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     November 2005

What is Scottish Rite? Although there is no higher degree than that of Master Mason, the 29
degrees of the Scottish Rite serve to enrich the philosophy of the Symbolic Lodge. A Mason who
chooses to further his Masonic experience by becoming a 32° Scottish Rite Mason will be
expanding upon the fundamental principles of Freemasonry. The moral and ethical lessons will
allow him to be constantly reminded of his duty to God, family, country, and fellow man.


  From the Personal Rep

  Degree Work in the Valley

  Scholarship Foundation

  Obligation – MWB Mark Wiggins

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  Knights of Saint Andrews – Active
   In the Orient

  Congratulation to our new White
   and Red Hats

  Book on the Altar – Carl Claudy

  You Might Be a Red Neck

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Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
   Carl Smith, 33°                                                    Charrison Lochaby, 32°
Personal Representative                                                    Secretary
     of the S.G.I G.                                                     P.O. Box 1112
    (360) 387-4357                                                     Everett, WA 98206

               Valley of Everett            – Orient of Washington
Volume 14                              November 2005 ________                             Issue 11

    The Puget Sound Regional       Looks as thought we will be            The day will begin with
 Degrees have become a great       adding another degree to our        coffee, donuts and fellowship
 opportunity for the Valley of     repertoire. The cast of the 6°,     at 9:00 AM.
 Everett to showcase their         with Brother Gene McFarlane,        The degrees will commence at
 capabilities in presenting the    32° KCCH, as Degree Master,         10:00 AM with a lunch break
 Scottish Rite Degrees. On         performed the degree with           at noon. There will be a $5.00
 Saturday, October 15th at         their usual aplomb for which        charge for lunch. Let’s have a
 Seattle Scottish Rite our         they received a standing            large attendance to support the
 Valley performed the 5° and 6°    ovation from the Brethren on        degree teams and show that
 in a very exemplary manner.       the sidelines.                      Everett is a strong and vibrant
 Under the direction of our           It was a proud day for the       Valley.
 Director of Works, Illustrious    Valley of Everett. Not only             Thanksgiving will soon be
 Brother Bob Larsen, 33°, the      because of the performance of       here. It is a time for us to thank
 5° was conducted after only 3     the degrees, but also because       God for all the blessings and
 weeks of preparation. When it     20     Brethren      were     in    comforts that He has bestowed
 became known that the degree      attendance, exceeding the total     upon us. It is a time for us to
 would not be performed unless     attendance of the other             be thankful for the liberties we
 a Valley different from the one   Valleys.                            enjoy in this great country, and
 to whom it had been assigned,        Our Valley will host the         it is a time for us to be thankful
 the Brethren from our Valley      next Puget Sound Regional           for the strength we receive
 said: “We’ll do it!” And so       Degrees        on      Saturday,    from our beloved Fraternity.
 with only three weeks to          November 19th. The Valley of        May you, your family, and
 prepare they did. Their           Bremerton will present the 9th      your friends enjoy a very
 presentation was well done and    10th and 11th degrees. The          “Happy Thanksgiving”!
 made those of us present from     Valley of Everett will present                  Carl B. Smith, 33°
 Everett Valley very proud. It     the 12th and 13th degree.                      Personal Representative
                                                                                  of the S.G.I.G.
WORK IN THE VALLEY                 may take part in all activities    the remaining applicants based
       By Bob Larson, 33º          of the Lodge.                      on score order and available
                                      Coming in December is the       funds.
   October 18, 2005 degree         annual election of officers for       In addition to the under-
teams from the Valley of           the Valley of Everett, if you      graduate scholarship several
Everett traveled to Seattle        are interested in one of the       fellowships are provided for
