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									                                                                                       SCOTT KELLEY THINKS INSIDE THE BOX
                                                                                       WITH HIS UNIQUE SCION    by Kevin McKenna

                                                                                       interested in racing under the Scion     off the shelf; it all had to be hand
                                                                                       umbrella. Scion makes the tC             made. We had to take the stock
                                                                                       model, which is the two-door coupe,      parts, make a mold, and then make
                                                                                       but there are already a handful of       the carbon-fiber pieces from that.”
                                                                                       them out here racing. What they              The Scion xB, with its square
                                                                                       really wanted was the xB, which is       dimensions, is also what one might
                                                                                       one of their most popular and best-      describe as “aerodynamically
                                                                                       selling models. It looked like a very    challenged” with more frontal area
                                                                                       interesting project, so it didn’t take   than some of the most popular
                                                                                       long for us to agree to it.”             1960s muscle cars, such as the
                                                                                           Fortunately for the Kelleys, the     Dodge Darts and Chevy Novas.
                                                                                       Scion xB is like the Corolla, a front-   Operating within the strict rules
                                                                                       wheel-drive car, and it features the     that govern Super Stock racing,
                                                                                       same width and wheelbase as a            Kelley believes the Scion is about
                                                                                       Corolla, so they already had a           eight-hundredths and 1 to 2 mph
                                                                                       competitive chassis as a starting        slower than the Corolla it replaced.
                                                                                       point. The hard part was                     “Had it been in the rulebook, we
                                                                                       constructing a body that would           would have chopped the top by 4
                                                                                       conform to the Super Stock rules,        inches like the other [SS/MX]

          ren’t the slicks on the              technology to the dragstrip. Their      especially because no one had ever       classes, but that wasn’t available to
          wrong end?”                          latest effort, a factory-backed Scion   built one before.                        us,” Kelley said. “I’m not sure why,
             “That thing looks like            xB, represents their most ambitious         “The chassis we have is a true       but the upside is that this car looks
the box that a Cobalt comes in.”               project to date.                        front-wheel-drive race car from        
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