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Template for JD - DOC by drg42279


									                                             JOB DESCRIPTION                                    HR191

         Forms must be downloaded from the UCT website:
         This form serves as a template for the writing of job descriptions
         A copy of this should be kept on file in your office
         For re-evaluations, this form must be sent to your relevant HR Advisor/Officer

                                               POSITION DETAILS
Position Title                          Principal Scientific/Technical Officer
Status of Post                          New Post                                  Re-evaluation
Job Grade                               11
Date of Compilation                     July 2009
                                                FOR OFFICE USE
Job Title
Date of Grading
Grading Result

                                                     Head of Dept

                                           Scientific/Technical Officer

                                         Scientific/Technical officers and
                                             lab/workshop assistants

The main purpose of this position is to provide either a highly specialised service within a
particular context; or to provide a general management support service to a range of Academic
NOTE: Individuals in these positions should select KPA’s from this document depending on job

20 October 2008                                                                                         HR191
                              % of
Key Performance Areas (5-8)    time   Activities / Tasks                  Results / Outcomes                  Competencies
    1) Research support                     Plan, organise and              Completed projects as                Planning & organising
                                             record meetings and              per project plan from
                                             communications with              initial planning phase               Building interpersonal
                                             external project partners        to final                              relationships
                                             including setting up             implementation and
                                             systems and processes            documentation                        Communication
                                             to efficiently manage           Supervision reports
                                                                                                                   Adaptability
                                             research projects.              SLA’s and progress reports
                                            Participate in supervision      Developed bibliographies in          Developing others
                                             and training of post-            key research areas
                                             graduate students               Research outputs                     Quality commitment
                                            Provide a discipline-           Research reports
                                             specific research                                                     Client/student service
                                             consulting service in
                                             support of various                                                    Technical/professional
                                             research projects                                                      knowledge and skill
                                                                                                                   Continuous learning
                                            Undertake literature and
                                             database searches                                                     Creativity & innovation
                                             pertinent to research
                                             area                                                                  Safety awareness
                                            Conduct primary
                                             research                                                              Formal presentation
                                            Assist in the preparation
                                                                                                                   Research support skills
                                             of material for reports,
                                             presentation and
                                             publication of results.
    2) Workshop/laboratory                  Assume operational                  Laboratory/workshop fully
    management                               control of the                       equipped and operational
                                             Workshop/Laboratory                  when required.
                                            Responsible for                     Activity schedules
                                             organizing purchase of              Budgets
                                             laboratory equipment and            Downtime reports
                                             machinery                           Asset register updated
                                            Purchase, store, use and            Fully supplied

20 October 2008                                                               HR191
                              % of
Key Performance Areas (5-8)    time   Activities / Tasks                 Results / Outcomes                    Competencies
                                             dispose of materials               laboratory/workshop
                                            Maintain records of               Stock control systems
                                             materials                          updated
                                            Monitor and maintain              Instruments/equipment
                                             consumable and                     appropriately maintained
                                             chemical stock levels              and secured
                                            Perform routine                   Maintenance report
                                             maintenance on                     reflecting corrective
                                             instruments/equipment.             actions.
                                                                               Waste disposed according
                                                                                to standard operating
    3) Resource management:                 Ensure fair allocation of         All human resource
    People                                   workload                           functions relating to own
                                            Provide input into job             staff are carried out
                                             descriptions                       timeously and in
                                            Take responsibility for            accordance with UCT HR
                                             staff induction & on the           policy, procedure and
                                             job training                       relevant legislation
                                            Provide input into                Relevant documentation is
                                             performance agreements             correctly completed, signed
                                            Schedule staff leave               off and processed
                                            Maintain staff records            Relevant reports timeously
                                            Monitor operational                prepared, presented and
                                             activities                         made available to
                                                                                appropriate role players
                                                                               Workforce plans
                                                                               Updated job descriptions
                                                                               Staff are well trained and
                                                                                equipped to meet the
                                                                                performance standard
                                                                               PDP’s in place for all staff
                                                                               Positive working
                                                                               Motivated staff

