •	 53% saw no need to show respect because they got blown up.” Just the fact
     7 to April 16; battle in Bavaria, April 22 to    to civilians. A third of those responded          that they can at least talk about what they
     May 8; German prisoners captured, 53,354;        that they had insulted civilians and 10%          have witnessed is grounds for hope, unlike
     German territory conquered, 220 miles;           revealed that they had done unnecessary           my Father’s generation.
     rivers forged, Bigge, Altmuhl, Isar Danube,      damage to civilian property or mistreated a             This situation becomes more
     Mittel-Isar, Salzach. They arrived back in       civilian.                                         frustrating for everyone when the
     New York City on June 17, 1945, almost                  •	 44% feel that torture should be         circumstances behind the war become more
     a month before my older brother was born         allowed to save the life of a fellow soldier, muddied up with doubt and confusion.
     prematurely on July 15.                          and 39% want to allow it for gathering            We want to support the young men and
               What was the effect of this            information from insurgents                       women sent into this morass, and hope
     intense sort of battle on the men of the                .                                          that the soldiers are not dying in vain, but
     Greatest Generation, as newscaster Tom                  In the light of these statistics, it seems we question the necessity of having sent
     Brokaw referred to them? I can only speak        ironic that only about 7% of the soldiers         them into harm’s way in the first place.
     for my Father, and can only conclude             felt that they needed some sort of mental         The lesson learned from Vietnam is that
     that he experienced post traumatic stress        health intervention. The reasons for not          we must not abandon the people who do
     syndrome, as it would now be applied             seeking help included that they could not         the dirty work, no matter how much we
     to someone in his circumstances. Photos          get time away from their work, that they          feel the action is unconscionable. But the
     that survive of him before and during            were too far away from facilities that            lesson from World War II is that a whole
     the war show a healthy, fit man, a high          provided help, and that they felt they would generation can get lost if we fail to address
     school athlete who lettered in football          receive an unfavorable review if they             the harm done to the mind of those who
     and basketball, as well as participating in      sought such help.                                 witness the horrors of war.
     track, hockey and softball. Yet, my Father              Given the fact that many of them
     never played those sports with his children.     have not even had enough time between
     My memories reveal a man at least one            deployments to recuperate, and that the
     hundred pounds overweight, smoking               level of violence has been escalating, there
     cigarettes with his buddies in the backyard,     should not be a doubt in anyone’s mind that
     with a bottle of beer ever by his side while     morale among combat troops is declining.
     listening to the baseball game. I remember       The report examines the difficulties for
     arguments between my parents that often          soldiers to be able to seek respite in short
     turned violent. He brushed aside questions       R&R periods in Qatar, and found that
     about his experiences during the war when        they waited longer for transportation out
     I reached that inquisitive age. My Father        than they were allowed for their time off.
     had his first heart attack at 35 years of age,   Also, those who were involved in the most
     and he was only fifty-eight when he died         dangerous assignments, “outside the wire”
     from heart failure.                              activities, were less able to take advantage
               Why is this poignant story             of MWR (morale, welfare and recreational)
     relevant to our day? It’s because once           assets, such as concerts or events provided
     again there are soldiers under the duress        for them, though they obviously were
     of battle. A report released by the Army’s       in greater need of them than the soldiers

Guest Columnist                                       by Heidi Toler
The Dangers of Erotic Asphyxiation
      Choking is not normally considered      extremely dangerous.                            has manifested
a good thing, but for some people it                The appeal of this act is that it         itself in popular
has become one of the things they look        supposedly intensifies orgasm. The lack         culture and
forward to. Some people have begun to         of oxygen to the brain followed by the          many people
use choking as a form of kink or non-         sudden rush of blood and air received           are ignorant to
traditional sex. They either use devices to   when the tourniquet or other air restricting    the fact that it
choke themselves or have a lover choke        device is removed combines with the             is as dangerous
them. Ribbons, belts, rope and other          orgasm to make it a more powerful feeling.      as it is. Humans are naturally inquisitive
objects are used to achieve a blockage        People have died while engaging in this         and like to push limits but erotic asphyxia
of the airway. Men and women seem             act though. Is it logical to practice an act    is something that should not ever be tried,
equally as likely to do it. This act may      that very likely could kill you? No, it         ever.
be disturbing, but more than that, it is      isn’t. This is a very disturbing trend that

