Sample core induction programme by drg42279

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									Sample core induction programme

The core content of the induction programme will differ between schools. An example
of how you could order the content for a three-month core induction programme is
shown below.

Pre start
• line manager introduction
• role and responsibilities (using job description)
• history, values and ethos of the school
• documentation explaining key procedures, eg for sickness/absence, staff
  complaints, disciplinary action, health and safety
• procedures regarding enhanced disclosures and references (include restrictions
  that are in force until all references are received, eg not being left alone with
• frequently asked questions, eg dress code, smoking, parking, mobile phone
  policy, working hours, pay, pay days etc

First day
• introduction to colleagues, senior management, pupils/students
• security pass and car park pass
• school layout, fire exits, staff room, kitchen, dining room, staff toilets
• key facts about the school/setting
• school behaviour policy (staff, children, parents)
• where things are kept (first aid box, equipment, stationery, medication)
• telephone system and e-mail and internet policy
• key points concerning child protection and child safety

First week
• school culture and values
• organisational structure of the school, including the role of governing body
• health and safety (evacuation procedures, first aid facilities, accident reporting,
   protective clothing and explanation of health and safety policy)
• end of session procedures (roles, tidying, cleaning, security)
• induction programme and probationary period (if applicable)
• appraisal system/performance management system

Months one and two
• equality and diversity
• inclusion policy including special educational needs
• how policies and procedures link to national standards
• working with children/supervision of children
• how children learn
• child protection training
• introduction to the local community

Month three
• further training opportunities
• continuing professional development/personal development plan
• induction debriefing session
• introduction to school governors
• introduction to the education sector (Government initiatives, Government
  standards, regulations and legislation)
• local authority policies and procedures

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