present the 5th and 6th Degrees    elected or appointed offices,      graduate students.           The
as part of the Regional Degree     please contact the body Master     primary fellowship is an award
effort. The 5th Degree was         or Secretary know. Everyone        of $10,000 to a student in
presented for the first time in    is encouraged to get on board      Governmental       Affairs     at
many years and the cast is to      and help direct the Valley of      George              Washington
be complimented on a job well      Everett as it continues to move    University.      This grant is
done. This is particularly true    forward. Not sure what a           matched by GWU for a total of
since the Degree was put           position entails then contact      $20,000. Students applying
together and presented on two      the Secretary for a job            for this fellowship must apply
weeks       notice.         The    description of any of the          through one of the Foundation
presentation of the 6 Degree       positions. Remember that all       Directors.
was outstanding as usual and       of the Brethren working               Additional Fellowships are
was warmly received by the         together can help the Valley of    offered     in    Governmental
Brethren in attendance.            Everett continue to be the         Affairs at the Evans School at
   The Regional Degrees will       finest Valley in the Orient of     the University of Washington,
come to The Valley of Everett      Washington.                        Nursing at the Washington
on November 19th. Beginning                                           State University School of
at 10:00 am with the               Scholarship Foundation             Nursing, Speech Therapy at
presentation of the 9th and 10th          By Bob Larson, 33º          the State Universities offering
Degree, followed by the 11th                                          graduate work if the field and
Degree.       Both of these        The Scottish Rite Scholarship      Nutrition at Bastyr University.
presentations       will     be    Foundation      is    accepting    The      Universities      select
performed by the Valley of         applications for the 2006 -07      recipients of these fellowships.
Bremerton.      Lunch will be      academic year. Students who        Applicants      should     apply
served at 12:00 PM followed        will be entering their Junior or   directly to the University they
by the 12th and 13th Degrees       Senior year at an accredited       would like to attend.
beginning at 1:00 PM. The          university within the State of        For the academic year of
Valley of Everett will be          Washington who have a              2005/2006 the Foundation
presenting both the 12th and       minimum GPA of 3.0 are             awarded over $260,000, in
13th Degrees. Please mark          eligible to apply. Applicants      scholarships and fellowships.
your calendars for this            should contact Valley of           This brought or awards for the
important date and join us for a   Everett Director Jim Raymond,      past four years to over
great day of Scottish Rite         320 KCCH, at 360 691 7634,         $1,000,000.
Masonry fellowship.                e-mail      or
  On November 18, 2005 we          Assistant Director Robert          An exchange of ideas and
will present the 14th Degree       Dinwiddie, Jr., at 206 571         intelligence is called a
which will conclude the            2899,                    e-mail    discussion, but an exchange of
Degrees of the Lodge of            ignorance is an argument….
Perfection for the year. After        Scholarships are awarded in     Uncle Joe
receiving this degree the          the amount of $2,000 to the top    The Chinaberry Tree Philosopher
candidates become members of       two scorers with $1,500 to the
the Lodge of Perfection and         next ten percent and $1,200 to
           Valley of Everett Calendar of
November 4th – Dark
November 11th – Lodge of Perfection - "Introduction to the Lodge of Perfection" - 6:30 PM Buffet
November 13th – Executive Council - 2:00 PM
November 18th – Lodge of Perfection - 14th° - 6:30 PM Buffet
November 19th – Puget Sound Regional Degree - 9th° through 13th° - Everett
November 24th – Happy Thanksgiving
November 25th – Dark
December 2nd – Dark
December 9th – All Bodies Stated – Elections and Degree Education
December 11th – Executive Council Meeting – 2:00 PM
December 16th – “Special Night – Christmas Party and Awards Night” – Ladies and Guest
                 are invited
December 23rd – Dark
December 30th – Dark

