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									                                        DEKALB TECHNICAL COLLEGE
                                               Staff Evaluation Form
                                        Period of evaluation: From:          MAY 1, 20              to:   APRIL 30, 20

SECTION I. Identifying Information

Employee Name:                                                                         Job Title:

Employee ID Number:                                                                    Supervisor:

This form will be used as a record of the employee’s performance during the indicated period. It will also be used as an aid to foster an
ongoing performance assessment process. The performance assessment process has been implemented as a guide to assist staff in
development of their full professional potential. It should be, therefore, a collaborative effort of the staff member and supervisor.

SECTION II. Performance Planning
The job description has been reviewed with the employee. The current job description needs revision:                           Yes      No
If answered “yes,” please attach revised copy.

Planning performance involves reviewing the employee's existing job description and how the employee performed last year making
changes and modifications as necessary. Even if the job description doesn’t change from the previous performance period, the performance
plan must be discussed with the employee. During the performance-planning meeting, the employee and supervisor enter their signatures in
this section to indicate that they understand the responsibilities that will be carried out during the upcoming rating period.

I understand my job and individual responsibilities, the performance                     I have discussed the job and individual responsibilities, performance
expectations, and the terms and conditions under which I am expected to work.            expectations, and terms and conditions with the employee.

______________________________________ _________                                         ______________________________________ _________
Signature of Employee                  Date                                              Signature of Supervisor                 Date

SECTION III. Performance Evaluation
Complete this section after the rating has been determined for each section of the evaluation (see pages 2 – 3). Performance evaluation
provides for formal written and verbal communication between managers and employees concerning how job responsibilities were
carried out during the rating period. It provides for an official close to the employee's performance year, and it allows managers and
employees to look back at the past year and put into perspective all of the positive and, perhaps, negative aspects of an employee's
performance. In this sense, performance evaluation helps managers and employees plan better for next year.

Overall Rating: (Check the most appropriate rating based on                                   Satisfactory          Needs                    Unsatisfactory
information provided in evaluation)                                                                                 Improvement
Satisfactory: Employee has consistently performed at the expected level for the job.     This rating reflects my evaluation of the employee's performance. I have
Needs Improvement: Minor improvements were identified and discussed with the             discussed this evaluation with the employee.
employee during the rating period. In order for the employee to be at the fully
excepted level, continued improvement will be needed.
Unsatisfactory: Employee is not performing at the expected level.
I have reviewed the contents of this form with my supervisor and have been
advised of my ratings and employment status or increase eligibility status. I
                                                                                         ______________________________________ _________
have made any comments I wish in this section. My signature does not                     Signature of Supervisor                 Date
necessarily indicate agreement.

______________________________________ _________                                         ______________________________________ _________
Signature of Employee                   Date                                             Signature of Reviewing Manager             Date
                                                                                         (Obtain prior to presentation to employee)

A. JOB KNOWLEDGE / PERFORMANCE                                                  Criteria
                                                                                  Not       Satisfactory                 Unsatisfactory
1. Demonstrates an appropriate knowledge of job.
2. Performs duties in an acceptable manner with little or no need for
corrections or feedback from manager.
3. Exhibits and applies knowledge and skills related to job.
4. Follows instructions cooperatively.
5. Remains up-to-date on developments in field of expertise.
6. Performs responsibilities according to college/departmental policies and
7. Delivers accurate job performance.
8. Delivers an appropriate quantity of work.
B. JOB RESPONSIBILITIES (Optional. Use only if Job                              Criteria
                                                                                  Not       Satisfactory                 Unsatisfactory
Responsibilities are unique and not covered in the rest of the form.)                                      Improvement
C. INITIATIVE / TIME MANAGEMENT                                                 Criteria
                                                                                  Not       Satisfactory                 Unsatisfactory
1. Demonstrates the ability to recognize what needs to be done and
proactively accomplishes it within authority level.
2. Demonstrates the ability to recognize, establish and handle priorities.
3. Seeks improved methods/techniques in performance of job duties.
4. Demonstrates the ability to adapt to changing conditions, policies and
5. Follows up on matters requiring additional attention.
6. Demonstrates responsibility for continued individual growth and
7. Accomplishes job responsibilities within established time frames.
D. PROFESSIONALISM/PUBLIC/INTER-OFFICE RELATIONS                                Criteria
                                                                                  Not       Satisfactory                 Unsatisfactory
1. Participates in efforts to accomplish department goals.
2. Demonstrates commitment to customer service by serving the public,
colleagues, and students in a friendly, cooperative, and courteous manner.
3. Maintains discretion and confidentiality.
4. Exhibits dependability, honesty and integrity.
5. Willingly accepts full accountability and responsibility for actions.
6. Accepts feedback from supervisor in a professional manner.
7. Cooperates with supervision for efficient operations of the department.
E. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT                                           Criteria
                                                                                  Not       Satisfactory                 Unsatisfactory
1. Presents a neat, clean, and appropriate personal appearance.
2. Demonstrates appropriate punctuality and attendance.
3. Requests and uses the proper type of leave in accordance with established
rules and policies.
4. Does not engage in activities other than official business during working
5. Ensures required licensures and certifications are current.
6. Does not use or knowingly permit others to use state property improperly.
7. Demonstrates reliability; by consistently returning from lunch and breaks
F. LEADERSHIP/SUPERVISION (For supervisory personnel)                           Criteria
                                                                                  Not       Satisfactory                 Unsatisfactory
1. Provides and supports professional development activities for staff.
2. Assesses situations and considers alternatives; then, chooses an
appropriate course of action.
3. Delegates work appropriately to staff.
4. Monitors assigned budgets/programs effectively.
5. Defines goals and performance objectives at the beginning of
performance period.
6. Monitors performance of staff and provides guidance as necessary.
7. Promotes and maintains positive staff morale.
8. Provides specific feedback and initiates corrective action when defined
goals and/or required results are not met.
9. Communicates regularly with staff on progress toward defined goals
and/or required results.
10. Evaluates employees at scheduled intervals by obtaining and
considering relevant information for evaluations.
11. Supports staff by giving praise and/or constructive criticism when
12. Recognizes contributions and celebrates accomplishments.
13. Discusses the organization’s mission and goals with staff and helps them
identify how they contribute to the success of the organization.
14. Initiates and ensures operational structure that leads to efficient
operations and problem resolutions within department.
G. STUDENT SERVICE AND SUPPORT                                                  Criteria
                                                                                  Not       Satisfactory                 Unsatisfactory
1. Exhibits a positive attitude towards students which supports and
encourages student development.
2. Handles student complaints in an acceptable manner.
3. Supports student activities when requested by supervisor or on a
volunteer basis.
H. OTHER: (Additional job related items designated by supervisor)               Criteria
                                                                                  Not       Satisfactory                 Unsatisfactory

Use this space to list developmental goals or areas for improvement for job performance that will be addressed by on-the-
job development assignments and/or by formalized training experiences or other method that will be used to enhance
performance. Indicate actions to be taken by supervisor and/or employee and specify the time frame for their completion.
At the end of the performance period, describe any progress the employee has made in meeting development or
improvement goals or any reason the assigned activity was not completed.

     Developmental Goals /              Planned Development /             Actual Progress                   Comments
    Areas for Improvement                 Training Activities
 (Employee's & Supervisor's Input)    (Agreed Upon by Employee
                                           and Supervisor)




(The employee may comment on any portion of this evaluation, using additional sheets of paper as needed.)

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