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At just his eighth event, Tonglet reached his first final, joining his father, Gary, and older brother, GT, both former Pro Stock Motorcycle finalists. Following a fire at the Houston event that severely damaged her Coffman Tank Trucks Buell, Angie Smith returned to action but lost her opening-round race against low qualifier Arana.

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                 14th annual AAA Insurance NHRA Midwest Nationals, April 30-May 2, Madison

                                                                                             (Above) Rookie LE Tonglet, near lane, put up a good
                                                                                             fight, but it wasn’t enough to prevent Michael
                                                                                             Phillips from riding The Racers Edge Suzuki to the
                                                                                             title. (Top) Phillips celebrated his fourth victory
                                                                                             with his crew and friends, including sponsor
                                                                                             Rodger Brogdon, who earlier crashed his Pro
                                                                                             Stock car but stayed around to cheer on his
                                                                                             teammate. (Right) Matt Smith was solid in
                                                                                             qualifying with a third-best 6.932 from his Al-Anabi
                                                                                             Buell. The former champ and Madison winner
                                                                                             topped Junior Pippin on race day before losing to
                                                                                             Michael Phillips.

                                                                                               NOTEBOOK                                             Despite a semifinal loss to Phillips, Eddie
                                                                                                                                                    Krawiec kept pace with points leader
                                                                                                                                                                                                     couple. Thankfully, the way the
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Countdown works, we think we can miss
                                                                                                                                                    Hector Arana, who also went out in the           a race or two, and it won’t hurt us too
                                                                                              Although he lost in the final, it would have          semi’s. “The damage could have been              much. When we do show up, we’ll be very
                                                                                              been hard to find any racer more pleased              much worse,” Krawiec said. “Hector got           competitive,” said Gann, who confirmed
                                                                                              than 20-year-old rookie LE Tonglet. At                beat and so did Matt Smith, so we pretty         that he will no longer be racing with
                                                                                              just his eighth event, Tonglet reached his            much stayed where we were. My bike just          Bailey Whitaker. Gann’s Buell is also
                                                                                              first final, joining his father, Gary, and            bogged really badly against Michael, and         without the sponsorship
                                                                                              older brother, GT, both former Pro Stock              that killed the rest of the run. After that, I   that Whitaker had brought.
                                                                                              Motorcycle finalists. “We needed this,”               had no chance.”
                                                                                              said Tonglet. “We’re just trying to get from                                                           Following a maddening red-light in her
                                                                                              race to race, and this helps a lot. I’ve              After skipping the Houston race, Shawn           opening-round race against Doug
                                                                                              been to a few finals before in other                  Gann returned and scored a round-one             Horne, Karen Stoffer admitted that
                                                                                              classes, so I wasn’t nervous at all. I just           win over Jimmy Underdahl. “We are just           she was “at a loss for words right now.”
                                                                                              wish we could have given Michael                      too busy in our shop right now to make all       Stoffer has had one of the best bikes in
                                                                                              [Phillips] a better race.”                            the races, so we’re going to miss a              the last two years but has had little to
                                                                        Bret Kepner
Craig Treble’s weekend did not get off to a good start after he
destroyed an engine in his Valvoline Suzuki. Treble returned to
qualify No. 2 and win his opening-round match against Wes Wells.
(Right) Tonglet, left, with his brother and crew chief, GT, enjoyed a
great weekend. GT claimed his first Pro Stock Motorcycle win at
the 2001 Madison race.

                                                                (Left) Although he lost in the semifinals, reigning
                                                                NHRA Full Throttle champ Hector Arana continues
                                                                to lead the standings. Arana qualified No. 1 for
                                                                the 11th time. (Above) Jimmy Underdahl qualified
                                                                in the top half of the field with a 6.97
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