Managed Care Training Manual by vzm51964



The single most effective, affordable and easy to use e-learning application for
professionals involved with managed care at all levels! An ongoing resource to easily raise the
managed care IQ in any organization. Modules include:

                             Intro to Managed Care Training Manual with 14 Chapters
                             and optional interactive quizzes. The Manual covers 162
                             pages in Executive-style bullet sentence format, plus the
                             optional interactive quizzes at the end of each of the first
                             twelve chapters.

                             Advanced Topics Seminar with 73 selected white papers
                             covering 320 pages of detailed narrative, divided into nine
                             sections by subject matter.

                             Managed Care Fact Sheets with eight key slides providing
                             statistical snapshots and graphs on the state of the
                             managed care industry

                             DataMaps covering 26 selected topics illustrating applicable
                             data by state

 Plus Video Clip Overview, Managed Care TimeLines, Where to Get More
 Information and Help modules. Instructor's Kit also available for site license users!
 Contact MCOL for site license details.

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