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					                       UN-ESCWA                                                          WEEKLY NEWS
                                                                                         United Nations
                                                                                         Economic and Social Commission
                                                                                         for Western Asia

  ISSUE 22/52                                                                                     6 June 2005

UN-ESCWA Workshop on                         members to share and discuss the             The Report will be launched in French
Integrated Water Resources                   progress made in implementing the            this summer at the headquarters of the
                                             2004 activities and proposed activities      Agence     Internationale    de      la
Management                                   for 2005, means for disseminating            Francophonie in Paris.
A workshop was organized by UN-              members’ work and fundraising for their
ESCWA and the Kuwait Institute for           prospective activities.
Scientific Research (KISR) at the latter’s   During the workshop Mr. Hosni                Statistics Symposium in Qatar
headquarters in Kuwait City from 14 to       Khordagi, UN-ESCWA Team Leader of
18 May 2005. The “Training of Trainers       Water Issues, stressed the need to
Workshop on the Application of               apply    integrated     water    resource
Integrated        Water       Resources      management in the Arab region and the
Management (IWRM) Guidelines in the          role of UN-ESCWA and its partner
Arab Region” comes in the context of         organizations in building capacities by
providing capacity-building on the           promoting this idea in the region.
application of IWRM in the Arab region
for water professionals and others
involved in related issues.                  Rural Women as Agents of                     UN-ESCWA organized, in collaboration
                                             Change and Development                       with the Secretariat General of the
                                             UN-ESCWA participated in a regional          Planning Council of the State of Qatar,
                                             workshop on “Rural Women as Agents           the "2 Symposium on Statistics for
                                             of Change and Development in the Near        Development: A Dialogue Between
                                             East and North Africa” organized by the      Users and Producers" in Doha, Qatar,
                                             International Fund for Agricultural          from 16 to 19 May 2005.         It was
                                             Development (IFAD) and the Fund for          attended by over 180 users and
                                             Integrated Rural Development of Syria        producers of statistics.
                                             (FIRDOS) in Damascus between 28 and
                                             30 May 2005.                                 The meeting aimed at evaluating the
                                                                                          availability and quality of key social,
The activity was undertaken with the                                                      economic and sectoral statistics and
support of the Federal Institute for                                                      indicators and their compliance with
Geosciences and Natural Resources                                                         international    standards;     identifying
(BGR), United Nations Educational,                                                        missing data and means for filling data
Scientific and Cultural Organization                                                      gaps in order to meet the information
(UNESCO), International Network for                                                       needs of various end-users; reviewing
Capacity Building in Integrated Water                                                     current      mechanisms        of      data
Resources Management (Cap-Net),                                                           dissemination and means for improving
Global Water Partnership (GWP-Med),                                                       them; commemorating the silver jubilee
Center      for     Environment       and                                                 of the Statistics Department and
Development in the Arab Region and                                                        honoring the service of its founding staff;
Europe (CEDARE) and United Nations           The purpose of the Workshop was to           and following-up on the extent of
Development Programme (UNDP).                formulate a shared vision on the             implementation of the recommendations
Informative presentations to train           strategic    thrusts  and    operational     of the previous symposium.
participants on the application of the       modalities for gender mainstreaming
IWRM in the region were made by UN-          and women empowerment in rural areas         During the workshop, Mr. Ahmed
ESCWA at the workshop, followed by           in the region.                               Hussein, Head of the Statistics
interactive exercises to tackle issues       In a keynote speech on behalf of UN-         Coordination Unit at UN-ESCWA,
rising from the various dimensions of        ESCWA at the opening ceremony, the           delivered a presentation in which he
IWRM application. These exercises            Director of the UN-ESCWA Centre for          discussed      ways      the  Millennium
encouraged participants to identify          Women, Ms. Fatima Sbaity-Kassem,             Development        Goals     could     be
relevant case studies illustrating the       focused on the “Achievements, Gaps           operationalized on the national level and
various dimensions of IWRM, propose          and Challenges of Arab Women: Beijing        localized to fit national development
means for customizing the material to        +10 and Beyond.” A PowerPoint                priorities and contexts.
national stakeholders and provide them       presentation was made in English and
with a range of training techniques to be    Arabic that was largely based on the
applied in follow-up workshops at the        UN-ESCWA Report “Arab Women:
national and sub-national levels. The        Beijing + 10” launched in Cairo in March
workshop      was     followed   by    an    2005 and in Damascus in May 2005.
organizational meeting for AWARENET
Survey of Economic and Social Developments in the UN-ESCWA Region 2005 - Summary
Facts and Figures
       Oil prices rose throughout 2004, with accelerating fluctuation towards the two peaks of August and
       October. That price trend continued into the first quarter of 2005. The 2004 yearly average Texas
       Intermediate (WTI) Spot price was $41.51 per barrel and that of the OPEC reference basket $36.05
       per barrel.
       Oil production continued to expand in the UN-ESCWA region and soared by 6% from its 2003 level,
       generating 19 bp/d.
       With the exception of Iraq, UN-ESCWA member countries that are part of OPEC produced on average
       4% more crude oil than in 2003.
       Oil production in UN-ESCWA member countries not a part of OPEC, namely Bahrain, Egypt, Oman,
       Syria, and Yemen declined in 2004 by 5%.
       While oil production performances varied, all UN-ESCWA oil-exporters experienced a boost in oil
       export revenue. Gross oil export revenue in the region is estimated at $213 billion in 2004, a 29%
       increase over 2003.