Jule’s Rant by Julie Hurst
Myspace Creepy Freaks
      Please don’t bug me if you’re creepy.   daily basis working in retail. So if you
I don’t want to be mean to any one, but       can’t be a gentlemen, then don’t even talk
when you start being a creep just walk        to me, I will not put up with it.
away, I am sick of all the creepy people      I am surprised that any of you creeps can
on myspace that try and hit on me. It’s not   even get a girlfriend with the way you act
cool, its creepy, stay away from me.          on here. Oh yeah, I forgot, this place is
      I used to believe in giving people      filled with dumb chicks who don’t know
chances, but having a profile on myspace      the different between what a real guy acts
has taught me a lesson: you must earn         like and a complete pig acts like.
my friendship on this thing if you want it.   Well I am not one of those dumb chicks so
Don’t send me a message that proves for       don’t even try to be a creepy freak.
a fact you don’t have a good grasp of the     I can spot one of your kind oh so easily,
English language, or know how to talk like    and I will not fall for that style of crap so
a decent person. I get that enough working    move on to one of the millions of other
at Meijer, I don’t need it on my computer.    chicks on here, odds are that they are dumb
      If you want to earn my respect you      and will fall for anything, but not me.
must earn it by showing me respect. I am            So if you’re not a gentlemen get the
not like any other promiscuous girls you      hell away from me. You Stupid Boys, learn
might know, I am a lady and want to be        to grow up.
treated like such. I will not put up with
stupidity.                                    Stop with the creepy freaks please.
I am sick of having to deal with it on a

     Artist Profile: Stephen Vincent                                                                by Amanda Emery
           AE- What is your favorite medium to work in?
           Stephen- Right now I’d have to say acrylic paint on whatever I can slap
     paint on. That includes suit-coats, shoes, bags, canvas. You know, whatever.
     Right now I’m actually working on some commissioned purses. Whenever I get
     the chance to get in a studio, recording and producing music is always really fun
           AE- What influences your art work? Movies? Music? Real Life?
           Stephen- Well most of my horror art is influenced by old E.C. and EERIE
     comics and probably all those damn zombie movies I watch. But I get influenced
     and inspired by a lot of different things everyday. Band promos, a movie trailer,
     a comic book, toys, someone’s T-shirt. I see all of that stuff and I say “I could do
     that “. I like to take bits and pieces of things I really like, twist them, and make
     them my own. So I guess I’m mostly influenced by the world around me....the
     sick and twisted world around me.
           AE- Tell me about the Black Water Gallery.
           Stephen- The Black Water Gallery, for now, is my online portfolio of sorts.
     As it stands, it’s just a myspace site that displays my work. But, the long term
     idea is way cooler. Sometime next year, I want to learn how to tattoo. Eventually
     turning that into a career and having a shop of my own someday. I want the shop
     to house an independent art gallery as well. Showcasing rising art talents from
     both local and out of state scenes. So yeah, one day, that’s what it’s going to be.
     For now though, I’m trying to push my own work and myspace is the easiest
     place to do so. So come check out and let me
     know what you think!
                                                       AE- Tell me about your previous
                                                 music career.
                                                       Stephen- Wow, this is always a long story so I’ll try to chop it down. Me and my friend
                                                 Scott got to fooling around and rapping. It started as crappy freestyling in his basement. We
                                                 signed up to do this music fest thing at our high school, wrote a few songs, and it took off from
                                                 there. We cut some tracks under the name Nightmare Killaz and handed a whole crap load of
                                                 burnt CD’s out to other kids our age. The CD fell into the hands of a rapper named Prozak.
                                                 He was doing shows in Saginaw and wanted us to play a few. We opened for groups like The
                                                 Dayton Family and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. That was crazy for us because we hadn’t even
                                                 made a real CD yet. I think we just got into the right place at the right time for this stuff. We
                                                 ended up making a few free singles and eventually an E.P. that sold probably a few hundred,
                                                 which is great considering we did little to no marketing. I then started planning out a solo
                                                 project under my stage name Jack Hearse. Cut to a couple years later, Prozak and long time
                                                 Insane Clown Posse producer Mike E. Clark
                                                 sign a national record deal together under the
                                                 group name Project:Deadman. Eventually
                                                 Psychopathic Records recording artists
                                                 Twiztid want Project:Deadman to go on tour
                                                 with them. Mike can’t go, he’s working on
                                                the new ICP album and Kid Rock live album.
     Prozak needs a hypeman. He gives me a call, asks if I wanna do it, and I reply with
     a firm YES! And so began our trek across America hitting fifty-three states from
     east to west and back, Amazing! Shortly after, we hit up a week long Hallowicked
     tour with ICP and Vanilla Ice hitting the major Mid-West spots. It was a freaking
     incredible experience. Well, just when you think it might take off for me, I decide
     to quit the music business. I had seen enough of the lime light. So the music thing
     kinda stopped at that point.
           AE- What was it like to go on tour?
           Stephen- Insane. I lived out of 1 medium sized suitcase and the back of a van
     for 2 1/2 months. But that was the sacrifice I took to be able to see basically every
     major city in America. I’ve seen probably 10 times the amount of places that most
     people get to see in their whole lives. I think that’s an incredible thing to be able to
     say you’ve done, even if I was only in each city for about 24 hours or less. We never
     really had a bad night crowd wise either. Some crowds just liked us less than most.
Artist Profile: Stephen Vincent                                                      by Amanda Emery
I will never forget this, which sucks, because I feel like I reference
it too much in casual conversation. Like “I remember when we did
this... on the tour”. I’m sure people are getting sick of it. Ha.
       AE- What made you decide to get out of the music business?
       Stephen- A combination of a few things. I got the chance to
see the not so glamorous behind the scenes look at the underground
rap industry. I decided it didn’t really have anything to offer me.
Another thing was that I got to tour with the top two names (ICP
and Twiztid) that were in my genre, so there was another goal I
didn’t need to strive for. I don’t know, I got home from the tour
and was like “That was cool, but I wouldn’t want to do that all
                                             the time”. So yeah, it’s
                                             mostly over with. I still
                                             dabble in music and have
                                             a band project in the
                                             works right now.
                                                   AE- What advice
                                             can you give to people
                                             who want to get into the
                                                                           Photos were provided by the artist Stephen Vincent
                                             arts or music?
                                                   Stephen- If you
                                             want to make any money
                                             from the arts, you have
                                             to treat them like a real
                                             job. Putting LOTS of time
                                             and effort into whatever
                                             you create. Nobody
                                             has made a living from
                                             their creations by sitting
                                             around on them and
                                             occasionally selling them
                                             to friends. Not only do you
                                            have to design your works,
but you have to find a way to get people to want them. Promotion.
Promotion. Promotion. Seriously, I would buy poop on a paper plate
if they marketed it to me right. Actually, I’m not even at this point
in my art career, I love life in general too much to really stick to the
whole treat it like a job thing. That and I’m still modifying my craft.
Someday though, someday….
       AE- What advice do you wish someone would have given you
when you first started out?
       Stephen- I think I got as much help as I could. I think people
can give you advice all day long, but in the end your still going to do
what you want to do and you really end up learning from your own

