Guam Public School System's Presentation to USDOE

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					Guam Public School System's Presentation to USDOE
  District Action Plan                                                                                                                                                   Program        Amount Currently
    (LEA Activities)                 GEPB Goal                                                            Project Name                                                  (Title V-A)    Funded by Title V-A
                         Goal 2: All Guam Public School
                         system students will successfully     Statewide Assessment (SAT10): This program provides public and private school teachers,
                         progress from grade to grade and      principals and other educators with timely statewide assessment data that will be used for the
                         from one level of schooling to        following: (1) identify strengths and weaknesses of students based on results of the statewide
                         another in order to maximize the      assessment (SAT 10) and (2) develop effective instructional plans and programs for meeting the    Local
Standards &              opportunities to successfully         needs of all students, inclusive of students who are enrolled in the English as a Second Language Education
Assessment               graduate from high school.            Program and Special Education Program.                                                            Reform Plan           $        233,450.00

                                                               Standards-Based Education (Phase II): This is the second phase of the 2-phase project that
                                                               entails the review of all standards in the existing GPSS K-12 Content Standards and Performance
                                                               Indicators for clarity, specificity, comprehensiveness and overall coherence in phase I, then the
                                                               development of rubrics for these Standards and the development of a standards-based assessment
                                                               or criterion-based test in phase II. This project will result in the development of rubrics that will
                                                               specify performance criteria to guide the rating performance, products or processes of student
                                                               learning at various levels of performance, and the development of a district standards based
                                                               assessment to provide a tool that can determine to what extent public school students meet or         Local
                                                               acquire the skills and knowledge of the standards. This tool will also provide useful information     Education
                                                               about student progress and be a source of data for developing effective instructional plans.          Reform Plan       $        421,200.00
                                                               Sub-Total                                                                                                               $        654,650.00
                      Goal 3: All Guam Public School       Teacher Recruitment Program: This program will improve student achievement in high need
                      System personnel will meet high      schools that are not able to fill highly qualified teacher vacancies especially in the areas of math,
                      standards for qualifications and on- science, and other specialized areas such as guidance counseling, library science and special
                      going professional development and education. On-island recruitment efforts will be initiated through job fairs and coordination between        Improving
Personnel Quality and will be held accountable for all     UOG and GCC. In addition, recruitment efforts will occur off-island. The high needs areas are              Teacher
Accountability        assigned responsibilities.           largely at the secondary level.                                                                            Quality          $        373,520.00
                                                           Teacher/Administrator Retention Program This program endeavors to retain new teachers by                   Improving
                                                           offering mentoring as a primary form of new teacher induction. Experienced, qualified teachers will        Teacher
                                                           be selected and trained in the monitoring method.                                                          Quality          $        400,000.00
                                                           Sub-Total                                                                                                                   $        773,520.00

                                                               Direct Instruction / Corrective Reading & Math Reform: This program provides Direct Instruction
                         Goal 2: All Guam Public School        (DI) a scientifically based curricula, to all GPSS students in K-8 in reading, language, and math and
                         system students will successfully     provide teachers K-8 program training. Students will be tracked and monitored quarterly to ensure
                         progress from grade to grade and      that they are still on benchmark and are appropriately placed. With the expansion of DI into the
                         from one level of schooling to        upper elementary grades and middle schools, GPSS has in place the beginnings of a feeder system
                         another in order to maximize the      that will effectively close student’ learning gap as they move on to the higher grades. GPSS will
Federal, State, and      opportunities to successfully         acquire consultative services to support the continued implementation of the DI program for SY 08- Reading &
Local Programs           graduate from high school.            09 and will build a cadre of trainers and demonstration teachers.                                     Math Reform       $      9,800,000.00
                                                               Success For All Program: This program is a whole school reform model that focuses on grades K-Learning
                                                               5 to raise the reading achievement of low performing students.                                        Opportunities     $        500,000.00
                                                               ESL Program: This program identifies, assesses, and meets the ESL development needs o
                                                               students focusing on the four communication skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
                                                               Much needed instructional materials and resources will be acquired. The instructional approach will Expanded
                                                               include a variety of strategies. Management activities and monitoring procedures will be              Learning
                                                               implemented to ensure compliance of federal and local mandates.                                       Opportunities     $      4,413,854.00
                                                               GATE Program: This program is designed to improve services to gifted and talented students
                                                               through on-going staff development so they can challenge students both academically and
                                                               creatively. It utilizes an enrichment program based on a qualitatively differentiated curriculum in
                                                               accordance with the National Technology Standards for Students and the GATE Curriculum.               Gifted &
                                                               Includes a Special Events Program and a Visual and Performing Arts Program, and a technology Talented
                                                               component to the Academic Program.                                                                    Program           $        510,000.00
                                                               Sub-Total                                                                                                               $     15,223,854.00