20 October 2008                                                            HR191
                              % of
Key Performance Areas (5-8)    time   Activities / Tasks                 Results / Outcomes                     Competencies
    4) Resource management:                 Prepare and report on:            Relevant reports timeously
    budget, finance and                     operating budget                   and accurately prepared,
    procurement                             Manage the procurement             presented and made
                                             and payment cycle                  available to appropriate
                                             ensuring compliance with           role-players
                                             spending rules.                   Budgets drafted in
                                            Review and authorize all           accordance with UCT
                                             expenditure                        guidelines/ specifications
                                            Ensure that all fixed             Procurement and payment
                                             assets are correctly               processes are performed
                                             procured, recorded and             accurately and according
                                             insured.                           to policy and procedure
                                                                               Positive feedback on
                                                                                efficient account
    5)Technical support                     ICTS Liaison - fulfilling         Documented standard
                                             various requests from              operating procedures
                                             ICTS and disseminating            Asset register updated
                                             information                       Labs installed in standard
                                            Liaise with ICTS to                manner
                                             resolve any technical             Laboratory/workshop down
                                             problems                           time report
                                            Management of data                Maintenance reports
                                             storage, archives etc.             reflecting corrective actions
                                             across various media              Updated software installed
                                            Help to maintain                   according to ICTS
                                             laboratories including             standards and non-
                                             liaising with staff to             standard software specific
                                             assess software                    requirements.
                                            Assist individuals with a
                                             variety of software
                                            Involved with licensing
                                            Document all

20 October 2008                                                            HR191
                                % of
Key Performance Areas (5-8)      time   Activities / Tasks                  Results / Outcomes                     Competencies
                                               departmental machines
                                              Assist with maintaining
                                              Involved in hardware
                                               upgrades, software and

    6) Design and development                 Design, develop and                Determine operational
                                               implement equipment                 requirements
                                               and devices as required            Devices/equipment
                                               by staff and students               developed within budget.
                                               within the Department.

    7) Instrument/equipment                   Operate a variety of               Asset register updated
    management                                 machines, instruments or           Fully supplied
                                               equipment in support of             laboratory/workshop
                                               research and laboratory            Instruments/equipment
                                               activities                          appropriately maintained
                                              Carry out (or arrange for)          and secured.
                                               the repair and                     Maintenance report
                                               maintenance of                      reflecting corrective actions
                                               workshop/laboratory and            Service contracts updated
                                               related equipment and               and implemented.
                                               instruments                        Security enforced.
                                              Liaison with
                                               manufacturers for major
                                              Maintenance of service
                                               histories and contracts
                                               for all
                                              Ensure security checks of
                                               the workshop/laboratory
                                               to ensure equipment is

20 October 2008                                                               HR191
                              % of
Key Performance Areas (5-8)    time   Activities / Tasks                  Results / Outcomes               Competencies

    8) Education & training                 Provide training, set up           Training needs analysis
                                             procedures for use of               conducted
                                             equipment/instruments              Training resources
                                            Provide training (to staff          compiled
                                             and students) in the               Training interventions
                                             operation of machinery,             implemented as per
                                             equipment and                       training schedule
                                             instruments                        Accurate and updated
                                            Teach under-graduate
                                                                                 training records
                                                                                Positive feedback from
    9) Health and safety                    Ensure all aspects of              100% safety record
    management                               Health and Safety are              Pro-active safety and
    (not for H&S reps)                       observed in the                     health initiatives
                                             workshop/laboratory                 implemented
                                            Upgrade and maintain
                                             health and safety

20 October 2008                                                             HR191
                                  MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS
Minimum Qualifications            Discipline-specific under graduate diploma/degree

Minimum Experience                5 years relevant experience

                         PRINT NAME         SIGNATURE             CONTACT NO.          DATE
 Compiled by

 Approved by
 Reviewed by

20 October 2008                                                            HR191

        Complete each section of the template when compiling a job description
        Consider the following when drawing up a job description:
             o    If this is a new job, have you considered the implications for your department in terms of structure, staff and
             o    If this is a re-grading, are you sure that the re-grading is needed for the requirements of the organization and
                  not the individual?
             o    If this is a re-grading, have you considered the rest of your structure as this is an opportunity to re-evaluate
                  your requirements?
             o    The job description should indicate the requirements of the job in relation to the organization, not the person.
             o    The job description should describe the job, not the performance required.
             o    The job description denotes a clear description of the job that is observable.