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upcoming events
     She Read It                          by Dawn Vanniman
     The Talisman
     by Stephen King and Peter Straub
           Twelve year old Jack’s father is          ‘flip’ they have to be where their Twinner
     dead and his mother is dying of cancer.         is. Jack is a Single and that works both for
     His ‘Uncle’ Morgan Sloat is hounding his        and against him in his endeavors.
     mother (Lily) to sign over her half of the             An epic novel of over 700 pages, it’s
     business and she’s taken Jack and escaped       surprisingly more fantasy than horror given
     to the East Coast. Things are going wrong       the authors. I read this first when I was a
     here in the Americas and in the alternate       young teen and have reread it at various
     world of the Territories and Jack can fix       times in my life, always with the same
     them. With the help of Lester ‘Speedy’          interest. In Jack, the authors found what so
     Parker, Jack learns to ‘flip’ into the          many authors never do – a truly believable,
     Territories. Most of the people there have      likable character.
     Twinners in the Americas so that when they

     The Black House
     by Stephen King and Peter Straub
           Come see what Jack Sawyer’s been          the Territories and to help find a killer of
     up to for the last 17 years!                    children named “The Fisherman”.
           Jack doesn’t remember the Territories            This sequel to The Talisman is set
     or anything that happened during the            more in King’s universe than Straub’s,
     time he spent on the East Coast with his        with a lot of ties to his Gunslinger series.
     dying mother. He does seem to have some         Although, if you read King, almost all his
     extra abilities that he isn’t really aware of   books are tied to the Gunslinger series.
     though. Jack is an extremely young retired      If you don’t usually read King, you may
     detective of the LAPD and has moved to          be disoriented for a moment, but hang in
     French Landing, Wisconsin to live quietly.      there, it’s definitely worth it.
     He lives alone and his best friend is an               Meeting Jack Sawyer again is like
     older blind DJ down the road. He isn’t          running into an old friend – one that you’d
     there long when he is forced to remember        still like to hang with.

     by Peter Straub
           Del Nightingale and Tom Flanagan                Collins is a master stage magician and
     meet at a private prep school for boys          is looking for the next in line. Collins leads
     in Arizona. They are both freshmen and          the boys through his life story, seeming
     fascinated by magic. The story is told by       more and more unstable as it unfolds. With
     Tom himself to an old classmates years          rules made to be broken, extra characters
     later in a bar where he is performing magic.    we aren’t even sure are really there and
           Del and Tom are both out of place a       learning to be true to yourself – it’s a full
     the school – Del for being the rich weird       summer for the boys. Del is sure he is the
     kid and Tom for being the poor scholarship      chosen one, but Tom knows the truth of the
     boy. Boys at the school begin having            matter, and he isn’t playing along.
     nightmares and things escalate into a
     culminating event that shocks the school
     and leaves Del and Tom spending the
     summer with Del’s Uncle Coleman Collins
     in Vermont.

