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Job Title           Ferry-based Wildlife Education Officer - working
                    aboard the DFDS Seaways Ferry between Newcastle (UK) and
                    Bergen (Norway)

Responsible to      Project Development Officer and ORCA trustees

Main Purpose        To actively develop, manage and communicate an educational
                    programme to promote the importance of whales, dolphins and the
                    marine environment to the general public. Also to raise awareness
                    of the important research and conservation work being undertaken
                    through the ORCA and DFDS Seaways partnership.

Contract            Five month contract beginning between 15th May and 1st June.
                    Potential for contract extension if successful.

Fee                 £4500 plus food and accommodation whilst onboard.

Number              Two positions are available.

About ORCA          ORCA is a UK-based charity committed to the study of cetaceans
                    (whales, dolphins and porpoises) and the promotion of their
                    conservation worldwide through enthusing, inspiring and educating

Responsibilities and duties

1a. Co-ordination

      1.1 Work alongside ferry staff to ensure communication and promotion of
          whale & dolphin awareness onboard the ferry.
      1.2 Manage, facilitate and present educational events on board to meet the
          needs of passengers (both adults and children), DFDS and ORCA.
      1.3 Measure the success of any events you set up against agreed criteria.
      1.4 You will be expected to be based permanently on board and will work a 2
          week on 2 week off rota.
         1.5 Actively design, promote and develop the ORCA educational package,
             seeking out opportunities to improve educational value and increase
             public involvement. Liaise with the other WO in order to share best
             experiences and refine the work accordingly. Some initial training will be
         1.6 Provide your line manager with a monthly activities calendar and relevant
             statistics for your time on board.
         1.7 Encourage the public to report sightings and assist the ORCA survey team
             as and when required.
         1.8 Actively seek out news stories and press opportunities. Provide regular
             web updates of sightings and other news.
         1.9 Act as an ambassador to champion the importance of ORCA research and
             encourage passengers to get involved.
         2.0 Ensure that all legislation is adhered to and provide training where
             required to meet with ORCA and legal levels of compliance.

1b. Daily tasks

         Auditorium presentation: Enlivened and fun talks about whales, dolphins
          and other wildlife of the North Sea, with a strong emphasis on audience

         Children’s story-telling: This was a fantastically popular activity during our
          trial last October, with both parents and children enjoying it immensely.
          Duration approximately one hour.

         Wildlife watching (weather dependent): WO will assist the public with
          spotting, identifying and discussing the birds, whales, dolphins, porpoises and
          seals present on this route. Binoculars and field guides will be provided.

         The Hands on Experience: The WO will provide a range of ‘sea creatures’
          for passengers to touch, pick up, and discuss. Bones, whale baleen, shells
          and seaweeds in a clear tray filled with seawater are an instant attraction to
          children, who will jump at the opportunity to get their hands wet! This
          pioneering idea for a ferry will be the ideal mobile presentation, luring people
          from around the ship and out on deck.

2.       Other Tasks

          3.1 To support ORCA with other requests as and when required.
          3.2 Respond to Passengers and DFDS questions and correspondence
              regarding ORCA on DFDS Ferries.

3.        Experience and Skills Required (unless stated)


          (a) Efficient, well organised and able to tackle a large and varied workload

          (b) Self motivated and enthusiastic about the marine environment
      (c) Excellent communication skills and strong written skills

      (d) Experience in income generation / promotion

      (e) Pro-active, and ready to tackle new problems

      (f) Able to deal confidently with all cultures and age groups

      (g) Sets clear goals, prioritises them and sees them through to completion

      (h) Adaptable to change and confident in working alone and as part of a team

      (i) Able to cope with long periods at sea, rough weather, etc

      (j) Computer literate


      (a) Speak fluent English and at least one of the following languages:

      Norwegian, Swedish, Danish

      (b) A good knowledge of cetaceans and seabirds

Further details about ORCA are available at

Deadline for submissions is 1st May 2008. Interviews will be held during the week
beginning 5th May. The post will begin on 15th May and 1st June respectively. Please
note that acknowledgement of receipt of applications will begin on 21st April.

Please send ORCA, in electronic format, your CV with a covering letter describing
why you think you would be the ideal candidate for this post to:

Dylan Walker
Project Development Officer
17 Embassy Court
Kings Road
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1273 739284

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