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									                             SAMPLE REPORT
                            FUNCTIONAL JOB DESCRIPTION

FACILTIY: ABC University


JOB OBJECTIVES: To maintain and repair physical plant and equipment.

Essential Job Functions:
    1. Repair and maintain cleaning equipment and maintain an inventory of parts
    2. Repair, install and construct related items
    3. *************************************************************

   Equipment Used to Perform Job:
   1. Equipment used for cleaning including brooms, mops, vacuums, scrubbers, etc.
   2. Shovels, snow blowers, snow plows, and other equipment used for snow removal
   3. Front-end loaders and Bobcats
   4. **************************************************************

Significant Work Site Measurements:
    1. 66 lb. boxes of floor tiles
    2. 83 lb. 8 ft x 4’1” white boards
    3. 250 lb. forklift battery
    4. 65-lb. water cooler, installed with 2 sets of bolts at 16” and 40” above floor
    5. 150-lb. Carpet extractor machine
    6. 105 lb. solid core 7’2” wood door
    7. Average 138 lbs. of static push force is necessary to maneuver a heavily loaded cart up an incline
    8. ***************************************************************

Critical Job Demands:
The following information describes the physical activities that are performed during the normal
workday by the associates performing this job classification. The percentage of the normal workday
that the physical activity is conducted will be identified as follows:
♦ Rarely up to .5 hour in an 8 hour workday               or         1-5% of a workday
♦ Occasionally up to 3 hours in a 8 hour workday                     6-33% of a workday
♦ Frequently up to 5.5 hours in a 8 hour workday                     34-66% of a workday
♦ Continuously up to 8 hours in a 8 hour workday                     67-100% of a workday

LIFTING: (rarely)
   1. 66-lb. boxes of floor tiles from floor to 36” cart
   2. 250-lb. forklift battery (two to lift) from 23” to 29” above floor
   3. 105-lb. 7’2” solid core door lifted waist to waist
   4. 150-lb. carpet extractor machine (two to lift) 15” to 36” cart
   5. ***************************************************************

CARRYING: (rarely to occasionally)
   1. 83-lb. white board is carried up to 1 to 3 flights of stairs
   2. ****************************************************************
LIFT/STATIC HOLD: (rarely to occasionally)
   1. 65-lb. water coolers are installed with 2 sets of bolts at 16” and 40” above floor
   2. ***************************************************************
PUSH/PULL FORCES: (occasionally)
   1. Average static push force of 138-lbs. is exerted to maneuver a heavy cart up incline
   2. Furniture and appliances are maneuvered on dolleys
   3. Pushing/pulling of snow blowers, and motorized brooms
   4. *****************************************************************

KNEELING/CROUCHING/SQUATTING: ***********************************
CRAWLING: ************************************************************
LADDER CLIMBING: ****************************************************
REACHING: *************************************************************
STANDING/WALKING: ***************************************************
SHOVELING: ************************************************************

******** indicates additional information that is generally provided in full reports

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