                                                 Upcoming Events

   6 - 8 June 2005           Expert Group Meeting on the “Regional Dimension of the Monterrey Consensus:
   Beirut, Lebanon           Financing for Development”
   7 - 10 June 2005          Workshop on Information Society Measurements: Core Indicators, Statistics and
   Beirut, Lebanon           Data Collection

 POPIN: Arab Population to Increase by 277
 Million Over Next 45 Years                                                        New Publications
                                                 UN-ESCWA                      Statistical Abstract of the
                                                 issued a new
                                                 release of the
                                                                               UN-ESCWA Region 2004
                                                 Population                                          E/ESCWA/SCU/2004/1
                                                 Network (POPIN)                                    UN-ESCWA published
                                                 about the Arab                                     the 24th issue of the
                                                 population,                                        “Statistical Abstract of
                                                 where users can                                    the UN-ESCWA
                                                 find relevant                                      Region for 2004”. It
                                                 demographic                                        comprises 10
                                                 figures and                                        chapters covering the
                                                 medium variant                                     following topics:
 projections at The                                              population; education
 POPIN Western Asia website constitutes a comprehensive                                             and illiteracy; health;
 population information gateway for the Arab region and serves                                      national accounts;
 as a portal that routes interested users to international,                                         energy; water
 regional and national population information through                                               resources; transport;
 hyperlinks.                                                                                        foreign trade; financial
                                                                   statistics and prices; and information and
 According to POPIN Western Asia, the Arab population is
                                                                   communication technology.
 expected to increase by (277 million) over the next 45 years,
 from (321 million) today to (598 million) in 2050. Crucial
 demographic figures and medium variant projections were           The data in this Abstract were mainly compiled from
 extracted and tabulated for the Arab region on the basis of the   national statistical sources in the UN-ESCWA region,
 2004 revision of the official UN population estimates and         either through responses to UN-ESCWA
 projections, which was released by the Population Division of     questionnaires or from statistical abstracts and
 the Department of Economic and Social Affairs last February.      bulletins issued by authorities in member countries .

                                  Tel: 00 961 1 981 301 Fax: 00 961 1 981 510
                United Nations House, Riad El-Solh, P.O. Box 11-8575, Beirut 2023 6501, Lebanon

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