     OBLIGATION                        simply the modes of recognition.         7. Self-Discipline – Self-
The following is an excerpt from       2. Fidelity - We are asking the          Discipline in relation to behavior
a message delivered by VWB             candidate to maintain his Fidelity       in Lodge, punctuality, proper
Mark S. Wiggins on the occasion        to the Constitution, ancient             etiquette in all his Masonic duties,
of his official visit to Camanio       landmarks, laws and regulations          and most importantly, the
Lodge, No. 19, April 14, 2005.         of the Craft.                            discipline to continue his
His views on our Masonic               3. Conduct - We are asking the           studies of our ancient Craft and
obligations should us cause to         candidate to begin to think and          truly embrace the moral and
reflect on the significance they       act Masonically. To accept the           spiritual lessons that await him.
have in our own lives.                 Tenets and Principles of                 8.     Opportunities       -    The
Carl      B.    Smith,     Personal    Freemasonry as his rule and              opportunity to help others less
Representative                         guide. To hopefully instill in           fortunate than yourself. The
   What does the word obligation       him the importance of things             opportunity to
mean? What does it mean to us as                                                broaden his horizons through
                                       like Faith, Brotherly Love and
Mason’s?                                                                        study and self-improvement. And
                                       Relief.                                  of course, the opportunity for
    The      dictionary      defines   4. Attendance - Attendance at a
Obligation as an act binding                                                    friendship,      fellowship     and
                                       Masonic meeting is more than
oneself by a legal, social or                                                   brotherly love Perhaps the
                                       just a privilege; it is an obligation
moral tie. A legal, social or moral                                             greatest gift our Fraternity has to
                                       of membership. We are obligating
requirement, such as duty,                                                      offer.
                                       ourselves to attend all due signs
contract, or promise that compels                                               9. Integrity - By improving
                                       and summonses sent by a
one to follow or avoid a particular                                             ourselves as men and Masons we
                                       Lodge. Implied within the
course of action.                                                               will develop that outstanding trait
                                       concept      of      attendance     is
   In Freemasonry we view the                                                   of integrity.
                                       PARTICIPATION. We owe it to
obligation as a binding agree-                                                  If we take the time and mentor
                                       ourselves and the Craft to take an
ment, based upon moral and                                                      our newly obligated brothers and
                                       active part in its deliberations.
spiritual values between two                                                    they embrace the things that they
                                       5. Responsibility - We are asking
entities, the individual Man and                                                have obligated themselves to,
                                       the candidate to make sound and
the Fraternity as a whole.                                                      then both parties will have
                                       acceptable judgments in all of his
  So when a candidate is placed at                                              succeeded. The man will have
                                       actions and to be accountable for
the alter to take his obligation                                                become a better man (whether
                                       his actions.
what are we asking him to                                                       they realize it or not) and the
                                       6. Dedication - We are asking the
obligate himself to?                                                            Fraternity will have an active and
                                       candidate to be dedicated to the
1. Secrecy - We are asking the                                                  participating member who will
                                       principles and tenets of
candidate to maintain secrecy.                                                  contribute to the fabric of
Not about Masonry itself, but                                                   Freemasonry.
 FROM THE SECRETARY                        Knights of St. Andrew,              please feel free to call upon us
      By Charrison Lochaby, 32º                                                again for any opportunity to enjoy
                                            Active in the Orient               fellowship and promote Scottish
 In the process of updating the           By: Bro. William A. Isabelle 32°
                                                                               Rite Masonry in our Orient.
 addresses for the membership I find                                              I congratulate all of the
 that there a number of our members            Brethren, I am pleased to       Knights of the Everett Chapter on
 that we do not have a current address    announce that the newly created      their hard work and dedication to