                         Goal 1: All Guam Public School
                         students will graduate from high
                         school prepared to pursue post-                                                                                                            Enhancing
                         secondary education on-or off-island Student Management System Program: This program provides needed data and processing to Education
Home School              or to assume gainful employment      better serve administrators, teachers, parents, and student with readily accessible, secure data that through
Connection               within the public or private sector. is used to track student achievement and academic performance.                                        Technology         $        400,000.00
                         Goal 2: All Guam Public School
                         system students will successfully
                         progress from grade to grade and
                         from one level of schooling to       Parent-Family-Community Outreach Program: This program is geared toward students of
                         another in order to maximize the     migrant families coming from neighboring Asian countries and the Freely Associated States (FAS) Expanded
                         opportunities to successfully        with multiple high risk socio-economic characteristics. Social services are provided to promote       Learning
                         graduate from high school.           educational success to parents and families.                                                          Opportunities      $        706,000.00
                                                              DEED Tutorial Program: This is an academic intervention after-school program that supplements
                                                              the school’s regular educational program in language arts, reading and math to children in K-5 who Expanded
                                                              are at risk. Provides homework assistance, access to computers and library materials, and             Learning
                                                              promotes a positive home-school relationship.                                                         Opportunities      $        800,000.00
                                                              School Resource Officer Program: This program involves coordination and collaboration between
                                                              the Guam Judiciary, Guam Police Department and the Guam Attorney Generals Office by
                                                              establishing community resource and outreach partnerships to increase student and parental
                                                              knowledge and awareness of the law. It includes a student performed dramatic production to            Expanded
                                                              educate students and staff about the juvenile justice system; and a 7th grade curriculum to develop Learning
                                                              within students a sense of civic responsibility.                                                      Opportunities      $         93,380.00
                                                              Sub-Totaly                            (          p                      p      )      p g                                $      1,999,380.00
                                                              provides education reform geared toward middle and high school students to increase student
                                                              achievement in all content areas and to improve student behavior by creating a climate of positive
                                                              change in the organization of school and management, curriculum and instruction and to provide
                                                              professional development to faculty and staff to address the mounting issues with student
                                                              attendance, discipline, low test scores and drop out rates. This program provides intense
                                                              professional development training programs to engage teachers in coordinating and utilizing effective
                         Goal 1: All Guam Public School       instruction methods, tutorial and enrichment programs delivering an instructional program based on
                         students will graduate from high     a constructivist approach and correctly interpreting and assessing data to guide student learning.
                         school prepared to pursue post-      Provides training to school personnel to allow each employee to engage in a substantial review of
                         secondary education on-or off-island basic skills and content, to acquire proficient skills for interdisciplinary planning and implementation Local
System-Wide Needs /      or to assume gainful employment      of student-centered instruction. This reform program will involve standards-based curriculum in          Education
Changes                  within the public or private sector. each major subject area to make learning focused and challenging.                                        Reform Plan     $        250,000.00
                                                              Eskuelan Puengi Program: This is a district-wide night school program that addresses and                 Expanded
                                                              prioritizes the academic needs of at-risk high school seniors who need to be on track with their credit  Learning
                                                              hours in order to graduate on time.                                                                      Opportunities   $        200,000.00
                                                              Summer School Program: This program provides remediation activities across all grade levels. A Expanded
                                                              special component for high school students is the opportunity to earn a maximum of 2 credit hours in     Learning
                                                              order to remain on track to graduate on time.                                                            Opportunities   $      1,073,870.00
                                                              Alternative Education Program: This program addresses the needs of at-risk students who are in
                                                              danger of dropping out of school. It consists of an alternative school setting for students from 11 to
                                                              18 years of age who have been expelled or suspended for major offenses on middle school and high
                                                              school campuses. Includes character education instruction, small and large group counseling              Alternative
                                                              sessions and a basic academic curriculum.                                                                School          $        725,000.00

                                                               GCC Co-op Education Program: This is a career/technical education program in the public high
                                                               schools that has a work-related on-the-job training program with its own curriculum and guidelines Cooperative
                                                               which provides students with relevant work experience related to their career/technical education Education
                                                               path.                                                                                              Services             $         32,520.00

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Guam Public School System's Presentation to USDOE
  District Action Plan                                                                                                                                   Program       Amount Currently
    (LEA Activities)              GEPB Goal                                              Project Name                                                   (Title V-A)   Funded by Title V-A

                                              GCC Tech Education Program: This program focuses on the development of knowledge, skill
                                              and employability attitudes through implementation of the career and technical education curriculum
                                              and applied academics. It includes automotive, construction, and electronics technologies,
                                              marketing, tourism, and visual communications. It requires supplemental instructional materials and
                                              computer technology to assist students to develop the necessary job performance skills and technical Technology
                                              knowledge.                                                                                           Education          $        221,042.00

                                              GCC ISAAH Program: The Integrating Science and Allied Health Program is a career/technical               Integrating
                                              education program in public high schools. It includes regular classroom instruction and laboratory Science &
                                              activities, mentoring, job shadowing in various allied health settings, and extra-curricular activities. Allied Health $          90,945.00
                                              Sub-Total                                                                                                              $       2,593,377.00
                                              Private & Non-Profit School Participants This program provides funds for children attending 18
                                              private non-profit schools and is based on relative enrollments of the total number of children enrolle
                                              in public and non-public schools. Secular programs relating to the individual needs are funded at Private & Non-
                                              each school or group of schools and primarily relate to the use of technology in the classroom           Profits
                                              (computers and educational software).                                                                    Schools       $         825,000.00

                                              SEA Non-Administrative Initiative: This program provides technical assistance trainings for the
                                              continued support provided to LEAs in the implementation of programs under the consolidated grant.                      $        735,964.00
                                              SEA Administration: These funds will be used for administration of programs, including allocating
                                              funds to LEAs; planning, supervising, and processing SEA funds; and monitoring and evaluating
                                              programs and activities. It covers costs of Title V-A financial monitoring and program officers,
                                              administrative officers, administrative assistants, and conferences in relation to audits and financial
                                              matters pertinent to the Consolidated Grant.                                                                            $        524,940.00
                                              Sub-Total                                                                                                               $      1,260,904.00
                                              TOTAL:                                                                                                                  $ 23,330,685.00

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