Template for Supervisor Assessment by drg42279


									                                         Employee Name
                                             Job Title
                            EAPAS SUPERVISOR ASSESSMENT

Reviewed by:

For each of the areas below, respond to the employee’s evaluation. Be sure to note areas where you
agree, different perspectives, and items the employee did not note that are worth highlighting.
Attach additional data as necessary.

Review the employee’s Core Functions and Duties

   What areas do you agree with the self-assessment?

   What other perspectives should the employee consider in assessing their performance?

   Did the employee miss any accomplishments or activities that are noteworthy?

Review the employee’s Goals from the Job Description

   What activities were particularly successful?

   What areas were less successful?

   What other goals did the employee accomplish?

Review the employee’s Development Initiatives. Respond to their performance on each initiative,
and attach documentation as necessary.

   Initiative 1:

   Initiative 2:

   Initiative 3:

Overall summary:

   Describe here.


Employee:                                          Print name: Date: _______

Supervisor:                                        Print name: Date: _______

Next level supv:                                   Print name: Date: _______

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