 for.    If any of you know the           Everett Chapter of the Knights of
 whereabouts or a current address for                                          Scottish Rite and the Knights of
                                          St. Andrew has brought the           St. Andrew. I know how hard it is
 the brethren listed please contact the
 Secretary.                               Tacoma Chapter of the Knights of     to give up a Saturday, when we
 Below are the name and the last          St. Andrew to life.                  are all so busy with our respective
 known address?                               On behalf of the Everett         projects. You should all be very
                                          Chapter of the Knights of St.        proud of yourselves! Not very
Henry C Brown                             Andrew, I would like to              often do you get the opportunity
1335 W 17th                               congratulate     the    Founding     be a part of creating a new body
Yuma, AZ 85364-5341                       Members and Officers of the          of Scottish Rite, and then turn
                                          Tacoma Chapter, and                  around and go and replicate the
Elbert B Burdick                          Bro. Michael A. Smitson 32°,         process for another Valley, after
4610 6th Place SE Apt 219                 Founding Venerable Master. Well      only five weeks in existence!
Puyallup, WA 98374                        done brothers!                         I would also like to thank the
                                              Our brothers in Tacoma made      Knights who accompanied me to
Charles U Davis III                       a formal request to the Everett      the Seattle Valley’s Feast of
20029 108th Ave N E                       Chapter, asking that they be         Tishri, and the Seattle Chapter of
Bothell, WA 98011                         afforded the opportunity to start    the Knights of St. Andrew’s
                                          their own Chapter of the Knights     stated meeting.
Michael R Kyle                            of St. Andrew, drawing upon the      Venerable Master Bro. Brian
PO Box 569                                Charter of the Everett Chapter.      Thomas 32° and the members of
Seabeck, WA 98271                         The members of the Everett           the Seattle Chapter have decided
                                          Chapter unanimously agreed to        to emulate the Everett Chapter’s
Clyde B Sparks                            sponsor the Tacoma Chapter.          example, and have elected to
6420 E Tropicana Lot 8                       On Saturday October 22nd the      adorn themselves and their
Las Vegas, NV 89122-7510                  Everett Chapter of the Knights of    successive membership with the
                                          St. Andrew traveled to the           Glengarry as their chosen
Clifton A Spillman                        Tacoma Valley and initiated their    headgear.
13320 Highway 99 Unit 155                 candidates into the Order of the        I    would     like   to    also
Everett, WA 98204-5447                    Knights of St. Andrew, delivered     congratulate Bro. William C.
                                          a Charter of Constitution,           Harker, Sr. 32°, was unanimously
Carl S Swedin                             consecrated the Tacoma Chapter,      elected to the office of Venerable
14500 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd           and installed the Founding           Master of the Seattle Chapter.
Apt 254                                   Officers. The Tacoma Chapter,        Bro. Bill, your fellow Knights in
Scottsdale, AZ 85260-8833                 having received their Charter of     the Everett Chapter look forward
                                          Constitution from the Everett        to sharing many fellowship
Antonio Umali                             Chapter, now has full authority to   opportunities with you and the
1915 Terry Av Rm 608                      work as a Chapter of Knights of      Knights of St. Andrew Chapters
Seattle, WA 98191-0001                    St. Andrew.                          throughout the Orient.
                                              I want to thank the members
                                          of the Tacoma Valley for the
Jason M Wallen
                                          opportunity to help and to be of
                                                                                   DID YOU KNOW
PO Box 470937                                                                  Every Governor of Wyoming
Nsga Denver                               service to your Valley. We very
                                          much enjoyed ourselves, and your     from it founding until 1951 was a
Aurora, CO 80047-0937                                                          Freemason - with one exception –
                                          hospitality      was      greatly
                                          appreciated. The members of the      Mrs. William A. Ross, who was
Travis E Wieneke                                                               the wife of a Freemason and a
5094 Mcnarney Ave                         Everett Valley and the Everett
                                          Chapter of the Knights of St.        member of the Eastern Star.
Tinker Afb, OK 73145-4517
                                          Andrew, are at your service, and
  The Supreme Council at their current biennial sessions has recognized several Brethren of the
       Valley of Everett by electing them to receive the Thirty Third Degree or become Knight
 Commanders of the Court of Honor. These Brethren have served Masonry and Scottish Rite well
   for many years and are most deserving of the honors about to be bestowed upon them. The
                  honors, along with the new titles they will receive, are as follows:

