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Glass Cleaner ConCentrate

Concentrated and powerful
glass cleaner formulated to meet
your toughest cleaning challenges

Product descriPtion
Sustainable Earth® Glass Cleaner Concentrate (SE61) is a safe, versatile, environmentally
responsible product that does not sacrifice performance. It is a highly concentrated glass
cleaner that dissolves, suspends and removes soil from glass, Plexiglas®, windows, mirrors,
walls and other surfaces not harmed by water. Leaves no residue. Helps prevent re-soiling.
It can be used as a spray and wipe glass cleaner or with a sponge and squeegee method.
This product is designed for use with ExpressMix™ and HandyMix™ dispensing systems.

• Highly concentrated to reduce waste and lower end use costs                                      Performance data
• Effective on both oil and water based soils                                                      dilution ratio 1:128
• Leaves no sticky or soapy residues to attract soils and leave streaks or smudges                 CSMA DCC-09 Cleaning Performance Test   Passed
• Versatile formulation cleans windows, glass, acrylics, Plexiglas® and other sensitive surfaces   Normal soil removal                     Excellent
• No unpleasant ammonia, vinegar, alcohols or glycol ether odors to irritate nose,                 Removal of fingerprints from glass      Excellent
  throat, respiratory systems or trigger asthma                                                    Wetting characteristics                 Excellent
• Contains less than 1% VOCs                                                                       Windshield wash performance             Excellent
• Meets Green Seal GS-37 performance standards                                                     Prevention of fogging                   Excellent
• Outperforms nationally recognized products in its category when tested                           Grease and oil removal                  Very good
  using CSMA Designation DCC-09 Cleaning Performance Test                                          Damage to Plexiglas    ®
• Meets SEGC 114 Sustainable Cleaning Product Design Standard
                                                                                                   Films, streaking or residues            None
• One gallon of SE61 Glass Cleaner Concentrate when diluted at 1:128                                                                       observed
  with cool water makes 129 gallons of ready-to-use glass cleaner

Package sizes
item #        description                                                 size        per case
SEB6101       SE61 Glass Cleaner Concentrate                             Gallon          4
SEB6102QM     SE61 Glass Cleaner Concentrate, Quick Mix®                 Gallon          4
SEB6104HM     SE61 Glass Cleaner Concentrate, Handy Mix™               Half Gallon        3
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                                    Glass Cleaner Concentrate
                                                                                           about sustainable earth®
                                                                                           A sustainable cleaning solution contains products
                                                                                           that perform and have a reduced effect on the
                                                                                           environment and human health. Corporate Express
                                                                                           believes that a sustainable community should use
                                                                                           its resources to meet current needs while ensuring
                                                                                           adequate resources are available for future
                                                                                           generations. These guiding principles motivated us
                                                                                           to create our Sustainable Earth® line of products.

                                                                                           Certification Definitions

                                                                                                        Current environmental and sustainable
                                                                                                        standards are based on a process that may
                                                                                                        take a long time to complete. For cleaning
                                                                                                        products not included in the current
                                                                                                        environmental standards, Corporate Express
                                                                                           has adopted the SEGC-114 Sustainable Cleaning Products
                                                                                           Design Standard. This industry-leading proprietary
                                                                                           standard raises the bar by examining each product’s
                                                                                           innovation and identifying packaging and product
                                                                                           prerequisites, as well as outlining preferred product
                                           usage information                               testing methods. The following chart details the
                                                                                           Sustainable Earth® cleaning products’ environmental
                                                                                           certifications to date.
                                           1. Apply glass cleaner directly onto surface.
                                           2. Wipe clean with a soft, lint-free cloth,                   The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s
                                                                                                         Design for the Environment (DfE) program
                                              paper towel or squeegee.                                   seeks to promote the use of institutional
                                                                                                         cleaners and maintenance products with
                                                                                           improved environmental and human health character-
                                                                                           istics. Products displaying the EPA DfE logo have been
                                                                                           “Formulated in Partnership with EPA Design for the
                                                                                           Environment Formulator Initiative’’.
Physical data
                                                                                                         Green Seal certification to GS-37
Physical Form: Clear, blue liquid                                                                        Environmental Standard is awarded only
odor: Low                                                                                                after rigorous evaluation, product testing
                                                                                                         and an extensive manufacturing process
pH range: 9.0 to 10.5                                                                      audit and plant visits. Products earning the Green Seal
Foam Level: Low                                                                            certification meet Green Seal’s environmental standard
                                                                                           for industrial and institutional cleaners based on their
concentrated: Reduces package waste                                                        reduced human and aquatic toxicity and reduced smog
shelf Life: 2 years minimum in                                                             production potential.
            unopened container
                                                                                                       All plastic containers used in packaging
Freeze/thaw stability: Excellent
                                                                                                       products display the Society of Plastics
solubility in Water: Complete                                                                          Industries’ three sided triangular arrow
dilution ratio: 1:128                                                                                  to make recycling easier. The majority
(One gallon of concentrated SE61 Glass                                                     of our containers are readily recyclable and classified
Cleaner make 129 gallons of ready-to-use                                                   as: 2:HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).
high performance glass cleaner.)

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