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117-199 study guide on Test1pass free


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									                                               Lpi 117-199 braindumps

117-199 braindumps
Lpi LPIC Level 1

117-199: Ubuntu Level 1 Exam
Practice Exam: 117-199 Exams
Exam Number/Code: 117-199
Exam Name: Ubuntu Level 1 Exam
Questions and Answers: 94 Q&As
( LPIC Level 1 )

"Ubuntu Level 1 Exam", also known as 117-199 exam, is a Lpi certification.            E x a m : 117-199
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VUE/Prometric Code: 117-199
Exam Name: Ubuntu Level 1 Exam( LPIC Level 1 )
Questions and Answers: 94 Q&A

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Exam : LPI 117-199
Title : Ubuntu Level 1 Exam

1. Which ACPI state is the equivalent of Software Suspend (the "Hibernate" option in the Log Out window)
A. S1
B. S2
C. S3
D. S4
Answer: D

2. What does the command sudo vaccomplish
A. Displays version information for sudo .
B. Opens the sudoersfile for editing.
C. Extends the time before the user will be required to enter their password again.
D. Displays verbose output information.
Answer: C

3. What does the acronym NFS stand for?
Answer: Network File System

4. Which list shows all official Ubuntu distributions and derivatives?
A. Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Zubuntu, Gubuntu, nUbuntu
B. Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Zubuntu, Edubuntu, nUbuntu
C. Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Xubuntu, ImpiLinux
D. Ubuntu, Gubuntu, Zubuntu, Xubuntu, ImpiLinux
Answer: C

5. In order to submit Ubuntu bug reports you need to register on:
A. http://launchpad.net
B. http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com
C. http://bugs.ubuntu.com
D. http://bugs.debian.org
Answer: A

6. Which command would you use to browse the root categories in the Gnome configuration
A. gnomevfs ls
B. gconf browse
C. gconf tool all dirs /
D. browsegnomeconf
Answer: C
Answer: C

7. What GUI tool is used to create new users? (Supply only the name of the executable file without a path)
Answer: users-admin

8. Which file must be edited to tune DMA on individual CD ROM drives?
Answer: /etc/hdparm.conf /etc/default/hdparm

9. NFS uses what service to publish its port configuration to clients
A. nfs_port_discover
B. nfsavd
C. portmap
D. sunrpcconfd
Answer: C

10. A user has drastically changed many of the configuration settings in GConf. As a result, she feels the desktop is
virtually unusable and would like to return her Gnome settings to their default values. What commands will accomplish
this? (Please choose TWO correct answers.)
A. rm rf ~/.gconf/
B. rm rf ~/.gconfd
C. gconftool 2 direct config source xml:readwrite:~/.gconf/ recursive unset
D. gconf editor direct config source xml:readwrite:~/.gconf/ recursive unset
E. sudo rm rf /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.mandatory ; sudo rm rf /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults
Answer: AC

11. How do you see which packages a package depends on (e.g. gimp )
A. apt cache show deps gimp
B. aptitude show gimp
C. apt show all gimp
D. dpkg show gimp
Answer: B

12. Which group does a user have to be a member of in order to access the modem?
Answer: dialout

13. The __________ apt repository provides updated packages from a more recent Ubuntu release.
Answer: backports

14. Which filesystems are suitable for use on a root volume? (Please choose THREE correct answers.)
E. FAT32
F. reiser3
Answer: ACF

15. Which group does a user have to be a member of in order to access removable storage media?
Answer: plugdev

16. You want Nautilus to run in spatial mode instead of browser mode. What will accomplish this?
A. Edit the appropriate XML file in ~/.gconfd/* , locate the "always_use_browser " entry and set the value to false
B. Set the "always_use_browser " key at the appropriate location in the gconf database to false
C. Create an environment variable called NAUTILUS_ALWAYS_USE_BROWSERand set its value to "true"
D. Edit ~/.nautilus/nautilus.confand set the "always_use_browser " entry to false .
Answer: B

17. You want all users on a machine to be able to administer printers. What line in your /etc/sudoerswould achieve
A. ALL ALL = /usr/bin/gnome cups manager
B. /usr/bin/gnome cups manager, ALL, ALL, users
C. /usr/bin/gnome cups manager (ALL) ALL,
D. ALL (ALL) = /usr/bin/gnome cups manager
Answer: A

18. What is the name of the command line tool that directly manipulates the GConf database
A. gconf config
B. gconf editor
C. gnome gconf editor
D. gconftool 2
Answer: D

19. What is true of the gconfdaemon
A. It provides back end storage for the gconf database.
B. It notifies all applications when a preference value changes.
C. It is started at boot time.
D. It constantly polls all Gnome applications for changed preference values.
Answer: B

20. How do you change the screen colour depth from 16 bit to 24 bit (assuming that the installed video hardware can
display 24 bit colour)
A. Run gnome display propertiesand select the required depth from a drop down box.
B. Edit the relevant setting in the systemsection of the GConf database.
C. Edit the Screensection in /etc/X11/xorg.confand restart the X server.
D. X.org offers only 8, 16 and 32 bit colour depths.
Answer: C

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