       Illustrious Brother        Brother Angelito V. Brother James          Brother Walter T.    Brother Charles W.
       Allen W. Lowe, 33°        Corpus, 32° KCCH Raymond, 32° KCCH         Smith, 32° KCCH      McQuery, 32° KCCH

   The Brethren of the Valley congratulate them for this outstanding achievement!!!

     Book on the Altar
     Submitted by Steve Osborn, 32º         that way can’t have very much                a Supreme Being. I can believe in
    “I heard the most curious tale,”        courage; I’d have had more respect           Allah, or Buddha, or Confucius, or
began the New Brother seating               for him if he’d insisted and if he           Mithra, or Christ, or Siva, or Brama,
himself beside the Old Tiler during         couldn’t have his way, refused to go         or Jehovah, and be a good Mason. If
refreshment.                                on        with        the     degree.”       I believe in a Great Architect that is
     “Shoot!” commanded the Old               “All wrong, brother, all wrong!”           all Masonry demands; my brethren
Tiler.                                      commented the Old Tiler. “The                do not care what I name Him.”
    “Friend of mine belongs to a            Mohammedan           initiate   wasn’t         “Then you think this chap isn’t
Midwest lodge. Seems they elected a         concerned about himself, but about           really obligated? I must write my
chap to become a member but when            the lodge. He showed a high degree           friend      and       warn      him—“
he took the degree he stopped the           of Masonic principle in asking for his         ”Softly, softly! Any man with
work to ask for the Koran in place of       own holy book, and a great                   enough reverence for Masonry, in
the Bible on the Altar, Said he             consideration for the lodge. This man        advance of knowledge of it, to want
wanted the holy book of his faith,          isn’t a Christian. He doesn’t believe        his own holy book on which to take
and      the   Bible     wasn’t     it!”    in Christ. He believes in Allah, and         an obligation would feel himself
   “Yes, go on,” prompted the Old           Mohammed is his prophet. The                 morally obligated to keep his word,
Tiler, “What did they do?”                  Bible, to you a holy book, is no more        whether there was his, another’s, or
   “The officers held a pow-wow and         to him than a Koran is to you. You           no holy book at all, on the Altar. An
the Master finally decided that as the      wouldn’t regard an obligation taken          oath is not really binding because of
ritual demanded the ‘Holy Bible,            on a dictionary or a cookbook or a           the book beneath your hand. It is the
Square and Compasses’ as the                Koran as binding, in the same degree         spirit with which you assume an
furniture for the lodge, the applicant      that you would one taken on the              obligation which makes it binding.
was wrong and that he’d have to use         Bible.                                       The book is but a symbol that you
the Bible or not take his degree. And         “That’s the way this chap felt. He         make your promise in the presence of
the funny part is that the initiate was     wanted to take his obligation so that        the God that you revere. The cement
satisfied and took his degree with the      it would bind his conscience. The            of brotherly love which we spread is
Bible on the Altar. I’m glad they           Master would not let him, because he         not material----the working tools of a
have him, and not this lodge.”              slavishly followed the words instead         Master Mason are not used upon
    “Why?”                                  of     the    spirit    of    Masonry.       stone, but upon human hearts. Your
    “Why, a chap who backs down               “Masonry does not limit an                 brother did his best to conform to the
                                            applicant on his choice of a name for        spirit of our usages in asking for the
Book on the Altar (Continued)                        “If you write your friend, you                   The kneeling faithful thronged the
holy book he had been taught to                    might tell him that the ritual which               square; Amid a monastery’s weeds,
revere. Failing in that through no                 permits a man to name his God as he                An old Franciscan told his beads,
fault of his own, doubtless he took                pleases, but demands that a book                   While on Pushkara’s lofty height A
his obligation with a sincere belief in            which reveres one particular God be                dark priest chanted Brama’s might,
its sacredness. Legally he would not               used is faulty. The ritual of Masonry              While to the synagogue there came A
be considered to commit perjury if he              is faulty; it was made by man. But                 Jew to praise Jehovah’s Name.
asked for his own book and was                     the spirit of Masonry is divine; it
forced to use another.”                            comes from men’s hearts. If                        The One Great God looked down and
   “What’s the law got to do with it?”             obligation and books and names of                  smiled And counted each His loving
   “Just nothing at all, which is the              the Deity are matters of the spirit,               child; For Turk and Brahmin, monk
point I make. In England and                       every condition is satisfied. If I were            and Jew Had reached Him through
America,       Canada      and     South           Master and an applicant demanded                   the gods they new.’
America, Australia and part of the                 any one or any six books on which to
Continent, the Bible is universally                lay his hand while he pledged                      “If we reach Him in Masonry, it
used. In the Scottish Rite bodies you              himself to us, I’d get them if they                makes little difference by what
will find many holy books; but let me              were to be had, and I’d tell my lodge              sacred name we arrive,” finished the
ask you this; when our ancient                     what a reverent Masonic spirit was in              Old Tiler, reverently.
brethren met on hills and in valleys,              the man who asked.”
long before Christ, did they use the                 “Seems to me you believe in a lot                “You’ve reached me anyhow,” said
New Testament on their Altars? Of                  of funny things; how many gods do                  the new brother, shaking hands as if
course not; there was none. You can                you believe in?”                                   he meant it.
say they used the Old Testament and                   “There is but one,” was the Old                 From Old Tiler Talks
I can say they used the Talmud and                 Tiler’s answer, “Call Him what you                 by Carl H. Claudy
someone else can say they used none                will. Let me repeat a little bit of verse          2nd ed, 1949
at all, and all of us are as right as the          for you:
other. But they used a reverence for                  ‘At the Meuzzin’s call for prayer
sacred things.