       Consider the label or name of this post in relation to others in your department and to standard UCT naming
        conventions. The latter are obtainable from your HR Officer.

        Indicate if this is a new post or if this is a current post that is being re-evaluation.

       Indicate the current job grade of this post if it is an existing job that has changed and has been submitted for re-

        Indicate the faculty where this post exists - where applicable.

       Indicate the department where this post exists. For example, Chemistry would be a department within the Faculty of
        Science. Alternatively, Finance would be an example of a PASS department.

        If the post falls within a PASS department, indicate the section here. For example, Creditors would be a section
         within the Finance Department.

        The date denotes when the job description was compiled/updated/reviewed.

        The job title will be completed by the Remuneration Specialist during the job grading process.

20 October 2008                                                                                       HR191
        These dates will be completed by the Remuneration Specialist.

        The organogram must show the reporting lines of authority for this post.
        Complete the organogram in a way that shows the line manager, the peers and the staff that report to this post.
        As a rule of thumb, the organogram should show up to a maximum of 4 hierarchical levels.

       The Purpose of the job should convey in no more than one or two sentences a summary of the job which will clearly
        distinguish it from other jobs, establish the role of the job holder and the contribution he/she should make towards
        achieving the objectives of the University and his/her own function. It would begin with the words: "The purpose of the
        job is ..."

       This is a high level summary of the key performance areas. When completing this exercise it may be useful to start
        with a list of tasks that are then grouped together into key areas of responsibility.
        As a rule of thumb you should be able to identify between 4-6 key performance areas for the job.
        The key performance areas would be short headings for these clusters of tasks.
        It is useful to list these in order of importance, to assist you in creating the framework and overall direction of the job
       It is also useful to reflect on how much of the job’s time is spent on each key performance area, as some things take
        up a lot of time and are not as important as others that may take up a little time but are critical.

       For each key performance area identify the main outcomes / end results that will be achieved by the incumbent under
        each heading. You should be able to identify several outcomes for each key performance area. It is useful to reflect
        on this as it may become apparent that what you have identified is not actually a key performance area at all, but an
        outcome of another key performance area.
       As far as possible ensure that the outcomes are clearly autonomous to the job holder and are not shared by other
        people in the department. If an outcome seems to be a shared outcome, the incumbent cannot be held responsible
        for attaining this outcome. For example: “assist with marks processing” would either become “Marks are processed”
        or “reports are filed” (if the nature of the work is around assistance).
        The steps required to define outcomes are as follows:
             o    Identify and list the tasks that have to be carried out. No attempt should be made to describe how they are
                  carried out, but some indication should be given of the purpose or objectives of each task.
             o    Analyse the initial list of tasks and, as far as possible, simplify the list by grouping related tasks together.
                  Use headings that will describe the end result once all these tasks have been completed, e.g. all work
                  related to processing of marks could be listed under "Marks are processed".
             o    Describe each outcome as an end result that needs to be delivered, rather than indicating the tasks that will
                  lead to the attainment of the end result. For example: an outcome could be “ Vacancies are filled according
                  to UCT policy” vs. the number of tasks that would lead up to the vacancy being filled such as placing the
                  advertisement, short-listing candidates, conducting interviews, etc, etc. Notice that quality indicators may
                  also be stipulated; these will indicate how well the outcomes must be done. In this example the quality
                  indicator is that the vacancy is filled according to UCT policy.

20 October 2008                                                                                          HR191
       Minimum qualifications specify the minimum qualifications required to do the job and do not indicate desirable
       Minimum experience should indicate the minimum experience required to do the job. It should not indicate
        experience required to fully perform the job.
       Key competencies must indicate competencies essential to do the job. For example, if working on SAP is a
        key component of the job, this should be listed as a key competency. When identifying the competency requirements
        of a specific job, be certain that the competency is essential and not desirable.

        Compiled by: would be signed off by the person(s) who compiled the job description and the date.
        Approved by: would be signed off by the line manager and the date.
        Reviewed by: would be signed off by the Remuneration Specialist and the date.

20 October 2008                                                                                HR191

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