Games Galore                                       by Tony Gay
Ninja Burger
(Steve Jackson Games)
       In this game you play a ninja who works for a fast food chain. Your goal is to stealthily deliver
food to your customers while overcoming obstacles and trying to get promoted to manager. Honor
determines who gets promoted (who wins the game) each player starts with 6 honor, you gain honor for
completing missions and lose it for failing them. You also get money to spend on “ninja stuff” (what
is work for if you don’t get paid) this stuff can help you on missions. The ninja with the highest honor
goes first in each round and gets paid an extra $50 each round. You can win one of three ways. The
first is proving your self the superior employee by having five more honor than any other player. The
second is the manager being promoted; this happens if the total honor in play exceeds ten times the
number of players. The third way is your manager being demoted; this happens if the honor in play is
less than 4 times the number of players.

Dungeons, and Ninjas, and Zombies OH MY!!!
(Atlas Games)
                             In this line of       opponents. To play the game
                      card games you take          you need some counters of
                      the role of a character      some sort and 2d6 (two six
                      with a special               sided dice) per player. The
                      ability. These abilities     sets can be combined or
                      vary depending on            played separately. Each set
                      which set you are            costs between ten and twenty
                      playing. Your goal           dollars. The rules could use
                      is to complete three         some clarifying in some parts
                      quests while exploring       but other than that the game is
                      the dungeon of your          easy to learn and a lot of fun
                      set. During the course       to play.
of the game you also play cards to expand
the map, and cards that challenge your

(Twilight Creations INC.)
       Come on, do I really need to say            waiting
anything here? I mean it is a game about           for? You
zombies… fine, I’ll tell you about it before       should be
you run out and buy it. You are in the middle      at your
of a city crawling with the shambling flesh-       local game
craving undead. Your goal is to make it            store
from where you stand to the helipad sounds         buying this
easy huh? Yeah did you forget about how            game.
the city is crawling with zombies? Oh and
on top of that you are unfamiliar with the
city. Each turn, each player gets to play a tile
that depicts another part of the city, and the
helipad is always shuffled into the bottom
half of the stack of city tiles. Sometimes
the city gets built in a way that there is no
room for a helipad, or you and your friends
get too involved in hunting zombies. There
is a second way to win. You can be the first
to kill twenty-five zombies. What are you

     We Were There
     Frontline Assembly
     by Crystal Boone
          Any fan of Industrial music knows                                                quality and Bill Leeb was incredible, as
     that a chance to see one of the masters                                               to be expected! Despite the very small
     of the genre live is a something that                                                 ticket price the show went on until
     cannot be passed up. When I realized                                                  1a.m. Needless to say I didn’t waste a
     that FLA was coming to our area a                                                     second of that time. When the show
     good friend had already purchased                                                     stopped, after 2 encores, all I could
     my ticket because he knew it was an                                                   think was more, more, more!!! But
     opportunity that may not present itself                                               every party has an end and for me the
     again. Like that I was off to see one of                                              end was pure satisfaction which left a
     the best Industrial music shows I have                                                huge grin on my face for days. If FLA
     ever seen by one of the most influential                                              ever returns to the area I will be there,
     bands in the genre’s history.                 forgave them for the misery they had    and if you’re an industrial music fan
          Front Line Assembly toured with          put me through with the opening acts!   you should be too.
     2 very established but not well known               FLA transformed the tiny Magic
     bands, who I hated! Who were they?…           Stick into an energized club filled
                              who cares!           with hundreds of frantically excited
                              I had to sit         fans dancing their a**es off! The set
                              through 2 hours      list included songs from the new CD,
                              of crap music-       Artificial Soldier, but also spanned
                              that honestly        tracks from almost all of the bands
                              felt like torture-   prior albums such as Implode and
                              before FLA           Civilization. The stage show was
                              finally came         kept minimal with just basic lights
                              on. All I can        and a small screen behind the band
                              say is that          that displayed some video footage.
     once FLA took the stage I quickly             The music was performed with studio

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We Were There
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                                Photos taken by Jan Costea at the Guerilla Art Show on April
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