                                                   You might be a redneck if . . .
                                                      We have enjoyed the redneck                     heart when they play the National
        Pins and Rings                             jokes for years. It's time to take a               Anthem.
  It is true; we all are Craftsmen,                reflective look at the core beliefs of a             - You might be a redneck if: You
  And are extremely proud to be;                   culture that values home, family,                  treat Viet Nam vets with great res-
    We wear our pins and rings                     country and God. If I had to stand                 pect, and always have.
         For everyone to see.                      before a dozen terrorists who                        - You might be a redneck if:
                                                   threaten my life, I'd choose a half                You've never burned an American
 But we should ask the question,                   dozen or so rednecks to back me up.                flag.
Even though the thought may sting-                 Tire irons, squirrel guns and grits --               - You might be a redneck if: You
Would others know us as a Mason                    that's what rednecks are made of. I                know what you believe in and you
                                                   hope I am one of those.                            aren't afraid to say so, no matter who
   If they did not see our ring?
                                                      If you feel the same, pass this on              is listening.
                                                   to your redneck friends. Ya'll know                  - You might be a redneck if: You
    True, men show the tenets                                                                         respect your elders and expect your
 Of our ancient, hallowed Creeds;                  who ya'll are...
                                                     - You might be a redneck if: It                  kids to do the same.
 Not just on our coat and finger,                                                                         I believe that you, like me, have
                                                   never occurred to you to be offended
   But by our words and deeds.                                                                        just enough Red Neck in you to have
                                                   by the phrase, "One nation, under
                                                   God."                                              the same beliefs as those reflected in
  There is one thing to remember,                   - You might be a redneck if: You've               this article
 If I have learned my lessons well,                never protested about seeing the 10
   My deeds are more convincing                     Commandments posted in public                      God Bless the USA
     Than my finger or my lapel.                   places.
                                                     - You might be a redneck if: You
                     WB Wally Zink                 still say "Christmas" instead of
                                                   "Winter Festival."
                                                    - You might be a redneck if: You
                                                   bow your head when someone prays.
                                                    - You might be a redneck if: You
                                                   stand and place your hand over your
When Is A Man A Mason                        many odds. When he has                        man to lay hold of divine
 By Joseph Ford Newton, Litt. D.             learned how to make friends                   things and see majestic
    From "The Builders"                      and to keep them, and above                   meanings in life, whatever
                                             all be friends with himself.                  the name of that faith may be.
   When he can look out over                 When he loves flowers, can                       When he can look into the
the rivers, the hills and the far            hunt the birds without a gun,                 wayside puddle and see
horizon with a profound                      and feels the thrill of an old                something beyond mud, and
sense of his own smallness in                forgotten joy when he hears                   into the face of the most
the vast scheme of things,                   the laugh of a little child.                  forlorn fellow and see
and yet have faith, hope and                    When he can be happy and                   something       beyond      sin.
courage - which are the root                 high-minded       amid     the                  When he knows how to
of          every           virtue.          meaner drudgeries of life.                    pray, how to love, how to
  When he knows that down                      When star-crowned trees                     hope.
in his heart every man is a                  and the glint of sunlight on                    When he has faith with
noble, as vile, as divine, as                flowing waters subdue him                     himself, with his fellow man,
diabolic and as lonely as                    like the thought of one much                  with his god; in his hand a
himself, and seeks to know,                  loved and long dead.                          sword for evil, in his heart a
to forgive, and to love his                    When no voice of distress                   bit of song - glad to live but
fellow                        man.           reaches his ears in vain, and                 not      afraid      to     die.
   When he knows how to                      no hand seeks his aid without                   Such a man has found the
sympathize with men in their                 response.                                     only real secret of Masonry,
sorrows, yea, even in their                    When he finds good in                       and the one, which it is trying
sins - knowing that each man                 every faith that helps any                    to give to the entire world.
fights a hard fight against
                                             an email message pre-addressed                   Brethren, I hope you enjoy the
NEW LOOK FOR                                 to     the     webmaster.     The             site and that it meets your needs.
  WEBSITE                                    "EVENTS             CALENDAR"                 You can look forward in the future
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Representative Carl Smith, 33°.
                                             The "PETITION"           hyperlink            Then when you think you
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Miller, 33°. The "HOW TO                     affiliation to our Valley. Finally,           quest for light continues
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Scottish Rite. The "CONTACT                  gain access to timely and                     Temple of the Eternal Life.
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