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									              ON THE RUN with Jason Line

Getting Power to the Ground
     Line is focused on harnessing horsepower and
             getting his team back in top form

              e are now seven races into the             to do a better job of getting that power to the
              2010 Full Throttle Drag Racing             ground, something that, of course, is easier said than
              season, and I must admit that,             done. As the old saying goes, “If you keep doing
                                                         what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re
so far, this has been the toughest stretch of            getting,” so we know it’s something we need to fix
my racing career.                                        — and fast.
    As you know, our challenges started long before          It’s hard to stay positive when you’re not
the Winternationals when our team owner and              running as well as you should. Racing is a tough          race when a few of us visited the shops of the
leader Ken Black had a stroke last December. I am        business, and we all take it pretty seriously. But it’s   Bigfoot Monster Truck team (a fellow Team
glad to report that he continues to recover and even     times like these when it’s more important than ever       Summit member) in Hazelwood, Mo. Bob Trent and
went home a week ago, which is a tremendous step         to stay upbeat. Personally, I prefer to see our current   his staff could not have been nicer showing us
forward. He still has a long and hard road ahead of      situation as an opportunity to revamp and bring           around their entire facility. They are the true
him, but after spending time with him while we           things to a new level. It’s not an easy thing to do,      pioneers of the monster truck phenomenon, as
were in Las Vegas, I have no doubt that it is only a     and sometimes, in the name of progress, you end up        evidenced by the celebration of their 35th
matter of time before he is back with us at the          going backwards, but I’m confident that it’s not          anniversary in 2010.
racetrack. Quite frankly, that day can’t come soon       going to stay like this for very long. Things are             We were able to see everything from one of their
enough for any of us on his KB Racing crew.              going to get better for us, I assure you.                 latest creations taking shape to the original truck
    We’ve also had a roller-coaster season on the                                                                  that started it all, Bigfoot #1. I was truly honored
track, experiencing everything from the high of                                                                    that they let me get behind the wheel, and it was

                                                                We have a lot of very good                         pretty cool to drive a piece of history. Someday my
winning in Gainesville to the absolute low of
missing the show in Madison, two weeks after                    people on this Summit                              kids will look at that picture and think their dad was
setting the NHRA record for consecutive races            Racing team who will work their                           pretty cool.
qualified to start a Pro Stock career. On one hand, I                                                                  An experience like that makes you appreciate
know that we should be proud that we were able to        guts out to get things right and                          how special it is to be a member of the Summit
make those first 150 races and that it’s an                                                                        family. That, in turn, motivates you to work harder

accomplishment for the entire Summit Racing team,
                                                         will keep working just as                                 so you can do a good job of representing them. We
but at the same time, it should tick us off because it   hard after that.                                          certainly want to do better for them than we have so
didn’t need to come to an end quite yet.                                                                           far this year. Just like Ken, they have done so much
                                                             We have a lot of very good people on this             for us, and we want to repay them for their support.
                                                         Summit Racing team who will work their guts out           
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